How a WIP Reader Just Became a Millionaire within One Week

If you think online business is a scam or doesn’t work, then you’re wrong.

Proving that making money online is absolutely real and possible was the main objective I had in mind while creating this blog. And that’s why I grab every opportunity to convince “doubting Thomases” and enlighten newbies that there’s no limit to how much they can earn online — provided they play their cards right.

In the past, I’ve published posts detailing my own success stories as well as those of people who have succeeded by following my recommendations.  I once published a post (read it here) on how Ife Oluwatuyi was able to start making money as an affiliate marketer and another one (read it here) on how he made over $3000 by flipping his niche health blog,

With all excitement, I’m happy to tell another story.


If you read the post on money-spinning blogs inspired by Web Income Plus, you’d remember that I listed, the health blog Ife created after selling the previous one on Flippa for $3,300.

The good news now is that Ife just sold the site for a whopping $4750! That’s millions of Naira coming to him exactly one year after selling his first site. As at the time of its sale last week, the blog ( had 15 long, detailed and well-optimized posts and was attracting about 3,500 visits daily. In terms of earnings, the blog was earning between $300 and $350 monthly.

Now, I’ll let you in on some interesting gist.

I could vividly remember that earlier in the year, Ife stated emphatically that he won’t sell the blog. So, I was surprised when he told me last week that he’d flipped it. I asked why he changed his mind, and his reason was understandable…

He couldn’t resist the offer — no thanks to the present exchange rate of N460 to $1.

As a smart online entrepreneur, Ife has already started working on a new health blog ( right away. And although he’s told me that he has no intentions of selling it in the future, I’d take that with a pinch of salt because another “irresistible offer” might make him change his mind. Only time will tell, though. I can only wish him all the best.

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What you need to know

Here are some interesting and valuable things you need to know about Ife’s recent success.

  • He worked on the blog tirelessly for about one year. The number of posts notwithstanding, each post required lots of time and effort. Short posts of 500 words or less rarely work these days.
  • He targeted an international audience. That’s why it was easy finding a buyer for the blog.
  • He monetized the site with Adsense and affiliate marketing. Of course, those are the two easiest ways to earn passive income online.
  • He replicated the same strategy that worked for him the first time — search engine optimization. So, if you think SEO doesn’t work, it’s either you’ve been misinformed or you just suck at it! Ife has mastered it, and he knows how to get results with it. Spend some time to achieve the same.
  • He didn’t sell the site until it started earning. These days, nobody wants to buy a site based on mere promises or “potential”. But if your site earns even $10 per month consistently, you’ll find a buyer out there — so far it’s passive income and there’s enough room for growth.
  • He didn’t aim for overnight success. Forget what the topic of this post might suggest. The “one week” implied the period it took Ife to sell the site after making the decision to sell it. So, don’t start thinking you can set up a new site and sell it for thousands of dollars within a week!

Now, take some inspiration from this, and start something for yourself. There are lots of opportunities in online business, and by gathering pieces of correct information and implementing them, you too can start a successful online business empire.

Your turn

What do you think about Ife’s success? Do you feel inspired? Do you have any questions? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment.

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Updated: October 16, 2016 — 2:13 pm


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  1. pls how can i copy and paste my already designed logo or image from ms word to wordpress 4.7.4 in offline mode using xampp. the W logo on visual editor is not showing up. I don’t know why. Thanks for your quick response. Alex

  2. I ve been going through your posts for the past 3 to 4 hours, I started by reading mails from you. By the way, thanks for the free ebook, I downloaded it about a week ago.

    I must say you are doing great a great job here. And the success story of Ife, very motivating.

    Talking about flipping of blog that is monetized with adsense and affiliate links, I want to know if adsense and affiliate accounts are transferable.

    I also want to know if it okay to start a blog with 2 to 3 different niches as blog categories.


  3. Wow…this is amazing. Congrats to him.

  4. Incredible story. It’s stories such as this that give bloggers the required confidence that they’re not playing around as some might think.

    Kudos Ife. And to you Coach Abass, you’re doing a great job.

  5. Inspiring story.. Thanks for sharing, stories like this that keep the fire burning to do greater things. Keep it up & I wish you all the best

  6. Wow,
    Nice one, kudos Bro @Ife.
    Thanks for this Motivational Post @Mr Abass. This will surely get somewhere.
    The thing is just that i couldn’t get people to read the blog i created after reading your post on Micro-niche blogging.
    Or maybe i just wasn’t patient enough.

    I think i have to give it another shot, this time strictly following your “footprint” and have myself cooled down a little bit more than i was back then.
    Thanks 👍👍👍

  7. Wow! Thanks Abass for sharing this,I always get inspired each time I read ur post, and this, came at the right time. I have to keep working hard on my new site, , and congrat to u Ife!

  8. I Am Inspired By All The Post, I Have Been Procastination On Hosting A Blog That Can Earn Me Money, I Try Starting Something 20120 but i abandone it. i stumble into this blog today, i think God Is Telling Me To Do Something. Thanks

  9. Great News Mentor,
    It’s almost certain my blog will be in your next list.

    Once my first 50 posts are in place I’ll throw open the flood gates for TRAFFIC… Please fellow fans of WIP stop over at my blog. As you land there read, agree, dissaggree, suggest, observe in fact contribute generally THANKS.

  10. Nice job ife i belief you can fi more better.kudos!

  11. This has really inspired me to keep up my work on my blog. Thanks Abass.

  12. I feel encouraged by this success report. I have been procrastinating to start something and I believe I have captivating writing skill and avalanche of research sources for inspirational ideas. Thank you Abass, for your benevolent efforts.

