How to Open a Nigerian PayPal Account in 10 Minutes

On Tuesday, June 17, 2014, PayPal finally made good its earlier promise to allow Nigerians use its service.

But, the development came with restrictions: you can only send money to other PayPal accounts (not those owned by fellow Nigerians, though) or make online payments for products and services. You cannot receive or withdraw funds.

So, if you need a PayPal account for receiving funds from abroad, I guess this development will leave you disappointed rather than impressed. (I once shared a smart trick for opening and verifying a PayPal account that will allow you to receive and withdraw funds. Click here to read the article.)

But you have every reason to be excited if you’re one of those who need the service for making online payments.

The restrictions notwithstanding, creating your own Nigerian PayPal account has its benefits. With it, you can pay online for products and services such as Fiverr gigs, ebooks, mobile apps, software packages, website and blog themes, WordPress plugins, mini importation products, and so on.

Opening and verifying your PayPal account is very simple. Just follow these steps:

  • Visit
  • Click “Sign up for free”paypal home
  • Click “Open an account” under the “Individual” tab. (Don’t create a business account unless you have a strong reason to do that. You might be required to provide certain business documents that you may not have.)paypal 1
  • Fill the form and click “Agree and create account”
  • On the security challenge page, enter the code displayed in the space provided and click “Continue”paypal 2
  • Provide your credit card details as required on the next page, and click “Continue”

And that’s all. You’ve created your own PayPal account. If your you receive an error message regarding your credit card details, click “Continue to my account” and try to verify your account again using the “Get verified” link.

Below is a screenshot of my own verified PayPal account.paypal verified

So, get online and register yours. The whole process takes less than 10 minutes (depending on your connection speed, though).

Any questions?

Share them in the comments section.

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Updated: June 21, 2014 — 10:33 am


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  1. does it accept debit card?

    1. Does it accept Debit MasterCard, my bank only gave debit MasterCard

  2. Please can I used my fidelity Bank card to operate paypal account?

    1. If it’s a Mastercard or Visa, YES. But if it’s verve, NO.

    2. I have been unable to put in my Fidelity Visa debit card. I already have a PayPal UK account. Please how do I do this?

  3. i opened mine last Saturday and it’s cool just that i can’t receive funds (Well,no funds to receive yet.. lol)….

    I have made two payments now and it’s great,just hope they allow full functionality As soon as possible

    1. How do u mean by full functionality

    2. I’ve opened my paypal account verified but I don’t know if I need to make payment into my paypal account before making payment but I need to pay for an invoice .

  4. By the way sir,I didn’t receive any email about your latest blog posts…just had to drag myself in here….

    atlast,I finally moved my blogger blog to WordPress *smiles*
    Sir,Is there any plugin that changes your Default admin section (Like default is,I want to change it to something like “mychoice.wp-admin”)

    2.) I installed Antivirus and Wordfence, Are they enough for security ?

    3.) I installed contact form 7 but i can’t find the form on my blog

    4.) AddThis And other social Plugins aren’t working on my blog,What’s wrong ?

    5.) What other plugin do i need ? i already have W3TC,Social Share, Jet Pack, Akismet,Yoast Seo,NoSelf Pings,Limit Login Attempts

    Sorry for diverting

    1. and oh,the name of the plugin you Are currently using for your fb comments….Thanks a lot sir

      1. Facebook Comments by Alex Moss.

        1. Got it!!! Facebook comments but you didn’t answer my other questions

    2. Lanre,

      I didn’t send email updates for the last two posts on PayPal, and that was deliberate. So, your subscription is still very much intact. No problems at all.

      Good to know that you’re now on WP. I’m sure you’ve started feeling the huge difference between WP and blogger? That’s a great step anyway.

      I don’t understand your questions about changing the admin section. Please explain better.

      Ithemes security is the best plugin for protecting your WP blog from hackers. As for preventing spam comments, install both Akismet and G.A.S.P. (Growmap Anti-Spam Plugin).

