The Payoneer Mastercard Card: Why You Need It and How to get It

If you’re bent on making money online in Nigeria legitimately, then you’ll find more than enough opportunities to tap from — both within and outside the country.

It’s a no brainer, though, but the foreign programs are far more reliable and lucrative. And that’s cool, since most of them allow and accept Nigerians.

Before now, most of the foreign online affiliate programs and online revenue handling companies offer only PayPal and Check as payment options. And that was quite worrisome for most Nigerians; receiving money through check is an intricate process, while receiving money through PayPal was impossible — and is still impossible.

But for some years now, one blessed company called Payoneer has been to the rescue of many Nigerians, helping them to achieve their dream of making money online from foreign programs.

Payoneer issues a prepaid debit Mastercard card that can be used to receive money directly from many online platforms such as freelance job sites (e.g. Freelancer and Elance), affiliate programs (e.g. Markethealth), pay-per-click programs (e.g. Infolinks), and many others.

More interestingly, Payoneer issues U.S. virtual bank accounts to interested users and links those accounts to the users’ cards. So, with that you can receive payments from online platforms that pay through the direct deposit (ACH) option, which is now very popular.

Now, you can receive your earnings from most online revenue programs — thanks to Payoneer. Using a Payoneer card, you can withdraw your earnings from most ATMs in the country.

No doubt, Payoneer is the best alternative to PayPal that is available to Nigerians.

payoneer mastercard nigeria

With all of the above in mind, let me now walk you through the process of getting your own Payoneer Mastercard card here in Nigeria.

How to request your Payoneer Mastercard card

Note: Before proceeding to request a Payoneer card, you must have any of the following government-issued ID documents:

  • International passport
  • Driver’s license
  • National ID card

Aside being required to enter the number on your government-issued ID document, you’ll also be required to submit a scanned photo of the document from time to time for verification purposes.

So, if you don’t have any of the above listed ID documents, stop reading this post right now, and get one first before requesting your card.

You’ve got one of the documents? Great! Then carry on with the following steps…


On the home page, move your mouse pointer to the “Receive & Withdraw” link in the top menu. A dropdown menu will appear. Select “Prepaid Mastercard Card” from that menu (see red arrow in screenshot below):

Payoneer card1

On the next page that appears, click the “Sign Up Now” button (see red arrow in screenshot below):

Payoneer card2

You’ll be taken to the first page (Getting Started) of the sign up form and will be required to enter the following:

  • Your first name (exactly as it appears on your ID document).
  • Your last name (exactly as it appears on your ID document).
  • Your email address.
  • Your date of birth (exactly as it appears on your ID document) — use the popup calendar box.

After entering all the details, double-check to ensure that you’ve not made any mistake. Then click the “Next” button at the bottom of the page.

Payoneer card3

On the next page (Contact Details) of the sign up form, you’ll be required to enter the following:

  • Your country (select Nigeria).
  • Your street address.
  • Your city.
  • Your postal/zip code (enter 11001 or 110001).
  • Your phone number (select the “mobile” option, select “Nigeria (+234)” from the international code list, and then enter your mobile phone number without the initial “0” — e.g. 8062357604 instead of 08062357604)

After entering the required details, double-check for errors, and click the “Next” button

Payoneer card4

The next page you’ll see is the Security Details page, where you’ll be required to select your password as well as security question and answer.

Warning: Don’t ever forget your security question and answer. I strongly recommend that you choose a question you can easily answer without racking your brain!

After entering the required details, click the “Next” button.

Payoneer card5

You’ll be taken to the last page of the sign up form, where you’ll be required to select the type of government-issued ID document you have (driver’s license, international passport, or national ID card).

Once you select your ID type, some fields would appear so you can enter the details of the document, such as expiry date, country of issue, and number.

Payoneer card6

Just below that, you will see the “Enter alternate shipping address” part. If you’re cocksure that you do receive mails by post at the home address you submitted earlier (the address on your ID document), don’t bother checking this box.

But if you’ve never received posts by mail to that address before or you’re not sure whether you can, it’s better to choose a different shipping address (that is, the address to which your card will be shipped). You’re allowed to include a include a P.O. box in that address (but still include your home address first — in the first address field — and enter your P.O. box number in the second address box).

