Affiliate Marketing: How A Single Blog Post Fetched Me N60,000

It’s quite simple. Very simple.

I mean, how affiliate marketing works.

Register with an affiliate program or network. Find fast-selling products to promote. Generate your affiliate link (that’s the link containing the product’s ID and your affiliate ID). And start marketing the product online.

Each time a customer clicks your link to buy the product you’re marketing, you get a commission from the sale. This commission could be a percentage of the sale or a fixed price. It’s all down to how your affiliate network sets it.

And that’s all. That’s basically how affiliate marketing works. Nothing more.

affiliate marketing nigeria

However, there are different ways affiliate marketers go about their stuff. I mean, they adopt different strategies to promote their products.

Some affiliate marketers use blogs to market their products. Some use paid advertising. Some use forum marketing. Some use social media. Some use article directories and revenue sharing sites. And some — the silly and desperate ones — use spamming and other unethical methods.

Of all these strategies, I favor the use of blogs. Because it works best.

Here, I’ll ignore other strategies and dig deeper into affiliate blogging.

Over past few years, I’ve stumbled upon hundreds of blogs monetized with affiliate marketing. And if I’m to classify them based on the model adopted, each will fall under one of three models:

  • The traditional model
  • The niche site model
  • The micro-niche site model

So, anyone  making money by promoting affiliate products with a blog will have that blog based on one of these models.

Now, let’s discuss what each model entails.

The traditional model                                                                                

This involves starting a blog from scratch without necessarily defining the monetization methods to be implemented.

Then after the blog has built a huge followership and has started generating huge traffic, you adopt affiliate marketing as one of multiple monetization options.

Pro bloggers like Pat Flynn, Darren Rowse, Tom Ewer, John Chow, and many others have achieved great success with this method. After they’ve built a large base of subscribers and loyal readers, they generate huge profits from affiliate marketing by simply recommending and promoting products that they think will be of help to their readers.

This model works best for experts — those who have spent years building their blogs and giving out volumes of valuable information to their readers. And they generate huge profits because their readers have come to trust them, and so would buy anything they recommend. But that kind of trust and traffic takes time to build. Years!

The niche site model

This involves starting a blog on a streamlined topic.

For example, narrowing down on the small business niche, you can start a blog on small business marketing, small business insurance, small business planning, and so on.

Similarly, you can set up a streamlined blog within the health niche that discusses only diabetes, hypertension, health insurance, and so on.

You get it? I’ll assume you do.

Then you’ll share lots of valuable information around that narrow topic you’re focusing on. And once the blog starts generating a sizable amount of traffic, you’ll slap up your affiliate links.

Because niches sites are usually well optimized for the topics they’re focused on, search engines tend to rank them high, and so they achieve success faster.

And trust is not an issue for most readers or niche sites, even if the author is unknown. They believe whoever who could have churned out that huge volume of information on such a focused topic couldn’t be less than an expert. With this in their minds, they buy recommended products without hesitation.

The micro-niche site model

This is even more streamlined than the niche site model. And while niche blogs can be monetized with Adsense and other methods, micro-niche sites are usually created solely for the purpose of affiliate marketing.

A micro-niche site is built around only one or few products.

For example, if you found out that a stretch mark cream called Gravidax (fiction) is selling like wild online, you can set up a micro niche blog for marketing this product alone. In that case, you’ll start by registering a domain such as,,, and so on.

Similarly, you can choose to market more than one product, but few. Maybe you just found out during your research that “best stretch mark creams” is a very lucrative keyphrase. You can register a domain such as or and start a micro-niche blog that markets Gravidax and a few other fast-selling stretch mark creams.

Micro niche sites are very easy to create because they contain very few posts (usually less than 10). And, like niche sites, they tend to rank very highly in search engines for the keywords they’re optimized for.

So, all you need to start making money with a micro niche site promoting Gravidax is to write a detailed and helpful review of the product. Explain how it’s used. List and discuss its ingredients. Explain how it works to bring about the expected effects. Explain its possible side effects. Include testimonials from those who have used the product. And encourage the reader to buy through your link.

And here, too, trust is not an issue for readers. Detailed posts send signals that the author knows virtually everything about that product, and whatever he or she says about it could be trusted.

I know professional affiliate marketers who are making thousands of dollars monthly from their micro-niche blogs. Some of them have as much as 50 micro-niche blogs covering various products. The total monthly income generated by all these blogs could be more than amazing!