      On how to use contact form 7, search Google for tutorials on that. I don’t use it any more, and I’m not sure I can recall how I used it back then.

      Install Shareaholic for social media sharing.

      With the plugins you already have and the ones I just recommended, you should be just fine, unless you have additional needs.

      1. I already used “Sociable” and it looks great

        Would install G.A.S.P as you’ve said And Ithemes but Wordfence seems to be working well because i received an email alert telling me someone wanted to brute force my site, And it blacklisted his ip straight away

        What i meant About the login section is this — seeing mu default is this 9******.com/wp-admin/ ,Isn’t there a plugin to allow you make a custom change to it, allowing it to be something like …..

        lastly, i thought i wasn’t on the list anymore ..great to know am still in
        Thanks a lot for your Quick Replies

  5. this is a step forward with a mix feeling. i think is begining to see the potentials Nigerian internet users will have that’s why they gave us a green light. but generally we’re one step forward and i think it’ll not take time for paypal to allow us use there services to the fullest.

  6. Pozigha Sophia Agadah

    I tried opening the PayPal acct with my gtbank naira Mastercard but it couldn’t verify it. Is the naira Mastercard not acceptable or what do I do?

    1. I don’t why you’re having problems with the verification process. I’m usinga GTB Naira MC, too. And that’s what I used for my own verification.

      1. Hello i have tried to purchase stuff from newlook uk and when i go to pay with my paypal acc it redirects me to the newlook website and says theres been an error from pay pal. What do i do and what could be the problem? By the way, my pay pal acc is verified.

        1. Kelechi,

          It may be that the site doesn’t allow purchases from Nigeria.

          1. Sir, i have a verified paypal account link with my bank account, pls i need to pay some money through paypal account, how will i do these with my account with the paypal.

  7. can one open a PayPal account through his phone Cus mine is not permitting me

    1. If your phone doesn’t allow you, then use a PC.

  8. Why can’t I register with my pad, is d registration restricted to only desk top user. If that is the case, how do I turn my pad into a desktop console. Any ideas.


    1. Well, if you’re having problems registering with your pad, simply use a PC.

  9. Also can I be able to do a transaction worth $2000.
    Also these about providing my card details, is it OK as my Bank warns against that

    1. This is definitely not the type of instance your bank is warning about. The details you’ll be asked to provide are the same details you will provide when trying to buy something online (if you’ve done that before). Paypal will not ask for your PIN. And mind you, if anything, Paypal is more security-serious than your bank.

  10. providing card details online , is it safe

    1. Yes, it is safe, especially with PayPal.

  11. Thank for all ur answers. But U ve not still answered this part “can I make a transaction of over 2000usd to another PayPal account? ”

    1. There’s no limit to the amount of money your can send. If there is any, it would have been clearly stated by PayPal.

  12. Pls help me, how do I go about it. How do I do it

  13. Hello…To verify my paypal account, do I need money in my GTB Naira MasterCard account to process the verification? I keep on getting the error messages. Also do I have to hint the bank for it to be effective? Thanks.

    1. Davyd,

      Yes, you need to have some money in your bank account. N400 would be okay. This is because PayPal will charge some money off the card. but the money will be returned later (I think within 3 days).

      1. I was charged when I added my card. Was wondering if paypal charges to link a credit card to the account. Happy it will be refunded after some says. Thanks for the information.

  14. I just opened a paypal account. I tried to verify it has gone through too but it hasn’t come up on my account. Iv checked my GTB account statement immediately online via internet banking. How long will it take to come up so i can see the unique 4 digit code with which i will use to confirm my card and verify my paypal account. I want to pay for something ASAP. Do i have to wait for the card confirmation and account verification to go through first. Thanks

    1. Sheila,

      I hope the issue is resolved now. Is it?

  15. U cant add funds to ur paypal account so how do u purchase with the account balance being on zéro dollars

    1. John,

      Yes, your account will always display 0.00 dollars. Just go ahead with any purchase you want to make, and the funds will be withdrawn directly from the card (account) you linked with your PayPal account during verification.

