How to Choose the Right Online Business (for You)

There are several ways to make money online, but many of them are not “real businesses”.

Granted, people are making cool money from sports betting and “get-paid-to” schemes (where they’re paid to real emails or complete surveys). But the truth is, they are not real businesses, and serious-minded people shouldn’t waste their time on these risky or time-wasting ventures.

A real online business is one that you own, control, and bear full responsibility for its successes and failures (my definition). And if you really want to make money online over a long period, then set up a real business.

how to find the right online business

The following are examples of real online businesses that are very lucrative:

  1. Information marketing
  2. Affiliate marketing
  3. Freelancing
  4. Website flipping
  5. Blogging

(I have explained these businesses briefly in this post: 6 Proven, Risk-free Ways to make Real Money Online in Nigeria.)

Now, how do you make the right choice from among these businesses?

Of course, you can easily combine two or more of these businesses. But you have to start with one, which should be based on your passion and your knowledge or skills.

Let me start with the businesses that are for specific categories of people

Freelancing is for you if you have skills such as writing, website design and development, programming, data entry, search engine optimization, graphics design, video creation, editing, translation, video transcription, and so on.

Website flipping is for you if you’re a prolific writer, and you’re patient enough to develop a website from scratch into a money-spinner. Or better yet, you must be ready to spend lots of cash on content creation if you’re not a good writer yourself.

To start a website flipping business, you must have moderate to advanced knowledge of SEO, website transfer between hosts, HTML and CSS, and so on. So, this business may not be very suitable for beginners.

Information marketing is for you if you have some knowledge or skill that many people are yearning to have. Or if you’re very good at researching the web and collating high quality information that will solve people’s problems, end their worries, and answer their questions.

In addition, to succeed as an information marketer, you must be very good at marketing and writing compelling sales copies that will convince and convert prospects quickly.

Now, let’s look at online businesses that anyone can start and succeed at…

Blogging and affiliate marketing are two online businesses that anyone can venture into.

As an affiliate marketer, you can market any product that is related to your chosen business. And you can really make a lot of money from this.

Blogging is the mother of all online businesses (I’ll explain this in more detail in the 4th lesson or so). Even if you’re going into freelancing, affiliate marketing, or information marketing, having a blog around your business will boost your profit in the long run.

In addition, if you have no services to render as a freelancer or no information product to market, blogging would still be suitable for you. Just start a blog around a topic that interests you, develop it and you’ll make money through various means — Adsense, affiliate marketing, private ads, sponsored review posts, etc.

So, what’s best for you?

It all depends on your knowledge, skills, passion, and interest. Think and find the right business for you. You can start with a list of options and then narrow down to the best.

What’s yours?

What online business do you think is most suitable for you? Or are you still having problems making the choice? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment.

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Updated: June 23, 2013 — 11:10 pm


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  1. Thanks for your free course. How do you create links in Blogs?

    1. Grace,

      It’s very easy. Just highlight the text you want to turn into the anchor (clickable) text, and click on the hyperlink button on top of the editing area (you can’t miss it among the buttons). A screen pops up, in which you’ll enter the link address and link title (the link title isn’t necessary). Then click the “ok” or “save” button.

      I hope this helps.

  2. Boss I hail oh, I dey hear.
    Abeg can you drop some tips about affiliate sites that accept Nigerians.

    P.s I hope i’m not being too forward oh!

    1. Japan,

      Indeed, you’re being too forward 🙂

      Well as for affiliate sites that accept Nigerians, we have lots of them:

      1. Boss abeg no mind my mouth oh,

        Thanks a million times for the tip. I will come back here later to give testimony
        after i have grabbed my first $ 1K from affiliate marketing.

  3. how can someone create links

    1. I’ve answered your question. See my reply to Grace’s question (above).

  4. Thanks a million Mr. Abass. I also subscribe to the question being asked by Grace and Akin… Pls do well to throw more light on that…

    1. Yetty,

      You’re welcome. I’ve answered the question. Let me know if you’re still not getting it clearly.

  5. chukwuemeka onyeneke

    Thanks for this inspiring edition,i think i will go for information marketing.At least it invoves cheaper capital though more stress but all thesame i prefer it to the others.Thanks once again and God bless you

    1. Chukwuemeka,

      You’re welcome.

  6. Olufisola Agboola

    In the area of freelancing, I can do editing and data entry. I am also interested in affiliate marketing and blogging.

  7. Hy Abass,pls am into beadmaking and i intend to sell my handmade jewelries online,but i hve no idea on hw to go abt and also i wnt to knw if its a gud idea or not,tanks i kindly await ur reply

    1. Hello Jenny,

      There’s no business that you cannot market online. It’s just that the marketing strategies vary. I did a quick keyword research with word “bead”, and I discovered that you won’t get many customers through SEO because only few Nigerians are searching for related words using Google.

      But you can start a blog for showcasing your products and skills. Then adopt other proactive online marketing strategies such as forum marketing and social media marketing. Both should work well.

  8. Tnks so much am vry greatful,but could u pls throw more light on d forum marketing and social media marketing? N besides i dnt knw hw to start a blog.tnks in advance

    1. Jenny,

      Forum marketing involves using forums and online communities like Nairaland to spread word about your business and try to attract potential customers.

      Social media marketing involves using social media to market your business. An example of this is when you set up a Facebook page exclusively for your business.

      As for starting a blog, you’ll find the guidelines here:

      Feel free to ask more questions if you have any.

  9. I must commend your gud work sir. God bless you real good. Pls im into writing of poem, drama and motivational write ups, how can i make money with it online?

    1. Agbadaola,

      I would advise you to start a blog and publish your poems and motivational write-ups. To make money however, you’ll need to concentrate more on a specific niche that appeals to you the most, and you’ll need to research for keywords that people are using to find the type of content you intend publishing.

  10. kudos to you mr Abass!please how can we drive trafic to our blogging site?.

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