Here’s the Worst Mistake You can Ever Make as a Nigerian Netpreneur

In your quest to make money online, you’ll make mistakes. No doubt.

No matter how many blog posts and ebooks you’ve read. No matter how many videos you’ve watched. You’ll still make at least one or two mistakes while starting out in any online business — be it blogging, information marketing, affiliate marketing, or whatever.

While some mistakes are so insignificant that they won’t have much impact on your online business, others are just… plain deadly. Deadly in the sense that if you make them, you may have to start all over again.

Here, I want to talk about one of those deadly mistakes you can ever make as a Nigerian trying to make money online. In fact, I deem this particular mistake the worst you can ever make.

It is…choosing the WRONG niche (or not choosing a niche at all).

blog niche nigeria

You see, choosing a niche is the most important step towards starting an online business. If you get this one step wrong, you’ll only struggle for months to years and end up with nothing.

Unfortunately, most Nigerians trying to make money online have made this mistake. And many more will still make it.

Some are blogging on entertainment and celebrity gist not because they have passion for that topic, but because they want to make millions like Linda Ikeji. And now, we have several thousands of entertainment and celebrity gist bloggers.

Some are trying to sell ebooks on a particular topic because they think the topic will sell, not because they’re very sure Nigerians are really interested in the topic. Imagine someone trying to sell an ebook titled, “How to achieve your dreams.”

I could go on and on highlighting various ways Nigerians get it wrong when it comes to niche selection. But my aim with this post is to discuss how to choose the right niche and to analyze the various niches that most Nigerian bloggers are going after.

Here, I will simply define a niche as a specific topic or area of specialization. (Click here to read the post I once published on niche selection).

How to choose a niche

There are two factors to consider when you want to choose the right niche to focus on as an online entrepreneur: First, demand. And second, passion or interest.

Factor 1: Demand

Before settling for a niche, analyze the demand — especially among Nigerians — for what you want to offer.

Whether you want to start a blog or sell an ebook, ask yourself, “Will a good number of Nigerians be interested in the information I want to share?”

And more importantly, ask yourself, “Will a good number of Nigerians be ready to pay for any product or service related to this niche?”

Only if you can confidently answer “Yes” to both questions should you consider going ahead. If you can’t, choosing another niche isn’t a bad idea.

Look at this list:

  • Job search tips
  • Travel tips (how to get a visa, etc)
  • Making money online
  • Weight loss
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Starting a business with minimal funds, and so on.

If you start a blog or sell ebooks on these topics, you will make a lot of money in the long term. Why? Because they address specific problems and challenges that many Nigerians are battling with and are ready to pay any amount to overcome.

So, a vast number of Nigerians are not only very much interested in those topics, but will readily pay for any products or services related to them.

A job seeker will never be fine until he or she gets a good job. Someone whose dream is to visit the U.S. will never rest until he or she achieves that goal. No wife wants to look unattractive to her husband because of her sudden weight gain. No man would fold his hands and watch premature ejaculation dampen his sexual confidence. You get it now?

As far as I know, these are the types of topics that will fetch you money as a Nigerian online entrepreneur. (Other topics might equally be profitable provided you’re targeting a global audience. But if you’re starting from the local front, choose topics like these, or you’ll fizzle out soon.)

So, the rule here is to brainstorm and research for topics that address a pressing need that thousands of Nigerians are desperate to fill.

You might be wondering, “What happened to topics like technology, entertainment, and sports?”

I say, these topics have little or no profit potential because the demand for them isn’t real. People will be fine if they don’t know anything about the current trends in technology. They won’t lose their sleep if they don’t get to read entertainment or sports news for days to years.

And worse, people read these topics for fun, not for the purpose of buying. An entertainment or sports blog will only attract readers who are in the mood to catch fun, not to buy. So, you really can’t make money selling products or services in these niches.

Yes, a blog in the technology, entertainment, or sports niche can be monetized through Adsense or privately sponsored adverts. But the truth is, you’ll need several thousands of monthly hits to be able to make a decent income from those channels.