And now, my story…

I first came across the concept of “micro niche sites” sometimes in 2012 while scouring the web for information on how to make money online.

I discovered that many online marketers are actually making money from micro niche sites and decided to give it a shot.

In early 2013, I registered with MarketHealth, an affiliate network that sells natural health products. I love this network because it pays huge commissions — usually 50% — on its products, and it offers an easy payment solution for Nigerians.

I browsed through the over two hundred products available on MarketHealth and chose to promote Miracet, a product that helps break the habit of cigarette smoking. I knew the quit smoking market is very lucrative. And that’s why I chose to market this product.

I did keyword research and came up with a list of keyphrases that people were using to find information about Miracet. And I registered the domain,

Since WordPress is my preferred blogging platform, I installed WordPress for the new micro-niche blog and installed the relevant plugins.

I published two articles on the blog: A very detailed review article on Miracet and a much shorter supporting article. To date, I’ve not added a third article.

Even though I intended to experiment with the whole process, the results started coming much earlier than I expected. Within a few weeks, my long review post was ranking among Google’s top three results for most keyphrases containing the word “Miracet.”

And to my surprise, I got my first sales notification from MarketHealth on July 23, 2013 — just 2 months after starting the micro-niche blog. Someone had bought the product through my affiliate link. And I earned $25 from that sale alone.

I was excited. I couldn’t imagine making money so early from a strategy I just wanted to experiment with.

And that was the beginning.

Here is a screenshot showing my earnings so far from Miracet alone.

miracet earnings

My Miracet earnings

As you can see from the screenshot, I earned commissions (either $25 — $100) every month from July 2013 to October 2013. No sales came afterwards until January 2014. I also earned commissions in February and March 2013, after which I’ve made no sales to date.

In all, I’ve earned $374 (about N60,000) from Miracet, and that long review article attracted all the traffic that resulted in the sales (according to my Google Analytics reports).

So, since March 2014, I’ve not earned any commissions from Miracet. But I’m sure the gate of sales will soon open again — because my blog’s ranking in Google hasn’t dropped.

Though Miracet has been “dormant” for the past three months, I made $125 in May 2014 as affiliate commissions from another product I market on this very blog (see the screenshot below).

Affiliate commission for May

Affiliate commission for May

So, even if one product isn’t selling at a time, another will make up for that. And that’s the essence of marketing multiple products — just as most online marketing gurus do.

And just so you know, the micro-niche site model is a set-it-and-forget-it thing. I never did anything to the blog since the time I published the articles except for when I updated the WordPress version and the plugins. So, the task of setting up the blog and writing the two articles was the only effort I put in.

Why I’m not earning much from affiliate marketing

If one micro-niche blog that has just two articles can fetch me about N4,000 to N8,000 per month, you can imagine how much I’d earn monthly if I had 20  or 50 such sites like some badass affiliate marketers who are earning a full time living from what they do.

But I’m always too busy to make that happen. Clients’ writing assignments. Medicine and surgery. Family. And other commitments.

My tight schedule notwithstanding, I’m now working on a new blog that I set up solely for reviewing natural health products. I’ll let you know how things pan out. Trust me.

Can you achieve the same?

Yes, you can. Just take the following steps:

  • Register with high-paying affiliate networks or programs
  • Find best-selling products
  • Decide whether you want to set up a niche blog or a micro-niche blog
  • Register a domain (keyword inclusive)
  • Install WordPress and necessary plugins
  • Do keyword research
  • Start writing your posts, optimizing them for promising keywords
  • Publish your posts
  • Wait for the sales notifications (thin might take months, though)

Bear in mind, however, that there tiny details you need to know about each step. I just can’t cover all those in this post.

Your turn…

Does this post motivate you to give affiliate marketing a shot? Do you have questions or objections? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment.

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Abass Toriola

I'm a seasoned freelance writer, internet marketing strategist, and online business coach. And I'm a university graduate, doctor-in-training, husband, and father.

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Updated: June 13, 2014 — 1:13 am


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  1. mr Abass i must say you are a bundle of knowledge, and i keep learning from you any time you come up with new ideas and suggestions especially affiliate marketing.

    1. Mr Michael,

      I’m glad you found the post helpful. If you think affiliate marketing is something you wanna give a try, take action ASAP! And let me know if you’re having any issues.

