Keyword Research: The Ultimate Guide to Finding Lucrative Keywords

If you’ve set up a blog for your internet business, your blog would rarely thrive if you’re not getting organic traffic from search engines.

Granted, you may have thousands of social media followers who follow your link each time you publish a new blog post. And you may have lots of referral visits each time you post an excerpt of your latest article on Nairaland (which, to me is a questionable strategy).

But these strategies won’t bring a steady flow of traffic. You’ll only get a traffic surge each time you publish a new post. And the traffic would dwindle down to unit numbers until you publish a new post again.

However, if you publish new and intriguing posts every day (for example, if you’re in the entertainment niche), you can attract steady traffic from social media, because people will follow each new link — provided the headline is catchy enough.

But if you’re blogging in other niches, or you’re unable to publish new posts daily, then you won’t be able to attract appreciable traffic consistently — except you rank in Google for your target keywords.

Only by implementing proven SEO tactics (we’ll be discussing this in detail in the next post) can you have your blog’s pages ranking high in Google and attracting lots of visits consistently — even if you don’t publish new posts regularly. So, leveraging the power of Google is a surefire way to drive traffic to your blog.

Now, look at the picture below. It is a snapshot of the Google Analytics traffic report for one of my blogs (not Web Income Plus, but I won’t disclose the details of the blog – for certain reasons).

Analytics report 1

The chart shows the number of visits to the blog recorded daily between July 1 and July 23, 2013. Within the period, the blog attracted 1,025 visits.

Here’s an account of the number of visits on selected days within the period (as gotten from the report).

  • July 1  – 14 visits
  • July 5  – 36 visits
  • July 11 – 70 visits
  • July 14 – 27 visits
  • July 16 – 95 visits
  • July 23 – 54 visits

But could you believe that the last time I published a post on the blog was April 29, 2013? Yet, I could still get 1,025 visits between July 1 and July 23. It’s interesting, right?

Granted, the number of daily visits isn’t steady. But the fact is, I never made any effort to attract these visits, except that I published the posts in the first place.

And it may even interest you that the blog was set up on early April 10, 2013, and it presently has just 12 posts — most of which are less than 200 words long. The blog is targeted at a Nigerian audience. So, almost all the visitors to the blog are in Nigeria.

Below is another snapshot showing the traffic sources for the blog. That is, an account of where the 1,025 visits came from.

Analytics report 2

The report reveals that 68.2% of the visits (699 visits) came from search engines (Google), 7.2% (74 visits) came as referral visits from another blog I own, and the remaining 24.6% (252 visits) were direct visits (I’m still wondering why some people keep visiting the blog even when I’ve not updated it in a long time).

So, Google has sent about 700 visitors to my blog this month (even though abandoned it for almost 2 months). I guess you’re now wondering how I managed to achieve this.

Well, the answer is simple: keyword research.

I simply figured out the keywords that people (Nigerians) were using to search Google for the information I share on the blog. Then I optimized my post for these keywords. After some weeks, the posts showed up on Google’s front page for the keywords I optimized them for. And that was how the traffic kept coming.

If a 3-month old blog could start attracting thousands of monthly visits with just 12 posts, you can guess what would happen when I publish up to 70 posts.

I’m sure you’d like to achieve the same. I mean, you’d like your blog to attract massive traffic steadily. (Remember, more traffic = more money.)

Now, let me teach you how to find keywords that will drive traffic to your blog even when you’re not publishing new posts frequently.

Actually, I use a popular tool known as the Google Keyword Tool. And I would have loved to teach you how to use this tool because I’ve been using it for some time now.

But the problem is, Google has announced that the tool would soon stop being available. However, Google announced a very good replacement for it, the Google Keyword Planner.

UPDATE (August 15, 2013): Google has officially stopped the old keyword tool. So, your only option is the new Google Keyword Planner, which I explained to use below.

I have tried and tested the new Google Keyword Planner, and I found it to be very good — if not better than the old Google Keyword Tool. So, I’ll be teaching you how to get your keywords using the new Google Keyword Planner (since Google would soon withdraw the old tool.)

Follow these steps:

