Attention, Blogspot Users! Learn From This!

I’ve always been a silent admirer of Jide Ogunsanya, the owner and author of, a technology blog targeted mainly at Nigerians.

But I’ve always, in my mind, questioned Jide’s decision to stick with Blogger after over 3 years of starting the blog and after making a lot of money from it.

I’m not a sworn hater of Blogger. Of course, I started with it, and I love it for its ease of use and flawless security. But I dislike Blogger for two reasons:

  • It doesn’t offer much flexibility as is the case with WordPress
  • You could have your blog deleted whenever you go against Blogger’s terms and conditions

Now, the second reason shouldn’t have been a problem. Of course, it’s just okay for them to bring down any blog that goes against their rules. But Blogger can delete your blog even when you’ve not gone against their terms and conditions in any way. And that’s where it gets really annoying and frustrating.

It happened to Jide’s blog in October 2013. I mean, Blogger deleted his blog — a blog he had worked day and night on for over 3 years! The reason? The Blogger spambot deleted his blog “in error.”

In Jide’s words, “The blog was mistakenly marked as spam by Bloggers’ Automated Spambot and was deleted from Blogger’s server.” (Click here to the full story as told by Jide.)

It took Jide a few weeks of running up and down the web to get his blog restored (click here to read how he struggled to achieve that). Of course, that didn’t happen without luck. Many other bloggers have had their blogs deleted forever — for offences they never committed.

So, what should you do?

Well, I would advise that you move on to WordPress as soon as possible. You certainly don’t want your blog deleted — mistakenly or deliberately — after months to years of working your butts off to grow it.

Now, this is just an advice. You may choose to adopt it or ignore it. Of course, if you play by Blogger’s rules, you should be fine. But Jide also did, and he still got burned!

What do you think about this post? Share your thoughts in the comments. I’ll reply ASAP.

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Updated: April 11, 2014 — 11:42 am


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  1. Hi Abass, i left a comment on the post ‘step-to-step way to creat a blogger blog’ and im yet to get feedback. the name is Mario. Please do well to get back to me. thanks!

  2. I have use blogger before and have had my fair share of disappointments (deleting). But the best way to be secured is to move a more secure blogging platform like wordpress.

  3. Am also a secret admirer of the man behind Ogbongeblog, also on the blogger platform too although i do sometime feel jealous of WordPress in terms of its commentbox and other features.
    Despite that BL has its cons too, am still loving it right Now. Moreover one can’t just move to a WP, there’s still the need to acquire some things before moving which i have enlisted few at

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