6 Money-spinning Blogs Inspired by WebIncomePlus.com

I started this blog in April 2013 with the aim of teaching fellow Nigerians how to make money online and convincing doubting minds that making money online in Nigeria is indeed real and realistic.

Now I feel fulfilled each time look at the little I’ve been able to achieve so far for myself and for others.

If making consistent income full-time with little or no effort is what it means to be a successful netpreneur, then I’m certainly one.

And if helping others to achieve success in blogging is what it means to be a successful blogger, again, I’m proud to say I’m one.

Now, at the risk of sounding boastful (I have every reason to, anyway), I want to show you some of the money-making blogs that were either started or remodeled in line with the helpful strategies I teach on this blog.

And just so you know, all these blogs are owned by people who have learned from this blog as well as some of my information products. And they’re raking decent monthly income for their owners. I know this because I keep in constant touch with the owners, and I’m very much aware of their successes.

money spinning blogs

Now, here are the blogs.

1. NaturalHealthBag.com

I already wrote about this blog in one of my earlier posts. It’s a blog on natural health and alternative remedies created by Mr. Ife Oluwatuyi in 2013. After months of crafting long, detailed, and well-optimized posts at intervals, Ife started making money from the site via Markethealth affiliate program at first, and later contextual ads served by MonetizeMore with popup ads served by Popcash.

In 2015, Ife got a juicy offer for the site and he sold it for a staggering $3,300. At the time, the site was attracting about 3000 visits per day and earning around $250 every month, yet it had just 13 posts. The buyer has since retained Ife as the blog’s content strategist, and the income is still flowing in — big time!

Whether Ife still owns the site or not, the truth remains that it was created in line with the valuable information I’ve been sharing on this blog.

2. Homeremediesbox.com

This is another blog on natural health and alternative remedies created by Ife Oluwatuyi after he let go of NaturalHealthBag.com. His aim from the outset was to repeat the same strategies he used to grow his first blog. He worked towards this aim since he started the blog last year. And now, the site is earning at least $200 per month, this time from contextual and popup ads.

In a recent conversation with Ife, he told me he’s trying to sell off the site, and the same buyer who bought NaturalHealthBag.com has shown interest by even offering a higher figure. So, another few thousand dollars will land in Ife’s pocket soon. I’m jealous!

So, I can categorically state that Ife is a blogger who knows his onions, understands how SEO works and how to implement it — just as he learned from WebIncomePlus.com. His double success with this same strategy shows that online business isn’t based on luck.

3. SheIsComplete.com

This blog was started in December 2015 by Mrs. Ruth Zubairu, a young and vibrant housewife who decided to venture into online business as a way of making money from the comfort of her home. The blog focuses on topics related to women and motherhood, and it caters to a global audience.

I first knew Ruth when she contacted me sometimes in 2015 to buy a copy of my e-book on freelance writing. She implemented the strategies I revealed in it, and she now earns a decent monthly income as a freelance writer. She even went a step further by offering blog setup services. Aside helping her attract freelance writing and blog setup clients, her blog also fetches her some affiliate commissions by the side.

Ruth’s keeps taking her freelance writing services to new levels by the day. And because she’s now a contributing author to the world’s biggest and most valuable blog, HuffingtonPost.com, her writing is now read by millions every week. Presently, her blog generates about $350 monthly in cumulative earnings.

As her own way of giving back to the society, Ruth founded the VIP Blog Writers Hub on Facebook, where she helps bloggers write to become highly visible brands and get paid too.

4. Reviewcious.com

This blog covers a wide range of topics targeted strictly at Nigerians. Originally created as a review site by my good friend and freelance writing mentor, Adeniyi Adesanya in 2013, the site was switched to a WordPress blog in line with my recommendation, and it now features tutorial and product review posts.

Through SEO, the site presently generates about 5,000 daily visits and earns around $350 monthly through Google Adsense.

5. Naijaquest.com

I must admit that Naijaquest.com has been in existence before the owner, Mr. Olawale Salaudeen, stumbled on this blog. But after reading my blog extensively and holding a physical meeting with me, he was able to learn the various SEO strategies he used to turn the blog’s fortunes around.

Naijaquest.com, which also covers a wide range of topics targeted strictly at Nigerians, presently attracts 7,000 daily visits and earns around $450 monthly through Google Adsense.

6. Nigeriafashiontrends.com

As its name implies, this blog focuses on fashion tips, latest fashion trends/styles, and everything related. And it’s targeted at a Nigerian audience. The site was created in February 2015 by Mrs. Modupe Wahab, a Lagos-based civil servant. An ardent reader of WIP, she was one of the first people to hire me for blog setup and keyword generation. And she diligently implemented all she learned on the blog — though she creatively broke a few rules (I won’t go into details here).