For example, you’ll need about 5000 daily visits to make between N30,000 to N50,000 in monthly Adsense revenue (for a blog targeted at Nigerians). You can’t get that traffic overnight, you know?

But if you sell your own product or service, or you market affiliate products, you can make more than N50,000 monthly with one-tenth of that traffic. Yet, you can’t sell products or services to people who feel no need for them.

So, if you’re going for entertainment/celebrity gist, or sports, or technology/hacks, you’ll attract traffic, no doubt. But you’ll make little money. Or even nothing. This is no soothsaying. I’m talking from experience.

Now, what about the health niche?

Only few Nigerians will read a blog or ebook on healthy living. Most Nigerians don’t search for information about health problems until they actually have those problems. And even when they do, they visit hospitals rather than read blogs. So, a healthy living blog or ebook targeted at Nigerians won’t do well.

As for other niches like motivation, poetry, bead making, and other related topics that nobody is interested in, you’ll still attract visits — but by your relatives and close friends.

Factor 2: Passion or interest

Even if the niche is financially rewarding, you won’t go far if you’re not passionate about it or interested in learning more about it.

Remember, no online business will fetch you profits overnight. So, you need to work hard for some time before the rewards will start coming.

Your passion for your chosen niche will serve as your motivation to keep pushing even when you’re not making any money yet.

Now, another common question is, “Do I have to be experienced or be an expert in the niche I intend targeting?”

My answer is “No.”

All you need is the ability to learn quickly, research, and provide volumes of high quality and valuable content on the topic.

But there’s a caveat: For the make money online niche, you really need experience and expertise. Only with expertise can you produce unique content that doesn’t read like the same old junk that people have read many times over. Only with experience can you offer practical tips and advice, not strategies you’re not sure are working or not. And if your blog doesn’t reflect the uniqueness of your expertise, you won’t attract loyal readers. That’s the fact.

Now you have it!

I’ve just explained how to correctly choose a suitable niche for your online business. If you’ve done it wrongly before now, it’s never wrong to start all over.

Yes, starting all over is better than struggling to push ahead towards a goal you’ll never achieve.

If you have any contributions, suggestions, compliments, or questions, leave a comment. I’ll reply:)

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Abass Toriola

I'm a seasoned freelance writer, internet marketing strategist, and online business coach. And I'm a university graduate, doctor-in-training, husband, and father.

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Updated: July 14, 2014 — 4:54 pm


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  1. You just added more headline hacks to my collection.

      1. I creativity as my niche in a regional blog targeting Nigerians, since I have no need of changing niche I will writing more of these suggested topics. that’s what ups.

        1. Don,

          These are more than topics you can cover in just a few posts or target together with one blog. Be realistic, bro.

  2. Thanks a lot sir….I’m definitely “packing my luggage” from the entertainment niche to a better place……..Been brainstorming on what niche to go in, Have already got two options and I’m hopefully going to start afresh September..

    But a verified U.S PayPal is the problem (I don’t have a payoneer card yet)….Can i use an unverified one for the main time ? i have a verified Nigerian PayPal but it’s useless

    Sir,Still haven’t found a buyer,guess i would delete the installation if i don’t find any in the next Few days

    1. Lanre,

      Good decision if you ask me. I mean, your decision to leave the entertainment stuff for a more profitable niche.

      You can’t use an unverified U.S. PayPal “for the main time.” Get your Payoneer card. That’s the best option you have right now.

  3. Hmmm sir, u realy did hit the nail by the bull, I am currently having the same problem, I have a Niche blog which is centre on Hacking and Free Browsing Tech and other related Tech tutorials, though I attract up to 500 traffic a Day But the blog is not yielding any sufficient income at all. I contact a Top indian Blogger who did a Review on the blog a few days ago, he encourage me to Monitize the site with Adsense, but my worry is that if Google will Ban me or not approve me because of TOS. Sir, I really need you to Review the blog for me so that I will know the right Strategy to apply. The blog Address is, my email address. Looking forward to here from you soon.

