Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria: Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Nigerians

Affiliate marketing is one of the coolest ways to make money online in Nigeria. Only few things could be more fulfilling than getting paid to promote and sell other people’s products.

Before now, affiliate marketing in Nigeria was hard because many barriers stood between Nigerians and most affiliate networks. These include:

  1. Outright omission of Nigeria from the list of accepted countries for most programs, and
  2. Adoption, by most programs, of payment methods that were inaccessible to Nigerians.

But now, all that is history. With services like Payoneer to the rescue, Nigerians can now receive their earnings easily from most affiliate programs. And that explains why many Nigerian online marketers are now making huge profits monthly from this online business model.

One common challenge Nigerians face when starting out with affiliate marketing is the inability to figure good affiliate programs.

In this post, I’ll reveal the best affiliate programs that are Nigerian-friendly. So, if you’re looking to hop on the bandwagon of affiliate marketing, read on to discover the best networks to join.

affiliate marketing programs nigeria

A. Foreign affiliate networks

If you run a blog targeted at a foreign or global audience, then it goes without saying that you should promote affiliate programs that serve your audience.

Here are the best foreign affiliate programs you can promote as a Nigerian:

Amazon affiliate program

Amazon has been around for a very long time. And many affiliate marketers have cashed in on the company’s long-established reputation to make huge fortunes from its affiliate program.

Aside that Amazon is a global brand that nobody would hesitate to buy from, the company sells almost every product under the sun. So, no matter what your niche is, you’ll always find suitable products to promote on Amazon.

On most products, the Amazon affiliate program pays 4% per sale. That sounds meager, but it would make more sense when you sell products that cost $100 and more. In fact, there are many products on Amazon that sell for thousands of dollars. If you can successfully promote such big money products, you’ll make a killing every month.

Amazon pays via check or direct deposit into a U.S. checking account (which you can get through Payoneer).

One downside to Amazon, however, is that they pay your commissions three months after you’ve earned them. That is, your commissions for January would be paid in April — provided they sum up to the minimum required for payout ($10 for direct deposit and $100 for check).


Markethealth is another popular affiliate program that offers attractive commissions to marketers.

However, unlike the Amazon affiliate program, Markethealth offers only natural health products. So, to promote products for Markethealth, you need to be familiar with some health topics and comfortable with writing about them.

Markethealth offers a whopping 50% commission per sale on virtually all their products, most of which are selling like wild. So, you earn anywhere between $10 and $100 per sale. The company pays by direct deposit to your Payoneer card every two weeks (twice a month), and the minimum payout is just $20.

Commission Junction

Commission junction (CJ) is another popular name among pro affiliate marketers. It’s a large affiliate network comprising hundreds of programs by different companies. In addition to several different products, Commission Junction also allows you to promote services such as insurance, healthcare, travel and tourism, and many others.

How much you’ll earn as commission on CJ depends on the product or service you promote. Some products and services offer as low as 3% commission, while others offer as high as 40% commission.

CJ pays its affiliates via check as well as direct deposit into a U.S. checking account. And payment is made once every month. Minimum payout amount is $50 for direct deposit and $100 for check.


ShareASale is another large affiliate network that operates just like CJ. There is a wide range of products and services available for you to promote as an affiliate. And as with CJ, your commission depends on what product or service you promote.

ShareASale pays via check and direct deposit (into U.S. checking account) on the 20th of every month. Minimum payment amount is $50, but you can adjust this to any amount you like.

B. Nigerian affiliate programs (affiliate programs in Nigeria)

Unlike what obtained in the past, some Nigerians companies now run affiliate programs that pay attractive commissions. If you’re targeting a Nigerian audience with your blog, you may want to focus on these programs instead of the foreign ones.

Jumia affiliate program

As you already know, Jumia Nigeria is a large online retailer of a wide range of products that cater to Nigerians. But more interestingly, Jumia runs an affiliate program that pays you as much as 11% commission on each sale you make.

From wears and fashion accessories to smartphones and electronics, there are many products you can promote as an affiliate marketer for Jumia. The program pays on a monthly basis directly into your local bank account.

Konga affiliate program

Konga is Nigeria’s second largest online retailer of general merchandise. The company also runs an affiliate program that pays you up to 9% commission on every completed sale. Your total earnings would be reviewed at the end of each month and paid directly into your bank account.