  • Visit and login using your Google Account details (enter your Gmail username and password if you use Gmail). If you don’t have a Gmail account, click the “sign up” button to start your registration.
  • Follow the steps in the registration process and provide the required answers. Be sure to complete your registration.
  • You can either click the link on the registration success page to access your Adwords account, or open again to enter your username and password.
  • In the green menu bar displayed, Click on “Tools and analysis” and select “Keyword Planner” from the dropdown menu list. Below is a snapshot of the Keyword Planner page:Google Keyword Planner 1
  • On the Keyword Planner page, click “Search for keyword and ad group ideas”. (You have no business with the other two options; ignore them.)
  • In the dropdown box, enter your main blog topic in the column for “Your product or service”. For example, if you’re planning to blog about Nigerian movies, enter “nigerian movies”. (You have no business with the “landing page” and “product category” columns; ignore them.)Google Keyword Planner 2
  • In the “Targeting” section, choose Nigeria (this should be the default value) if you’re targeting a Nigerian audience. In fact, you can target Lagos only, or Abuja only, in case you’re targeting only readers in those cities. If you’re targeting a global audience, click “Remove all” at the upper right corner of the box. Click outside the box to save your settings.
  • In the “Customize your search” section, click the “Keyword filters” box, and set the “Average monthly searches” to greater than 100 or 50. (Any keyword that attracts less than that is useless — in my opinion.) Ignore the “Average CPC” box.
  • Click the “Include or exclude” box, enter your keywords (“nigerian movies” in our example) in the “include terms” box, and ignore the “Exclude terms” box. Below is what you should have after clicking out of the box:Google Keyword Planner 3
  • Click the “Get ideas” button, and wait for the results.
  • In the results page, click the “Keyword ideas” tab, and wait again.Google Keyword Planner 4
  • The next page will display a list of keywords that you should target. Below is a snapshot of what I got after hitting the “Keyword ideas” tab:Google Keyword Planner 5

The results page displays keywords ideas, average monthly searches, competition, and average CPC values (you have no business with the average CPC values).

You have better chances of ranking quickly for low competition keywords than you have for medium and high competition keywords. So, you can start with the low competition keywords, but you should target all keywords, except those that are not in line with your topic.

Here are the 15 keywords I got:

  • nigerian movies download
  • watch free nigerian movies online
  • download nigerian movies
  • nigerian movies free download
  • latest nigerian movies
  • free nigerian movies download
  • watch nigerian movies online
  • download free nigerian movies
  • watch free nigerian movies
  • free nigerian movies
  • nigerian movies on youtube
  • nigerian movies online
  • nigerian movies youtube
  • youtube nigerian movies
  • watch nigerian movies

So, if you have a blog about Nigerian movies, you should optimize your blog posts for these keywords. If you do, chances are high that you’ll rank for them quickly, and you’ll generate lots of traffic from Google.

Here’s another thing you should keep in mind: the longer a keyword, the higher your chances of ranking high for it. That is, you have a brighter chance of ranking high for “watch free nigerian movies online” than for “watch nigerian movies”. (This is not always the case, though. So, try to optimize for all keywords that come your way. But you can stay clear of keyword phrases that contain just 2 words – e.g. “Nigerian movies”.)

For more on how to optimize your blog posts for your target keywords, stay glued to this e-course. I’ll be discussing that in detail in the next post and in the coming post on how to optimize your blog posts.

If you’re not subscribed to the e-course yet, click here to join now. It’s absolutely free!

PS: You’ll need a very good internet connection to use the Google Keyword Planner. And note that you cannot conduct keyword research using a mobile phone.

Any comments or questions?

If you have any additions, comments, or questions, feel free to leave a comment. I’ll readily respond:)

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  1. hmmm, learnt a lot today. Thanks

    1. Chukwuemeka,

      You’re welcome. I’m glad you found the post useful. I’d advise you to conduct your own keyword research and get a list of keywords you’ll be optimizing your blog for. Try to do this as soon as possible.

  2. Wow! great, exactly what i need i’m glued, following

    1. Grace,

      Glad to hear that. But remember, implementation matters most. So, do your keyword research asap.

  3. DEAR author, i have been followin ur posts since the beginin. . . and this topic caught my atention d most. . . i blog @ (you should check that out any time soon) and i am just 17. i have learnt about and used d keyword tool b4 but my problem is i dnt knw how to implement them. i am a vry fast learner(not braggin) and a good writer as wel(that would be vry obvious in this post). . . .now my question is how do i (or we ur studnts) apply this. . . is it in our post tittles or the body of the post?? thanks as i await your response. . . . . one more thing pleassse help me check my blog and tel me if there’s any adjustments i need to do(prefferably 4rm a desktop) thanks again. . . . . and OH! lest i forget bloggers shld also add their pages to stumbleupon. . . . that site gave me a ton of traffic

    1. Kizito,

      Thanks for following my posts. People like you make me feel glad that I’ve got some loyal readers.

      It’s interesting to know that you’re just 17, yet a very zealous blogger.

      Regarding how to use your keywords in your posts, I’ll be discussing that in much detail in topics 9 and 13 of our on-going incourse (See for the outline).

      I agree with you, Stumbleupon brings a lot of traffic.

      PS. Your blog, to me, doesn’t look fine when viewed on a PC. Try to use a better template.

      If I may ask, what exactly are you blogging about? I mean, what’s your niche?

  4. i blog generally on science(too broad right?). . . . . and animals as well as mysteries. and i’ll do something ’bout the template.. . . . . . thanks!! !! !!

