Submit Your Blog or Website, and I’ll Review It for You

I get many of them every week, through email and comments on this blog.

I mean, blog review requests from Nigerians who are just starting out as bloggers but aren’t sure if they’re doing everything right.

Before now, I try to honour each request by visiting the blog in question, analyzing various aspects of it, and replying the author with a brief, detailed review based on my own experience.

But lately, I came up with the idea of putting up a post solely for that purpose — reviewing blogs and websites by Nigerian newbie bloggers. And that’s why you’re seeing this post.

review nigerian blogs

My aim here is to give you helpful recommendations on how to improve your blog after analyzing it based on the following:

  • Branding and platform
  • Design
  • Content quality
  • User experience
  • SEO
  • Opportunities and prospects
  • Other things that matter

So, if you’ve just started a blog or are already working on it, post the URL here so I can help you review it. Now, I strongly recommend that you read the reviews and recommendations I’ll leave for other blogs so you can also learn from those.

Before going ahead to drop your blog or website’s link for review, please note the following

  • It might take up to 3 to 4 days for me to review your blog, depending on how many requests are pending. If you’re expecting my feedback to be as fast as what you’ll get from a live chat support staff, you might be disappointed.
  • I’ll be frank and straightforward. So, if what you’re expecting is good old flattery rather than constructive criticism that will kick your butt and prompt you to do things correctly, this post isn’t for someone like you.
  • I might give precedence to those who have, in the past, grabbed my free blog setup offer or have purchased any of my premium products (freelance writing e-book, mailing list setup guide, and Affiliate Cash Academy e-course). If you’re not one of them, don’t be offended. It’s just normal for every business to treat its loyal customers with utmost priority.
  • If you’re a copy-and-paste expert, then please don’t bother submitting your blog. Since you’ve not given visitors a good reason to visit your blog, I don’t think it’s necessary for me to assess it either.

Now, let’s roll!

If you’re fine with the “long story” above, then feel free to drop your blog or website URL in the comments section. I’ll “dissect” it and get back to you with my review and recommendations.

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Abass Toriola

I'm a seasoned freelance writer, internet marketing strategist, and online business coach. And I'm a university graduate, doctor-in-training, husband, and father.

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Updated: August 15, 2016 — 3:12 am


  1. Abass,you are really great in the real sense of it. God bless you and your generation after you.
    Please review my site http// This is my first mini website on affiliate marketing. I followed your free teaching on how to build a website on affiliate marketing.


      It’s good to know that you’re trying to implement what you’ve learned on this blog. And you’ve taken a good first step by securing a relevant domain name.

      Here are the recommendations I came up with after looking at your “micro-niche” site:

      1. You’re using the default WordPress theme (Twenty Fifteen), which looks too basic. In addition, the sidebar is on the left side, which is against the norm. Change it to a more beautiful theme with a right sidebar.

      2. Your post topic didn’t reflect any SEO effort. You need to conduct keyword research around the specific product you want to promote or p*nis enlargement products in general — whichever is your focus.

      3. The “buy now” links in your post aren’t bold enough. You need to make them stand out so readers who want to buy can do that easily.

      4. You have written just one post, which isn’t enough. Even if you intend promoting just one product, you’ll need at least 4-5 posts. If you intend focusing on multiple products, then I don’t need to tell you that you’ll have to write several posts.

  2. Please help me review my blog. Thanks

  3. Sorry this is coming rather late. I just saw your mail now. Pls review my blog


      You have a cool theme that aligns well with the purpose of your blog — sharing stories. But from what I can observe, you’re not really getting the audience of your dreams yet.

      While it’s good to share your stories on the blog, I’d advise you to start by building a huge followership through Facebook and Nairaland. From those channels, you’ll be able to “lure” people to your blog.

      Once you’re able to attract thousands of followers by publishing your stories for free on those platforms, then you would have been able to create some authority, and your “fans” will follow you anywhere. That’s when your blog should come in.

      Most importantly, bear in mind that your stories MUST be really captivating for you to command the credibility and authority you want.

