5 Great Reasons Why Passion Is Very Important In Making Money Online

Mediocrity dominates the world — and every where you find yourself, you’re certain to see more than enough average people in every walk of life.

These people, are our friends. They are our relatives and sometimes, it’s even us — directly!

Everyday also, almost 99% of adults who are in active employment wonder why the day should break sooner! For them, night is the best time of the day and weekends are truly the best thing organized society ever thought of!

Such persons are the folks who would tell you that:

Listen Abass, I only took up this job because I needed to feed my family…can I now leave? By the way, do you understand that it’s weekend?

So, what’s the gist and why in hell am I bringing in such a (complex) preamble? Wait a moment — I’ll fire on!

It’s quite simple: if you have the ‘I-work-because-I-have-to mentality’, you’ll wind up losing all passion for the job at hand. With all passion lost, you’ll become another mediocre, par excellence. If you’re online, great chances are that you won’t make a kobo!

So, how exactly does passion help you make more money online? It’s quite simple, really. But first, let’s cover basic definitions and clear some ‘difficult-to-understand’ concepts.


A Simple Meaning Of Passion

Passion has been called various things by various people. However, for our use here, it’s simply the state of the mind, your mind, when you do the things you love and actually enjoy doing.

Passion means the spark that ignites when you look at a piece of work and are enthusiastic about completing it as soon as possible.

Passion means never being tired of the work you do or ever running out of ideas…it also means enjoying work to the point that you never really have to work again…

For you, all is play. Yes, play with pay at the end.

This is what passion means. But sadly enough, most people never have the privilege of operating at this level or even marginally enjoying their work: one of the chief reasons why we still have mediocre work around and for bloggers and information marketers, those who make no money online at all!

5 Reasons Why Passion Is Very Important In Making Money Online

So, shall we see exactly why without passion, you are likely never going to make a dime online? Or, if you succeed in making money, it would be figures you’d be thoroughly ashamed of disclosing?

Reason 1: Passion Ensures You Enjoy Your Work

Making money online, while exactly not difficult, isn’t also completely simple. To shine using this business model, you’re going to be working long and sometimes very hard. You’ll need to craft great information products, you’ll be pitching advertisers, you’d be promoting your content and more tasking of all, you’d need to keep updating your blog with super awesome content…

Who said all these things are easy?

However, if you have a passion for the work you do, you’ll open your laptop around 8am and never bother closing it till well after 9pm and still feel like you just watched a super exciting movie of an hour or the first half of a match you’re dead certain your team will win hands down!

Can you try that with a boring job?

Reason 2: When You Enjoy Your Work, It Becomes All Play

When I tell my friends that I can’t remember the last time I worked, they hardly do believe me. But, sincerely, I ceased to work when I discovered my passion for writing and the unique ability I had to teach and guild. Everything comes effortlessly — and usually, it’s all fun.

Making money online could at times be hard work — especially for those who do not have a passion for this business model. If for instance, you are a blogger and are pathetically poor at writing, you’d certainly dread every blog post you have to craft…funny enough, that fear would creep into your writing and curiously, show through.

Who takes a fearful blogger serious?

Reason 3: Ideas Flow Ceaselessly To Those Who Look Up To Their Jobs Daily

If you are a “Keke Napep” rider or “Danfo” driver, you do not need fresh ideas to make your money. The same thing goes for civil servants or others who do not need to constantly think in order to make a living.

In essence, all jobs that are routine based do not necessarily need passion to generate ideas. This is because, ideas are almost not important in such work models.

But, making money online? You simply have to:

  • Craft great content for your readers;
  • Produce and periodically review amazing info products;
  • Find new and better ways of monetizing your blog etc. 

Can you see the point? How exactly can you achieve these if you aren’t passionate about the whole process of making money online?

Reason 4: Genius Cannot Be Reached Without Passion — Especially Online

Genius is what we all, without exception, aspire to. The bloggers and information marketers of the world who make millions are constantly the source of our envy (again, without exception).

What you may have failed to notice is that without exception, all the bloggers and information marketers making six figures extremely love what they do — and they are passionate about their online business. This passion constantly makes them seek improvement and long after you may have gone to bed, these folks are still trying to better their lots online…

In the end, the world has no option but to declare them exceptional — men and women of extraordinary achievement. What is mostly not told is that the world’s greats are like everyone of us. The difference is that they found what they loved to do — and did it passionately and consistently!

In an online world where no one is prepared to invest his/her best, being the next genius could mean the difference between peanuts and a six figure paycheck!

Reason 5: When You Are Damn Passionate, Competition Ceases To Exist!

Life offline is hard. However, it’s harder when you are online trying to make your mark among over 500,000 people who wake up daily and call themselves bloggers. If you are in Nigeria, great chances are that you’ll face more fierce competition than you imagined was even possible in the whole wide world.