  2. Thanks a lot for the insight on affiliate marketing. Please sir,Can you give us a list of Affiliate Marketing Company that is good for Nigerians.

    1. Onyema,

      If you’re comfortable with the idea of marketing health products, Markethealth is great!

      You can also market web hosting packages. Most of the reputable web hosting companies have affiliate programs that pay huge commissions. However, payment is usually an issue. So, you need to have access to a PayPal account or register with a program that pays via check.

      Amazon is another great option. They sell a wide range of products. Their reputation alone convinces people to buy from them. And their payment options are Nigerian-friendly. However, their commissions are relatively low. and are also great options to consider. Both also offer a wide range of products and services.

  3. Affiliate marketing is a big bomb in internet business. It often starts bringing returns in less than 2months when properly done. You may not know until you start your own blog.
    Lovely post bro. Do create more time for money making *winks*

    1. Ife,

      Yeah, I agree with you. Whoever hasn’t tried it can’t understand how it works.

  4. Inspirational this is! This post proves to me, why I should remain on your Mail list.

    You’re now consistent than before –I’m sorry, but I must say it.

    With regard to you and Ife’s comment, I feel like kick-starting an affiliate blog right away.

    1. Farblos,

      Thanks for choosing to remain on my mailing list.

      But, did you just say I’m now more consistent? I don’t agree.

      Since you’re motivated, take action.

  5. Another eye-opener,Waiting to clock 18 on the 28th so i can make a Request for my payoneer card………I should start this soon

    1. Lanre,

      Thanks for reading the post. Why not hit the fast-forward button, so June 28 can come tomorrow? *Kidding*

      1. Lol sire………It’s almost here

  6. This is a great idea from an erudite blogger. Toriola your idea impress me and I will implement it to see how it works. Please help me to assess my newly created site weather it can work for affiliate makerting or not.

    1. Ajibade,

      *Feeling flattered*

      Take action ASAP! That’s my advice to you.

  7. Abass, this info is really inspiring.
    It came at the time am planning to monetize my blog.

    You are really good at what you do, i love reading the make money tips alot, This is because you always makes it clear to even us beginners.
    Thanks alot

    1. Angela,

      Thanks for taking your time to read the post. I’m glad you found it really helpful.

      But I have a piece of advice for you: Always resist the temptation to monetize your blog when it’s not ripe for that. If you’re talking about the same Web Success Boost, then I don’t think you should think about monetization for now. Give value to generate traffic, first.

  8. ohhh ma God…super Abas… i neva believed there is some 1 who would gv such a usefull post all for free thanks sir..realy greatfull..sir am 17 of age and am new into online runnings buh am rili trying and wanna push with it and i pray you could aid me ( is ma email ..
    sir please if you could explain how to do this things i would be most greatfull” Register with high-paying affiliate networks
    or programs
    Find best-selling products
    Decide whether you want to set up a niche
    blog or a micro-niche blog
    Register a domain (keyword inclusive)
    Install WordPress and necessary plugins” please sir help me with notes on high paying affiliate networks i can reg with…thanks for all d supports so far we appreciate.. hoping to hear from you sir

    1. Okoye,

      Thanks for your kind words and for taking your time to read the article. I’m glad you liked it.

      Explaining each of those steps in detail will take another long post. And that’s why I didn’t bother with that for now. My plan is to do that in subsequent posts.

      As for installing WordPress and necessary plugins, I already explained that in this post:

  9. Very helpful Abass. I have been reading your posts and I must say you have earned my trust. I plan to start my micro niche blog soon; hope I can reach out to you anytime if I run into any problems (winks). However, what is the best way to collect ones payment? Cheque? Payoneer? Please tell me the one that works for you and you feel is the best.

    1. Michael,

      Thank for your time and kind words. I hope you do take action fast (and start enjoying the fruits of online business).

      Of course, I’m more than willing to help whenever you get stuck at something.

      For now, I think Payoneer is the best payment option you have.

      1. Thanks! Please could you let us know in your usual step-by-step way how to open and operate a payoneer account and get the card, etc, in Nigeria? I confess my ignorance in that area and since you are already using it, I am inclined to ask you than google.

  10. tanx for the info, i wish our leaders have a kind heart like you. pls am new to this and i ask for support.