A few months back, Modupe told me her blog was already generating about 13,000 visits per day. Then I told her it’s already ripe for monetization, and we both agreed on Google Adsense to start with. She recently got her Adsense account and she now earns around $10 per day (which would sum up to at least $250 monthly). Just so you know, SEO is her major traffic strategy.

I’m expecting more…

I know of few other blogs created by WIP readers that are very likely to start making money soon. But I’ll wait until they really start earning before I add them to this list. So, this post will be updated from time to time.

If you think this blog has inspired you to create a blog and you’re already making money from that blog, feel free to tell me about your success. And I’ll readily and proudly add your blog to this list.

Now, 3 big lessons to learn…

I didn’t craft this post just to brag about my successes. I actually want you to learn three very important lessons.

1. Online business is real

I understand that there are many people out there who are bragging about making money online when in reality they don’t earn a kobo. But the truth is that online business is real, and the blogs I’ve featured in this list are more than enough proof.

And to further prove that online business strategies aren’t flukes and are actually scalable and repeatable, Ife created two sites using the same strategy and achieved the same result.

2. Online business isn’t easy

Well, this might be the most depressing part of this post. But I must tell you the truth. It’s good to be motivated by other people’s successes, but it’s also important to know the challenges they battled with before achieving those successes — so you’ll know the harsh realities to prepare for.

Except for Ruth who makes her money from freelancing, none of the others I featured here made a dime online within less than one year. It took Ife over one year of consistent hard work to build each of the two blogs to the point of success. And the same runs true for the owners of Naijaquest.com, Reviewcious.com, and Nigeriafashiontrends.com.

And if you visit the blogs, you’ll see that they all feature unique, detailed, and valuable posts that people and search engines love. They don’t do copy-and-paste blogging and they don’t publish 100-word posts like most other lazy asses out there.

3. Each success in online business makes you an expert

No one has the monopoly of knowledge. While it’s through that the owners of these blogs might have learned one strategy or the other from me, the fact that they’ve gotten good results from those strategies makes them experts at those strategies, too  — especially since each person had different experiences and challenges while implementing the strategies.

So, if you’re looking for experts in SEO, you won’t go wrong with Ife, Adeniyi, or Olawale. In fact, Ife has the added expertise in selling websites on Flippa. If you’re looking for someone to teach you how to become a successful blogger while still keeping a day job, Modupe would be the right person to reach. And if you’re looking for someone who has mastered the art of managing an online business along with being a wife and mother, Ruth is your go-to person.

Your turn

I hope you’re motivated and duly convinced by this post. Now, if you have any questions, contributions, or objections, share those thoughts by leaving a comment.

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Updated: June 30, 2016 — 10:29 pm


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  1. Akinfolarin kehinde

    Am happy motivated and insper when I read what u av been posting since few weeks back know more dulling am starting working on what av been leaning since last week bro u ar special & jar bless u

  2. woow ! this is indeed inspiring !!

  3. Awesome write-up bro!

  4. Nice kob WIP , blogging isn’t easy

    You just have to keep pushing and pushing


  5. Really great. I love it when I hear the success story other online entrepreneurs. We are still struggling to fit in but the story of the successful motivates.
    Abass Sir, keep the good work on and continue blessing us with the truth. am loyal.


  6. i dont know hw on earth i just knew abt dis site…always on d net buh it naw asif i just saw gold on d net…
    nice posts mr abbass, ive bin inspired..

    plz sir m on d verge of startin a blog, plz i tink i nid t basic steps to start off frm u.
    plz ur hlp z highly needed

  7. Hi Abass,

    Great work at WIP. Your blog post are well educating and Inspiring.It drives your readers to take action.

    I also run a tech blog at http://www.techprepro.com could you hover through my site and hint me on how I can get more results with my Adsense earnings. I have never exceeded 10 USD monthly from the blog and its over 13months hold now.


  8. Ok, I’m late to the party – no doubt.

    Abass, you might not remember me, but I’ve been following WIP from way back in the day – My first comment was on the “Keyword research” post.

    It’s been over 3 years now and I must say, that little tutorial has been instrumental to my successes over the past few months.

    I am (and have always been) a lazy blogger, but like Ife above, I created a tech blog last year which has just 29 posts till date yet getting over 4000 visits per day.. – http://techviews.com.ng

    The best part?

    Readers love my write ups!

    and the most important thing is… the money is steadily flowing in :mrgreen:

    Thanks for keeping WIP alive 🙂

    Where’s Giftedendi btw! 😀

    1. Kizito, I just went through your site and I was really impressed.Great work over there…(y)

    2. Hey Kizito,

      I can still remember you vividly. I’m glad you’ve moved forward from that drab science niche of then to a more interesting and lucrative niche. It can only get better!

