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Because of the insanely alarming rate at which Nigerian webmasters are extorting newbies in return for crappy ebooks or other resources that will help them make “lots of money” online, I’ve decided to package a FREE e-book on online business (you’ll find the download link below).

new ecover

The e-book is aimed at helping Nigerians make money online through realistic and ethical means. So, if you’ve wanted to venture into online business but don’t know how, this free ebook will guide you through.

My name is Abass Toriola, a freelance writer and blogger. I recently shared my online business success story in a bid to motivate others and convince them that online business truly pays off.

(Read the whole story here: How I Make Money Online (In Nigeria): My Story, My Goal, and My Advice to You)

Now, let’s get back to the topic…

After reading the e-book, I hope you would have gotten all (or at least, much of) the information they need to know to establish a profitable online business for either active or passive income.

Please keep in mind that the e-book is not a “get rich quick” guide, and it would not make you one kobo if you’re not ready to implement all that you’ll learn.

Here’s a list of topics covered in the e-book.

  1. An introduction to online business
  2. 6 Proven, Risk-free Ways to Make Money Online in Nigeria
  3. How to know the best online business for you
  4. Key online business terms every newbie must know
  5. Why you should have a blog (for any online business you choose)
  6. Finding the best niche for your online business/blog
  7. How to set up your blog (step-by-step guide)
  8. Keyword research: the ultimate guide to finding profitable keywords
  9. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): the complete guide
  10. How to optimize your blog posts for SEO
  11. How to attract traffic to your blog posts (8 surefire tips)
  12. Ethical link building: all you need to know
  13. How to quickly increase the quality and profit potential of your blog
  14. How to turn your blog into a money spinner
  15. The Roadmap for Making Money Online


Click here to download your copy now.

In subsequent posts on the blog, I’ll be practically guiding you step-by-step on how to build your own blog/online business and start making money from it. But it’s only for those who download the free e-book using the link above.


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  1. God bless you for this bold step you have taken. More grease to ur elbow.

    1. Amen, thank you. Have you registered?

      1. Please send me the eBook. Thanks

  2. Hi blogger,
    I’v never recieved any email from you neither hve u updated your blog after the introduction of Interner Biz, Hpe all is well?. Can’t wait to read more of your nice piece.

    1. Leocolin,

      Probably the first lesson landed in your bulk/spam folder. Check it.

      If you still can’t find it there, send me a message with your email to: so that I can add your email to the list.

  3. I will comment after reading the book.

  4. I must confess your blog is mind blowing and inspiring,I enjoy every bit of it.thanks
    please I have subscribe for your free e book but I haven’t received it yet and I can’t download it either.please email is

    1. Martins,

      I’ve sent the direct download link to your email.

  5. Your e-book is really an eye opener to me in the world of internet business,
    please i want to know if as a blogger u will have to register for a payment option on a website b4 u will be payed or it is an automatic payment system

    1. Peter,

      No, just focus on growing your blog. When the time’s right for money to start flowing in, the payment issue will be no problem.

  6. thank u, b4 d month is over i will own a blog, jst trying to pen some info

  7. Its a really nice blog..cant wait 2 start….plz send it 2 my email

  8. Just want to tell you, Abass, that you’re a preious gift to humankind.My younger sibling downloaded your e-book,”How to Make Money Online in Nigeria.” I’m especially impressed by the honesty in your write up.
    Too many liars online. In your e-book, you may me believe I can make money online by your honest approach.
    Although, i have a whole lot of questions to ask, I’ll leave it for another day.
    This comment is just to say a big Thanks to you and to tell any of your follower to trust your work, and to do anything to make you a success online.

    1. Akpobor,

      Thank you very much for your kind words. I’m glad you found the free e-book helpful. And yes, you too can make money online — I assert once again — provided you play your cards right.

