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I’m Abass Toriola, a professional blogger, Internet marketing strategist, and online business coach based in Nigeria.

I presently earn all of my monthly income from the Internet. And I can help you achieve the same — if that’s your dream.

Between August 2011 and now, I’ve been able to set up multiple streams of online income. I render high quality content writing services, and I’m into affiliate marketing and information marketing.

I would love to help you build a strong foundation for your online business by helping you get your blog started or improve an existing one.

In addition, I would love to teach you the various strategies for achieving success in whichever of the major online business models you choose to pursue — be it freelancing, affiliate marketing, information marketing, or any other.

Now, what can I do for you?

Whether you’re just starting out in online business or you’ve joined the train for some time now, but aren’t happy with your traffic and earnings, I can help you with the following services I render:

A. Basic blog setup

If you’re just setting up your blog, I can help you with all the basic steps involved, such as registering your domain, purchasing a hosting plan, installing WordPress, installing the necessary plugins, and installing a cool theme that your visitors will love.

In short, I will prepare your blog for you to start blogging right away.

Price: N25,000 (this covers domain registration, hosting, and blog setup)

B. Advanced blog setup

This is an extension of the basic blog setup services, and it is meant for those who want to start profiting from their online business within a relatively short period. In addition to setting up your blog, I will do the following:

  • I will help you figure out the best niche to target — which will factor in both your passion/interest and the availability of a huge audience
  • I will help you draft a foolproof 1-year plan for your online business that will help you achieve your dreams
  • I will help you conduct extensive keyword research to find out what your visitors expect from you
  • I will help you generate killer post topic ideas that will make readers fall in love with your blog
  • I will help you map out strategies for growing your traffic consistently
  • I will help you map out strategies for making more money through any model you choose (freelance writing, affiliate marketing, information marketing, or whatever)

Price: N35,000

C. Content writing

I’ve been a freelance writer since 2011. And since then, I’ve worked with clients, from all over the world, and they were all satisfied with my services.

I can help you write killer content for your blog. Whether you need compelling blog posts (like the ones on this blog), articles, sales pages (like this one here), or any other kind of web content, I’m up to the task. I will help you craft words that will not only reflect your voice and motive in a magical way, but will also help you achieve your long and short term goals.

NOTE: I now run a digital marketing agency, and I have top-notch writers who will handle any of your writing tasks.

D. Blog management

If you have a blog, and you want me to manage it for you, I can do that perfectly. I will publish posts on a frequent basis, engage with your readers, implement strategies for growing your traffic, boost your blog’s authority and rank, and ultimately turn your blog into a money-spinner.

E. Blog review and improvement

If you’ve set up your blog and are posting content regularly, but you still can’t figure out why you’re not getting any traffic, comments, or earnings, don’t get frustrated. I can help you figure out what you’re doing wrong and tell you how to fix it quickly.

I will thoroughly review your blog and come up with a customized step-by-step improvement plan that you can implement (or pay me extra to help you implement).

F. Blog promotion services

If all you need is creating awareness for your blog, I can help with that, too. I will help you figure out the best channels for promoting your blog and maximize those channels. If necessary, I will help you launch paid advertising campaigns (such as Google Adwords, Addynamo, or Facebook ads) and help you make the most out of them.

G. Consulting

If all you need is my guidance concerning any aspect of your online business, without necessarily hiring me to implement anything, then I’m game. I will fix an appointment with you on phone or Whatsapp, and I will teach you anything you want to know. Of course, I charge per hour (but my rates are affordable, anyway).

H. Custom combination

If you need any of my services, but not as part of the packages described, feel free to contact me with your request. I can tailor my services to your specific needs.


Because projects vary in complexity, my rates for services C, D, E, F, G, and H are not fixed. To know how much I charge for these services, send me an email (basicfreelance@gmail.com)

Do you need any of my services?

Then get in touch with me. Send me an email (basicfreelance@gmail.com) or call 08062357604.

Why exactly should you hire me?

Because I have the experience…

I was able to launch a freelance writing career, which has earned me thousands of dollars to date (see ContentMarketingPlus.com)

I was able to grow a blog (Nigerian F**r) from scratch to 1000+ daily visits within 6 months — with less than 20 blog posts. The blog now attracts about 25,000+ visits per day and generates about 2 million page views monthly.

I was able to set up a micro-niche affiliate blog (Miracet Reviews), which started earning commissions consistently within 3 months — and is still making money to date without any input from my end. [PS. Site has been pulled down because product is no longer in market.]

I’ve been able to create Amazon niche sites that now collectively earn over $1,000 monthly in affiliate commissions (see proof here).

I was able to package an information product — an e-book — that now fetches me side income consistently on a monthly basis (click here to see it). I have two other e-books that are doing well, too.

And I can go on and on. But let me stop there.