      Giftedendi has gone AWOL. LOL! But we do chat on Whatsapp once in a while. She’s also working on her blog at the moment, and I hope she make this list too.

  9. Hi Abass,
    Thanks for the info you give on this blog, i currently visit this blog not less than 5 times a day because of its useful content. I too started blogging in November 2013 but with so many mistakes and misconceptions. I soon realized i don’t want to be on the band wagon of copycat bloggers again and decided to create a blog with original content. I have implemented some of your SEO tactics but i don’t know if am doing it right.

    I have two blogs which are still very new, https://healthworthblog.wordpress.com is a month old and https://businesslookbook.wordpress.com is a week old.
    Please take a look at this blogs and let me know what am still doing wrong.


  10. This post is really motivating. Thank you very much Mr Abass

  11. Since 2012 I start blog I barely earn from my blog due to my lack of niche blog…. Until I did research online from foreign expert and you…. So have close down my unprofitable blog will sell the domain soon…… Thumbs up bro

  12. great write up bro I must say you’ve really gone far. Well you inspire me to create a smartphone /laptop review blog which is http://www.NaijaGadgetsArena.blogspot.com it’s not up to a month currently still on sub domain. Would get a custom domain soon…… I know success doesn’t come in one day. I”l be patience in time http://www.NaijaGadgetsArena.blogspot.com would become a brand like Naijatechguide…. Thanks for your motivation.

  13. I am motivated to kick start without any delay. your writing is really inspiring and you are a genius

  14. The health niche seems to dominate the list.. Where are lifestyle and tech blogs? Its true that online business is real but it takes passion and learning the right methods

  15. Abass, you’ve urged everyone of us not to read alone but to take action as soon as possible so that our success stories will not only be added to this page but also be a motivation for others who really mean business.
    “Procrastination is not only the thief of time but an enemy of success.” We shouldn’t try to postpone action but we should try to take action now so that our success will be counted.
    Thanks for this inspirational post.

  16. Wow! This is highly inspiring…to say the least.

    You’ve nailed it yet again: blogging is a meritorious venture, only the strong-willed make it big.

    Congrats to the successful bloggers featured here. And to hear Abass did this all for free! How benevolent!

    Of course this list will continue to grow when readers IMPLEMENT the invaluable lessons consistently posted on this blog. It’s not about what you learn; it’s all about what you do with it!

    Thanks, Abass, for being the best at what you do. More power to your elbow.

  17. This is my first time here, but I’m already moved my the post and comments. I blog at http://www.nairatrace.com

  18. I really appreciate u for dis wonderful inspirational message. Sir, I really need u assistance. Google ads ve accepted my request but I mistakenly deleted d code link, pls how can I get another code l link.

  19. Thanks for adding me here! A big thanks to you again for all the help without asking me for a kobo. Only rare people like you can do that. As at now my traffic has increased to 13,000 per day. God bless you sir.

    1. Modupe,

      Thanks for the kind words. It’s my pleasure to add you to the post. And I wish you more and more successes.

  20. Nice post, really an eye opener for newbies. It is so very true that making money online is real. By the way, if you are a newbie, note that everyday is an opportunity to join the league of those who smile to the bank every month. Start today, stop procrastinating. There is room for everybody to grow. Just make sure you learn from those who are already making it.

    By the way, Dr Abass, Reviewcious was founded in 2013. Kindly make the correction in the post. Thanks for featuring the site here and teaching others how to excel in blogging.

    Adeniyi Adesanya
    CEO- Reviewcious

    1. Adeniyi,

      Thanks so much for the inspiring comment and for the correction. I’ve effected the change as due.

  21. Olufisola Agboola

    Nice to read this. It serves as a wake-up call for me. I know my blog, http://www.babycareanditems.com, can make it with rhe right SEO. And I need help in this regard. To Abass and all well-meaning SEO and blogging experts reading this, please help me. A starting point might be category topics with keywords that are in demand in respect of babies, in Nigeria and internationally..

  22. Am inspired sir. This is a lesson every blogger should learn. Online business is not easy

  23. Oh boy!
    This is success galore… I am motivated!

    Even the Holy Bible says out of the mouth of 2 or more people shall the truth be established… If more than 2 people have made it via reading this blog, then Mr Abass deserves the title “online success motivator” ☺😀

    Shout out to those people out there who kept reading this blog but refused to start something because of fear of the unknown, may this new article allay your fears.

    1. Ife,

      Thanks for checking by, and for the accolades. I won’t stop boasting of your successes. And I wish you many more.

  24. Great to read this once again. This is encouraging.
    I will be fully back online and would surely break the jinx of struggling to make headway in digital marketing.

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