8 Foolproof Tips for Attracting Traffic to Your Blog Posts

Visitors won’t flow to your blog by osmosis. You have to proactively adopt smart measures to attract them.

If you slap up a few articles and sit back expecting the traffic to come, you’re in for big disappointment and frustration. (And this is why many bloggers quit early.)

So, how can you attract traffic to each new blog post you publish? That’s exactly what I’ll be teaching you here.

I won’t stop telling you this…

Quality content is what makes the difference between a blog that merely attracts traffic and a blog that really makes money.

You may be attracting thousands of visitors, but you won’t make money if the average visitor bounces off your blog within 10 seconds after landing on it.

But if you offer content that is helpful, problem-solving, valuable, and unique, you’ll compel visitors to stay longer on your blog and absorb your content. And aside engaging with your content, they’ll click on your ads, buy through your affiliate links, hire your freelance services, buy ad space on your blog, and take whatever action that would fetch you money.

So, quality content is the biggie when it comes to blogging and online business. It’s king, like the popular saying goes. And reality agrees with that.

With the above in mind, let’s now look at some proven tactics for attracting quality traffic to your blog posts.

how to attract traffic to your posts3

1. Killer headlines work like magic

Whether or not a reader would feel eager to go through your post hinges largely on your headline. Your headline should be crafted in a way that triggers curiosity in the mind of the reader. This way, anyone would feel compelled to check it out.

However, avoid a headline that sounds too good to be true or that makes a promise you cannot deliver on. Only few things could be more annoying to readers than this.

2. Blast ’em off on social media

After publishing a new post on your blog, publish it on your social media profiles as well. With your Facebook and Twitter accounts, spread word of your new article by posting its URL. Your friends, relatives, and colleagues would get to see the link and follow it to your blog. And they’ll share with their own friends and colleagues, too.

But if your headline isn’t catchy or your content isn’t valuable and interesting, people won’t read it, let alone share it.

3. Ask… and it shall be given unto you

People are busy. They don’t have the time to share your post after reading it. They have other things begging for their attention. But they’re ready to do anything you ask for as a way of rewarding you for the quality information you offered.

So, if you ask readers to help you share your post with others via social media, they’ll readily do that. That’s the power of asking. If you don’t ask, they won’t share — even though it’s something they can do easily.

One important thing you should do, however, is to make it easy for your readers to share your post. Most readers won’t share your post if they would have to open new browser tabs for that. So, add the various social media share one-click share buttons to your posts. They make sharing pretty easier.

4. Social bookmarking works like wild

You can generate massive traffic by sharing your new posts on social bookmarking sites like Reddit, Digg, Stumbleupon, and so on. These sites allow you to post links to recommended web pages. If your headline is catchy enough, you’ll attract tons of clicks to your link (and ultimately, lots of readers to your blog).

If those who read your post found it really valuable and helpful, your link would attract many votes. Depending on the number of such votes, your link may just find its way to the home page (of the social bookmarking site). If this happens, your blog would host hundreds to thousands of visitors.

5. Don’t overlook forum marketing (as others are doing)

Forum marketing simply involves using a forum to drive traffic to your blog. After publishing a new blog post, start a forum thread on the same topic. Share a summary of your article and add a link to the blog post.

The more you engage with others on the forum thread and share your knowledge of the topic with them, the more they’ll follow the link to read your blog post. This tactic works like wild.

6. Blog commenting isn’t dead

You can also get a decent amount of traffic from other blogs. After publishing a new post, use Google to find other blog posts on the same topic. Post a detailed, valuable comment on the blog, and add that you just published a post on the same topic that readers would find equally helpful. Then add the link to the blog post.

This strategy works best if you’re one of the first commenters on the blog post you found. The earlier you post your comment, the higher up in the page (and more visible) it will be.

7. Borrow traffic from high traffic blogs

After publishing a series of related posts on your blog, find high traffic blogs within your niche that accept guest posts. Write a valuable and informative post and strategically include links to your blog posts (within the guest post). The more valuable your guest post is, the more traffic it would send to your blog.

Guest posting is a real traffic magnet. But many bloggers are just too lazy to utilize it to their advantage. Don’t be like them — if you really want traffic.

8. SEO is the REAL DEAL!

While most of the strategies I’ve shared so far would only generate traffic for a short term, SEO would continue to bring you traffic for as long as your content remains relevant. So, if you want your blog posts to generate steady traffic for years to come, optimize them for the search engines.

People will continue to use search engines for as long as they exist, and search engines would always present posts and pages that are most relevant to people’s queries. So, do some extensive keyword research before writing your blog posts and optimize them strategically before hitting the “publish” button. This way, you’ll rank your posts high in search engine results and ultimately attract traffic to your blog.

