6 Proven, Risk-free Ways to Make Real Money Online In Nigeria

Frankly, there are several ways of making money online in Nigeria. While some of these many options will fetch you crumbs, others will fetch you real cash.

However, most beginners face one problem when venturing into online business — they’re unable to find the right business.

Sadly, while searching for the best option, some newbies fall victim to scammers who promise overnight riches or thousands of dollars at the click of a button. After being scammed, these poor beginners form the impression that online business is all a hoax.

Are you just going into online business? Or have you been scammed before, and you’re now searching carefully for a credible option? This post is for you.


Here, you’ll discover six realistic ways of making real money online from Nigeria. So, if you’ve been looking for proven, risk-free ways of making cool cash from the web, you’re on the right page.

Now, let me reveal these lucrative options:

1. Affiliate marketing

This is one of the killer money-spinners online. Most bloggers and online entrepreneurs who pocket 4-5 figures monthly make the bulk of their income from affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing? It is simply a marketing practice, in which a business rewards you for bringing customers (through marketing its products or services).

Here’s a better explanation: You register to become an affiliate with an online store, such as Amazon or Clickbank. Next, you set up a web page or blog, on which you advertise Amazon or Clickbank products. Each time a customer buys a product through the link or banner displayed on your web page, you get a commission on the sale. That’s affiliate marketing, simply put.

So, the more traffic you attract to your web page or blog, the more people will buy the products you market, and the more profit you make.

2. Freelancing

If you have any skill, such as writing, website design, programming, graphics design, video creation, and so on, you can advertise yourself online and attract clients who’ll pay for your services.

To attract and convince high-paying clients, you must start by building a compelling and professional online portfolio. Without one, there’s no way you can convince clients to hire you.

3. Creating and selling your own product

If you’re a very good writer, you can write an ebook. If you’re a programmer, you can develop your own application. If you have any other skill or knowledge that you think people would like to learn, you can package it into an information product and sell for profit.

Your information product can be in any format — PDF, MP3, Video, etc.

4. Coaching and online tutorials

If you have any skill or knowledge that you think people would be interested in, you can offer online coaching or tutorial classes and charge your “students”. (Of course, you must learn how to use Skype and how to organize webinars).

The more you can convince people that you’re an expert, the more interested students you’ll attract, and the more money you’ll make.

5. Website flipping

Liken this business to real estate developing, and you’ll be right.

Here’s what flipping entails: You set up a website or blog and then develop it by stuffing it with high quality articles and building backlinks to it. Your ultimate goal is to build it from scratch and turn it into a high traffic blog, which has a high profit potential. Once you’ve achieved this, you can then sell it to interested buyers at a huge price.

Buyers pay as much as millions of dollars for websites. The price depends on the profit potential.

6. Blogging

This is the platform on which all other online businesses can stand firm. To make maximal profit from affiliate marketing, freelancing, selling your product, and offering online tutorials, you’ll need to run a blog — one centered around your chosen business. Having a blog helps you build trust and establishes you as an expert in your field.

Now, I’ve not said you can’t make money from other online businesses without a blog. Of course, I’ve seen affiliate marketers making huge figures with static one-page websites. But having a blog is much better, I insist.

Even if you’re not promoting any other business with your blog, blogging alone can be a great source of income. If you build a high traffic blog, you’ll make lots of profit from pay-per-click ads (Adsense, etc.),  sponsored ads, sponsored posts.

I stated earlier that there are several of online businesses you can run in Nigeria. But I’ve mentioned only these six for 4 reasons:

  • They require very little capital (so if you lose interest along the line, you’ll have very little to lose)
  • They are risk-free
  • They’re very easy to venture into
  • They can make you rich (but not overnight!)

So, take action now. Choose one of these businesses (or a combination of more than one), start building it, and you’ll achieve your dream in the end.

I’m stopping here for now. In subsequent posts, I’ll be discussing each of these businesses in full detail. My aim of creating this blog is to help Nigerian beginners make money online. So, I hope to achieve this with time. Just stay glued to this site, and you’ll learn a lot.

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What’s your choice?

Which online business are you thinking of venturing into? Why have you made that choice? Share your plans in the comments. Also, if you have any questions, ask in the comments section.

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Abass Toriola

I'm a seasoned freelance writer, internet marketing strategist, and online business coach. And I'm a university graduate, doctor-in-training, husband, and father.

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Updated: January 29, 2014 — 5:47 am


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  1. Thanks for the information. I’ve always desired to venture into online writing,but i keep finding the process very tedious. Bidding for clients and for the jobs, just sound too difficult to me. Is there any site where someone can just write for clients and get paid without going through the above hassles? Pls,inbox me.

    1. Michelz,

      Thanks for reading the post. Well, I need to tell you the truth: getting clients is not easy. But that doesn’t mean you have to work your butts off at bidding sites in order to get clients. No!

      You can apply for writing jobs at jobs boards such as Craigslist and the Problogger jobs board. Secondly, start your own blog and showcase your skills. If you want quick results, then use Google Adwords to attract clients. I once used it (Google Adwords), and it worked like a charm.

