Let’s Discuss How You Can Make Money Online in Nigeria

It doesn’t make sense when communication is one-way, you know? Especially when it’s very likely that the silent party has something to say or questions to ask.

With that in mind, I’ve decided to use this medium to interact with you and answer any questions you might have as regards making money online in Nigeria.

How to make money online in Nigeria discussion

I may not be an expert, so my answers and recommendations may not all be right. But having been in online business for close to three years and having set up multiple online income streams, I’m no newbie.

I’ve learnt. I’ve implemented. I’ve recorded errors and failures. I’ve achieved successes, too. I’ve mentored. And I’m still learning. So, I’ve got loads of stuff (no bragging intended).

Now, let’s interact.

Tell me about your online business (if you’ve started one). Tell me about your plans and goals. Tell me about your challenges. Ask me any burning questions you may have. And give me any recommendations you think will help me (yes, I can learn from you, too).

So, use the comment section, and let the discussion begin. I’ll eagerly respond.

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Abass Toriola

I'm a seasoned freelance writer, internet marketing strategist, and online business coach. And I'm a university graduate, doctor-in-training, husband, and father.

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  1. wasiu emmanuel olanrewaju

    I always have an issue with me paying for product kit, ninche , site etc out of nigeria; and that has been making it difficult for me to get started with online business . Pls help.

    1. Wasiu,

      Which payment methods have you tried to use? You shouldn’t have problems with ATMs issued by banks such as GTB. Nigerians use these cards for online transactions without any problems. I use mine to pay for my monthly hosting at Hostgator and for my domains at Namecheap.

  2. About to start my online business hopefully this month but i have two questions 1.what is the best autoresponder for a newbie 2.whats the difference between landing page and squeeze page and how do i create both,let me stop here for now

    1. Chigozie,

      For a newbie, I suggest Mailchimp. It’s what I’m using, but it may not be all that easy to set up.

      There’s no difference between a landing page an a squeeze page. Both are synonymous.

      1. sorry just want to add.

        Squeeze page is used for grasping email addresses while a sales page is used to sell product’s.

        you can use premium plugins to create both but I also used dream Weaver to do stand alone sales and squeeze page.

        yea as for responder, mailchimp is very okay for beginning bloggers.

        hope it helps.

        1. Charles,

          Thanks for the exposition.

          1. You are welcome Bro.

            Wish You well.

  3. You suggested i should go for freelance writing, and i must tell you i’m very much in love with it right now. Hopefully by the end of this month my laptop wil be ready and i’ll begin. I discovered i dont have any love for bidding sites, so i’ll start my blog immediately, write contents and start looking for clients. Do you think this is ok? I also have issues with the niche 2 go into, i have interest on various topics lyk relationship, motivation, entreprenuership etc. But i dont beleive this niches will drive adequate traffic to my blog. Please advice me.

    1. Jamila,

      No problem, your chosen strategy is very okay, and it works. As for the niche you should choose, it depends on your long term aims. If your aim is to attract clients and also make money from the blog in the long term, then you will need to choose a niche that will attract most clients, such as entrepreneurship or online marketing.

      But if your aim is just to use the blog as your portfolio for attracting clients only, you can just upload pages that display your services and writing samples. Then you will publish guest posts on high traffic sites where clients are likely to see them and contact you. Even if clients don’t get to see them, you can just use them as samples when pitching clients. Most clients deem you an expert writer if you’re able to publish on “big” sites, because these sites only accept high quality, well-written posts.

      Let me know if you have more questions.

  4. My question are listed below:

    1. Which plugin do you use for the social share buttons on your website (see the first file attached)

    2. What do you to create the “HOW-TO-MAKE-MONEY-ONLINE-IN-NIGERIA” PDF? Especially the fonts and the graphics (see the files attached), they actually look cools

    Kindly let me know.


    1. Ade,

      1. The plugin I use for the social share buttons is called “Shareaholic.” It’s a free plugin that you can simply download by searching the WordPress plugins area.

      2. For the fonts and graphics, I simply used Microsoft word. For the 3D-ebook, I used 3d-pack.com. And for packaging the ebook into pdf format, I used a pdf converter package that I downloaded free online. Yoiu’ll get many of them by Googling “free PDF creator.”

      Have I answered your questions well enough? If no, then let me know.