To learn how to research for lucrative keywords and optimize your blog posts for them, check out the following posts:

The more traffic you generate on your blog, the brighter your chances of making money. If you take your online business more seriously and implement these strategies religiously, you’ll start getting your desired results very soon.

Now, over to you…

Did I miss something? Do you have any suggestions or comments? Or do you disagree with any of the tips I shared in the post? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment. You’re awesome!

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Updated: April 11, 2014 — 11:24 am


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  1. Hey Abass, I must say you’re a genius when it come to offering practical advice on how to drive traffic to a blog…Your readers may equally find interesting a post I did about the same subject here: http://notopoverty.com/ways-of-driving-traffic-to-a-blog/.

    1. Akaahan,

      Thanks for your kind words, and for reading the post. I’ll check out your blog.

  2. Your advise on keyword and the other links are very helpful. I think thats the missing li nk on my small business, make money and personal finance blog, http://www.fortune51.com.

    Thanks a million buddie, will keep following. BTW, I think comment luv will be okay and jetpack so people can follow your blog comments as well and fight to comment on your website. You have the content, believe me my dear “husband”. (lol)

    1. Dan,

      Thanks for your nice comments and for giving me a good laugh with your last word. I’m glad you found my articles very helpful. I’ll work on adding comment luv and jetpack as you suggested.

      I checked your blog, and I must admit that you have a good one up your sleeves. Keep it up!

  3. salam abbass, big master. I am a fresher concerning this online stuff and i must but confess found your meritoriously nice.

    1. Ishaq,

      You’re welcome to my blog. I advise you to follow the link below to get all the basic knowledge you need about online business: http://webincomeplus.com/free-e-course/

  4. Everything is very open with a clear clarification of the challenges.

    It was truly informative. Your website is extremely helpful.

    Many thanks for sharing!

  5. They don’t just work for me,according to Google analytics,251 pageviews per day after 3months of hardwork,no sleep,Subscription Upon subscription…. Still pushing it…let’s see how it goes in the next 3 months

    1. Lanre,

      Which ones have you tried? Let me know.

      I would advise you to stop counting your traffic with page views. Use number of visits instead. A single visitor can visit 10 pages, which makes the use of page views a flawed method.

      Make no mistake, Linda Ikeji blogged for 4 YEARS before she started earning from her blog. You don’t have to wait that late, but 3 months is way too short to start losing your patience — especially when you’re blogging in a niche that has been beaten to death in Nigeria’s blogosphere. I hope you know what I mean.

      1. Everything except SEO …..I have started using the h tags tho

        4 years ? wow,many years ahead then
        yes sir,i understand the entertainment section of the blogosphere is filled up but i don’t have enough knowledge to start a tech blog or an educational blog about microbiology
        thanks a lot for your quick replies

  6. Another important tip for me.
    I dont mind spending hours on ur blog cos i learn new things.
    Thanks Abbas

  7. Please which sites can I purchase traffic to my sites.

    1. Sincerely, I don’t know. Purchasing traffic makes zero sense. Build yours!

  8. Did I think you’re a badass teacher? I think you’re and one with a humoristic sense! I love your teachings boss.

    I’m glad I’m doing all of the 8steps you mentioned above, just that the last is what I’m not really doing well.

    We work on fixing that next week for sure.


  9. I really want to know how to improve this Blog: http://9jatotalfacts.wordpress.com

    1. Emeka,

      To be frank with you, if you really want to make money from blogging, your first step is to get a self-hosted website. A wordpress.com website is not allowed to monetize through any model.

  10. Please would like to know how to get this hosted website. I mean how you guys were able to pay in dollars while here in Nigeria cause for me i don’t have any credit card tanx.

    1. Mortal,

      You can get a detailed tutorial on how to create your hosted WordPress blog here: http://webincomeplus.com/how-to-set-up-a-self-hosted-wordpress-blog-in-thirty-minutes-or-less/

      As for the payment, you can simply use your ATM card, provided it’s branded Mastercard or Visa.

      1. I bank with zenith, so am I going to do it with my arm card. Please am a newbie.

  11. Nice post,,,,my problem is d issue of forum marketing,,,take nairaland for instance,,,i may post my blog article there and some persons would just copy d article word to word and paste on their blog,,its very painful u know,,,and they may even rank higher than u on google,,,forum marketing is somehow,,even d forum u pasted d article will get d credit when searched on google

    1. Hey Frank,

      First, after publishing your post, ensure that the post has been indexed on Google before you share it elsewhere. Once Google indexes your blog as its first source, the chances of another blog or website outranking you are very slim.

  12. I’m commenting on a blog for the first time. I’ve been held spell bound for over two hours reading your articles. You’re a genius sir.

    1. Oladokun,

      I’m felling flattered right now. Well, thanks for checking by. I’m glad you found the blog helpful.

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