How Can I Plan and Start a Blog?

The following questions were sent in by Emmatech.


  1. Please I’m just weighed down with setting up some blogging plan. I’m new to blogging and would want to you to tell me little on blogging, such as the “do’s” and ” don’ts” .
  2. Also, it’s commonly said that blogging on its own is very easy if you apply fun, how are you treating your blog as a business outside fun?
  3. How do you schedule your blogging and posting plan? When writing your posts, where do you focus on, and how do you generate SEO-friendly post titles?
  4. What is epic content and how can you distinguish epic content from other types of content?
  5. Who are your blog readers/targeted audience and how can you know your blog readers before you give them what they want?
  6. How frequently do you publish new posts, and how many posts do you publish?
  7. How do you get post knowledge? I mean how you get post before you publish on your site?
  8. What are the major WordPress tweaks/plugins for protecting your site from hackers? And how do you backup your wordpress site?

I will be happy if you can publish these same questions and answers on your blog, for others like me to learn from it. Thanks.


  1. Please don’t overwhelm yourself unnecessarily at this stage. What you should do is exercise patience and start by learning how things work. Learn one thing at a time, and don’t worry too much over how much you still have to learn. Go slowly and steadily, and you’ll get there.
  2. Yes, blogging could be fun and very easy — but that’s if you choose to blog on a topic that you know much about or that you have a strong interest in. (Read: 10+ Blog Topics/Niches That Will Quickly Attract a Huge Nigerian Audience.) With a strong interest in the topic, you’ll be able to keep going even during the hard times. And you can make blogging a business, no matter what your chosen niche is. Mere starting a blog with the aim of monetizing it in the long run is enough reason to call it a business. For now, just start by blogging on a topic you know well about or that you’re highly interested in. I can’t emphasize this well enough.
  3. Fixing a posting schedule should be done based on how much time you’re ready to dedicate to your blog on a daily basis. This varies between individuals; some can afford to spend 5 hours daily on building their blogs while some cannot spend more than 2 hours. Concerning how to generate post topic ideas and SEO friendly titles, we’ll be dealing with that (in full detail) in l the later lessons of the free e-course I’m running presently.
  4. Epic content simply means content that is well researched, insightful, problem solving, evergreen, and usually long and tailed.
  5. Obviously, my blog readers are Nigerians (or probably foreigners) who are just starting online business. As for how you can determine your target audience, I will deal with that in full detail later in the course of the e-course, as I can’t explain everything here.
  6. As for me, I’m always very busy (I’m a university graduate, a doctor-in-training, a family man, a freelance writer, and a multiple blogger — I run about 6 blogs). So, I’ve not been posting on some of my blogs consistently. However, I try to post on my most important blogs at least once or twice a week. Now, note that my posting frequency is reduced due to my heavy workload. For a new blogger who’s not as busy as I am, I recommend publishing one new post per day for the first 6 months. Yes, I know that’s a lot of work. But if you can do that, you’ll build a great blog within 6 months. Trust me. But if you cannot achieve that due to some reasons, try to publish at least 3 posts per week.
  7. Most of the time, you’ll get great post ideas from keyword research. I’ll explain this in full detail when we get there in the on-going e-course. However, another great way to get post ideas is to visit the authority blogs in your niche and check out their most popular posts. You can also discuss the latest breaking news related to your niche. As for post content, you’ll get that by researching Google.
  8. I will answer the question more elaborately in a fresh post. I promise to publish it within the next 2 weeks.
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    1. I’m still very much with you, pal. There’s a slight delay because I’ve been busy. But trust me, I’ll never leave you in the dark.

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