  16. Good day,
    The debit card ill have to use to open the paypal account can be in Naira or dollars ?
    Because all the payments ill do later supposed to be in dollars .

    1. Shadi,

      You don’t have to bother about that. Even if your card is denominated in Naira, the Naira equivalent of the dollar or other currency you’re transacting in will be deducted.

  17. Pls help! I keep getting this error msg that my billing address does not match my paypal address what could be wrong?

    1. That probably means the address registered with your bank account/ATM card is different from the one you used while registering your PayPal account. Both must be the same.

  18. Pls, is the website not accessible for sign up on weekends? Because i tried signing up but the link for signing up was not included on the page..any help?

    1. It’s definitely available all the time. Are you using a phone or PC. If you’re using a phone, try using a PC.

  19. Nice. Total crap by paypal.

  20. Hi Abass,
    I can’t verify my paypal account after I signed up. It keep on bringing an error response that the paypal billing address need to match my paypal street address. I used Diamond bank visa ATM card. The address I use in opening the bank account is my office address and it is the same address I used in paypal registration. If you can help me out I will be very grateful.

  21. Would want to know if u can send money to a nigerian in the us with a nigerian paypal account?

    1. If that Nigerian in the U.S. has a U.S. Paypal account, then he will be able to receive funds from someone in Nigeria using a Nigerian PayPal account. But if that person opened a Nigerian account, he won’t be able to receive the funds.

  22. am having difficulty with the billing address.

  23. Helo sir pls can i call u? Cos am havin problem opening paypal account. Here is my phone number 07066213842 or here’s my email,

  24. i still don’t feel very happy with because we deserve more than what they gave us.
    Join our Naija community today

  25. I wanted to fund my Paypal Account, it was open with a foreign IP Address and it is a verified one. But i don’t want to use Nigeria IP or Nigeria debit Card to connect it because Paypal can be really crazy sometimes if the see the current activities are from our Country Nigeria. So I want to fund it and use it to pay for a service that involve paypal, so please help. Also send me your phone number, facebook id. thanks.

  26. Finally paypal. The weapon within my grasp! Just opened mine today, verified and all. Even though it has limited features, it’s all I need. Not having it at all is what held me back but no more. It’s time to move forward. Thanks for the info.

  27. Hi mr toriola I tried opening a paypal account for sending funds only and I did not see Nigeria in the space for countries plz help me out

  28. Hi Mr Abass i tried opening a paypal account buh after filling all the necessary fields and providing my uba debit card no i still remain on that page..wat seems to be d problem please

    1. Daniel,

      Are you using a phone or PC? If you’re using a phone, I’d suggest you use a PC instead.

  29. Hello, good morning. I opened a paypal account some years back but I never used. So now I just read your article and I tried using the link below to create another account. It said the email address has been used before. My issue now is closing the other account which has refused to close. Thank u

    1. Rachel,

      I’d advise you to create a new email address and use that for your new PayPal account.

  30. Abubakar Isah Muhammad

    can i use it and shop on ebay? do they deliver to Nigeria now?

    1. I learned a few Ebay sellers now ship to Nigeria. I’m not sure, though.

      1. You’ve done a good job here. I don’t think Paypal would do better! Thanks for your patience in answering questions – even when you’ve already answered above.

        Just to say I live in Europe and use Paypal. For over two years, I have been buying things on Ebay with shipping address to Nigeria. Not all Ebay sellers ship to Nigeria, and when contacted, some can agree to ship if registered. But a good number do ship to Nigeria.

        1. Bem,

          Thanks for shedding more light on the matter. You’re awesome!

          1. You can find my best email on the “Hire me” page. Use that one.

  31. Hi,i just opened my paypal account but i’m still having problems with the verification. It keeps returning an error message that the card was issued by a foreign bank. What should i do next?

