Blogging for Traffic: 5 Effortless, Sure-win Techniques for Driving Traffic to Your New Blog

Worldwide, about 150,000 new blogs are created daily. But could you believe that more than half of these blogs are abandoned by their owners within the first 3 months of their creation? Yes, that’s the truth!

The reason is that, most newbie bloggers, after setting up a blog, expect the traffic to flow in spontaneously. And when this doesn’t happen, they get frustrated and abandon their blogs – forever in most cases!

Have you just set up your own blog or you’re just planning to create one? Or are you on the verge of quitting because the traffic isn’t coming?

Here’s good news: You’ll soon discover 5 surefire techniques for driving traffic to your newly created blog.

But wait! You need to get something clear…

Never start marketing your blog when you have nothing to offer yet. Start promoting your blog only after you’ve posted enough valuable content to engage your visitors.

Some newbie bloggers (probably out of anxiety) start promoting their blogs after writing just one post – one which, usually, won’t be succeeded by a new one until after months! And these clowns expect visitors to check back for more after reading just one post! That’s rather clownish.

Once again, to attract readers to your blog, and to retain them as well, you must post lots of quality content – I’ll say at least 10 valuable articles for a start – on your blog.

Your blog posts must be well researched, helpful, practical, well outlined, and free of grammatical, typographical, spelling, and structural errors. Only posts with these qualities can fascinate first-time visitors and turn them into frequent readers. If you cannot write such powerful posts yourself, consider hiring a professional ghostwriter.

blogging for traffic drive traffic to your blog

After you’ve posted quality articles on your blog, it’s time for the promotion! Just apply these five simple, cost-free, but highly effective tactics, and you’ll get the traffic you wanted:

1. Promote your posts via social media

Whenever you publish a new post on your blog, promote it via social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter. This way, your post would enjoy mass readership, as social media will get it across to distances you never imagined. So, if you’ve never tried out this tip, or you’ve abandoned your social media accounts, revive them now because social media really rocks!

However, note that only valuable content will spread through social media. Whether or not you’ve encouraged people to share your article with others (it’s better to do that though) they’ll share it if they find it very helpful and valuable.

So, strive to make your posts as helpful and valuable as possible. Posts containing problem-solving tips spread fastest and farthest on social media and enjoy the widest readership.

2. Write powerful guest posts for other blogs

Success in any venture comes more quickly and more easily when you collaborate with those who have already achieved it. Blogging is not an exception.

If you’re really blogging for traffic, collaborating with successful bloggers will help you succeed quickly. Do you know how? Simply by writing guest posts for their blogs.

Most owners of successful, high traffic blogs are too busy to write fresh content for their blogs. So they’ll gladly welcome guest post offers from volunteer authors, provided the posts are of good quality and are in line with their niches.

In return, you’ll be given one or two backlinks to your blog or social media profiles, or other destinations.

Even though you won’t be paid for guest-posting on another blog, you’ll get the much needed exposure and traffic for your new blog. The more readers the host blog has, and the more valuable your guest post is, the more traffic you’ll attract. So, write guest posts for high traffic blogs only, since they enjoy wider readership.

Special forums, such as, connect guest post authors with bloggers who need guest posts for their blogs. Upon signing up, you’ll see many threads by bloggers requesting for guest posts in various niches. Usually, the blogger discloses vital parameters, such as number of daily hits, Page Rank, and number of subscribers.

So, by looking at these parameters, you know which blogs to guest-post for, and what to expect from any blog you choose.

Since guest posts must be of high quality, it won’t hurt if you hire an expert ghostwriter to help you write an irresistible, killer guest post.

3. Participate actively in forums

By signing up with and participating actively in as many forums as possible, you’ll successfully drive massive traffic to your blog.

Forums usually have thousands of active members who appreciate valuable content. So, by answering questions, posting helpful tips and citing references, people will trust and respect your opinions and responses. And out of curiosity, they’ll click on any link you place in your signature box. (a link to your blog should be in your signature box.)

However, never promote your blog bluntly, as most forum moderators frown at this. If you do, your post will be deleted and you may be banned. It suffices that you place your link in the signature box, and you consistently post helpful threads and replies to posts. This way, other forum users will “follow you” to your blog even without proactively or desperately requesting them to do so..

You can find high traffic forums at, a forum database where active forums in various niches are ranked in order of number of members.

4. Post comments on other blogs

Leaving genuine comments on other blogs in your niche is another way of driving traffic to your new blog. After reading a post on another blog, rather than just write commonplace comments like, “nice post” and “thanks for the great tips“, give additional helpful information.

Most blog owners won’t frown when you include a link to your blog after leaving a genuine, helpful comment.

When you leave valuable comments on a blog, other readers who find your comment useful will feel compelled to follow the link to your blog. When they do, you’ve simply lured them!

However, there’s an additional trick to the blog commenting tactic. Always be among the earliest to post comments. If you have your comments among the top 5, many other readers will get to read them, unlike comments placed far below others. To ensure that you never miss this chance, always subscribe to other blogs so that you’ll receive instant email notifications when new posts are published.

5. Target “low competition” keywords – at least for a start

Most newbie bloggers erroneously target keywords for which the competition is very stiff. If your keyword has more than 5000 global searches (exact match) per month, you’ll most likely have a hard time getting a first page ranking.

Imagine a newbie blogger in the health niche targeting keywords dominated by authority sites such as WebMD, MayoClinic, and The bitter truth is, you’re not likely to topple these sites.

As a newbie blogger, pick only keywords that attract hundreds to a few thousand hits per month. However, choose as many of these next-to-nothing competition keywords as possible and embed them in the titles of your posts. This way, your blog will quickly rank high for those keywords.

If one low-competition keyphrase brings 50 visitors to your blog (though 50 may seem small) you’ll get 500 visitors simply by writing ten posts optimized for similar keyphrases. Of course, 500 visitors from search engines alone is no small number – at least to a newbie blogger.

While these tactics will drive traffic to your blog, they’ll also improve its search engine ranking — which will bring even more traffic. These tactics are very simple and won’t cost you a dime. So, take action by applying them now, and watch your new blog flourish with traffic.

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