DealDey affiliate program

DealDey is Nigeria’s first daily deal website. The website features amazing offers on products across several categories. In addition, they allow people like you to make money by promoting their deals as an affiliate marketer.

For each successfully completed sale you make for DealDey, you get a N500 commission plus an additional amount based on the percentage accrued to the category to which the product you sold belongs.

By default, you get a 5% commission bonus. Fashion accessories will fetch you 10% commission bonus, Home accessories and carry go products will fetch you 5%, and gadgets will fetch you 3%.

You can either receive your earnings directly into your bank account or use them to order for amazing product deals from the website.

Kaymu affiliate program

Kaymu is an online marketplace that allows third-party retailers to sell their products by serving as a platform for them. The company itself handles the receipt of orders as well as payment issues, while retailers handle delivery themselves.

Kaymu has an affiliate program that pays you 5% commission on every sale you make. This percentage is fixed for all product categories. Payment is made directly to your bank account.

That’s it!

You just learned about the various affiliate programs available to you — both on the local and foreign fronts. So, if affiliate marketing seems alluring to you, register with these programs and start making money!

If you want to learn how to get started with affiliate marketing, this post will help: Affiliate Marketing: How a Single Blog Post Fetched Me N60,000.

One more thing: would you like to start earning at least N20,000 per month from affiliate marketing? Then click here to get the information you need!

Now, your turn

Do you know of any other affiliate marketing program that works for Nigerians? Or do you have any questions related to the programs mentioned above or about affiliate marketing in general? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment. I’ll reply.

One more thing: Please share this post on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks you use. I’ll greatly appreciate it.

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Updated: September 2, 2015 — 9:01 am


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  1. Gud morning Sir, but u can’t operate those affiliate marketing without a website?

    1. Victory,

      Being an affiliate marketer without a blog or other platform to establish trust is a recipe for failure. You need to either create a blog or build a mailing list.

      1. Sir, though I have none of your FREE Ebook FOR AFFILIATIONS MARKETING and I will be glad if you can send me one.
        I got this your massage as was googling around on net to see what I can do by early 2016.
        Sir, you talk about “mailing” and blog, please help to get the mailing and how it can generate income for me.
        Thanks and God as I even wait to get your email on steps to get start.

  2. Thanks a lot I’m just making arrangement to have a website. I appreciate the mail you sent on affiliate marketing. I’m really surprise that could reveal this without asking for money before sending, this is quite unlike Nigerians, because recently I paid about 12000 to get a book on business that Nigerians can do online and even up till now I’ve not been able to start any one because I don’t understand how to really start, but here you are offering free ebook. God will bless you abundantly

    1. Hello Titilayo,

      The part of your comment where you mentioned that you bought an e-book for a whopping N12,000 gave me palpitations, considering that you didn’t even know where to start after reading such an e-book.

      I wish you all the best. But one quick reminder here: Once you’re ready to create your website, feel free to grab my free installation offer.

  3. Wow this is exactly what i need!

    Thanks bro…
    But the thing is i‘ve not even started my own blog. I‘m still researching on what topic to choose. Your book & blog posts have been helping all the way though…

    *from the thread – “#Confused on where to start blogging.Any help please?“ (nairaland)

    1. Tim,

      You’re welcome. I’m glad you found the post helpful.

  4. Thanks

  5. Hi Abass!

    Another wonderful entry which I am super positive will light the way for many, especially those seeking to monetize their efforts online the affilaite way. I remember, there was a time I genuinely sought after an amazing entry like this…that was around 2009!

    However, while I have earned recurrent commisions with almost all the foreign based aff. programs listed here (and many more), I’m not enthusiastic about the Nigerian guys at all. As a matter of fact, I expressly advise my readers to try them AT THEIR OWN RISK!

    Well, this is my story: I signed up for Konga Affiliate program when it was freshly introduced. After working hard at promoting their links and infact after gaining serious traction, I got a very silly mail in my box one good morning: all my links and banners were invalidated and I was asked to create new ones – the old ones stopped tracking and crediting sales to me completely! This automatically meant that while I was still sending traffic to Konga (and possibly, sales), I was no longer compensated.


    After getting in touch with my account manager and confirming the silly email, I opted out of the program. Sadly, this practice still goes on till date (as my enquiry reveals). The other Nigerian affiliates, sadly, welcome this sophisticated scam…

    Do make the Sunday very great, Abass!