  32. Thanks, I followed the steps and i just got verified now, I can pay on those paypal receiving sites from now. thanks for the info.

    1. Andrew,

      You’re welcome. I’m glad you found the post helpful.

  33. congratulations 2 moi..atlast i opened dis paypal of a thing 2day,fully verified..buh aw am i going 2 purchase stuffs wen ma balance reads 0.00usd

    1. You won’t be able to load funds directly unto that account, so it will always remain at 0.00 usd. However, if you want to make a purchase or transfer, just go ahead, and the money will be deducted directly from the ATM card you used for verification.

      1. Pls I want to ask whc is my PayPal acct num? Is it d four digit num dat I used in verifying or my own acct num whc I used to link my PayPal?

        1. Grace,

          There’s nothing like a PayPal account number. What you’ll be using for transactions is your PayPal ID, which is the email address you registered with.

          1. Thanks very much. That mean in d place where am asked to provide my PayPal acct I will use my email add.

  34. tanx 4 evritin Sir..God bless

  35. Hi Abass, Tanx a million 4 ur very useful clarifications.My concerns about PayPal acct operation are already fully covered. Keep riding high,brother!

  36. Dear Mr Abass,

    Hello and how are you doing? I hope very well.Pls I sent you an email yesterday October 20th seeking to find some clarifications on paypal.Pls I know that you are a very busy man but I will be very glad if you can find time to reply the mail.Thank you very much and God bless you.

    Olufisan Adeniyi

  37. It’s me again Olufisan Adeniyi.i sent my mail to

  38. Hi Mr. Abass, i would like to know if i can use my UBA Africard or MasterCard to open and verified a paypal Account?

  39. Please can i still withdraw using my atm/debit card i use for opening paypal acccount, on atm machine or paying locally on pos

    1. Of course. Linking your ATM card with your Paypal account doesn’t stop you from using your card anywhere else as before.

  40. Boss,thanx for the gud job u’r doing here.I’m having prb with veriication.I’v bn waiting for my 4digit code buh I dint c it.

  41. hello!!! Abbas,
    can i use my ATM card to open a paypal accout?

  42. if i already have an account before that i was using outside Nigeria, what is the need of opening another account in Nigeria… Do i need to open another account or what ?

    1. If you already have an account you use outside Nigeria, logging in with a Nigerian IP can get your account frozen. But you shouldn’t have problems retrieving it provided you have the required verification documents.

  43. Good day Abbas. after using my MasterCard to open my PayPal account, do I have to use my ATM again to verify the account?.

    1. Pam,

      I don’t understand your question. Your ATM and your Mastercard should mean the same card. Or can you explain better?

  44. I have opened my PayPal account and I have activated it, deduction had been made by PayPal but they are asking me for a 4 digits code that came along with charges from my bank to verify that the deductions have been made on my card. Where can I get this code from cos I can’t find it from the alert I got

    1. Check the notification message you got carefully, you’ll find the code there.

  45. hi, tried purchasing a product online but it was denied, do i need to fund my paypal account before i can make transactions online

  46. thanks so much for the tip on how to get a PayPal account,one more thing.since you’re an experienced business man could you kindly advise me what to do.I wanted to purchase a product from tmart,thank goodness I now got a PayPal account but they say they offering free shipping. is it true that they’ll deliver it to my door step in Enugu free of charge, if not then can you tell me how much I should prepare just incase they ask me to prepare serious bills for transportation.the product is a quad copter at $53,size 36×36×6 cm ,weight 0.85 kg.please do answer with the best advice. thank you

  47. I have been trying to verify my paypal account using UBA Africard twice only to discover that my account was debited with #211 and #205 respectively without been verified. Any help please!

  48. I opened a Paypal account but the verification could not be completed. Here is what the site says: the bank that issued your card didn’t approve this transaction. Please contact the card issuer’s customer service dept.

  49. When you say credit card number, do you mean ATM?

  50. I just hope Paypal will soon allow Nigerians to start receiving funds into their Paypal accounts sooner. That will be great for information marketers like me because it will grant us a wider coverage of global customers.