    1. Omyema,

      Why are you afraid of applying for Adsense? From my assessment of your blog, the content shouldn’t go against Google’s TOS. Except, well, if you copied and pasted the content from other sites.

      Another recommendation I have is that you start reviewing different phones and tablets that are likely to sell in Nigeria. Then slap them up with affiliate links by Jumia and Konga (both now have affiliate programs). The guy at makes a killing each month from both programs.

  4. Great delivery like ever before.
    The entertainment, celebrity gossips, sports etc are even very stressful with little or no returns. That’s why some pple still believe today that there is no money online because they started with a wrong niche.
    Thank God u helped me out of the wrong niche (make money online) maybe I will just be working with nothing to show.
    Also, thanks for the premature ejaculation keyword. Would use it for my next post 😀 in which I won’t target only nigerians so dat I can get some affiliate marketing cash.

    1. Ife,

      Thanks for your comment. I’m glad you’re snapping up the premature ejaculation thing. Let’s see how it pans out. I believe in you.

  5. Toriola, this is a great proposition for those who really wish to learn.
    I have learn some lesson from this attractive post. I am on (making money online) niche with little practical experience but I have passion for it. I also have sales page where I’m selling materials on travels, money making, web creation, etc.Toriola, here are my questions:
    1. should I totally leave this niche or make it a second fiddle.
    2. I want to set up a blog on ‘Herbal Healing’ which I have some practical experience, should I go ahead or I should think of other thing. I’m looking forward for your suggestions.
    Thanks in anticipation.

    1. Hello Ajibade,

      The first mistake I noticed on your page was that you tried selling unrelated products using a single sales page. A sales page for even a single product is usually very long. So, your strategy is counterproductive. You’re targeting no real buyer. “Everyone” or “Many people” means no one in particular.

      I don’t know how to answer your first question. What niche? I saw products from many niches.

      As for herbal healing, I don’t think Nigerians use the internet to search for herbal health solutions. I’d advise you to look elsewhere.

  6. my question is on my web that i just created, can i on that site market different products on say different pages on my site. i do not know if you understand my question

    1. Sincerely, I don’t understand… Kindly explain better.

  7. Abass, you know your stuff.

    I have argued severally that the entertainment niche is more hype than any real substance…and the level of hard work that is required to succeed in such a niche would baffle even the Queen’s physicians! I have always advised my readers thus: what issue would a Nigerian still think about when he has not eaten for at least 10 hours? The answer cannot be the latest gossip or celebrity gist!

    To make money online in Nigeria (as elsewhere), your task is simply to figure out what would occupy a hungry man’s thoughts apart from food and believe me, you’re made. It’s sad very few Nigerian bloggers get the gist!

    Once again, I completely concur and endorse this entry a 100%!

    Make the day great!!


    1. Akaahan,

      I particularly love and appreciate this part of your comment:

      “To make money online in Nigeria (as elsewhere), your task is simply to figure out what would occupy a hungry man’s thoughts apart from food”

      Every aspiring Nigerian blogger/netpreneur needs to have it printed and hung on his/her wall.

  8. Great article as always. in my opinion, job search tip or job blog is the highest search and lucrative niche. virtually every young Nigerian from age 18-45 is looking for a job or want to change a job.

  9. Hello, I know this is off topic but it has to do with wordpress. I have a couple of .wordpress blogs I intend to move to .com but the problem is when I read your article on wordpress, you said one has to buy the domains ist before installing wordpress on namecheap or thereabout. Please how do I move mine to .com without inquiring extra changes and I’d appreciate a step by step guide.

    1. Queen,

      Get it clear that there are two WordPress platforms: and is a free blogging platform like blogger, which offers blogs whose URLs end with the extension. But is the self-hosted version that requires buying a domain name and hosting.

  10. Your write ups are always educative, I must confess that you are indeed a God sent to us who want to make decent income online.
    I would like to blog on security matters considering the fact that its a big challenge to Nigeria currently but I seem to not know how to take it to next level, is it possible for me to prepare a digital product online to market as well as join affiliates with sites that market security gadgets.
    please advice because I’m kind of lost on the right approach to.
    or do you advice I look out for other niche. thanks.

