Introducing: My New Blog Challenge

Over the past 18 weeks or so, I shared valuable information on how to start a profitable online business as a Nigerian. I’m confident that the e-course covered almost everything that a beginner needs to know to flag off a success-bound internet-based business.

Having revealed many tips on how to make your online business a success, I now want to go practical. I want to put all I taught during the e-course into practical implementation. And I want you to follow me as I do this. So, if you didn’t really understand some of the tips I revealed back then, this is another chance for you to know better.

What exactly is my plan?

I want to set up a new blog and develop it into a decent income earner within 6 to 9 months. And I will reveal every step I take towards achieving that goal. I will also reveal whatever results I get from any action I take.

So, I’ll be publishing a report at the end of each month to inform you about the new blog, my efforts aimed at growing it, and the results I’m getting — both positive and negative (if any).

blog challenge

Now, this is what I expect from you…

While this challenge lasts, I want you to follow me step-by-step. If you’ve not set up your blog, try to do that as soon as possible. And if you have one up already, get ready to do whatever I do.

Over the past weeks, I have done enough of writing, and you’ve done enough of reading. Now is the time for us to go practical. So, join me on the course, and let’s see if we can get the same results in the end.

Here are my goals and objectives…

My major goal, as I stated earlier, is to develop a blog that will start earning a decent monthly income within 6 to 9 months.

To achieve this goal, I planned doing the following:

  • Publishing at least 3 posts every week
  • Posting on article directories once I’ve published 10-20 posts on the blog (this is part of my link-building strategy)
  • Publishing posts (guest posts) on other blogs within the same niche
  • Setting up a Facebook page for the blog (to get more traffic via social media)
  • Spreading word of each post by posting its URL to social bookmarking sites
  • Leaving relevant comments on other blogs (for link-building)

When the blog starts generating a sizable amount of traffic consistently, I will monetize it with the following:

  • Google Adsense
  • ads
  • Affiliate marketing (I will market books, software, and programs for job seekers and small business owners)
  • Information marketing (I will put up the international version of my ebook — How to Get Your Dream Job.)
  • I will sell ad space on the blog to interested advertisers

So far, this is what I’ve done…

The idea of starting this challenge actually struck me about six weeks back. And after ruminating over it, I concluded that it was good idea.

I have already taken some steps, but I didn’t tell you anything before now because the e-course was still on, and I didn’t want us to derail from that.

Here are the steps I’ve taken so far:

1. I chose a niche

After a brainstorming session, I decided to go for the career/small business niche (more like a combination of two niches). So, I planned to share proven tips on how to choose the right career, how to apply for a job and get it, how to start a small business, and everything related to those.

I chose this niche because there is a large audience for it. Unemployment is a global problem, and many unemployed people need information on how to get their dream jobs or start their own small businesses.

2. I registered my domain name

I registered the name for the new blog on August 15, 2013. The domain name (without the .com part) is 22 letters long, and it clearly reveals what the blog is all about.

As is the case with my other blogs, I registered the new domain name with Namecheap, because I prefer them to other domain name registrars.

3. I set up the blog

I installed the blog on WordPress and uploaded the necessary plugins. I chose WordPress because I deem it much better than Blogger or any other blogging platform. Besides, all my other blogs are on WordPress.

I’m hosting the new blog along with my older blogs on Hostgator, which I think is the best web hosting service provider. I’ve heard and read enough of negative feedback about Nigerian web hosting service providers. So, I decided to go for a foreign web host — to save myself from frustrating hassles.

4. I set up Google Analytics and geo-targeting

I added the new blog to my Google Analytics account. This will help me track visits to the blog as well as other relevant data that will help me make vital decisions and figure out what’s working and what’s not.

With the new blog, I planned to target an American audience — not a Nigerian audience, and not a global audience. I’m targeting Americans because I believe I can make more money that way.

So, I added the new blog to my Google Webmaster Tools account, and set the geo-targeting option to United States. This will boost the blog’s rankings in results shown to U.S.-based Google users — since they’re my target.

5. I researched for keywords

Using the Google Keyword Planner, I researched for lucrative keywords that people are using to search for the content I intend to share. I got hundreds of very good keywords — which means I already have hundreds of post topics to write on.

Of course, I only chose keywords that Americans (my target audience) are using when searching Google.

6. I published some articles

As of present, I have published 6 articles on the new blog. Of course, they are all well optimized for some of the lucrative keywords I got from my research.

The first article went live on October 6. The article revealed business ideas for teenagers. It’s 1,600 words long, and it’s the longest of the 6 posts I’ve published so far.