So, I can replicate these successes for you, too — if you hire me.

Wanna get in touch with me?

Send an email with your request to basicfreelance@gmail.com or call 08062357604.


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  1. Hello sir I just created a wordpress free-plan blog. Please how can i use it to generate income after i might have upgraded?

  2. Kindly let me have your number send to my mail sir. isaacakwanga@gmail.com

  3. I am such a type that most a times learn faster one on one than via other sources or means sir. I just send you a text message just now, but really wish meeting you in persons will do me more justice.I’d love to be a blogger and can see you will be of utmost support to me.Want to find out what would really be the start up capital for blogging (setting up and other neccessary things you mentioned). Alongside getting me a good content writer, rewriter and spinner. Appreciate your take sir.

  4. No contact email, no contact form. Kindly provide a means of communication or reply via email.

    1. Read the page carefully. My email address and phone number are clearly given.

  5. hey abbas. nice posts. please i need your help in setting up a blog. would really appreciate your guidiance.

  6. I need your advanced blog setup services.sent an email to that effect.yet to see your reply

  7. I will like to massage you on WhatsApp…I like to create a blog…having trying for year and I need assistance…

    1. I’m sorry, but I really don’t take enquiries on Whatsapp.

  8. Good day Abass am Tony; love the good works you are doing and have being a fan of netprenuer as 3-4years back and ever since then have being nursing the huge of setting up my blog and start doin something reasonable…………………Have tried contacting you on line but you are yet to respond. I have passion for motivationals, articles and religiously inspiring write-up. How do i go about these please?

  9. Hi Abass, it’ been almost a year that I started enjoying your blog. I pray that God rewards you abundantly according to his reaches in glory. I’m thinking about purchasing your ebook on freelance because I’ve confidence in whatever you offer.

  10. hy boss,am interested in been a blogger,how can you help so i can b like you,i will be very greatful

  11. hy boss,am opeyemi,am intetested in starting a blog,how can you help me,so i can b like you.I will b vry greatful

  12. Kanu Godfrey Chijioke

    Hi, Mr. Abass

    Good to know you are there. Please I want to know how I can create a ClickBank

    account, here in Nigeria.


    Kanu Chijioke Godfrey.

    1. Clickbank does not support Nigerians. If you create an account through the back door, they’ll find out and ban the account.

    2. I have a clickbank acct am selling

  13. I have a blog but it’s not been approved by Google for there Adsense I was told to work on my blog which includes design can you assist me in designing a good interactive blog? I guess I would also need a website too.

    1. Yes, I can assist you. Send me an email.

  14. Hi Mr. Abas. Please after reading your write ups i am now interested in blogging. I ll also like for you to put me through web designings. Thanks im sending you an email right away.

  15. I will like to come for full training on webdesign and blogging which includes launching! How much would these cost me as a retiree whose pension is no more regular.

  16. Good day Mr Abass, i need you to setup a blog for me as well. I sent u a mail earlier today when i saw one of your ebooks. Please i will like a blog on information. daily information in our country

  17. Hello sir,
    I’m Martin. Kinda interested in starting a blog and how can you help me set up one like yours. Waiting for your reply in my mail.

  18. Thank my secret mentor. I really need review on http://www.nairatrace.com I’ll send you an email


    Please Sir, I want to cancel my Hosting plan billing information for Hostgator but I don’t know what will become of my WordPres site if I do so.

  20. Wow! This is really cool. I have a wp blog that I newly launched but haven’t done much work on it since it’s my first time I’m really being careful but I thank God for someone like you. From this I now know that you are not scam. When I’m ready to start working on my blog I’ll contact you. I feel comfortable to share your posts on my Facebook page now knowing that you are for real. Keep up the good work.

    1. Gloria,
      Thanks for taking your time to read the post. I’m glad you found it inspiring.

  21. How can I refund my payoneer account, Abass?

  22. Hello Mr. Abbas, thanks with ur own assistance and this is very good and I really apppriciate for that. so how do I pay the price?

    1. I am interested in the advanced blog set up and just sent you an email.expecting your reply.thanks

  23. Thanks for this information. I am sending you a mail now.

  24. Hi Abass, I have been your follower and a secret admirer for more than 2 years but I have not commented on your works and assistance to newbies like us! I think what I really want from you is beyond hiring you, though that might be where I will opt from. I want you to be my Online Biznx Mentor! How about that?

  25. Oluwaseyi Yussuf

    Hi Abass,
    Going through this page gave me a belief that you could be of help. I have sent a private mail to your email.


  26. Hi Abass, i intend to create a hip hop blog. Can you offer hip hop based services? How long will it take to start earning? Inbox me pls.

    1. Sams,

      I’m sorry, but I don’t offer hip-hop based services.