    1. Emma,

      The first question still stands: Are Nigerians searching for security tips online? If you can’t give a yes answer with convincing proof, think of another niche.

  11. Hello abass,i am on the educational niche and i want to target a global audience. Can i make money with books affliate marketing?

  12. Great job. I downloaded your book and I must confess that I am still surprised it was free.
    I have some questions for you.
    1. which is the best between wordpress and blogger especially if you are going to be blogging on mobile devices.
    2. is it entirely possible to start and maintain a blog via mobile devices
    3. I hope to start a discussion forum on current affairs issues and monetize it by selling information product as an ad on the blog. do u think it is visible?

    1. Samson,

      Thanks for your comment. I’m glad you found the ebook helpful. Let me answer your questions straight away:

      1. WordPress is better by far. Though it is possible to blog on a mobile device, it’s somewhat cumbersome. Using a PC is best.

      2. Yes, it is possible but much difficult than using a PC.

      3. Yes, that is feasible. If you have the right audience, and your ebook is on a topic that people are longing for, that’s feasible.

  13. please sir am just a starter…….I need ur esertly should I start online business… on eBook selling and affiliate marketing….

  14. I agree that choosing the right niche is very important. Your first question when choosing a Niche is, do I like this Niche enough to keep learning about it for myself. If the answer is no your site is doomed to fail.
    Good article!

    1. Thanks for taking your time to read the post, and to leave a comment. I greatly appreciate it.

  15. Thank you very much sir, for this wonderful assistance.

  16. thanks Mr abbas,I appreciate your effort in teaching we newbies but somehow am still lost…do you make money from a blog by the no of visits it attracts?

  17. Thank you for this life changing information. Sir, is it possible to attract both local and foreign traffic, and earn a good income online as a newbie?

  18. Hmmm sir, u realy did hit the nail by the bull, I am currently
    having the same problem, I have a Niche blog which is centre
    on Hacking and Free Browsing Tech and other related Tech
    tutorials, though I attract up to 500 traffic a Day But the blog is
    not yielding any sufficient income at all. I contact a Top indian
    Blogger who did a Review on the blog a few days ago, he
    encourage me to Monitize the site with Adsense, but my worry
    is that if Google will Ban me or not approve me because of TOS.
    Sir, I really need you to Review the blog for me so that I will
    know the right Strategy to apply. The blog Address is , my email address.

  19. Dear Abass,
    Thanks so much for this insightful article. However, my interest is in creating a blog that talks about event planning as a whole and not just about weddings as i am a small scale events decorator but i realised that a lot of people dont want to pay for you to plan their events. rather they wld get vendors by them selves and pay on their own. do you think i can make money with this kind of blog?

    I would appreciate a prompt response.

  20. Abass
    Good morning. My blog is what should i do?

  21. You have done a wonderful job sir.
    I will sincerely need your experience in moving forward on these deals ( facebook autopilot, my blog and my site.
    I just created one from simplesite few weeks back. the site address is and my blog add. is
    Pls help me.

  22. Hi Abass, i must commend you on your relentless effort, assisting people on how to safely engage in online business. Am a newbie in blogging, still working out the best niche to work with, but please, can i share your link on my blog?

    1. Yemi,

      Thanks for your kind words. Yes, you can share my link on your blog — but NOT my content.

  23. Thank you Abass for these lovely lessons. You are a God-sent. I enjoyed reading your free e-book and I’m learning a lot from your emails. Keep up the good work!

  24. Hi Abass, I have gone through your free ebook, I must say you are a God-sent to Nigerians. I am a newbie in on-line biz, brainstorming on a perfect niche.
    My questions are:
    1. is it possible to go into information marketing (ebooks) without a website?
    2. What is the fastest way to build a list?
    Thanks for your effort.

    1. Hey Michael,

      Thanks for checking by. Here are the answers to your questions:

      1. Yes, but having a website is highly recommended because its builds credibility and trust.
      2. Paid advertising (Facebook ads, etc.)

  25. Please can you check my success blog niche at
    It covers success in online, relationship, spirituality and education and also talk about individual personal development.