To be certain, people will comment on your Facebook entries with ads and auto bots would attempt to spam your blog — does it ever get worse than that?

However, with supreme passion, the competition naturally thins away and you sincerely wonder if they had even existed.

It may interest you to know that most bloggers and information marketers in Nigeria aren’t exactly filled with passion and love for what they do…usually, the money is the motivating factor.

With passion however, you’ll naturally push the over 90% of the competition focused on money and face the 10% (who will most certainly not prove insurmountable anyway).

Has victory ever been sweeter?

Developing Passion (Where It Does Not Previously Exist)

Passion isn’t something anyone is born with. Rather, it’s what is carefully cultivated and developed. The tips listed below will certainly help you develop levels of passion for your online business that wasn’t previously felt by you.

  • Find your genius! In essence, what makes your heart beat faster?
  • Concentrate on what actually excites you (with your whole life!)
  • Choose a field you’d be comfortable with for a very long time…
  • Make certain that what you’re doing is worth being proud of.
  • Do for love (and forget the bucks – at least at the very beginning).

You must however be careful to note that the online lifestyle may not suite everyone. If you discover that making money online is difficult for you because of your lack of passion and inability to follow the tips outlined here, you may take a shot at something else…

Or waste your entire time trying to make impossible money online!

A Final Word: How Exactly Passionate Are You About Making Money Online?

Do you wake up with a start around 2am and start crafting a blog post? Do you dream about your blog by night and constantly think about it by day? Have you ever imagined that the online business you currently run can rake in revenue more than the salary of a university professor in about 5 years?

If your answers are positive, great — you’re certainly on the right track. If your answers are however negative, you’ve got a serious problem, believe me. The earlier you remedy it, the faster you’ll make money online and enjoy the dot com lifestyle. I leave you with the immortal words of Steve Jobs:

Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.

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Akaahan Terungwa

Founder & Chief Content Strategist at Notopoverty
Akaahan Terungwa is a best selling author and blogger. Aside writing & blogging, he also runs the World's Number One Information Portal. Connect with him via Twitter: @IamAkaahan.
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  1. Great work Terungwa,
    I plan to join you guys because am also a passionate writer who loves learning and teaching. I agree with every point of your argument. IF IT’S NOT PASSION,IT’S A COUNTERFEIT.

    1. Nicely put, Abraham. ‘If it’s not passion, it’s a counterfeit’!

      On top, there’s always an abundance of space. You’ll be welcomed any second you decide to join the ranks of passionate bloggers and writers.

      Be certain to make the day great!


  2. i also agree with mr terungwa

    1. Thanks for agreeing with me, Mike. It’s not everyday that this happens.

      Make sure you have a fun filled day!


  3. I love this piece. I have already setup my own blog last month. No plans of monetizing it yet. I think I should be counted among those driven by passion. Am currently saving to buy a laptop so I wont have to borrow always

    1. Frank,

      I wish you all the best.

    2. Hello Frank,

      You’re the real deal. Often, people that are patient to take calculated steps like yours are certainly now in the minority. It is also a great idea that you’ve taken it slow on the monetization end. Be certain that at the end, you laugh will be best – and brightest!

      Do have a supercharged Sunday!


  4. if you do not have the zeal to do it then forget it and lay ur hands on some thing else

  5. Thanks a bunch terungwa. It feels good to he around the right people whose every word is a source of motivation. I also agree with you mike

    1. You’re an awesome inspiration too, Frank! Go, ingest passion into your online business and see how it works out…I’m positive you’ll be pleasantly amazed!

      Make the day great!


  6. Hi Terungwa,

    I simply stumbled upon your write-up and I enjoyed reading it.

    I believe that job satisfaction is one of the greatest lack of our generation; which you rightly refer to as passion.

    When I tell people that I love my work: using the Internet, building sites and teaching people how to use the web, I wonder why I am been paid 🙂 they laugh. Not that I don’t need the funds. But I mean it. I am just doing what I enjoy doing, and I get paid at the end. That’s the passion that drives on-line business even when the money is not forth coming.

    Excellent thoughts. Have a lovely Sunday.


    1. Hi Sefa,

      It’s a pleasure connecting…immediately I received your comment, I jumped over to your site and I must say, your site design and layout is inspiring; when one factors in what you’re doing (building/helping to build the web), I can only conclude that passion isn’t far!

      You see, it’s very rare to make progress online or even off without first developing passion. Without it, all is lost. Many do not immediately appreciate this reality but only when passion comes in does genius show – and your audience can spot genius a mile (or more) away.

      I often wonder whether it’s easier to be affiliated with genius or mediocrity. What do you think?

      By all means, make the day great!


  7. Here comes the definition of passion in a clearer and simple way. You’re so true about No 5; i mean despite that am in a competitive niche, i still don’t think it in that way

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