  27. Hi bassy.good day.can payoneer master card work in Nigeria?

    1. Yes, it can work in Nigeria.

  28. I’m so greatfull, you added my email to your database to one of you, I’m a complete beginner in online business, and y believe with you a
    I’m going to succeed.

    GOD bless you!

  29. Gudevening sir, nice to meet u, just yesterday i was looking for place to have a deep training about affiliate marketing in quote dan i come a cross ur web page, pls can u train me and show me secret i need to know about all affiliate marketing, pls i beg u, bcos i ve no bizz l’m doing now.
    thank you

  30. How will I design an ebook and its cover and create a download link for it?

  31. Hele my friend, How can I start nigerian based affiliate marketing with my blog?

  32. I need a blog that will generate regular income weekly. How can you help me.

  33. Thanks a lot! Mr Abass Toriola. I downloaded your free eBook on how to make money online in Nigeria and just finished reading it. Indeed i am enriched with much information that a lot of people will ask you for millions just to give you. May God continue to bless you abundantly and may you excel more and more on online bussines.
    After reading your book, i am more interested and determined to be part of this online business as well as excel. I want to start my blog immediately but i need your help and guidance.
    Thanks once again. I hope you reply soon..

    1. Gracious,

      Glad to hear that you’re now “gingered” to start your blog. How exactly do you need my help?

  34. Godwin Oriaku (Gentle)

    Am so so loving your blog, that there’s no single day I don’t visit it, to look for something new to read. But my question now is; how do I make my picture show up any time I post a comment on you blog?

  35. Hello abas, pls i own this blog (akornson.blogspot.com) can u help me review it ? Probably fix any error on it so that my google adsense will be aprove

  36. please I just opened a website and I would like to know How your create your ebooks. I have web building experience HTML CSS JavaScript. I would like to know the software

    1. You can call me on 08062357604

  37. florence omotoyinbo

    i need a paid service to market my e novels

  38. how much is due price?

    1. Send me an email (you’ll see my email address on this same page) or call me on 08062357604, so we can talk better.

  39. help me wit affiliate and information marketing blog….. dat can yield me cash in due nearest future!!!

    1. That’s no problem — provided you’re willing to pay the price.

  40. Hi Abass Toriola,
    Your post are very informative,inspiring and educative. You are
    also available for people like us,ready to assist and point us
    (newbies) to what works and what does not .

  41. Hi Abass.
    I want you to setup affiliate marketing and information marketing blog with global audience.
    Get me best niche to target and keyword with content creation.
    How much will it cost me.

  42. I would actually want you to set up a blog for affiliate marketing. I would love to go into the weight loss niche, basically promoting natural weight loss products.
    I want to know how much you will charge for this service. Anticipating your reply.

    1. Emmanuel,

      I really don’t understand the extent of work you want me to do on your project. What I usually do is to set up the install the blog, get you keywords to write on, and you create the content yourself. Is that what you want? Please clarify. If no, then give a list of everything you want me to do.

      1. Hy Abass,
        Thanks for your quick reply. Yes that is exactly what I want and I also need a list of good high paying affiliate network programs that are nigerian friendly.

        1. Emmanuel,

          I’ve sent you an email.

          1. HI ABASS,

            SEND ME DETAILS TO onita.peter@gmail.com on how to start up my blog and also possible affiliate that can generate income in nigeria

  43. Hi Abass,

    I need a blog that will fetch regular monthly income. How can you help and where do I start?

    Ndukwe Uguru

      1. how can i start my own,pls can u put me true.thank u

  44. Salako oyindamola

    Love your page,please I want you to help me to open a verified PayPal account in Nigeria and also to help me setup a blog that will fetch me money.
    Thanks in anticipation.

    1. I’m sorry, I don’t open PayPal accounts for people. As for setting up a blog that will fetch you money, I can help with that. Contact me for more details.

    2. Hello, Salako, I can help you create a verified paypal account. send me email at Chisomonwueme@gmail.com. I am waiting for your reply.

  45. Hello, good to visit your ‘hire me’ page.

    I will be patronizing frequently to make my blog a success too.

    For the time been can you give me a free help by telling me how to install a free email list like aweber, mailchimp or any otherone that can help a beginner like me.

    I will really appreciate

    1. Angela,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Coincidentally, your request came at a time when I’m planning to start work on an ebook on how to boost your blog traffic and income. My aim is to discuss everything about list building: how to set up your mailing list, how to grow your list, how to make money from your list, and so on. It would be a premium product, though; so, it won’t come for free.

      FYI, Aweber is not a free service. So, if you’re looking for a free mailing list service, Mailchimp should be your target. However, Mailchimp is free until you reach 2,000 subscribers. Anything beyond that attracts a monthly fee.

      Explaining how to set up your newsletter list on Mailchimp will take a long tutorial. And that’s why I’m planning to package a premium product around that.

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