  13. Big boss. This story is really inspiring but requires one taking active steps to succeed. Very many of us including my humble self procrastinate though not that we are not motivated nor being convinced by your series of useful posts and newsletters so far but perhaps we are still making the preparation so as to start on a very formidable foundation. All I know is for sure one day we will get there by God’s grace.


  14. Of course, It’s very inspiring.
    Congrats ife, more power to your elbow.
    I would like to ask you what was the most difficult challenge you faced before the website could reach that level and how you were able to overcome it?

    @Joseph, I think the most difficult challenge when it comes to online business is getting distracted with loads of captivating information(my experience). Once an individual can triumph over this, i believe success is near. I wish u good luck bro.

    Thank you coach Abass for the motivation once again.

    PS: I’m patiently waiting for your reply to my mail.

  15. When i got your mail, i was like ‘Wow, long time bro’. Congrats to Ife, and you’re right, a blog that earns had an higher chance of being sold. Once again, congratulations ife!

  16. wow, that is a big one but looking at it from a capitalist point of view, I don’t think for me I will sell what gives me money only if am pressed. the guy that even whatsapp to Mark, though is a sweet sum but I feel he did a big mistake. Congrats anyway!
    please, can one still earn with AdSense from a free blog? Because that is what I operate for now and please which site is suitable for selling blogs, websites and domain names?
    Enjoys your cash bro!!!

    1. Hey Sunday,

      Yes, it might make more sense to hold on to your assets from the capitalist point of view. But some people are just cut out for starting businesses with the aim of selling them once they’ve grown to a certain point. In fact, some people are professional website flippers; they build blogs with the aim of selling them. It’s like being a real estate developer. So, it’s all a matter of choice. No one strategy is better. Holding on to your site can earn you $200 monthly but selling it at once can earn you as much as $4,000. So, if you’re a fan of making big money at once, you’ll love the flipping business. Earn big, and invest some of it in something else.

      As for Adsense, there’s no rule that says you can’t earn with it on a free blog, but several odds are now against blogging on such platforms. And as for platforms for selling blogs, websites, and domain names, I know of Flippa (websites and domains), sedo (domains), afternic (domains), and others I can’t recall for now.

  17. Olaide Usman Atanda

    I’m so happy to read this. I congratulate the two bosses.

  18. Boss,
    Thanks for sharing my story. I hope it encourages someone out there. I would have love you to include the new site i’m working on, just to push some people to get to work and join the train of Nigerians making money online.

    As regards selling the new health blog later on, NO I don’t think so. I’m targeting Nigerian Audience so that I won’t be tempted.. Because of my passion for healthy living, the goal is to create an online resource where Nigerians can get first hand health information. I’m working with some other health professionals like you (Dr Abass) to create an authority site.

    Conclusively, The online success I enjoy today, I owe it to God and to You (Abass Toriola) for putting my feet on the right track. Thanks.. You are appreciated.

    1. I am really happy about your success story, Ife. Keep up the good work.

    2. Ife,

      You’re no doubt the most successful reader of this blog so far (judging by financial achievements on online business) — at least, that I know of. And I’m always glad each time I remember that I’ve been able to achieve my objective for setting up this blog through people like you.

      Well, I have added the URL of your new project to the post. And it’s just interesting that you’re going after something quite similar to what I have in mind. But in online business, there’s always enough room for unlimited number of players. I wish you all the best, bro.

  19. Long time, how is family and work? please Abass how can you help me to create a blog that can be bringing in monthly income for me if not weekly, you can also help me to check my blog

  20. Thanks Mr Abass for sharing this success story. Its really inspiring.
    I will also love to share my own success story someday. And to achieve that, I really need your help. Please Mr Abass, can you put me through? Have sent you an email. Waiting for your reply. Thanks.

  21. Wow that’s great… I will like to do same but don’t know how to go about it… Please Abass could enlighten me?

  22. Wow! I am really flabbergasted and can’t believe my eyes seeing these whooping amounts made Ife, just by selling a website. Incredible! Credit to Ife for such a relentless effort in achieving this feat and making lots of money online. BRAVO!!!

    1. What else can be said of the viability of internet businesses even here in Nigeria. The first was encouraging and this one blew me off!
      Ife, You can rinse and repeat, your success story had just began.
      Thanks Abass for sharing.

      1. You’re welcome, Sir. Long time. How’s everything been?

      2. Hey Collins,
        Thanks a bunch… Your success is imminent

        1. It would be sad to know, Abass and Ife, that I have been seeking various ways to make money online but my results are appalling. I have even bought a book on Freelance writing from Abass and I was really thrilled with the info in that book and the in-depth knowledge Abass shares in that book. I was really convinced to take freelance writing and major in it. However, my mind changed and decided to go into website building. The saddest news is that, I resorted into AdSense to alleviate my pains from this online headache. For the past five months, I have only earned $46.57 from AdSense with one website and four blogs, whilst others are making $2000 per month. I can’t think further. It seems this abysmal performance has no solution. What can you do to help me out, Abass and Ife? I am really devastated because I have completed the University and I’m now jobless. No income from anywhere, but I read the success stories of online gurus and become happy, meanwhile I have not been chalking the same success. I really need help from the two of you. I will be glad if u can mentor me for the best. Let me hear from both of u. God bless!!

    2. Hey Joseph,
      Thanks. I sincerely hope you are not only just reading on webincomeplus… I really wanna celebrate with you. Its time to take action. Coach Abass is here to make you a success too

  23. Wow! I congratulate Ife for this success. I remember vividly when you published his first success story on this blog. I must say Ife is really hard working and experienced. I’m so happy for him.

    1. Thanks bro… Wishing you great success too

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