Now, your turn to take action…

Now, I want us to move together. If you have a blog already, look at what I’ve done so far and implement whatever you might have missed. And if you don’t have your blog up yet, start today or tomorrow. You can catch up with me within 1 or 2 weeks.

Don’t leave me to run this challenge all alone. Join me so we can get great results together!

If you’re having any problems, or you’ve not gotten some things clearly, or you need my help in a way, or you have some questions, or you have something to add, share your thoughts by leaving a comment.

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I'm a seasoned freelance writer, internet marketing strategist, and online business coach. And I'm a university graduate, doctor-in-training, husband, and father.

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Updated: October 14, 2013 — 4:01 am


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  1. Thanks very much , i never regret subscribing and joining your mail list. Please am a tech blogger related to only pc and mobile phones, also am planning of setting my geolocation target to us/uk in my webmaster tool. But i want your advice related to it and some keywords you suggests which can rank well in search engine about my targeted location.

    1. Emmatechnique,

      I tried checking out your blog, but I got a notice: “This account has been suspended.” Please fix that asap.

      To be frank with you, geo-targeting the UK or US with a tech blog won’t be a good idea, as you’ll find it hard to outrank most of the great tech sites catering to those countries already.

      Techcrunch, Engadget, PCadvisor, GSMarena, Phonearena, and even the official websites of most manufacturers won’t allow your blog to see the light of the day. They’re badsass authority sites that rank high in Google anytime, anyday. And any new blog that tries to outrank them would only fizzle out.

      My advise to you is to start small. Target Nigerians and start with products that have very little competition. Write on products like Tecno, Infinix, etc. These products are popular only in Nigeria and a few other countries, and the demand for them is high here in Nigeria. From there, you can consider other topics.

      But if you insist on targeting the US or UK, then you probably have to choose another niche.

      1. Emmatech,

        Let me make some revisions to my initial comment. I won’t like to discourage your plan to geo-target the US or UK.

        But keep in mind that in order to get search engine traffic from those countries, you’ll need to search for long-tail, highly specific keywords that you’re very likely to rank highly for. Keep in mind, too, that these keywords are not likely to be on a specific device, as you’re not likely to rank high for specific device reviews.

        Also, you can only geo-target one country. So, you have to choose either of UK or US. I think the competition for UK should be less. But only keyword research can reveal that.

        If you need help with researching keywords that you’re likely to rank highly for, let me know.

  2. oga abass is at it again. God bless u. will get to work sharp sharp. Let’s go der. hope u will be ever ready to get questions from moi.

    1. Aha, get to work “sharp-sharp.” Of course, I’m ever ready to answer your questions.

  3. is it possible to tell us how much to register a domain name and hosting will cost.

    1. A domain name costs just $10 (that’s about N1,600). For hosting, Hostgator (the host I use) charges around $10 per month. You’ll get a discount by paying for a whole year. The advantage is that you can host many blogs with with them for that price.

      If you think paying for hosting would be expensive, you can go for Blogger, which is free to host. (You’ll need a host only if you want to run your blog on WordPress.) But you’ll still have to pay $10 for the domain name.

  4. Mr. Abass, you’re the best of your kind. Everyone just want to sell of a write up to make money for themselves without having helped people out in any way…

    I am up for this challenge. Anyone disciplined enough to follow you will definitely begin to build his online income.

    Thank you and God bles.

    1. Yetty,

      Thanks for the kind words.

      I’m glad you’ve subscribed to this challenge. Let me know more about what you’re planning to do and what you’ve done already.

  5. Wow! Mr Abass, i can’t believe this you actually want to pick our hands and carry us along with you, may God bless you mightily

    1. Grace,

      Thanks for the kind words. Let me know what you’re planning to do as per this challenge.

  6. It is good to see someone taking care of this issue, Nigerians name has been dirtied so much, its refreshing to start seeing a change in attitude towards Nigerians because they too want to earn money online.

  7. hello!, mr abass pls i have a problem with my blog, the problem is that i can’t identify what is wrong with my blog lately,when i first created the blog i was having a boastful number of visitors on my blog even when i started with a little post. but recently my visitors are reducing at an alarming rate now that i’m starting to have much post and i would really appreciate it if you could be of any help to me and this is my blog URL pls i want you to sought out all my mistakes and i will be happy to accept every corrections made, thanks more grease to your elbow.

    1. Oluwatosin,

      I checked out your blog, and I can see it’s still very new — going by the date of your first post.

      If I may ask, what is the “boastful number” of visitors you were getting initially? And how did you come about the figures?

      If you had been relying on figures from the blogger dashboard, know it now that it’s highly unreliable as it counts visits by spam bots as human visits.