  2. please kindly tell me what you know about realwritingjobs.com. and your advice. …if its safe

    1. Abass,

      It’s quite interesting having my namesake reading my blog.

      From what I’ve read about Realwritingjobs.com, I don’t think they’re straightforward.
      You can search Google for more reviews about them, though. But the last time I read one about them, I got a negative impression due to some complaints I can’t remember now.

  3. i am interested in blogging but have no idea how to go about it

    1. Grace,

      All the information you’ll need to establish a high quality, profitable blog would be covered by the e-course.

  4. can you also add domain name flipping to your free email training

    1. Grace,

      Thanks for your insight. I’ll publish a comprehensive blog post on domain name and website flipping before then end of the e-course.

  5. Abass, thanks for this info, I’ve heard about most of what you mentioned. I’ve undergone web development training as well, and I’m already think of what my site will be all about. But youu can as well advice me on the one you think is the best.

    1. Adedotun,

      Well, it’s good to know that you’ve learned web development. You can make lots of money working for clients.

      As for the best online business for you, I won’t be in the best position to choose for you. But you should be able to decide better after the second lesson, which is all about how you can find the best business for you.

  6. Olufisola Agboola

    From the tutorials, affliate marketing looks like the one I can do. With your assistance, I believe I can build a blog or site that will make a success of affilliate marketing.

    1. Olufisola,

      I love your spirit. If you think affiliate marketing will work for you, no problem. But I’ll advise you to take your time to learn how thins work so that you’ll avoid many common pitfalls.

  7. Pls check clickbank registration form is not showing

    1. Dele4sure,

      I didn’t get that. Kindly explain better what you mean.

    2. Plus there is no Nigeria in the drop down list of eligible countries. I’d really want to know how to go about this for collection of payment purpose.
      Thank you!

  8. pls how can i start a blog

  9. Hello sir , it was about two months ago that I got to know you on the net through Nairaland.com I am a gifted Writer and looking for a way to employ my talents to make some cool cash I followed your advice and registered in elace.com but have not been able to land a job .what would you advice me to do sir. I should be happy to hear from you soonest sir thanks STAN

    1. My brother, you have to keep trying. Getting your first job on a freelance outsourcing site could he difficult, especially on Elance, where you have to compete with many Americans and writers from other native English-speaking countries.
      You can send me an email, and I’ll give you tips on how you can increase your chances of getting hired.

  10. Please i will like to have the ebook through my email

  11. Thanks for the good work doing. I am new to this site n still taking time on which online buiz to venture in. I think i will go for affiliate of a thing. What about importing bizness ?

    1. Francis,

      In my humble opinion, importing business is NOT online business. Even placing your orders and tracking them online still doesn’t make it an online business — because you’re dealing with physical goods, which you’d sell offline.

  12. thank you Sir for this wonderful right up. Do you design mini website and if yes for how much. Thank you.

  13. Really, I am waowed with what you are doing; giving us indept analysis of who things work. I must say thank you sir.
    Please sir, I want to inquire from you. I created a blog with loggers.com in my name. Then, I requested for an adsence account but the adsence was not approved.
    So, I want to ask, should I continue to use that same blog or should I create another one so that I I can request for adsence later.
    Thank in advance because I know you will respond accordingly.

    1. Dubem,

      Thanks for checking out this blog.

      I’ve never heard of loggers.com. Did you mean to write blogger.com? I guess you made a mistake there.

      Now, let me ask the following questions:

      When did you set up the blog?

      How much content have you published?

      Your question suggests that you’re trying to apply for Adsense shortly after you started your blog. You’ll never get an Adsense approval that way — even if you keep creating new blogs in order to achieve that.

      You see, my friend, before you should start thinking of making money through Adsense or whatever, focus on publishing lots of quality information, generate traffic, build links, and take the whole thing as serious business. Above all, be consistent — consistency is the key to success in online business.

      So, carry on with your blog and do as I advised. Wait until your blog starts to generate traffic before you request for an Adsense account.

      Take an example from this very blog. Even though, I’ve published enough articles, I still haven’t requested for an Adsense account because I believe the blog isn’t ripe yet for that.

      Even if you get an approval for Adsense, you won’t make money with it if you do’t have huge traffic. So, why not work on getting the traffic first?

  14. I told a friend years back that I discovered over 250 ways to make money online. Now, it seems it’s overwhelming but starting with your 6 models appears interesting. i just have to start anyhow. thanks

  15. Hi
    Thanks for the article, pls I am more interested with mini importation. Can you educate me more on it and also tell me where to get genuine materials on it. Thank you.

    1. Emem,

      I’m not a specialist at mini importation myself, but you can contact Akaahan Terungwa of notopoverty.com. He’s a mini importation guru, and I’m sure ge can teach you all you need to succeed in the business.

  16. Thanks bro for the insight. Can you tell me how to build a website and how to get a free domain name.
    Hope to hear from you very soon.

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