  4. Thank you very much for giving us this rare opportunity, mine is kindly review sir. Thanks


      Your blog has a fine template and good navigation. But I see you only “copy and paste” your posts, which isn’t the right thing to do as a blogger. Let me ask you this question: do you expect people to come to your blog to read the same items they’re read on the more popular websites you copy from? People don’t have time to waste.

      It’s either you come up with a content strategy for writing your posts yourself, or you keep struggling.

      One more thing, I see you’re too aggressive with monetization. Visitor gets to see two leaderboard ads above content before seeing the post topic at all. Yet, there are ads in both sidebars. That’s not the way to make money from Adsense. Traffic is what does it! Work towards that!


      Your content is okay, but the blog’s background image looks awkward. Change it to something more professional.

      I must commend you for the effort you put into your content. Keep it up. But I observed inconsistencies in your blog’s typography. Big font here, small font there. Bolded font here, normal font there. Fix that ASAP!

      Also, show only post excerpts on the home page. Showing full length posts on home page can attract a Google penalty (duplicate content alert).

      Finally, learn more about keyword research and SEO, so you can discover, write on, and optimize for keywords that are less popular but have the potential to bring traffic. Some of the topics I saw on your blog have already been beaten to death all over the web, and you can’t rank for them.

  5. thanks for the offer, this my website


      Your blog looks good, no doubt. And for the fact that your post topics comprise long tail keywords that many people search for, I can only say “keep it up”.

      But you can always improve through learning keyword research and SEO for long tail keywords. That way, you’ll get more traffic over time. Also, you can add more credibility to your blog by interviewing people who have achieved success at various businesses, so people can appreciate the practical aspects of each business.

      One more thing, remove that tags box from your sidebar (it’s just useless), and move the “Popular posts” tab to the top.

    1. I see you have just one post, which is questionable. Have you made money from that scheme (my cash fr*****s)? If you haven’t then you’re not in a good position to encourage people to join. Make money from it first, and then show people how. That’s the way to build trust as a blogger.

  6. I’d like you to also please review my blog. Just started last month. It’s thanks

    1. I see your blog as more of a personal diary than something aimed at making money. If it’s just a personal diary that you write on as a hobby, I have nothing to say other than “carry on”.

      But if the blog is something you intend to make money from in the long term, then it needs a complete overhauling. You need to decide on the topic you want to discuss and how you will craft quality content on that topic. That’s the starting point.

  7. Thanks for this opportunity. Please review my site

  8. Hello Genius, well done bro,and keep it up…pls review my blog..www.newsnigeria247. blogspot. com . Thanks


      I won’t lie to you, you have to either ditch that niche (news) or you go with some other niche — under a different domain name.

      I see that your most recent posts are based on health, but that won’t work with a domain name that clearly reflects news.

      If you go with news, you won’t go far because there’s no way you can outrank those newspaper sites people already know. And if you’re going with health, choose a new domain name.

      So, the choice is yours.

  9. Thanks for the opportunity.
    My blog URL is


      Your blog is within a lucrative niche (tech). And you have a simple, but brilliant, professional-looking, and well-set theme.

      I don’t have much to say about your blog. But if you really want to start attracting the traffic you desire, learn keyword research and SEO to understand what people are searching for online.

      Secondly, try to visit the technology sections at Nairaland to know what people are discussing and asking questions about. That will give you some insight into the type of information people will appreciate.

      Thirdly, start building a mailing list. That’s the only way to make your first-time visitors check back repeatedly.

      1. Thank you so much, I really appreciate.

  10. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity! Please review my site


      You have a nice-looking blog, with a fine template that is no rare to find on a Blogger blog. Your header and navigation banner are good enough and well set.

      However, looking at your sidebar, I noticed some things that I think aren’t right. First, your “Categories” tab displays your post categories in a cloud format that looks cluttered. Change that to a list format. In fact, it’s even useless in the sidebar, since your top navigtion menu is already populated with the various post categories. Your “Popular posts” tab should come first on that sidebar, then followed by others. That contact form isn’t needed there. Anyone who wants to contact you can use the “Contact us” link in the top menu. If you don’t really have much stuff to fill the sidebar with, then leave the space free. Don’t just add unnecessary items to it.

