How to Identify Information Products (E-books, etc.) That Can Really Help You Make Money Online

They’re all over the place. And you probably have seen many of them.

I mean those sales pages put up by Nigerians who claim to be making millions online, but in reality are desperate broke asses who only want you to buy their useless e-books (or other information products).

As I stated in yesterday’s post, most of the information products sold by Nigerian internet marketers are not worth your time or money. But that doesn’t rule out the fact that there are few ones you’ll get a lot of value from.

genuine ebook nigeria

The truth is, there are e-books and other info products out there that are created by Nigerians and that really contain immense value — although those are in the minority.

I need to tell you this because I don’t want you to dismiss every information product you stumble upon as a scam. That way, you can end up snubbing a product that can actually help you succeed.

Now, how can you tell the really valuable offers from the scams?

I’ll be as straight-to-the-point as possible.

Once you stumble on an e-book or any other information product created by a Nigerian, just ask yourself the following two questions:

1. Is the author an expert in the topic?

If you can find authentic evidence that the author has been working in a capacity related to the topic for a good number of years, then you’ll most likely get value from the product.

For example, if travel agent with 10 years of experience creates an e-book titled How to get a Canadian Visa with Ease, then it will most likely be a good buy.

By “convincing evidence”, I mean convincing evidence that you can find on credible sources elsewhere, not on the sales page. (Many people claim to be what they’re not once money-making is involved.) If you cannot find such evidence, don’t buy the product—even if the author lists 25 professional qualifications on the product’s sales page.

2. Does this author offer free valuable information that is closely related to the product’s topic?

The only way to make money selling information products online is to build a loyal audience.

And the only way to build a loyal audience is to consistently offer free information that people will find helpful and valuable — using a blog, forum, Facebook page, or any other platform.

This way, people will trust you over time, regard you as an expert, and then buy whatever products or services you have to offer. And this takes time.

But desperadoes will never play by that rule. They’re not ready to go through the pain of building an audience. All they want is quick cash.

So, if you’re unable to find a blog, forum, or other online platform where the author has consistently shared valuable information and gotten positive feedback from other people, don’t ever buy the product.

Even if the author claims to have a blog or Facebook page, check it out to know the kind of information published on it. If all you see is stuff that contains no value, then the product will most likely be crappy, too.

But if the information offered for free is so valuable that you find it hard to believe that such could be given away at no cost, then premium products created by the author will most likely be top-notch.

PS. In line with Akaahan Terungwa’s comment, I deem it necessary to add this: Even if you think the information offered on the author’s blog or Facebook page is valuable, check to see if he or she is the original author of the information.

You can check their posts for plagiarism by simply pasting them in online plagiarism checkers (I recommend

Many Nigerians copy valuable information from other sources and present it as theirs. Never buy information products created by such people.

Copying other people’s content and presenting it as yours is not only ethical, but is also enough proof that the culprit has nothing to offer. An “author” who cannot create a blog post or article on his or her own will never be able to create an e-book.

So, those two criteria can help you figure if a product will give you the value you expect from it or not.

Do you even have to buy e-books in the first place?

I’d say…sometimes. There are times when you’ll have to pay for e-books, e-courses, or other information products in order to fully understand what a particular online business entails, especially for Nigerians.

While you’ll find many free e-books online on the same topic, you may not gain much from them because most of them are not catered to Nigerians and won’t work for you as a result.

To succeed in some online businesses, you need the assistance of a fellow Nigerian who has achieved success at that business. And that person has packaged the information you need in a premium product, then nothing should stop you from buying it.

You see, every blogger is out to make money in one way or the other. So, if such a person plans to sell information products, don’t expect such a person to give you all the information he knows for free. If he does that, there’ll be nothing left for him or her to make money with. Put yourself in that situation, and you’ll understand it better.

So, it’s not a crime for anyone to sell information products online. What’s actually wrong and unethical is to package useless information into an information product and tell all sorts of lies just to entice others to buy it.

My friend, if dropping some cash is the only way you can get some products or information that you think will be of great help, do that — provided you’re convinced it’s not a scam.

Don’t buy an e-book or other type of information product simply because you’ve seen mouth-watering screenshots of the author’s earnings report. Or because you’ve seen a lot of testimonials. Or because the seller has narrated how the information in the product made him or her a millionaire within three months.

All those can be faked. Yes, I know many desperadoes do that.

When you come across such offers, be careful, and don’t allow the urge to make quick money to push your common sense out of the window. Search for convincing evidence that the product will most likely be valuable before making your purchase.

That way, you’re less likely to be scammed.

Your turn?

What do you think about this post? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment. I’ll reply — as usual.

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Updated: October 13, 2014 — 7:08 am


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  1. Hi Abass,

    I cannot but completely agree with you. If an information marketer succeeds in show casing over 10 eBooks and another 50 as bonuses and his/blog was last updated about 2 years ago with crappy stuff, then chances are that such a fellow is warming up to scam his or her victims. The question that always come to my mind is: “which is easier to write: an eBook or a blog post?”