Next, proceed to check the three agreement boxes, and click the “Order” button.

The next page will display a message confirming that your application has been received and is being reviewed. You will receive the same message via email.

Within 3-5 business days, you should receive another email from Payoneer, stating whether your card has been shipped or not.

Once your card has been shipped, wait for up to 28 days to get it delivered to your stated address. As for me, I’ve received a Mastercard card from Payoneer on 3 different occasions, and in each instance I received the card at my Abeokuta address within 20 days after shipping.

If you’ve not received your Payoneer card after 30 days, then visit the nearest post office to make enquiries about the card. It could be that the card has been delivered there but wasn’t brought to you.

However, if you still cannot find or receive your card, you will have to request another one. In that case, I’d strongly recommend that you use another delivery address or P.O. box — one that has been used severally to receive post mails.

If you use an ambiguous address again, you risk losing the card the second time. And if that happens, you’ll be required to pay $50 before a third card can be shipped to you. Now, that’s a decent amount of money — a price you can avoid paying by being extremely careful with your choice of delivery address.

After receiving your card…

Activate your card by following the instructions on the label included in the envelope. Once you’ve completed the activation, you can start using your card to receive funds.

How to get your U.S. virtual bank account

After activating your card, log in to your account at (using your email address and the password you submitted while completing the sign up form).

After logging in to your account, move your mouse pointer to the “Receive” link in the top menu and click “US Virtual Bank Account” from the drop-down menu.

Complete your request by providing the required information and wait for the confirmation message, which you should receive within a few business days.

Now, your turn

I believe I’ve discussed the most important things you need to know about the Payoneer card and the process of getting yours.

Do you think I missed something? Are there some things you would like to know that I didn’t mention? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment. And don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

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Updated: August 7, 2015 — 7:29 pm


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  1. Hi Abass, is it possible to put my student lodge resident as my shipping address?

    1. Nonso,

      Yes, you can submit your student lodge address provided you’re sure you can receive post mails through the address.

  2. Abass, I want to express my gratitude once again. This is because all that you chose always to publish in your blogs are the most relevant matters to any one that is serious in making online.

    I got my Payoneer Master card for more than two years now, but the sad story about it is that no dime has been deposited into it since then because of my ignorance in making money online.

    Lastly, how can I know the original pin of my Payoneer Master card, and how can I personalise it?. Thank you so much.

    1. Christopher,

      Thank for your kind words. To find the original PIN of your card, you can contact the Payoneer staff by clicking the Support link at the top menu of your account area (the page you see after logging in to your Payoneer account).

  3. Your lectures has indeed been very educating and intellectually stimulating.

    I have been following your post long ago and have signed up for a payoneer master card, received it and activated it.

    However, i am yet to make a dime from any online business.

    To me i will prefer a hassle less program that i can commit to to make some money online.

    You made mention of infolinks in this post as a pay per click program.

    Could you please elaborate deeper on pay per click, because i believe this might just be my long sought after niche.

    Many thanks,


    1. Infolinks is a pay-per-click program, just like Google Adsense. You place their banners and links within your blog content, and make money each time your visitors click on the links. Once your earnings reach the minimum payout amount, your total payout will be sent to your card. It’s that simple.

  4. Hi Abass, pls how do I go about ordering my card with DHL cause I have no P.O Box address.

    1. Francis,

      You’ll have to contact the Payoneer support staff after requesting your card to inform them that you’ll prefer to receive yours via DHL. For that, they’ll charge you $50.

      1. Ok thanks a lot @ Abass

  5. You really made it simple and easy for me and everyone…. I must say this is a wonderful explaination. I will definitely get mine because i have been tickling with the idea… Thanks a lot..

    1. You’re welcome, Darlington. I’m glad you found the post helpful.

  6. I got payoneer card last year but I have never received money on it. My clients always prefer Paypal to Payoneer.

    I am looking for a way to partner with a Nigerian in UK or US, who can open Paypal for me with his name, and with my email so that I will know when someone pay me. Then after the money accumulate, he will deposit it into my payoneer account and I withdraw here in Naija.