      Most importantly, let me talk about your niche and your blog’s chances. Your blog is within the health niche, which is very competitive, with a lot of big players like WebMd, MayoClinic, Medline, and so on. So, even if you’re targeting a global audience, you really won’t make headway with the kind of posts you’re publishing at the moment. Aside that people will prefer to read those pieces of information on the big authority health sites, your blog won’t even rank close to the front page for keywords with the topics. So, you’re really in for a tough one. Worse, targeting a Nigerian audience is also a “no-no” because most Nigerians don’t search the web for information about health like foreigners do. And the few who do would prefer to visit sites like WebMD.

      The only way to make headway with your blog is to publish topics that those big sites are not talking about. Topics like natural remedies, health product reviews, etc. But then, your choice of topics must be based on extensive keyword research.

    1. Chinedum,

      Look through the comments, and you’ll see everyone else is submitting just one blog for review. I can’t review 3 blogs. Select just one!

      1. Hello Abbas,

        Please I’m yet to get your review of my blog

  11. thanks for such a wonderful eye opener to my blog. words cannot say my heart felt gratitude. thanks Sir Abbas.

  12. Hello Abbas,

    I must commend you for your effort, you are one of the few local blogs I follow religiously. Before you review my blog, I will like to beg you for something, please kindly find time to update you blog often. I bet you don’t want to know how I feel when I visit your blog 72 hours after my last visit and there is nothing new to read. Your posts are always top notch

    Anyway, please kindly review my blog

    looking forward to your soonest reply



      Let start by apologizing for the delay. My eyes actually skipped your blog.

      After observing your blog, I see that everything is just fine, from your theme and menu down to niche and content.

      However, here are some recommendations I have:

      Try to design a catchy e-cover for your free ebook. That will attract more people to it. Also the free download link in the sidebar isn’t clickable. Make it clickable!

      Try to visit Nairaland threads on mini importation. Study the questions people are asking and write posts that answer those questions. That way, you’ll be able to boost your blog’s credibility and traffic.

      With consistency and hardwork from your end, your blog stands a good chance of becoming one of the best resources on mini importation for Nigerians.

  13. i really want to know the comment system you are using on you blog. thanks with warm regard. expecting the result of your review soon.

    1. I’m using the default WordPress comments system. Nothing added.

  14. hello, keep the great work.
    i have sent my blog’s address but still awaiting moderation.
    please this blog url

  15. Hi Abass thanks for going over and beyond. Mine isn’t a new blog,but it won’t hurt to get a honest feedback.


      You made a smart choice by going for a branded domain name. Your site’s design is simple and cool. And the fact that you’re already building a mailing list is worthy of commendation; it’s a smart step in the right direction.

      Your posts reek of your personality, and your writing style is interestingly interactive. That’s a huge plus for you and your blog. The typography and navigation menu are both spot on! But that pic of you in the sidebar is somewhat “flattened” (why is that?). Please replace it with a better picture.

      However, it’s ironic that you’re not doing much in terms of SEO, considering that you have published a post titled “The Lazy Blogger’s Guide to SEO”. I can’t see much of SEO in your post titles. You need to improve in that regard, if you dream of long term search engine traffic.

  16. Thanks for this opportunity. my blog url is


      Your domain name suggests a niche site, which is a a smart move by you. But I see you’ve not done much in terms of content. Presently, you’ve published just one post.

      These are my recommendations for you:

      Firstly, conduct keyword research to get keywords that people are using to search for eczema creams in general as well as keywords related to the specific name of each cream you want to review. Then craft quality content (mostly detailed reviews) around each keyword. Within a few months, you should start getting nice results.

      Secondly, in your posts use short paragraphs and use bullet lists to present multiple points about an idea.

      1. Thanks so much for the FOC review….will work towards the suggestion

  17. @Abas, tnk u very much n God wil bless u the more in Jesus Name!. Though Am new 2 blog… Pls check my site


      Everything from your domain name down to your blog’s design and posts is a joke!