  51. Hi, Mr A bass, please if I want to fund my PayPal acct through my bank debit card, how do I do it.

  52. It the payment by PayPal instant like money transfer and how can you control your transactions in case you want to stop any and keep your money back in your account.

  53. Hello Abbas, just discovered this blog, I believe this paypal would help me in my foreign transactions. However, what are the fixed charges/commission from paypal if am sending money from Nigeria to China? Will the fee be deducted from both sender and receiver? Is the payment instant irrespective of the time zone? Thanks in anticipation

  54. Hi Abass,

    First of all a BIG appreciation for taking the time to answering our queries, your a SUPERSTAR⭐️⭐️.

    I have read through the FAQ and realized the query I have for you is not amongst the multiple queries, so here it goes.

    I just sent money to a friend of mine and was charged heavily and my friend too was charged, it came up on his account as I sent £650 but balance available to withdraw was £617, indicating a £33 charge, remember I was also charged too from my Nigerian bank. After some research my friend told me I sent it using a Premier/Business account which attracts heavy charges, subsequently I should send money using a Personal account which attracts little or no heavy charges. Now i never registered myself as a BUSINESS USER cause I’m aware they would have required extra information,I have scrutinized my paypal account thoroughly and there’s no link to switch to a personal account, it tells me my account type is PREMIER, I’m assuming these are the limited services available to Nigerian in country users. Can you be kind enough to shed some more light on this….

    Do we in country Nigerians users get an automatic default premier account??
    How do I switch back to a personal account so as to reduce charges cause I primarily setup PayPal to send funds across on a monthly basis

    Thanks in advance for answering, look forward to your response

  55. Will my FCMB Master credit card work on PayPal?

  56. Pls i jst create a paypal account, but i dont have any bank account. is dere any problem with the account

  57. sir,i dont knw wat to put as postal/zip code during mine paypal registration and i dnt hve a credit card number,what wil i do? m frm delta,ughelli

    1. Enter 11001 in the ZIP code box.

  58. Pls sir, if u set up a blog me. How much does it cost?
    And how much can i make in a month?
    And how can i collect my money here in Nigeria?

  59. I read ur payments optins.pls is it posible to transfer money from paypal acct to payoneer acct?

  60. tnkx sir,but i hve another problem,since i dnt hve a credit card number,how will i receveid mine money from making money sites?paypal said i should put mine credit card for verification,and i have none.sir pls i need ur opinion,hve already earn some money,but cant b pay bcus i dnt hve credit card to verify mine paypal account.

    1. Harrison,

      You can simply use your ATM card for the PayPal verification. That’s what they mean by “credit card”. So, your ATM card will work.

  61. i have already subscribe for ur making money ebook,and no link hve b send to me since then.

  62. thank you sir for your response,thanks for the ebook,its a great ebook,but sir m still confuse pls explain in details hw i can use mine atm card to verify mine paypal account,i was told to put a credit card number on mine paypal acct ad also a 4 digit security pin on mine paypal acct b4 i can b paid by the sites i work online,so m stil confuse..pls explain in details.

  63. Abass please does this CBN new cash limit spending affect pay pal payments? , can i make transactions up to $2000 ?

  64. Pls i want to open a paypal acc but what is writen on my UBA card is mastercard, visa and verve debit card so i don’t know if it will work if i eventually create the acc. Thankz

  65. hello, it keeps telling me some info not correct or missing, pls is it the zip code? am in abuja ,what zipcode should i use?

  66. Can someone open a nigeria paypal account from oversea abroad but using Nigerian address

  67. I have tried severally to open a paypal account but to no avail. Each time l complete the required areas and pressed create the password column will be empty. Thus l will be reminded to fill in password. Please do help as l do not know how else l will open the account. Thanks

  68. i got the sms alert hat $1.95 and $1 was deducted from my account but i didint see any code.