      Aside what I’ve stated earlier, here are the problems I see with your blog:

      1. Your domain name suggests that the blog is about sports only. But when I checked your posts down to the older ones, I saw posts about celebrities, entertainment news, and whatnot.

      2. Some — or probably — all of your posts were copied from other sites. Blogging doesn’t work that way. To succeed as a blogger, you must be ready to write your articles yourself. The least you can do is to rewrite the content you get from other sites before posting them. Originality matters. Google penalizes blogs that publish duplicate content.

      3. In order to be taken more seriously, try to register a custom .com domain name for your blog.

  8. Abass,

    This is definitely one challenge I would be following! I’m interested in learning from you and would eagerly await entries indicating your success.

    I however don’t agree with you that hostgator is the best host around. From personal experience, they are more like the worst, after you remove our dear Nigerian hosts!

    – Terungwa

    1. Akaahan,

      Thanks for your comment and resolve to follow the challenge.

      As for your comment on Hostgator, I would like to know how you came about that. FYI, many of the biggest blogs on the web are hosted on Hostgator.

      And if your comment was borne out of the many nasty comments and reviews you read online, bear in mind that it’s no longer strange online for companies to post bad reviews about their competitors. And many web hosting firms indulge in this (they hide under the names of some individuals to post bad reviews).

      Also, you’d observe that many of those posting bad reviews about Hostgator would offer an alternative and then slap up their affiliate links! It’s obvious — they want to paint Hostgator in a bad hue to encourage readers to buy through their affiliate links.

      I’ve been using Hostgator for almost one year now, and I have never had a single cause to complain. This leaves me wondering where people got most of the complaints they make about Hostgator. And it makes me doubt the genuineness of such reviews.

      I may agree partially with you if you had used Hostgator before and experienced their bad side. If no, then I’ll tell you that only those using a product or service know best about it — not those who bank on reviews and referred information.

      PS. I’m only recommending Hostgator because I’m using them, and they’re rendering a wonderful service. I’m not an affiliate!

  9. Hi abbas thanks very much. I have fix the problem. My blog is now online. Pls kindly visit it at and tell me what changes have to be made and where necessary. Also about the topic, if you are me. How will you break down those topics to rank well in search engines.?

    1. Hello Emmatech,

      I have checked your blog, and I must commend your efforts. But I have some comments and recommendations:

      1. The space between the post titles and the body of your content is too large. Try to reduce it. If possible, remove it totally. It’s not needed.

      2. Some of your post titles are too long. They don’t have to take up to 3 lines.

      3. Some of your navigation menu options (“about us” and “our services”) are overlapping the blog title. And it makes your header look amateurish. Fix that asap!

      As for keyword research, it’s very simple. For example, for the post titled “How to fasten the behaviour….,” just do keyword research on “how to increase speed of blackberry” or “how to increase blackberry speed.”

      You’ll get lots of keywords that people are using to search for that topic. You can choose the lucrative ones from them and optimize your post for them. You will also get topic ideas for other posts, too.

      I hope I’ve been of help. Let me know if you have more questions.

  10. I have break down the topics into something simpler. Please any suggestion?

  11. hy abass,pls is it possible for me to use blogger for my blog and register it with google analytics and google webmaster tools? i plan to start up a blog on football,is it compulsory to use wordpress?

    1. Yes, you can set up your blog on Blogger and have all it attached to Google Analytics and Webmaster tools. It’s not compulsory to use WordPress — but better!

  12. @jenny. Not possible you use wordpress but i recommend you host your site and be in full control because google can do and undo unexpected hit

  13. Please abbass, i need some keywords for my next post. Check my blog again. Just on android and blackberry tips. Please help me do keyword research so that i can know what to post next.

    1. Try writing long, detailed posts on the following keywords:

      blackberry tips and tricks
      android tricks and tips
      blackberry messenger tricks
      android shortcuts tricks
      blackberry internet service website

      Write a post for each keyword and ensure that you use the keyword exactly as I have given it here. For more on how to optimize your posts for your target keywords, click the following link,

  14. Please abbass, i need some keywords to use in my next post.

    1. Emmatechnique,

      Have you finished with the 5 keyword phrases I posted for you the last time you requested for them?

  15. Abass pls am still kindly awaiting ur rely to my previous question,tnks in anticipation

    1. I have replied your question. So, check it now.

  16. Hi abbass i don’t really understand how to do the keyword. Should i used the 5 keyword phrase you gave me to write a post on them as a post tittle?

    And also how are you going with your challenge am going with you but don’t know how you’re doing your’s now. Please help me check http// and tell me what changes are to be made, errors you find and what you dislike about the site.