      Get this clearly: No blog makes headway with browsing cheats. Aside that revealing cheats is plainly unethical, Google doesn’t approve such blogs for Adsense, and advertisers don’t want to have anything to do with such blogs. So, your monetization chances are zero!

      If you really want to blog, you need to start afresh, with better information in mind. Drop this one you call a blog, do something better.

  18. thanks abass your emails have been helpful my site is


      First, your content isn’t in any way unique. And if you continue to offer the same information that people have/will read on other entertainment blogs, you won’t make headway with the blog. So, you need to brainstorm for unique content ideas or consider switching over to a new niche.

      The description under your blog title is too long. Make is shorter and bigger.

      You’ve got a fine theme, and a well-arranged tapo menu (I viewed it on PC).

      But you need to fix some things:

      1. There is some unnecessary space on your home page between the posts area and the right sidebar. Also, note that placing big ads (2 for that matter) above content doesn’t make for a good user experience.

      2. Remove the Konga affiliate banner for now. Your blog isn’t ripe for any form of monetization yet, IMHO.

      1. thank you abass I was thinking about starting afresh and narrwing my Niche to just hiphop music on wordpress instead of going down to make it a complete entertainment blog..i will just face music

  19. Thanks so much Abbass for this opportunity. Here’s the url:


      Now, I don’t flatter people. But I need to tell you this: in terms of design and aesthetics, your blog gets an A-rating! That header banner is particularly seductive (who did that for you?) and the top menu is lean and neat. Anyone who appreciates simplicity and great user experience would certainly love your blog. Nice one!

      As for your content, it’s top-notch. I’m a writer myself and a stickler for quality grammar and style. You’ve got both. And it’s no surprise that you’re a freelance writer, too.

      Your blog’s typography is soothing. When I see the Georgia font, I recognize it immediately (I’m personally addicted to it!). And the way you add lots of white space to your posts makes for easy scannability.

      You’ve chosen a lucrative niche (motivation/personal development), no doubt. But it seems the posts you’ve published so far aren’t really optimized for SEO. You need to start crafting your topics in line with what people are looking for on Google. I mean, related to motivation and personal development.

      I don’t know your monetization plans, but I think you should consider promoting software and other products that boost productivity and facilitate personal improvement.

      1. Thank you so much Abass. Your words are very encouraging. I’m so glad to know that I’m getting things right.

        Yes the SEO aspect is where I suck right now, I’m still learning and I’ll surely apply your suggestions.

        I haven’t thought about monetisation yet as my focus now is on getting exposure and clients for my writing services. Once I achieve that, I’m sure your Affiliate course can guide me on how to go about it.

        As for the banner, I designed it myself using

        Thank you so much for taking the time. Words are just not enough.

        PS: perhaps you can’t remember, but it was you who suggested that I become a freelance writer, right here on this blog. At the time, I didn’t even know what freelance writing means.
        So I owe a lot to you Abass and for that I remain loyal.

  20. Abass, thanks for your magnanimity. Here’s my blog:


      Your blogging frequency tells that you’re either too busy or lazy! For a beginner blogger, frequently publishing new posts would go a long way in helping one achieve success faster. So, if you really want to make headway with your blog, I’d advise you to take is seriously and stop posting at random intervals.

      I see you already have some Adsense ads up there. That’s not interesting. But you’ve got good quality content, by the way. And you have strong chances of going far with the quality of your writing (I’m amazed a “high school dropout” could write that well. I know graduates who can hardly construct a single grammatically-correct sentence).

      Since you’re in the personal development niche, I think you should focus on content that people are searching for (think keyword research). Craft well-optimized and detailed posts on a consistent basis and you’ll start getting better results.

      In addition, I’d recommend you move on to self-hosted WordPress. Nonetheless, your present Blogger template looks cool and loads very fast — unlike most others I’ve seen

      1. Abass, I appreciate your candid opinion about my blog. I will implement your suggestions. And i give you credits for my blogging success in advance.

        Thanks bro.