    At the moment, I partnered with Nigerian company that has Paypal account and I use their paypal to receive my monies but they pay me N180 per dollar. As far as I am concerned, there is no alternative to paypal.

    1. Stanislaus,

      I understand that most foreign individuals prefer to use PayPal due to its convenience. But Payoneer has a “request payment” feature, which allows you to send a payment invoice your client. They can simply pay you through credit card by using the link in that invoice. It’s very easy, though not as easy as PayPal. If your clients can be understanding enough, they can still use that.

      The trick you have in mind (i.e. partnering with someone abroad really works and is very safe). It’s the same method I’ve been using to get my money via PayPal. But in my own case, my funds are sent to me via Western Union. So, I only have to pay the transaction charge, which isn’t too much.

      Well, as for your last statement that there’s no alternative to PayPal, I won’t agree with that. There are many alternatives, one of which is Payoneer. What I guess you’re trying to say is that there is no substitute for PayPal — and I agree with that. An alternative doesn’t necessarily have to be a perfect substitute; it’s just a second option. So, there are alternatives, but no perfect substitute.

      Thanks for reading the post, and for leaving a great comment. Again, I’ll interview you on this blog soon:)

      1. YES, that is what I mean – Paypal has no substitute. Thanks

  7. Your post is clear, but my problem is I dont have any of the government issued card. But I will get one soon. thank you.

  8. Thank you so much for this post. I know I had read about Payooneer a while ago but I couldn’t recall the name,as soon as I got the mail update,I knew I had to read this post! And yes I am definitely getting my card

    1. Tope,

      Thanks for checking by. I’m glad you found the post helpful.

  9. Thank you for that clear and helpful information. You surely are a blessing to online business seekers in Nigeria. I will personally contact you via e-mail for any problem I might encounter. Thanks

    1. David,

      Thanks for taking your time to read the post. I’m glad you found it helpful.

  10. Abass, God bless you. You are always there to the rescue. Thanks for all the free info you always dish out to your loyal subscribers. Will get back to you later. Once again thanks

    1. You’re welcome, Ifeanyi. Thanks for the kind words.

  11. Hi Abass, thanks for the very educative post.
    I’ve applied for a national ID card over 6 months ago so that i can get the payoneer master card, but unfortunately, the ID card is still not ready. My question is can i use the slip i was issued to apply for the mastercard?

    1. Jamila,

      I’m not sure whether they’ll accept the temporary slip. But you can email their customer support to clarify.

  12. you talk of having the card,then,a US virtual bank account.can the card do without the account, because the convention is opening an account before requesting a card.

    1. Abraham,

      Well, the Payoneer card is a special case. As you request your card, you get an online “wallet” with Payoneer that holds your funds and makes it available on your card. The US virtual bank account is a standalone feature offered as an addon. You can still use your Payoneer card without the US bank account. So, the card can do without the US bank account.

  13. thanks for sharing this helpful tips i just got my payoneer mastercard two days ago


  14. Thanks for not been greedy, because some of the information you gave freely are been sold for money by other internet marketers. May God bless the work of your hand

    1. I appreciate your kind words, Adebayo.

  15. Hi Abass…
    I also have a website that teaches small entrepreneurs all it takes to start up an online business at Your articles are truly filled with valuable information and I must say you know your onions. Can I please have your mailing address. Would love to keep in touch. Thanks

  16. Thank u great mentor and pls sory for late submit my urgen require and question is that Imagine i hve been in online busines and want to get my payooner card but the name and date of birth on my NATIONAL IDENTCARD ARE EXTREMELY DIFFIRENT WITH THE NAME I CURENT US IN MY EDUCATION AND ONLINE BUSINES.CAN PAYOOOER PARDON ME THAT MISTAKE WHICH I DID LONG AGO WHILE REGISTER MY IDENTCARD.then i am yet in my 16 year and can’t acept my age so i used 1984 instead of 1986 which is correct.I hpe ur reply thank you

  17. Thanks for the info,I have just applied for my payoneer master card.intact I am expecting mine next month.I am gratefull


    1. They won’t call your cell. Trace is to the nearest post office. But if you can’t find it, request another one, using a better address (preferably P.O. box).