  9. Hello Mentor,
    Hw are u nd ur family??? Hope all is well,
    Uhm, wat happened is dat, durin d tym i subscribed on ur blog through d form provided after clickin d link above nd ma email hs been confirmed since june 15, i av been too busy doin sum other stuffs nd i wasn’t able 2 download dis ebook,
    Nw, dis morning, i went 2 my email nd after a few min, i stumbled upon d very 1st mail sent 2 me frm ur blog, which is d mail dat alerted me dat my subscriptn has been confirmed, but after i opened the mail, i couldn’t find the link to download the ebook,
    I clickd d ‘attachments’ link buh all i cld see was wip_newsletter.vcf nd i dn’t knw hw i’ll get d link for download,
    Pls boss, can i still get the ebook if u cn perhaps send me d link???
    Nd pls sir, cn u shr me d name of d theme u used on dis very blog??? I love it.
    Thanks very much in adv sir.
    More grease to ur elbows

  10. Thanks Abass, your simplicity in approach to online biz is encouraging. I have downloaded numerous ebooks online since 1990s and attended so many seminars and bought so many seminar CDs from Akin Alabi, Henry omenogor, sunny ojeagbase of success digest, Adetunji Gbolagade in Nigeria and jimmy D brown, Paul Evans and many reputable internet marketers internationally but I have never made a dime . I am now ready to lay the ghost of this fruitlessness this year and I want to believe you can be of help. In am a graduate of business admin and currently work for manufacturing giant in the FMCG segment but I want to be my own boss. We need to interact closely but I am based in Enugu Nigeria.

    1. Collins,

      Thanks for your kind words. And it’s good that you’re giving online business a new, stronger shot this year. To start with, I’d recommend that you download and read the free ebook on this page.

      After reading it, call me on 08062357604 or Whatsapp the same number, so we can talk more on how you can get started the right way.

      1. Thanks Abass for your swift response, i had already made a download of the ebook and have commenced digesting its content. You will definitely here from me shortly.

  11. I couldnt sub to the newsletter, I would be grateful if u can send the direct link to my email

  12. Thanks for the inspiring and expository information i have been getting from your blog. You are such a blessing to mankind.

    1. Bayo,

      You’re welcome. I’m glad you found the information helpful.

  13. Sir, i am yet to get the download link for the e-book. Thank you

  14. Sir Abass. I really need your help cos I am very interested in the business. please forward to my email address any link you believe will be useful to me. thanks

  15. Pls sir send the ebook in my email

  16. yea this guy is just a blessing to mankind unlike the thieves and scammers out there who claim they make millions on line and yet they ask people to pay 6k or 3k to get an e-book and even after that you will not learn one thing…..Abass may Godd continue to bless you am sure i will make this am about to read the e book now….

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Smith. I greatly appreciate.

  17. hi mr abass,well done i was enticed with some info i got from ur post.please could u send me the-ebook to grab more knowledge on e mail is *****

  18. do u organise teaching seassion

  19. hi. u knw dat wen I started going tru ur article I tot I was dreaming dat someone wil be selfless and sincere as u re. MAY GOD LIFT U FROM GRACE TO GLORY BRO.

  20. I love ur story,I cnt wait to b like you,pls sent me the link,God bless and give you more wisdom

  21. I ws making preparation 2 deposit d balance of one online program I subscribed 4, sold by d self acclaimed 9ja information marketing queen not until I did a Google search on her as regards what Nigerians says about her. I stumbled upon ur site n my ignorance abt her authenticity ws proved to b false. Thanks 4 d enlightenment. Honesty is a rare virtue beta yet NOT 4 cheap people. Thanks bro 4d info.any space 2b ur protégé.Am gr8fu.

  22. Pls cn u send d ebook direct to my

  23. Thank you Sir!!! You’ll always be at the top!!!!!

  24. God bless u sir..i i hav subscribed but i did not see the download link. Pls send the download link to my email Am a final year student.

  25. Thank you very much sir for making a difference by posting this ebook for free. However i wanted to ask if there is any free offer to which you could help create a blog for me because even after reading the ebook, i still find it difficult in creating one as well. Futhermore..i would really like to start with afilliate marketing, but i dont know where to start from either. Ild really appreciate your assistance. Thanks once again nd God bless.

  26. Abass. Keep up the great work, my friend. Nice style, professionally written. Tell me, where do you see growth in Nigeria’s digital economy?