  11. Very educative, and after reading your article on above topic, I registered with with Nigeria address and contacts but to surprisingly the offers they put up on their sites kind of excludes Nigeria and some other African countries, pls what is the way out of this, do I need to hide my IP or re- sign on again, thanks.

  12. After reading your article I registered with market with Nigerian contacts, but I realised that their offers kind of excludes Nigerians and other African countries.
    does it have anything to do with my being a Nigerian, my IP etc, how do I get it right thanks

    1. What that means is that they don’t ship their products to those African countries. But they do accept affiliate marketers from those countries. I registered as a Nigerian, and I’ve made some money with them.

  13. MR ABASS you are a motivational writter.Please ave been blogging on annuity payments and i ave over 3000 viewers on my blog.I’m using google adsense to monetize my blog but my earnings has never yield a penny.Please I’m using a free blog.What can I do about this and how can I fecth traffic to my sites?

    1. Hello Abiodun,

      My first question is, what prompted your decision to blog about annuity payments? Personally, I don’t think Nigerians are really looking online for information about that kind of stuff.

      You didn’t yield a penny from Adsense despite 3000 viewers? If I may ask, what do you mean by 3000 viewers? Is it a daily or monthly metric? And how did you come about that number?

      Answer these questions before we can make headway.

  14. Thanks for immediate reply MR ABASS.Firstly I learnt that annuity payments is one of the google high paying keywords,so I decided to work on it.That of 3000viewers shows the number of views on my blog.I got that within a month.Or is there anyway round to monetize my blog apart from adsense?Hope to hear from you very soon sir.

  15. Very beneficial,bro. I just see myself as being left. No pc. No bank account -not to talk of mastercard. All because am 17. THERE IS GOD OOO.

  16. Hi boss,
    Itz been weeks since i had visited this blog and it ain’t that much my fault,
    Its due to the hustling up and down the street jux 4 me to get a system,
    Nd tanx to God nd ma bro, we ar nw able 2 secure a pentium 3 sony laptop (not new though bt i knw dats nt a prob.)

    So, nw, before attempting anything atall, the first thing i did ws browse on 2 markethealth 2 search 4 a product 2 market but to my very greatest surprise, Nigeria wasn’t supported in all the products i clicked, up to like 15 products or even more and now i’m doubting if there is even any product that accepts a Nigerian as one of their affiliate marketers,
    Nw my questions is,
    1.should i keep searching
    2. (i knw dis 1 sounds stupid boss)should i try one even though nigeria isn’t supproted???
    3. Have they stopped accepting nigeria – maybe due to fraud???
    4. Are the companies that accept nigeria very few???

    Please boss, i’m lukin 4ward 2 ur reply, tanx in advance sir…….. Lots of grease 2 ur elbows

  17. Oh, sorry boss,
    Stupid me,
    I forgot to read comments before adding mine,
    I’v gotten the answer to my questions and i wil go back there to look for a product to market.
    But please sir, i’m i free to contact you if i’m in need of help???

    1. Mhizta Knicks,

      No problem, just shoot me an email anytime you have a question or need help.

  18. Alryt boss,

  19. uhhmmmmmm,
    Boss, i dn’t av ur email on my contact list,
    Or shld i mail u at

  20. In my blog can i market like 20 or more products if i so wish

    1. There are no rules limiting the number of products you can market on your blog.

  21. Your post rocks. but my question is: How do you receive your payment from markethealth? Secondly, i heard yhe dont accept Nigerian affliates. thanks for ur reply.

    1. Smile,

      Thank for your comment. I receive my payment via Payoneer. What you heard about MH not accepting Nigerians affiliates isn’t true. While it’s true that they don’t ship their products to Nigeria, they have problems with Nigerians affiliates marketing their products.

      I registered for the MH affiliate program using my Nigerians address. That wouldn’t have been possible if they don’t accept Nigerians.

  22. My question is do i have to buy domain name for each product i review and hosting or all my reviews for different product could fit in just one domin name

    1. Mike,

      It depends on the products you want to market. If they are closely related, you can market them together on a single blog. If they’re are not related, use different blogs to market them.

  23. this article is one of a kind. I have heard about affiliate marketing but not in this dimension. Great work here mr. Abass

    1. Clinton,

      Thanks. I’m glad you found the post helpful.

  24. Mr. Abbas thanks so much, because before now affiliate marketing was like a junk to me. But I was very happy when I made my first 500 naira from konga affiliate program.