    1. Look carefully at the message. If you do receive notifications by email, check it. Sometimes, bank SMS alerts cut off messages and don’t show them completely.

  69. Can I use a savings account debit card to open a PayPal account? I need to make payments to an hospital in the USA for my wife’s childbirth and it’s urgent please…

  70. And what is the (percentage) charges to transfer money ($3000 for instance) to a USA account?

  71. I appreciate your contributions in helping Nigerians develop themselves in online business.

    Pls, I want to be cleared on a number of issues listed below:
    1. Can I transfer fund from PayPal account to payoneer card?
    2. Can I link both Nigeria/payoneer master caster card to a PayPal account?
    3. Does PayPal account requires a static IP?
    4. When is it safe to log on to your PayPal account?

    Theses questions take que as regards opening a PayPal account in Nigeria and it’s verification.

    Thanks while I awaits your response.

  72. Last and very important please, if my number 1 question above is possible, can I cash out the money through the payoneer master card?

    Thank you.

  73. Where would my bank deposits made to my paypal linked card account goes to,Is it to my paypal account or my linked bank account as expected.How can I also withdraw from my paypal account to my bank account

  74. I have Fidelity Debit card, I have tried setting up an account with it but its not taking.

  75. Can you please help me pay for a product using your paypal? I been trying to verify mine with EcoBank Mastercard but it keep given me error.
    Can you help me please? I want to pay for a theme.
    Thank you.

    1. James,

      Yes, I can help you. But note that you’ll have to send me the Naira equivalent of the money meant for the purchase. Presently GTB charges me N225/dollar. You can reach me on, so we can discuss this further.

  76. How can I use my PayPal acct to buy online?

  77. pls I opened a paypal account recently .got it verified paid the required amount dat was later refunded but I have not been able to log in since even once.kindly advice me on wat to do

    1. Onyeka,

      I’d advise you to send a message to PayPal’s customer support staff.

  78. Hi,i have opened a paypal account and they have deducted required amounts but i still havent gotten the four digit code.i dont recieve emails from my bank and the regular sms debit/credit alert that i got didnt contain the code.pls,what should i do?thanks

  79. Why does PayPal convert my pounds payment to dollars before converting to naira when paying for am item. It costs higher in naira that way. How can I get a direct conversion from pounds to naira for online transactions?

  80. Sir, can I used my first bank ATM card to open a PayPal account?

  81. Hello Mr Abass, can I use pay pal to pay for Canadian PR processing fee and how do I know the exchange rate that will be used to calculate the fees in Canadian dollars.

  82. please help me i am Anthony and i run a blog biz but am yet to purchase a main domain. i tried using godaddy but they requested for my paypal details for me to purchase a domain and currently i don’t have a PayPal account neither do i have a debit or credit card. pls where do i start.

  83. AT MR ABASS, pls help ! Have opened my paypal account, have verified, but the big problem remains. I CANT LINK ANY OF MY DEBIT CARDS WITH IT BOTH MASTER CARD AND VISA. And i have never use them to open any paypal account and i use them for online transactions. Pls i need help ASAP

    1. Dayfield,

      What error message do you get each time you try to link your card?

  84. Hello Mr Abass, pls can I use stanbic Ibtc debit master card to verify my PayPal account??

  85. Hi Abass! please help me info on how I can obtain a credit in order to open my paypal account. Thanks in advance!

  86. How Do I get a credit card in order to open my paypal,please! I ‘m Marcus, (

    1. Marcus,

      Your ATM card is all you need. Mastercard or Visa should work.

  87. good day mr abbass i can see how you ARE HELPING PEOPLE HERE THAKS ALOT

    1. Abbey,

      You’re to use the number inscribed on your card, not your account number.

  88. Abass Baba, I hail O, pls this paypal thing is sometimes getting me confused, but thanks a million, at list from the answers you provided to previous questions. some level of understanding has been passed on to me, but i’ll like to know if its possibble after providing my paypal id (e-mail add) to merchant sites, is there any possibility of receiving payment into my acct via the atm naira mastercard in the same manner through which money was deducted when verifying my paypal acct? thanks.