    Akaahan Terungwa

    1. Akaahan,

      I once stumbled on one of your affiliate review blogs, and I loved your approach to affiliate marketing. I know you’re promoting stuff for some foreign affiliate programs on this list and that you’re making cool cash from that. So, seeing your comment on this post made me really glad.

      As for your story regarding Konga, I have no reason to doubt you because I’ve always known you to be a man of integrity and transparency. And due to your experience with Konga, I would advise people to deal with them with caution.

      Thanks for taking your time to read the post, and for leaving an insightful comment that will save many from a bif pitfall you once found yourself in.

    2. Thanks for the info

  6. Hello Abass,

    Great job and timely too.

    I’ve been considering launching affiliate programs to see how it works.

    Nice to have those you listed here.I will give them a try and see how they work.

    Do have a great Sunday and enjoy your self!

    1. Francis,

      Thanks for your kind words. I’m glad you found the post helpful.

  7. hi Mr Abass
    I love your post and I think its the best for someone like Me.Thank you

  8. I must confess that so fsr, you are the only blogger that makes my heart palpitate when I see ur post. U r a person who really knows what blogging is all about. Ur posts are very insightful and educative. I must confess that you give people like us hope. We I am properly set to start blogging I hope u will be there to hold me by the hand? Cos, I see no better mentor. Thanks Champ!

    1. Bernard,

      Thank you very much for your kind words. I found them really encouraging.

      No problem, whenever you’re ready to kick-start your blog, I’m always available, and I’d be willing to help. You rock, bro!

  9. Abass,
    Thanks for this insightful post on affiliate marketing. It is timey and straight to the point. This is a unique offering considering that some other online marketers would place a high price tag for some good for nothing affiliate blueprint. It is quite unfortunate that our own affiliate programs are not so good. The earlier these online stores learn from their foreign counterparts, the better for them, at least we have options.


    1. Collins,

      Thanks for taking your time to read the post, and for leaving an apt comment. Your last statement on the need for Nigerian affiliate programs to emulate their foreign counterparts is just indisputable.

  10. Happy Sunday Bro….

    Am a newbie when it comes to doing business online. i have read some of your blog spot, very educative and insight. Please i need your advice course am confuse, i don’t know which of the online business to choose from. Thank you.

    1. Osayi,

      Don’t be confused. Read this post and make a choice:

  11. This is awesome.

    Mr Tori, Great job.
    My friend introduced this site to me and since then, have always love all your post.

    This my question bruh, am into entertainment (celeb, gossip , gist.e.t.c) niche , pls what affiliate would you suggest i should sign up for ?

    Currently, am promoting ireporterstv’s video link and am getting paid but, not all people are interested in watching videos.

    So , pls, your advice and others reading this too would do a lot.

    Thanks .

    1. Michael,

      Well, your question is a tough one for me because I’ve always known the entertainment niche as one niche so difficult to monetize with traffic less than millions of page views.

      The only suggestion I have is that you promote a wide range of different products, hoping that your audience will get interested in them once in a while. I know myself that it’s not a very fine suggestion. But the niche is the main problem.

  12. Hi sir Abas,
    am a young student and have been looking for a way of making money online to help myself, but this post have helped alot but my concern now is how to go about it. Coz i’ll really want to start soon I need ur advice and I want u to be my personal coach. How do we do that coz i have no idea on blogging

    1. Ellion,

      I’d advise you to register for Affiliate Cash Academy, where you’ll get to learn everything you need to know to start making decent monthly income from affiliate marketing here in Nigeria.

  13. Hi, thanks for your great post. I’m interested in going into Affiliate marketing with Market health website. Please, I need to know what type of account you use to recieve your cheque here in Nigeria

    1. Israel,

      You don’t necessarily have to get your Markethealth earnings through cheque. Instead, order for a Payoneer card and Markethealth will send your earnings directly to it.

  14. Please can I promote affiliate products using Facebook Ads so as to generate more sales and make more commissions online ?

  15. Wow…thanks a lot for this golden information…merci beaucoup

  16. Hello A bass,thanks for this eye opener. I am really interested in making money online but Don’t know how to go about it.a lot of questions in my mind ranging from how to put up a website to how to setup a payoneer account.kindly assist.