    1. I’m gladdened by your success. I wish you a lot more of it.

  25. hi , after closely examining miracet reviews, i set up a product review on toe nail fungus with the domain name and currently set up paid ads on Fb, so sir am i doing well or i need some polishing on product reviews

  26. I must confess, U hv really been a Blessing 2 Nigerian Youths seeking 2 earn a living online. I jus came about ds post 2dy, and I cn’t let anoda 24hrs go bye without delving in2 ds idea… Kudos 2 d Boss…

    1. Godwin,

      Thanks for your kind words. I’m glad you found the post helpful.

  27. onyema ogochukwu

    Abass toriola you are a blessing.God bless you.You have given me the information i need for my blog,i will like to be in contact with you

    1. Onyema,

      Thanks for your kind words. I’m glad you found the post helpful.

  28. Please my big bros,how can someone get ur help in opening a blog or website using micro-niche site model.”Help” u’re my mentor as far as am concern,longing to hear from u.

  29. Thank you for valuable information you are providing to people like us who want to earn legitimately online in Nigeria. Please, keep up the good work. God Bless.

  30. Does one needs to always open a domain about a particular product you want to market on.. because if i can understand you well, as per your above story about miracet, you opened a domain –…

    my question now is, do one have to open a new domain each when affiliating each product or services…

    1. Johnson,

      I guess you’d have to read the post again. Your domain name should be determined by the model you choose.

      1. cant i use some general to open my domain, then do whatever affiliate programme i want to earn compensation from…

  31. Please my big bros,how can someone get ur
    help in opening a blog or website using
    micro-niche site model.”Help” u’re my mentor
    as far as am concern,longing to hear from u.

  32. Abass, I so much love your idea, contents and thoughts. I know you have read a lot, aquire a lot and you are among my most favorite blog in nigeria better off lindaikeji. This is my 1st time I everly comment on a nigerian owned site/blog just becos I knw your more resourceful than your post. They are still a lot in you to explore and I pray God to give you the grace to explore it, grant your heart desire and make our government to recognise people like you, as a great and highly valuable human to the growth and development of our nation. You and your team is just once in a million and I knw you are working on sth more than this. You are Blessed! I will be very grateful if you can do me a favour of chat with you on bbm or whatsapp (24F3889D) 08028100458. You can also check my about me on facebook. Thank you and God Bless.

    1. Azeez,

      Thank you very much for your kind words. My phone number is 08062357604.

  33. Long before now, i often discard your emails assuming its one of those spammers. Just today i saw your post on How to make money via Jumia and Konga. I was trilled. I had no option that to navigate from one topic to another in this website with unbelievable interest in your numerous topics…. Now i realise u r real and genuine.. Henceforth i will stick closer…cudos

    1. Promise,

      The sad truth about the “make money online” niche here in Nigerian is that spammers and scammers have really created a terrible impression in the minds of people. But I’ve always strived to stand out of the crowd by offering high-quality, detailed, helpful, and practical stuff. That’s how I’ve been able to convince other people that there are credible internet business bloggers.

      Thanks for checking by the blog, and for trusting me after being skeptical. I promise not to do anything to kill that trust.

  34. Thanks a lot for this post. I think affiliate marketing is something I want to try. But I’m not so good with the Internet so I’m not sure how to go about it.

  35. Well Done Abass! You just got me inspired to set up a micro-niche blog. More grease.

    1. Hey Lanre,

      Thanks for reading the post. I’m glad you found it inspiring.

  36. Mr Abbas
    You sound very convincing . l was reading your blog dead In night l suddenly discovered it was day break already, waoh! how l wish l known you all this wasted year of mine in online struggle. Pls sit this my phone no:07037858938.l humbly ask for u mentoring me.l can that humility in your writeup
    God bless.

  37. Hi sir Toriola,
    Haven gone through your write up again and again l discovered that your main line of biz is freelance writing cos sometimes last two week l saw your book titled:HOW TO MAKE MONEY AS A FREELANCE WRITER IN NIGERIA.This is my focus for now reading and building up myself to be a good freelancer so you can see that lam your disciple indeed pls watch over me.

  38. Yr post is really helpful buy my question concerning do affiliate marketing is how can u cash yr money I mean how do u receive yr money, u mentioned payoner but pls give me more info I ddon’t want to waste my time cos I felt so money isn’t going anywhere thank u sir

  39. God bless you. Now I see patience is the key 🔑

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