  21. Mine is still awaiting moderation? I wondered what exactly could have happened though. Blessings!

    1. I’ve approved your comment and reviewed your blog.

  22. Abass, thanks for this great opportunity. I’ve been expecting this kind of opportunity for long.
    Please don’t forget to check my SEO, though I’ve tried on it but setting is where the problem lies. I need your help in that aspect.


      I can see a well-structured one-product affiliate micro-niche site. Your monetization plan is already obvious (LOL!)

      No doubt, your content is well-written, and you’ve provided information that is good enough about the product.

      However, here are some things you need to fix:

      1. The author’s name shows “Admin”. Please set that to your real name. Everyone prefers to deal with a real human being, not a faceless entity that could be a robot.

      2. You’ve not done enough with regards to sprinkling your affiliate links within your content. Include links at more places (relevant places, though). Link all images to the affiliate offer.

      3. Your subheads are not standing out. Rather than presenting them as “partial subheads”, make each subhead stand along on a line, with its corresponding paragraph starting on the next line. Then make each subhead bigger/bolder, so it stand out better. Scannability matters! In addition, I couldn’t see a summary of the benefits of your product. Not everyone has the time to read big chunks of text.

      4. At the bottom of each page on which you have an affiliate link, add an affiliate disclaimer, stating that your post contains affiliate links and that you’ll get a commission if the link is followed down to make a purchase. Google “affiliate disclaimer samples” for samples that you can tweak and use.

      5. The last “Visit SmartX Website” on the most recent post isn’t big enough. It should be in h1 or h2 size.

      6. You need to conduct keyword research around the name of your product. This will enable you to understand what information people are looking for about the product. Then craft and publish detailed information around keywords you find.

      7. Luckily for you, you domain name allows for expansion into other similar products, tips on how to boost brain power and memory, and so on. So, you can also consider creating content around those.

      1. Thanks so much for that recommendations. Adjustment will be made ASAP, but which help can you render as far as my SEO is concern because I don’t know whether I put it right or not.


      Your blog’s theme is simple and cool (maybe because I love simplicity).

      From your domain name, it goes without saying that your blog would feature information on various ways to make money in Nigeria. But I could see post topics that are not related to that niche. How come?

      Secondly, I saw that you’re not consistent with the casing you use for your post topics. It’s best to use the standard topic casing (i.e. capitalizing the first letter of each word). I saw the same in your top menu: ABOUT ME, Activity, Members, SIMPLE CASH FLOW. I’m sure you can also notice the incoherence.

      Your posting frequency isn’t close enough for a new blog. You need to publish more frequently.

      And most importantly, you should start implementing keyword research and SEO. Through keyword research, you’ll get more than enough topics that will fetch you traffic over the long term if you optimize your posts for them.

      1. Thank you very much sir, I will work on it.

  23. Hi.Can You Check My Blog

    1. There are no posts on your blog. Nothing to review.

  24. Great mentor thank u so much 4 taking time to produce many of ur free couse which might hve been charge by other.To succes in online busines,a person need to have BLOG or WEBSITE which also require another investmen as i hve been told by a newbiew Struggle 4 higher school i hve non the sme i am stil determine to make it smeday by GOD GRACE thank u once again

  25. Hi Abass, my blog url is
    Do have a great day


      Your blog’s theme is beautiful, no doubt. It displays perfectly on both PC and mobile devices.

      As for the niche you chose (Islam), I wouldn’t know how you intend to attract Muslims’ attention to it, but I know you’ll make headway if you play your cards right.

      You need to know that Google Adsense doesn’t allow their ads to be shown on religion blogs. So, you need to consider other monetization methods.

      As for your content, you can get ideas from the Muslim section of Nairaland or even Google Keyword Planner. I see you have a vibrant Facebook page. Work more on increasing your followership.

      And most importantly, come up with brilliant ideas for monetization.

  26. hello Abbas,
    i must say thanks for this opportunity. i think every coach should sometimes take this kind of step.

    here is my link
    i am eagerly waiting for your reply.
    thanks once again for this kind gesture.


      Your theme is simple enough, cool and amazing, especially on PC. The posts and menu are well presented to the visitor, so that makes for a fine user experience.