    1. Hey Wilson,

      Get it clearly that Nigerian PayPal accounts CANNOT receive funds. So, you can’t use yours to receive money from merchant sites. You can only use it to purchase or transfer funds to other PayPal users.

  89. U know just as its done with most forex sites, when u fund ur forex account with money to trade with, in the same way, u can also withdraw & transfer funds into ur account here with the same card u used in funding the forex account, so is it possible to do same from merchant sites thru paypal then into my account, pls enlighten me on this, God Bless you sir.

  90. Good day Abass. I finally opened my account but whenever I try sending money, they send me a message that I have exceeded my limit and I should get verified but I have tried all processes to get verified but to no avail. Pls what could be wrong. Thanks

  91. Hello Abass, I was finally able to send Rm1000 which was converted to 249usd but I am shocked to be debited 82,000 naira. I have tried to cancel this transaction since it has not been claimed to no avail. What do I do. Thanks

  92. I hv opened a PayPal acc but I did not receive the 4 digit code since two weeks.I contacted paypay.they told me they have sent it but still can’t find it.I called my bank to help me check my account statement if its they but no luck.what do I do

  93. Hello Abass,

    If I cannot get my own card to verify my own account. Do you think buying a vcc from Auction Essistance can help verify my account?

    1. Shono,

      Well, I don’t think it’s safe taking such indirect routes.

  94. Hello Abass

    Would buying a PayPal account in a different country from Auction Essistance pass some of the nigeria restrictions?

    1. Nuzzo,

      I won’t advice you to buy a PayPal account in another country because it’s risky.

  95. hello Mr Abass.
    really appreciate ur erudite and educates information. please I want to open my Paypal account. the information on my account must it be the same to be provided in my registration for PayPal?

  96. Can paypal account be used to fund forex account, pay for antivrus? Can one withdraw from the paypal account outside Nigeria?

    1. Ikenna,

      If your PayPal account is a Nigerian account, you can use it to fund a forex account and pay for antivirus. But you can’t withdraw from the account in or outside Nigeria.

  97. I tried signing up with PayPal but when i input my mobile number, without the first zero, it keep returning me to the same page. There is “+44” that i cant remove. Please what do i do.

  98. Abass Toriola, I opened a south african paypal but havent verified it with any card, can I change it to nigerian? can that be done, after which i will verify with my firstbnk mastercard.

    1. I’m not sure there’s a way you can change your account from South African to Nigerian. Why not simply create a new one domiciled in Nigeria?

  99. I opened up a paypal in nigeria, but I still need to verify it and I cannot get my own card to do so. Is buying a VCC from Auction Essistance risky? Will I get limited?

    1. I don’t know anything about Auction Essistance.

  100. I tried opening paypal on my ecobank naira ATM …got the stage were i av to add card i put the information but didnt show the next stage…

    1. don’t worry i received a notification on it on my mail..i think it worked…

  101. I have created and Verified My Card, I don’t see where I can Add Funds to Pay Pal, What I’m buying is about 772 Dollars, Daily Spending for Dollars is currently 200 Dollars. So I want to be adding 200 dollars Everyday till I have enough on my Paypal Balance to Pay Conviniently. Is this Possible???

  102. Hello PayPal pal…
    Really appreciate your dispensation of knowledge here.

    However my question is this, how do I get a paypal account that enables me receive funds I.e referrals, clickbank, etc?

  103. I just followed all the steps and it marked me as an American. Y?

  104. Been Trying to link my Fidelity Mastercard to my Paypal account. it keeps telling me Card not accepted. what do I do.. I also tried Zenith Bank Visa.. same thing

    1. Due to the dollar crisis, most Nigerian banks have blocked their cards from being used for international transactions. That explains why most cards don’t work for Payoneer verification. You can try a GTB card if you have one.

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