      1. Thanks for your response but can you mention the font name and the font size that you use there.


        1. For the headers, I used “Agency FB” and for the body text, I used “Cambria.” You will find both in Microsoft Word.

  5. Most of the freelance writing job sites pays through paypal. Can you recommend any writing job sites that is nigerian-friendly?

    1. Oluwasegun,

      Have you tried Elance and Freelancer? They both pay Nigerians through bank Wire and the Payoneer Mastercard. You can also try advertising your writing services in the writing ads section of Nairaland. I once landed a big client from there, and I’m still working with him to date.

      You can also pitch owners of blogs like Information Nigeria, telling them about your writing services.

      Finally, can you show me links to your writing samples? And on which niches can you write goo articles?

  6. My plan is to start with you right away.My goal is to build a world-class internet business that will benefit primarily Nigerians.My challenges are:Don’t know how to start as my laptop is not yet ready,Don’t have a website,Can I start online business with BlackBerry phone?Advice me.Thanks.Cletus

    1. Cletus,

      I will advise you to get your laptop computer first before anything. Although you can perform some operations on your mobile phone, there will certainly be limitations. A PC is best for online business.

  7. pls am new person on this and i will like to creat my own websit and i wil like you to give me some guidlines on how to creat a websit.

  8. I am a rookie, after reading your publications, it caught my attention, so how can i start with as low as ten thousan naira

    1. Michael,

      If I may ask, which online business exactly are you planning to start?

  9. can you teach me or mentor me how to open a verified paypal account? I need it pls.

    1. Dom,

      As far as I know, there is no ethical way to open a Paypal account in Nigeria. And I don’t do questionable deals. Whenever I need to use PayPal, I have a friend in the U.S. who helps me with his own account.

  10. Hy,Abass,I’m a 300 level student of ABU Zaria,I’d been trying this online stuff since my first year in university(2yrs ago), and all dis while there has been no success. Pls,I just want to know from the scratch: how do I stat this thing dey cald online bisness?

    1. Ishola Olumide,

      If I may ask, which online businesses exactly have you tried working on? And which ones you do think you’ll most likely succeed at. If you have no clues for now as regards what to choose, click this link and read the post: http://webincomeplus.com/6-ways-to-make-money-online-in-nigeria/

  11. Yet another great avenue to learn more. Kudos bro.

    In my own case, i have bought 1 expired domain which was given a manual penalty by google and 3 different new domains which was later abandoned due to various reasons. Nevertheless i didn’t quit

    I just recently found what i can easily do without much stress. So please kindly check out my new blog and give me the necessary advice, plugins that may be useful and any other thing you think i may need. I will answer any question directed towards me.

    I know i will soon come and share my success story on this site which has been a major inspiration.

    1. Ife,

      Personally, I don’t usually subscribe to the idea of buying expired domains. But it’s good you’ve added that to your experience anyway.

      You stated that you just recently found what you can easily do. Can you shed more light on that? (Or are you afraid of your idea being hijacked by someone else? LOL!)

      I checked out your blog (naturalhealthbag.com), and all I can say is that you started very well. I can see that the two posts you’ve published so far are optimized for long tail keywords. And I love the simple layout of your page. You didn’t kill it with excessive tweaking.

      However, after checking your about page, I read something like “We render brilliant and excellent services.” I think that statement makes you come across as a healthcare professional (doctor, surgeon, etc), which I’m not sure you are. So, simply change that to something like “We deliver high quality, unbiased information in our posts…” or something else in that line.

      As for the necessary plugins to install, I recommend the All-in-One SEO pack for optimization purposes, WP cache for faster loading, Shareaholic for social media share buttons, Akismet for catching spam comments, WP security for protection against hacks. That’s all I think you need for now. If any other comes to my mind, I’ll let you know.

      I love it when people take action and implement proven tips that they learn. People like you make me feel fulfilled. And I’m glad that some of my readers aren’t just reading, but also taking action. I’ll try to keep up with you guys until we all meet at the top.

      Keep it up, bro. You’re awesome!

      1. Thanks for the kind words bro.

        As regards what i can easily do, I mean i have what i can easily blog about now (natural health) since i’ve been struggling with niche all this while.

        As per the about page, I’ll go ahead and edit that straight away.

        Thanks for the list of plugins too

        You are really appreciated. Keep the fire burning bro!

  12. I wanted to see if you have any post on Mailchimp autoresponder and discovered your blog do not have a site search. Can you check it up.

    Now, do you have any tutorial on setting up campaings in Mailchim. Kindly share and thanks a lot.