  27. I just downloaded mine. thanks for he free gift.

  28. Pls, i next the free ebook,
    Kindly and me the link Pls. Thanks alot

    1. Send me an email, and I’ll forward to you the direct download link.

  29. What a great blog post here.i think i love your blog

  30. Hmmm am really speechless coz i never knew there are Nigerians that know they onions in terms of online business! Mr. Abass no doubt you are a genius and your personality is not in doubt.
    Seriously, I’ve really giving up idea of making legit income online after countless try without success…i think i have to try your own system, i mean i have to stay under your mentor because is the person that knows the way that can direct or lead!
    Please i tried to subscribe to your notification letter and to get the free e-book but it redirecting me…I will be glad if you can send the e-book to me via my
    Thank you sir for this opportunity, you have rekindle my hope and i can’t wait to implement all from your virad of experiences…Thanks in anticipation!
    Sincerely Yours
    Fred Olise

  31. Aishatu Mohammed alamai

    how can i comfirm my subscription for the free ebook.

  32. I love the way you come out to teach others online money making tacticks

  33. pls send me d ebook 2 my email, am really desperate 2 get it pls.

  34. Thank you sir, it a very educative book.

  35. just downloaded this. to say i fell for one of the internet scammer is painful. i wish i had stumbled unto your blog much earlier. i will defineately be in touch with you on creating my blog

    1. Winifred,

      Sorry about what you’ve gone through. I’m glad you found this blog helpful. I’ll be willing to assist whenever you’re ready.

  36. Nigeria has a lot of potentialities and more of reepers..good news but hankari

  37. sir I have subscribe but I can see the download link can pls send me the link to tank u sir

  38. Good afternoon sir! Pls how can you help me to get started making money online.I ve tried so many but nothing keep coming .pls sir my email is

  39. please dear i need your link to the ebook and guidlines thanks

  40. Hello, please which site do you host your ebook and make money from each download. please give me a reply. or you reply to my email at thanks.

    1. Hey Chisom,

      I don’t earn money from each download. The ebook is absolutely free.

  41. Pls can u send me the eBook. Thanks.

  42. Hi mentor
    I have dowmloaded the ebook. Please stay witil I start making money online. God bless you.

  43. Ok, teach me how to make money with my blog

  44. Pls send me de link, i wish to learn from a genius like u, here is my email,

  45. please have seen registered but am unable to get the link in the mail for the confirmation. please help with that

    1. Hey Bamidele,

      Send me an email to request the download link. My email is basicfreelanceATgmailDOTcom

  46. Abbas,
    Thanks for your wealth of information on making money online in Nigeria. I am dazed as many people keep information on money making secrets with themselves. I believe you have somehow opened up. I haven’t fully completed all readings and hope you won’t take it off too soon. I am a newbie and though interested I haven’t started anything yet. I think I need to read further for greater understanding.
    Grateful for your generousity and God bless.

  47. Hi Toriola,

    Attempts to download your free ebook on how to make money online in nigeria has repeatedly failed. Maybe from my system or network.

    So, while I thank you for the great work you’re doing here, may I then ask which other way I could get a download link to enable me download
    your fee ebook right away.


    1. Hey Chidi,

      I have sent the direct download link to your email.

  48. Thanks for your blessing please I need help on how to creat blogg with wordpress

    1. IK,

      I can help you set up a WordPress blog for just N12,000. Let me know if you’re interested.

    2. Hey IK,

      I can help you set up a WordPress blog for just N12,000. Let me know when you’re ready.

  49. how do I get your contact?

  50. hello mr abass ,thanks for all u have done for we new internet bizness men. i am very interested in online survey and ebook with blogging. how can i handle those site that doesnt accomodate we nigerian. pls let me know, thank u

  51. Sure Mr. Abass
    When people want something for nothing that is what happens. We Nigerians need to take pains
    while delivering a product or service. Webincomeplus has distinguished itself greatly from the crowd by giving good account of themselves.
    Any webpreneur who wants to reap the benefits of being a commited online business owner must of necessity do what Abass has been doing.

  52. Where can I purchase a hard copy of your book How to make money online in Nigeria? And how much is the cost?
    Am based in Lagos.

    1. It’s not available in hard copy, sorry.

  53. please can you send me the free ebooks please God bless as you do

  54. I have read the free eBook , it is highly helpful and useful for newbies bloggers. Thanks for the great work.



  57. Abass, thanks for the free e-book, it has greatly helped and equip me with substantial informations about online business – most especially blogging.


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