  5. please help me check out the blog once more as i have changed the template. tell me if the present one is ok

    1. Now, your new template looks great, Kizito.

  6. ya. . . thanks i have even updated it now to a more better template. . . . thanks to you. though i did some html editing

    1. Yes, this looks more suitable for the blog. The previous one, though very nice, is more suited for blogs that are meant to be personal diaries.

  7. Nice write up Infact, gat no more blogs 2 visit am glued here… i came across ur blog 2ru google i will take dis topic 2 heart… Thanks

    1. Thanks for reading. If you implement what you’ve just learned in this post before writing every blog post, you’ll build a high traffic blog within a few months.

  8. Thank you, Abass, for sharing with everyone these invaluable tips. You are a great man.

    1. You’re welcome bro. It’s my pleasure.

  9. good day Abass.I just recently stumbled on this blog. it is highly educative and I have learnt a lot from it. I may not be able to call myself a blogger yet but I have a blog ( which is about LAW. when I started out, I merely wanted to write about legal issues generally but now I have discovered the need to be specific to writing about the laws of one country, eg Nigeria.
    I need your help on this blog. I want to do key word research for it to be able to do SEO,I will need your help around this.
    in sum, I want you to help me review this blog to educate me on the things I need to do on it. thanks very much.

  10. good day Abass.I just recently stumbled on
    this blog. it is highly educative and I have
    learnt a lot from it. I may not be able to
    call myself a blogger yet but I have a blog
    ( ) which
    is about LAW. when I started out, I merely
    wanted to write about legal issues generally
    but now I have discovered the need to be
    specific to writing about the laws of one
    country, eg Nigeria.
    I need your help on this blog. I want to do
    key word research for it to be able to do
    SEO,I will need your help around this.
    in sum, I want you to help me review this
    blog to educate me on the things I need to
    do on it. thanks very much.

    1. Peter,

      Thanks for checking out my blog. It’s interesting to know that you’re trying to establish your blog in the legal niche.

      Let me start with this question: Are you a qualified lawyer or law student? Being one will help you establish some authority, as readers will deem your posts more credible. I’m not saying you cannot blog on legal issues without being a legal professional. However, readers may not find your blog authoritative, and there will be a limitation to topics you can discuss on your blog.

      So, answer the question first, and let’s see where we’ll go from there.

  11. Wow i may commend you for this great and informative post. Keyword research keeps on changing and it’s the only way to build credibility online.

  12. May i say big well done! In fact when I saw this post, it really help me a lot.
    Your blog really enlightened me so much. Thanks.

  13. HI ABASS! Indeed your blog has provided with lots of factual stuffs that helped me. Well from your ideas, am now into bloging, help me check out my new blog @ blogger””, i need your critics and advice. Also can i employ the keyword search in every post i make or only to the title and description of my blog? please reply as quick as u see my comment. Thanks bro……

    1. Ifunanya,

      Well, I’d rather you started with WordPress, as it will allow you more options with regards to design, SEO and monetization.

      As for your question on keyword research, employ it in every post if possible.

  14. Thanks Abass for this useful infornmation. i have learnt a new thing on keyword research. keep the good work up!

    1. You’re welcome Jeremiah. I’m glad you learned from the post.

  15. Hello sire Abass Toriola, its nice to be glued on your blog and to find out that there are at least some decent and well vast Nigeria bloggers one can actually read their blogs and learn new things. 🙂

    Literally speaking, your post, I mean this one is the only post on keyword research that I’ve read that gave me all of the needed insight had always craved for.

    Your post makes it really clear to me what one of my blogging buddies which I suppose is one of your student said to me – Shamsudeen had told me, “Sam, SEO is fairly easy if you know what you’re doing”.

    Is he right? He’s darn too right because from what I just read on here, SEO is easy once you get a grasp of how to really do Keyword Research. And everything will be more easy in the sense that, you will only need to do some on-site SEO with perhaps Yoast plugin and also in your write-ups and of course your headline. And that’s why I love wordpress.

    I’m so glad I found your blog and decided to start taking you seriously. Now, Pinvibe and Promotivator should get ready for a transition of their lives as I’m going to start stuffing in great keywords into them.

    Thanks a lot boss, you’re the best!


  16. wonderful post.pls I have an upcoming chat app that connects professionals to their fellow professionals and non professional to their fellow non professional. I am at the verge of launching it,its a web app so its available on all platforms but I will like you to help me with suitable keywords that I can use for the seo.thanks

  17. Mehn….. so i can get this info for free on this blog?? bookmarking the blog right now. it really help. thanks to the author.

  18. Highly revealing! Thanks for sharing bro. My blog is now ready for optimization.

  19. Thanks Abbas for the post. You have a way of demistydying stuff other “onliners” tend to love to “hide”.

    Your posts are always exciting and revealing.

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