    1. I have explained how to optimize your blog posts for any keyword in the following post:

      As for the challenge update, I will publish it soon.

  17. Can someone help me on how to maximize d us of my listwire autoresponder acct. Cannt seam to get it right. @emmatech i see u r using dat. Pls help

    1. Gifted,

      I don’t think this is the right time to spend your time mulling over creating a mailing list. Focus on the basics, which is to publish lots of quality content. When the time’s right, we’ll discuss the topic of mailing list set up.

  18. Hi abass, thanks for your helps. Does it mean that if am using bogger, that I can’t host it any time in the future when I get the money for hosting? Please I need your help on this.

    1. Jude,

      You can migrate to WordPress whenever you’re ready to.

  19. Kk Abass thanks

  20. dear Abass tnk u for ur kindness so far on ur information about blogging.but pls am having challanges in setting up my google analytics, geotargetting and SEO stuff,cuz i want to target a particular audience,i’d be glad if u wld kindly put me through,especially in the targetting and key word planner’s the address to my blog,pls kindly access it and correct my mistakes and lapses,tnks a bunch,I hope to hear from you soonest

    1. Jenny,

      As for the SEO stuff, I think I’ve dealt with that topic in the ebook and in the posts published during the e-course days. Refer to those.

      As for Google Analytics and Geotargeting with Google Webmaster Tools, I will publish posts very soon on how to set up both for your blog. Very soon, I promise.

  21. sry here’s my blog address :jizuluvs

    1. When I am done with reviewing your blog, I may have to post my findings and recommendations in the forum. But I’ll let you know, anyway.

  22. Tnks dear i anxiously await your corrections

  23. Hy abass,pls am waiting for ur reply n corrections about my blog

    1. I will reply soon. I’m sorry for the delay; I’ve been very busy.

  24. Hy Abass,i saw ur recent forum post about nt reviewing blogs with d name.mine is still attached to,coz i dnt really ve d mony to hst a domain name for nw,bt pls kindly review my blog n i’ll host a domain name for my blog as soon as am able to do so.u knw u promised to review my blog and i’ve been waiting patiently since then,bt u’ve nt done that yet

    1. No problem Jenny. I don’t renege on my promises.

      I’m sorry for my lateness to respond; I’ve been very busy.

      As for your blog (, here are my remarks:

      I can see that you’re blogging in the sports niche, and you’ve done really well by sticking to just that. I mean you have a focused blog, kind of.

      Your posting frequency is good, too, going by the dates your latest posts were published.

      While the background color of the blog looks fine, there seems to be no distinction between two posts on the home page. Try to present your post topics in capital letters to effect some change in this regard.

      The Blogger top bar looks unprofessional, so remove it in the Blogger site options.

      Your content seems original and interactive. But there are no visitors. You will need to create a Facebook page for attracting soccer-loving fans, and then directing them to your blog. You can also attract visitors by posting catchy articles and presenting them on forums. This will compel visitors to check out your posts.

      I hope this helps. Let me know how it all goes.

  25. Tnks Abass am so happy u kept to your promise,i’ll do as u’ve said and then report back to you.tnks once again,am greatful

  26. Hy Abass,i tried openeing a facebook page for my blog like you suggested and opened the page from my facebook accnt.the problem is that whenever i try to share a recent post on the page,it shows on my normal facebook timeline instead of showing on the timeline of the blog’s page.pls can you hlp me out,as i wnt the posts i share from my blog to show on the blog’s facebook page and nt on my my personal facebook timeline,tnks

  27. hi abas. pls wana ask you for a head up. i have 2 blogs. and please i want u to help me check them. ther about tech related and i need ur advice which one i should focus and spend much time on? thanks. where’s my xmas meat?

  28. Dear Abass,I’ve effected most of the changes you told me about,tnks so much on your advice on opening a face book page for my blog,I think its really helping out with my audience stuff,though no commentators yet but i believe that also will come with time.the only thing i’ve being unable to do is to remove the blogger top bar which you said is unprofessional and the reason is that i dnt knw how to go about it,maybe you could help me with that.You can also check my blog once again to see the progress I’ve made with you help.I’ll gladly appreciate further corrections.tnks and keep up the good work

  29. Hy Abass,
    I stumpled upon your blog while surfing for payment options for nigerians and i must say you are really doing a good job. Sincere quality content in your blog post and your quick reply to comments really makes you stand out.
    I actually want to start affiliate marketing using a weight loss blog, i would love if you could give me a list of high paying affiliate program that are nigerian friendly and lucrative geo-targeting option. Thanks

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