  19. what is the use or importance of setting the US virtual account upon activating your payoneer account? If you don’t open it what do you lose? if you open the virtual account what does it do for you? Good job abbass you are detailed and always on point.

    1. Bernard,

      The U.S. virtual account makes it possible for you to receive funds from schemes like Amazon affiliate program, Clickbank, etc. that pay via direct deposit to U.S. bank accounts. But if you’re not dealing with any of such sites and you’re not planning to, then you have nothing to lose. You can continue using just your Payoneer account.

  20. hi Abass, Thanks for your priceless info, 1. can I get my card approved with my permanent voter’s card? 2. in your. paypal article, after opening in the us with my email address,can I link it with my say Gt acc, 3. why do you have to be sent your money via western union when you’ve got your paypal approved? please kindly clerify.Thanks.

    1. Mimshack,

      1. I don’t think you can get your account approved with a permanent voter’s card, since that’s not one of the cards listed on the site.

      2. No, you can’t link a US-created PayPal account with your GTB account. That’s a recipe for having the account banned!

      3. Even if you’ve got your PayPal approved, note that PayPal does not issue cash. So, if you need to get your money as cash, you will need it to be sent via WU.

  21. Thanks Abass 🙂

  22. Wow! Words alone cant express my gratitude. I’ve just received an online lectures of things I know nothing of just like a dummy. May God continue to reward u. Please and please, wch companies do u suggest one can use to get his money via PayPal and how it will be wired to Nigeria with full trust and guarantee… Also wot other cool internet biz can someone do to earn money even if its on PayPal and those also on payoneer. May God continue to increase you coz we cnt pay enough for such info u kip dishing out

  23. Many thanks for your selfless postings & direct emails. They have helped. Kindly explain how donation can be received through a portal on our NGO website in the absence of PayPal. Is payoneer card useful for this? Does it mean the current PayPal portal on the website may rendered useless?

  24. but paypal is now accept nigeria OR not?

  25. Nice post but i have one problem

    i don’t understand what you meant by that p.o box is that every state has their own p.o box?

    mr abass,please i need your reply

    1. Maro dont you have a post office around.stop asking dommy question,for you to be able to make money online you have to be smart my dear or easl you not going to make a dine

  26. Hi abass,
    i lack all the above requirment you posted but i am yet to start geting my own.In my mind i think that i have have to first start chronologically registered a P.O.Box,to a national ID,payoneer debit mastercard,a blog,a freelane writter,and then to other affiliate marketing.Right?

  27. Hello abass,,my national I’d card is not ready yet,,can I use the temporary slip given to me?

    1. No, Payoneer won’t accept that.

  28. Hello and thanks for sharing this important information, your awesome!!!

  29. pls sir I just received my payoneer today but don’t know how to get started and start making money

    1. Kelechi,

      You mean you just requested a Payoneer card without having any online business going? Well, you can get started by reading my free ebook on making money online in Nigeria (Click “Free Ebook” in the top menu). That will open your eyes to the various opportunities available.

  30. Mr Abbas, gud morning am so glad am here because I ave series of question but I will start with d payoneer MasterCard, I applied for d card but during d process something happened, I wanted to use national I.d card but when I applied for d card I was only given a slip containing my number, photo and name they said I can use it for any legitimate transaction pending when I will b issued the main card and I used it…intact d shipping date is close but am afferade if it will work out?

    1. Cyeil,

      If the shipping date is closed and you’ve not gotten your card, it means it’s lost in transit. You can visit your nearest local post office to enquire about it. If you still can’t find it, request another one, using another address that has been repeatedly used to receive post mails.

  31. Secondly I don’t ave a site of my own but I choose to start affiliate business with the card but d challenge before me now is I don’t knw he to post on Facebook where by facebook will not ban me or disapprove d post because my plan is to use my Facebook in making my Sals as an affiliate, Mr Abbas pls what is the way out?

    1. Cyeil,

      That’s why it’s better to have a blog that you can control.