    1. Ade,

      I don’t have any tutorial post on Mailchimp autoresponder at the moment. But I hope to publish one in the near future.

      However, if you need help setting up your Mailchimp list, I can help you (but I’ll charge a token for my time.) If you’re interested, send me an email.

  13. Hi,
    I’m looking writting too and getting paid doing that. I enjoy talking about relationships a lot so, I’m faced towards that direction. But I’m also looking at writting for companies, can you please suggest what companies I can start with that will not ask me for money for registration please? I really am ready now to swing into action and continue with my blogging.
    Thanx ok?? Greet your family

  14. Hi Abass,
    I want to get a custom domain for my blog. Which domain registrar do you recommend I should go to?

    1. Chibby,

      I recommend Namecheap. But Goaddy is fine, too.

  15. Your book on making money is really full of inspiration.

    What i love about it most is the sincerity. Its totally different from all the ones i read before from fake gurus.

  16. Am so happy to be here, pls i want to know how i can do importing business online from china or US to Nigeria

    1. Samuel,

      I would advise you to Google “Do it yourself importation guide.” In the results page, you will find the link to a Nairaland thread that discusses the topic in full detail. You should get all the information you need from that post.

  17. Hello sir,
    can i still practice freelancing if i’m usin a blackberry or android phone??

  18. Mr Abas I must confess;
    I’ve been landing on several make money online sites targeted towards Nigerians but yours is exceptional. Your ebook inspired me to create my blog (although I’ve been away from it for a while). you really know what you’re preaching. Here’s my question:

    If I want to start a niche site that talks about an health issue with the aim of growing a subscriber list and turing them into customers through the sale of my products and affiliate products, will you advise me to target the nigerian market or global market? Also, can I use a pen name for this kind of blog?

    I will be very grateful if this pressing question is answered. Thanks

    1. The global audience is more lucrative than a Nigerian audience, any time. But your chances of making headway with a global audience is down to both competition and how well you’re able to interact with your audience. To gain the trust of a global audience, you need good writing skills, and you must be able to write persuasively.

      Read this post to understand better: http://webincomeplus.com/nigerian-audience-vs-global-audience-which-should-you-target/

      As for using a pen name, there’s no problem with that.

  19. I am a Pastor that is interested in online business. I am also a newbie, actually as new as a green horn.
    How can I make money online without going far from my ministry or ministry related matters. Your response will go a long way to determine if there is anything for a Pastor in the on line legitimate way of making money or not.

    1. If you have the time and cash required, you can start an online Christian forum.

      1. Thank you Abass, but you have not really answered my question. If I have how much? And what kind of Christian forum will you suggest I start. I will appreciate if you are more explicit and detail.
        Thanks so much for your time. Seyi O.

  20. Mr. Abass, pls i need a US Paypal account and i have seen pages online of how some people here in Nigeria claim to open US paypal accounts in Nigeria but i dont know how they verify it and other things. I wanna the pros and cons of this paypal accounts and the risk involved. Cos the nigerian paypal cant receive payment

    1. Even though there are many tricks for opening and running a US PayPal account, I’d advise you to stay clear of them all — because you’ll get busted sooner or later.

      Call me on 08062357604. I need to know what exactly you need it for, so I can recommend alternatives.

  21. First Bank advertised a Pay Pal account , can we receive and pay money through it?
    SETI O.

  22. Thank u 4 ur support and ur answer towards all d question. pls my question goes thus i saw a site and it is a genuine site that one can make money frm but their payment proccessor when i ask them is global payment gateway they say i can pay through my master card to be a member but to receive money they use GPG they told me dat it works in most country but i don’t know whether it work in Nigeria. They said they pay into mastercard or visa card is it acceptable in Nigeria b4 i start d business thank u 4 ur quick response.

  23. Good evening Mr Abass. My name is humphrey udoh, I want you to check my site and what is lacking and how and where to see good hosting site in Nigerian.

    Finally, where to create a blog for Nigerian’s need.

  24. where to buy a hosting name in Nigeria

  25. hi, Abass how u doing, i really appreciate your good work here,buh i have a question please apart from selling e_book what are the other means for earning money through blogging.

    1. Teamsy,

      There are several ways to make money from blogging. I’ve discussed some of the most lucrative ones in this post: http://webincomeplus.com/the-ultimate-guide-to-generating-massive-traffic/

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