      Your domain name sounds cool, and it reflects what your blog is about. No need for guesses. And the frequency at which you posted your most recent post shows you’re really dedicated to growing the blog. Keep that up, bro.

      Now, here’s what I think you’re not getting right yet:

      Most of your topics don’t really read like what people are yearning to learn. There are so many hot topics in that niche, that you can’t run out of them. I’d recommend you conduct keyword research around topics that entrepreneurs would be willing to get more information on. Then create quality content around each topic. Do that consistently, and you’ll start getting traffic from places you never imagined. Just do that, and you’ll see!

      As for monetization, I think your best bet is to think about or find out about products and services that business owners need, and publishing detailed reviews about those products. Of course, you’ll need to place affiliate links among such project to make good money from them.

  27. Hi Abass, I will appreciate a review of my website,


      Your blog has a cool and beautiful theme that blends perfectly with its niche (baby care). And your domain name does a good job at telling what the blog is all about.

      In terms of aesthetics and user experience, your blog is near-perfect. And in terms of content quality, I rate you very highly as well.

      However, having looked at some of your posts, I think you’re not doing enough in terms of SEO. And your posts aren’t long enough (the longer your post, the better its chances of ranking highly in SERPs).

      So, I’d strongly recommend that you conduct keyword research, compile a huge list of keywords related to what nursing mothers are searching Google for, about baby care. Then start creating detailed content around each keyword. It’s not about the number of posts you publish, but more about how detailed and well optimized each post is. Don’t just brainstorm for artbitrary topics. Let keyword research be your guide, and you’ll see greater results in some months to come.

      I also noticed that you’re monetizing with infolinks. I wouldn’t know why you opted for that, but Infolinks isn’t good enough in my opinion. Your best bet is to find keywords related to baby care products that, write helpful review posts around those products and place Amazon affiliate links within those posts. You stand to make more income that way, even without huuuuge traffic.

      1. Many thanks for your time and effort in reviewing my website, I must confess that SEO and keyword serch are subjects that I am yet to master. So far, I feel I have only vague ideas about both subjects. To help me further, is it possible you recommend online resources that can make me to work through SEO and keyword search? I cann’t thank you enough.

  28. Please where do i register my domain name with 1k

    1. Sincerely, I don’t know.


      Your theme looks beautiful, yet simple. And the color (pink) go well in line with the focus of the blog (fashion).

      Here are my recommendations:

      1. Make your post titles more optimized.

      2. Make your posts longer.

      1. Thanks I really appreciate.
        God bless u

  29. My blog is
    Thanks for this service.
    Looking forward to seeing your great review.


      I understand that you want to make money via Adsense, but I don’t think Adsense banners should be the first thing to welcome a new visitor to your blog. Your monetization strategy, to me, is too aggressive. A new visitor doesn’t get to see the name of your blog, but he/she sees a Google Custom Search (by Adsense), and an Adsense leaderboard banner. Immediately after your navigation menu, there’s another banner. And you have Adsense banners in the left and right sidebars as well as within your posts. In addition to all of that, you put up Amazon affiliate banners. That’s too much!!

      Now, get this clearly: all those banners above the fold won’t really attract clicks. Most visitors would ignore them because their main motive for visiting your blog is to read content, not ads. So, they’ll scroll down to where your content really is. Secondly, Adsense hates that arrangement. So, review it as as soon as possible.

      You have chosen a niche that has huge potential and very little competition. But you’re not doing enough in terms of content. Your posts are too small in length, and that won’t give you any SEO advantage. In addition, you’re not really optimizing your posts, and you need to do that for long term traffic. Conduct keyword research to know how people are searching for moringa seeds, then create quality, detailed content on those.

      As for user experience, your site fairs badly in that aspect. The layout isn’t well organized, and I think it’s because of the Blogger template you’re using. I’d recommend you move to WordPress for better and more organized themes that will improve the aesthetics and user experience of your site. In addition, remove the unnecessary “additives” like the tag cloud at the bottom of your site and the live traffic feed in the left sidebar. None of your visitors would be interested in those, yet they slow down your site and make for undue, pesky clutter.