    Can i really make money from this niche because i am targeting a global audience

  26. Well, I think your articles are educative and enlightening. But as much as I love it, I beg to differ. Am not a gullible person even as much as I am willing to learn. You keep telling people off, when they bring a niche that is not popular, saying there is no market for it, killing peoples Ideas instead of helping them to be more creative about it. In the online world, you might not be popular now, but might become a big deal tomorrow as long as you know how to channel your creativity. Ask yourself questions like, how can I channel my content in a very interesting way to attract a following and buyers. Big corporations today, were once unpopular before, but they were dogged, determined to grab a market and they did. Please guys, don’t just throw away your Idea because of people’s opinion,rather be creative and keep pushing, you never know. There is no one church, one bank, one beverage company, one soap, they all just have a different taste, quality or mode of operation which gives them a market share. Creativity is key, there is no niche that isn’t crowded its how you go about it that makes a difference.

    1. Njay,

      I understand your point. But the truth is, offline business and online business are totally different in a number of aspects. So, the analogy of big corporations being unknown before being known doesn’t really hold water.

      Based on my years on experience as an Internet marketer, I know which niches are likely to work and which are not. Why? Because the signs are just so obvious. The Internet has billions of users, and thinking you can come up with a brand new niche idea is almost impossible. Think of anything new and I can tell you that several others have thought of it before you. Remember, the Internet has been existing for decades before it first got to Nigeria at all.

      So, if a niche sounds too new and it’s not centered around a new concept or invention, then it’s most likely not popular because people are shying away from it due to it’s being non-lucrative. One of the ways to know a lucrative niche is that many people will rush into it. But there would always be room for smart players because most people are lazy copycats who won’t get any positive results.

      Your statement, “how can I channel my content in a very interesting way to attract a following and buyers” applies more to well-known lucrative niches. We all know that the entertainment niche in Nigeria is saturated and highly competitive, but if you can channel your content in a very interesting way, you’ll stand out from the crowd and build your own loyal audience — despite the fierce competition.

      If you blog on a topic like atomic physics and target that at Nigerians, there’s no amount of creativity that can help you succeed with such a blog. Yes, it’s a fresh and unique idea, but there’s no market for it here in Nigeria. No problem if you’re creating such a blog for fun or as a hobby. But if you really want to make money from it, you need to know what the market needs. As far as Nigeria is concerned, you’ll rarely find anyone who would follow a blog on atomic physics. But you’ll sure find a lot of Nigerians who want to know the latest entertainment gist, sport gist, tech updates, education updates, and so on. Such are the topics anyone who wants to really make money should target.

      So, if I tell people off, it’s because I don’t want them to chase shadows. I know how frustrating it could be having done that severally myself. I might not be able to give you a guarantee of success, but I can beat my chest over things that I’m sure are sure recipes for failure.

  27. I think Entertainment is too broad to be termed a niche. There is movies (e.g rotten tomatoes website), lyrics, gossip, etc

    If you have an entertainment blog you do not necessarily need to directly sell books to them. Affiliate marketing for instance is a great way to make money. A perfect affiliate I guess, and that you mentioned is konga. Such music blog can focus on selling headphones, speakers, music instruments, etc.

    an entertainment blog and other blogs,will not grow at the Same pace. I mean for a new entertainment site, I will get to 1000 page visits faster than a new blog on getting employed.

    I think entertainment sites will make more,money with CPM ads.

    these are my thoughts. What do you think?

  28. WOW…..Sir this post is amazing.I really love it.Sir my question is that i want to start a sport website but not based on sports news.Its based on sports betting.It would actually be me writting blogs on how to successfully predict football matches and giving tips.I kind of believe i would be successful in this particular niche because most Nigerians especially guys are into football betting and i have many experience in it.I want to know what you think about it.

  29. Mr Abbass you are really educating millions of people like me. Thank you for this education. Let us go on and develop the skill and the zeal in those areas and start our online business right away.

  30. i really love your niche post but my question as a newbie ,which niche is the best to start with

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