    Now, the logic is quite simple: if you cannot write a simple blog post, is it an eBook that you can manage to write?!

    There was this fellow that used to parade himself as an expert on making money online. In his case, he even had a blog…but guess what? All the entries on his blog were lifted directly from mine – together with even the photos! When I discovered this, I was red hot with anger! How on earth should I encourage a scammer to use my articles? I publicly engaged him and had my articles taken down.

    Guess what? Since then (over two months ago), his blog remains without fresh content! Now, the question is: what is this fellow really packaging and selling?

    Abass, keep up the good work! Sincerely, you rock!!


    1. Akaahan,

      Great comment as always. My own experience is even worse. Could you believe one guy downloaded my free ebook (How to Make Money Online in Nigeria) and put it up for sale on Fiverr?

  2. pls sir, i have nt make a kobo online b4 can u help me to start making money online

  3. I have follwed one and was offering the price for #7500 in the first instant but later he reduce the price to #2000 as independece bonus, it can be very childish at times

  4. Hi thanks for this post entry here at webincomeplus, I am totally against some of our Infomation or internet Marketers here in Nigeria, Many time they scares their propentive client with wide screenshoot claim and Bank alert on there sale page. Actually I don’t buy the Idea of most of them and what they claim they earn, when you look at some of the Foriegn Bloggers like Derean Rose, Pat, Niel peter and Most other top internet Marketers, they approach their Marketing Strategies by Offering Quality and Consistant update on their blog and leting you to make your choice. I once mention on that we Nigerian Marketers and Bloggers need to come togather and find a means to resolved most of all this crapy and Get RICH QUICK syndrom that is every way in this Country. I still stand my ground that we need to Better this Industry of Blogging and internet Business in Nigeria by working as a team. Nigerian Blog Award is doing Greate, but we need to have a central Network that will unit Us all and with that we can Move foward. Most of our foriegn counterpart always see us as a male player and incompetent bc u can,t tell somebody to buy a product on how to creat a niche site without even having one or tell somebody how to do affiliate program without having a substantial product/content on your website or blog. I think I need to stop here for now because If I have to continue pouring how I feel I may not finish it up today.

  5. Like u see my mind. It’s everywhere. And in my search, I stumbled upon many of them. Well, I’ve never fell for one and I don’t think I will. Keep up the good work bro.

  6. This has been the nigerian trend and it boils my heart when I see those self-proclaiming experts claim they have a “secret technique” to make one rich. The worse scenario is that they actually top google’s page for the “make money online in nigeria” keyword while the genuine ones are far below.Why would this be happening? Does Google don’t have a way of scrutinizing blogs for genuineness?
    Nigerians should start buiding our online image.
    Nice post Abass, after the very long break, I think you came with a bang!
    Keep the pen dancing, the thoughts coming and the ball rolling!

    1. Emmanuel,

      Yes, “secret techniques” they call the rubbish they have to offer. It’s quite unfortunate that their sales pages pop up first on result pages for queries like “how to make money online in Nigeria”. But I think it’s all a matter of time, and the genuine ones will topple them.

      Thanks for taking your time to read the post.

  7. I’m very grateful with this useful and timely information. I’d stumbled on some of these spammers’ sales page and I always laugh at some of their fake testimonies, bank statements, fake pictures etc.

    One of my family friends rushed to me one day and said he read about how to make money online free of charge without any stress, but he must buy an eBook on how to do this from the owner of the page for #6,500. Can you imagine that dubious way of getting money?

    But I told that brother that he should ignore it that how can you make money free of charge? What about the web hosting and the data you are going to use to do the business, will those be free? What about the eBook he is selling, is it free?

    In fact am tired of all these gimmicks! There is nothing wrong in selling one’s niche, but let us be real and original in our presentations knowing fully well that there is a GOD watching all of us and He will judge us according to what we say or do on the last day; this is true, either we believe it or not.

    However, as you said in your blog, there are still few that are real like yourself, and it means we don’t have to be insinuating that all bloggers, e-book writers, content writers,etc are fake. The truth of the matter is that some of us Nigerians are too money conscious to the extent that we are unable to read some of the principles involved in making online and offline money through the internet.

    In other words, some Nigerians fall into this trap because of what they see on the sales page of the owner without verifying whether he/she is the original builder of the site.

    Don’t misunderstand me! I’m not against engaging the services of blog or web designers, but are those things on the site legit? Let me also say here like others who have commented on this blog that it’s high time all Nigerian Bloggers should come together and find lasting solution to this challenge. Likewise, let every Nigerian be wise and patient to verify every niche before they buy.

    Finally let me use this medium to thank ABASS for this useful PIECE, and also those that have commented on this issue, you all have submitted well. God bless!

    1. Jeremiah,

      Your comment really wowed me. It’s long enough to make a blog post on its own. And more importantly, it’s full of wise thoughts. I agree with every point you raised in your comment.

      Thank you very much for taking your time to read the post, and for the time you took to write this loooong comment.

      You’re awesome!

  8. most have said a lot but integrity is the engine to all the tires of a genuine online marketer, use your no.6. always kudos to abass.

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