      In all, remove all or most banner ads for now and focus on content. Secondly, work on your site’s look an architecture.

  30. Thanks for the wonderful opportunity bro, i’ve been looking forward to this day. My blog url is


      I was unable to figure out what niche you’re blogging on. Your site features information on a wide range of topics. I’d advise you to streamline your focus.

      I see some minimal level of interaction on your blog. Try to concentrate more on the channels that fetched you those visits. More importantly, try to learn and implement SEO. It will grow your blog significantly.

      As for your design, it looks quite simple and cool. But your footer area looks awkward. Try rearranging that.

      I also noticed that your “Editors Pick” articles are written in all caps. That’s too harsh on the eyes. Try to use the normal casing (capitalize each word), instead.

      1. Thanks so much for the wonderful and sincere review. Am trying my own part with SEO, its just that one can’t know all of it (its a wider subject).

        Based on the Niche, Its a Tech and Social blog but you’re absolutely right about the wider information, i’ll try and streamline it.
        About the design, the footer is a 3 widgets layout, I’ll work on your suggestion and once again, thanks for the review.
        Can i email you when i’ve made amendments?

  31. Hello Abass,could u please review my blog and let me have your expert opinion about it. http:/
    Thank you and kind regards.


      Your domain name sounds cool. And your blog’s theme and overall design looks simple and beautiful. However, your logo isn’t aligning well with the header area, and this creates some unneeded space that makes the header area too big. Try to fix that ASAP!

      As for your content, it reads to me as though you’re targeting a global audience. That’s fine, but I’d strongly advise you to do keyword research before writing your posts. This will help you understand what information people are looking for, and will help your blog rank for relevant keywords. Understanding nd implementing SEO is very important.

  32. Hey …
    thanks for this post.. besides i need an expert blogger like u to review my blog.
    here are my blog link:
    I will look foward to receive ur reply..


      Your home page gives the impression that your website is all about promoting the security gadgets you displayed. Even though I figured that you have some content under the hood, most visitors would not get to see it.

      For someone who wants to use a blogging as a tool for attracting customers, your priority should be to provide high quality content that will enlighten potential customers about those products. Only after the content should you pitch your products. In other words, lead the prospect from content down to sales, not the other way round. That’s how blogging works for businesses.

      As for your color combination, it’s not too cool. A white background wins for blogs and websites any day! I also noticed that some of the pictures in your slider aren’t clear enough. I personally dislike sliders because they slow down a site’s loading speed. But if you must use one, include high quality, attractive pictures, not blurred, dull-looking ones.

      Regarding your content, I couldn’t figure out which audience it’s meant for. If you’re targeting a Nigerian audience, you need to figure out what information Nigerians need about your products, and publish quality content based on your findings.

      Finally, the URL of your blog isn’t too cool, if you ask me. And the .simplesite extension further kills it! In fact, using a blogspot domain is far better. But purchasing your own domain name is best.

  33. Hello Mr Abass, thanks for this great opportunity. Kindly review my blog,


      To start with, your design is excellent. It displays perfectly both on PC and mobile. And the theme is just perfect for the type of blog you’re running.

      As for your content, I see that you’re trying in that aspect. But I think your content isn’t still unique enough. Some of your stories/headlines were copied from other blogs. Do you expect people to come to your blog to read those same stories they’ve read on other popular blogs? That’s not workable.

      So, you need to really sit back to think about topics that will attract the average Nigerian, but are not really published on other blogs in your niche.

      Think of topics like, “10 most educated Nigerian musicians” or “Top 10 Most Expensive Celebrity Cars in Nigeria”. Topics like that attract massive attention and traffic because people won’t just read them; they’ll also share them on social media. Although such topics will require much research, the results are usually worth the effort.

      As for your domain name, it’s not too cool. But it ain’t bad either.

      1. Thank you so much for this review, I appreciate it. I will delete the copied stories soonest and work more on the superlatives. AdSense actually told me the same thing; the content.

        Thanks again for the review.

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