    1. Yetunde,

      How can I assist when you didn’t even ask a single question? There’s nothing to answer:)

  17. Hello sir,
    A great job you’re doing here. I’m still reading your free ebook and I’ve learnt a lot already.
    Concerning the MarketHealth affiliate, when I visited the website, I noticed all the product I see there are restricted in Nigeria (according to them). Since my blog is targeted at Nigerians, does that mean I can’t signup with them

    1. Julius,

      What that means is that they are restricted from being shipped or sold to Nigeria, not that you cannot promote the products as a Nigerian. The fact that Nigeria is in the list of country options presented in the affiliate registration form is enough proof that they allow Nigerian affiliates.

      1. Olasunkanmi Michael

        Hello mr Abass, I never thanked you for the Ebook. thank you so much. I was the one who opened a thread on nairaland about how someone plagiarized your work and sold it to me.
        After reading your Microniche affiliate marketing story (Miranet) i was “gingered” to also create my own microniche blog also ( I noticed that for 3 days i ranked 3rd on google page but after that, i was no where to be found again. my viewers also read my blog within the first 3 days and after that there was no more visitors. The market health affiliate seems like a good avenue for me but i don’t know how to drive traffic to the site even after following all principles of SEO. Please i would appreciate it if you can help with somoe advice.

        1. Olasunkanmi,

          Thank you very much for that thread. It called my attention to that unscrupulous guy and fetched me some new visitors and subscribers.

          As for the initial ranking, it’s called the “dancing”, which describes a situation where a new blog ranks well at first before getting lost again. Truth is, it takes two to four months for a new blog to achieve a stable ranking. So, you have to wait.

          1. Olasunkanmi Michael

            u welcome sir. anything for my boss. Well, by wait what do you mean. should i just neglect the blog and hope for a better ranking in months. Its a micro niche affiliate marketing and i have written all that is expected of me on the product.

  18. Hello sir,
    thank you so much for the informations you are giving out on your blog. My question is how can one open up a U.S checking account and payoneer card in Nigeria


    1. Kelvin,

      Simply visit and register to get your Mastercard. Once the card arrives, activate it by following the instructions in the envelope. Then request for a US checking account.

  19. Hi Abass, one thing that have endeared me to your blog is that you don’t preach what you don’t practise. It’s through I haven’t commented before but I have been a secret reader. Keep it up bro. Would really like to try affiliate marketing but the truth is that is so easy when you read them than when you practise them.

  20. Am kemas princewill,hi big bros,God will bless u more for this informations but how can i get ur phone no for calling u direct if i’am confuse in certain areas..pls

  21. Hello Abass, I must say – Great post you have here! if all ”Nigerian” Blogs could strive to be more consumer friendly as this,then we wouldn’t have much problems.

    I currently own two blogs and I haven’t bought a domain yet. I was declined acceptance on adsence because I need more content on my blog and to be more ”niche specific” but as I am a student I seldom have time to update my blog’s as much as I’d love to. My question is – How do I find guest writers for my blog’s in the Technology ( gadget and gaming niche ) ”. ” and Self-Development niche ” ” ?

    1. Onile,

      Truth is, guest writers usually write in anticipation of either traffic or just popularity. And only well established, high-traffic blogs give both. That’s why only big blogs attract guest writers who are willing to write for them for free. You can’t get such writers for blogs like yours–not at their present stage.

  22. Thanks Abass. Any expert tip on how I can Improve content and generate more readers and in turn growing my blog?

  23. Honestly i don’t know how to express my feelings for reading this your post. i almost though of loosing hope but now a found a Saviour in you. Mr. Abass you are my Saviour.i will call on you when am ready. Thank you very much Sir. God bless you.

  24. Thanks for the knowledge. God bless u bro.

  25. Mr Abass,
    This is really an insightful post. I run a news/media website where I generate like 2k page views daily. I’ve been trying to monetize with adsense but they are not paying mehn. The cost per click is too low. I’m considering affliate marketing to monetize the website with and I’m finding your post really helpful. I have affliate accounts on Jumia, Amazon but I’m still considering the right products to market on the website. I will appreciate every assistance you can render. Regards

    1. Hello Olumide,

      Is your blog on Blogger or WordPress? If it’s on Blogger and you’re getting your stats from the Blogger dashboard, then you’ve been banking on wrong stats. To get your real stats, set up Google Analytics for your blog.

      If the blog you’re talking about is the one you submitted for this comment, then I think there are some things you need to do. Personally, I’ve discovered that text link ads attract clicks more than banner ads, so you might want to change your ads to text links.