  32. Thanks for sharing this info, but how can I fund my payoneer card with my local bank card?

    1. You can’t use your Payoneer card to receive funds from your own local account. You can only use it to receive funds from other individuals or companies.

  33. And asum you did not use your real name that will tally with the name on your ID to create your e-mail and blog, do you advice that one should go ahead with such e-mail and blog for the payoneer account?

  34. thanks for this eye opener. my question is, can i use payoneer mastercard to withdraw from a canada google adsense account?

    1. Well, I don’t know about that.

  35. You did very well by taking your time to explicitly write out this post, I appreciate your effort. I have just one question.

    In what currency will funds withdrawn from ATM machines in Nigeria, using the payoneer mastercard, be paid in, Naira or Dollars?

  36. Hi Abass,

    Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge for free. You are blessed.
    Please can you help me out on this. I have a networking business and you can only claim money through Paypal or skrill account and i don’t have any of this accounts and by your explanation,even if i have a paypal account, Paypal account is only use for transfer and payment in Nigeria, what do you advise i do?

  37. Hello Abass! God bless you for your detailed information. Could you pls help to write a post on how to create a verified paypal account in nigeria using USA address? And also how to withdraw money from paypal here in nigeria. Many thanks genius!

  38. hello there
    i have made a mistake i wrote my current home address instead of my passport permanent address what should i do that a major problem.

    1. Bakhul,

      You’re likely to have a problem, but I’m not so sure. You can contact the Payoneer support staff to notify them of the issue. I’m sure they’ll tell you what to do.

  39. Hello sir, i tried using the payoneer card on three mastercard atm machines today but they did not give me cash. I have 17 dollars in it when i tried . please help me , what can i do? Has it stopped working for nigerians? I tried it on union bank, uba bank, and sterling bank but they didnt work.

    1. Mike,

      The Payoneer card still works here in Nigeria. You’re unable to withdraw your money probably because you entered a withdrawal amount that is more than the balance you have left. Note that you can only withdraw from your Payoneer card at the CBN rate (N199 at the moment) and not the parallel market rate, which is much higher right now.

  40. thanks so much for introducing payoneer to me. but how do i found my account

  41. Thanks sir abazz for sharing this information that others charge for money. The truth is that i lack the requirements above but i will get one soon. The problem is that this ID takes time to get. National ID takes up to a year. Driving licence is only if u can drive and the issuance costs 10k in my side. International passport is only if you plan to travel abroad. l I don’t know whether its advisable to use by parents ID to do this so that i can start receiving money because i just finished secondary school this year Or is it to apply and wait for it.

    1. You don’t have to plan to travel before you can get an international passport. I got one a few months ago, and I wasn’t asked a single question regarding traveling plans.

  42. Please how can i get mine
    Can you help me ?

  43. Will i have to present my identity document on collection of the card?

    1. Sometimes, the postman might request for an identity document to be sure you’re the owner of the package.

  44. This is really a great step by step guide… LOVED it!
    I’m very interested in Payoneer now, seeing that its monthly search volume and interest have multiplied

  45. pis i open my account with passport will i still get my card pls

  46. pls i just opened my if i can get i will be happy

  47. Hello Abass Toriola!

    Thank you for these wonderful post. It comes as a big relief, because for several weeks now, I’ve been looking for means to get a card that I can use online, without having to open a domiciliary account. I have an issue though, I tried to sign up for the Payoneer card on my mobile but I could not find an option for the country Nigeria. I did find our dialing code though! Please can you advice accordingly. Is it because I’m signing from a mobile device?


  48. Hi Abass,
    Thanks for this post!
    I signed up for Payoneer account a couple of months ago, but I didn’t receive the card. Afraid of losing it the second time, I attempted to order another one using a friend’s PO Box, but the request was declined on the ground that the PO Box must have my name.
    I don’t want the card to meet the same fate as the first because of irregularities in Nigeria postal service.
    I’m thinking of getting a PO box for myself, although not sure about the fees and requirements.

    1. Simply use your name. Then tell your friend about it, so he would help you retrieve it when it’s delivered. You don’t have to get your own mail box because of this.

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