      As for affiliate monetization, you can only succeed if your content is closely related to what you’re promoting. I can’t think of any suitable affiliate marketing idea for a news/gist blog right now. You might have to set up a new blog that is focused on the affiliate products you want to promote.


  26. Hello Abass, may I call you one of our foremost pioneer affiliate marketers in Nigeria? Seriously you article on affiliate marketing was absolutely profound.
    But aside from hammering on affiliate products, i think what most beginners need to know is that the first and most important step in affiliate marketing, is choosing the right Niche… They are so many Niches that have products to promote, but the main point is choosing a niche that is the affiliate marketer can become an AUTHORITY in. I just wrote an article in my blog on this topic, and i would be glad if you checked it out.

  27. how can i register

  28. Thanks bro for this tips, you rock

  29. thanks your good if i realy found your book useful i wil be indebted to you i wil advertise for u

    again see afilate
    follow this link

  30. am your client now i have been using search engines to get to wrong hands but finaly at the right place. i want to get beter with my blogs and my new web site though hosted but i havnt upload my html pages to the domain, and i came acros you you r one of the best you own a visible page on my site now my friends and few clients wil visit you latter. once again thanks

  31. Thanks a mill man, you just solved my aches. Love you loads!

    1. Mark,

      You’re welcome. I’m glad you found the post helpful.

  32. Hi Abass, thanks for the post. Can you please send me a copy of your free e-books. Thanks in anticipation.

    e-mail address:

  33. Good evening sir,how can I drive traffic to my just hosted site.

  34. Whaoo!
    Weldone Abass Toriola.

    You’re doing a nice job here. I have never heard of your name before nor read any of your write ups. I’m presently doing a research on about affiliate marketing networks that accepts Nigerians and your website happened to be one of those listed on page 1 of google natural search.

    Your article here really help my research work.

    Thank you.

  35. Hello Abass,
    Thanks for this amazing revelation. Just want to use this medium to thank you for what you have been doing for Nigerian youths. It was your post on freelancing that catapulted me into the sphere of freelance content writing. Never knew I was such a creative writer until you made me discover that latent skill. Today, I’m not just a creative content developer, but also an editor for a big website. May God bless you.

    Sir, I want to venture into affiliate marketing and I want to do it right and now. So, I will be needing your help on the following:

    1. How to set up my own website.

    2. How to link it with affiliate sites.

    3. How to create a mailing list very fast.

    4. Tips to be successful in the affiliate marketing.

    I want to treat it like a full time investment/business. So, I wouldn’t mind paying for your services because you have offered enough free info to me.

    You can contact me/drop your phone number for me via this email so that we can discuss further:

    Patiently waiting for your reply.

  36. thx alot, u r d only true online coach so far, i love ur blogg but i need step to step guide on affiliate marketing, fbk atm cash. i read all but need ur mentorship on everything

  37. Thanks for post

    But how can Nigerians buy health products from Amazon

    Since they don’t ship to Nigeria

    So how do you promote it as affiliate

    1. Perpetua,

      Amazon now ships certain products to Nigeria. But even at that, I don’t promote Amazon products to a Nigerian audience. My Amazon niche sites are targeted at the US audience.

  38. great tips bro. i think konga is the very best for now

  39. Thanks so much. You have made me a believer. Thought it was impossible to earn real income online. I now know how to begin. Thanks.

  40. Thank you very much for this post,its straight forward and simple,this my first time commenting on your blog.
    please whats your opinion on Wealth i do like to register but there are constraints,kindly get back with your take on this programme.thanks

    1. Wilfred,

      I’m sorry, but I don’t know anything about

  41. Hey Abass,
    This affiliate marketing program will also good for outsider?

  42. Nice information, you can also promote affiliate product or service by using article marketing in case you don’t have money for adverts yet. All you have to do is to write good articles and add your product link. Distribute your articles on social media and start making your money. An article directory for Nigerians now is http//

    1. Article marketing doesn’t work for affiliate marketing!

  43. Wow… Thank you very much sir.
    I just started my health blog and have been thinking of how to monetize it.
    LOL… Funny enough, I didn’t know Jumia had affiliate programs. Thank you very much for the enlightenment.

  44. how can I market for or become an affiliate for jumia

  45. subscribed for ur free ebook! no link to click on! what should I do?

    1. Try subscribing on PC, not on phone.

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