10+ Blog Topics/Niches That Will Quickly Attract a Huge Nigerian Audience

One of the worst mistakes you can ever make in online business is to choose the wrong niche or topic for your blog. This one blunder can delay your success in online business by years — and that’s if you’d succeed at all.

Your choice of a blog topic must be based on two major factors:

  1. Your interest in the topic and your knowledge about it
  2. The demand for information on the topic

best blog topics niches

Here’s why you must choose a topic that sparks your interest…

If you blog on a topic that you really are not interested in, your zeal will quickly peter out when you start facing the harsh realities of blogging.

When you start facing discouraging challenges such as low SEO rankings, low audience engagement, low traffic, and so on, nothing can keep you going except your interest in the topic, your knowledge, and your willingness to share your experience with others.

Now, I’m not saying that you must be an expert on a topic before you can blog on it. (Of course, you can research and learn extensively about the topic and still share what you have with others.)

What I’ve stated is that you must have keen interest in the topic. Don’t blog on a topic simply because someone is raking in 5-6 figures from a blog on that topic. Don’t blog on a topic because many people are also blogging on it. Don’t blog on a topic because you believe you can make lots of money from it. (Get this clear: you can make money from a blog on ANY topic.)

Well, if you’re creating your blog just to share your personal thoughts and enjoy the fun of having your writing online, you may not bother about the topic. In fact, you can pick topics at random and write on them.

But if you’re blogging in order to make some income from it, you just have to choose your topic wisely.

Now, let’s discuss the demand thing…

Assume you launched a bead-making blog because you love the art and want to teach it to others. You publish loads of valuable posts consistently for several months, and you adopt various blog promotion tactics. But sadly, nobody seems to be engaging with your blog. The 3 comments you have on the blog after 6 months were placed by your close friend, your sister, and a visitor. Frustrating isn’t it?

That’s what you get when you blog on a topic that only 0.1% of your target audience are interested in.

You may be knowledgeable about a topic. You may have a burning interest to blog on it. And if you’re not eyeing any profit, you’re free to go ahead without further planning or brainstorming.

But if your aim is to make money from your blog, then you must choose a topic that many people are interested in.

No matter how keen your interest in a topic is, you’ll have that interest dampened when you seem to be the only one involved. It’s like having just 2 people turning up for a speech you’re to deliver at a venue that was prepared for a 1000 people.

Having stated all the above, let me now share with you some hot blog topics/niches that will quickly attract a Nigerian audience. If you start a blog on any of these topics, chances are, you’ll start making money within a short period (I didn’t say a few weeks!).

Before I roll out my list, please remember that your choice of a niche must be based on your personal interest as well as demand for the information you want to share.

Although the topics in this list would quickly attract a large audience due to high demand for the related information, you won’t have a smooth sail if you don’t have a natural interest in them or you don’t know much about them. Rather, in that case, I’d advise to look elsewhere and brainstorm further for a topic that will meet the two major criteria that I stated earlier.

Also, note that this list is restricted to topics that will quickly attract a NIGERIAN audience. If your plan is to target a global audience (probably because you’ll make more money that way), then stay hooked to this blog. Very soon, I’ll be publishing a list of hot blog topics that will attract a global audience quickly.

Now, here’s my list…

1. Small business and self-employment ideas

Because of the high rate of unemployment in Nigeria, there’s a huge demand for information on how to set up a small business and become self-employed.

Whenever I browse through the business section of most Nigerian online communities and forums, I see questions like “what business can I start with N10,000?”, “what business can I start with N200,000?”, “how can I set up my own small business”, and so on. These questions can give you brilliant blog post ideas.

Share tips on how to start a small business, how to market it, how to manage your money, and so on. You’ll quickly attract the attention of many unemployed or underemployed Nigerians. That’s free information for them, and traffic for you. (More traffic = more money.)

2. Tips on how to get a job

Even though there are few of such vacant office positions in Nigeria, some never-say-die graduates would never give up on their search for office jobs. You’ll easily attract the attention of such people if you share tips on how to get a job.

Share tips on how to prepare for a job interview, how to answer interview questions, how to write a great job application, how to write a killer CV, and so on.

3. Android devices and tutorials

Now, Android phones have taken over the Nigerian smartphone market (thanks to Tecno and high end brands like Samsung and Sony). You’d be amazed at the rate at which Nigerians are searching the web for information about Android phones (Tecno, especially).

Share the latest news about the Android platform, the latest Android devices in market, the rating and prices of Android devices, reviews of Android apps as well tutorials and tricks on how to do various things with an Android device. This topic will be great for you if you’re tech-savvy.

4. Best deals and promo offers

Everyone loves to buy things for cheap — and we Nigerians aren’t an exception. You’ll attract a huge audience if you start a blog that breaks news about discount offers, promos, and price comparisons. Although, you’ll spend lots of time on research, you’ll be amazed at how people will engage with your blog and at how advertisers will be queuing to buy ad space on your blog.

5. Entertainment news and celebrity gist

Personally, I dislike this niche because I think it has already been beaten into pulp by Nigerian bloggers. But the truth is, you’ll always get an audience if you start a blog on the topic. But you’ll need to post fresh news on a frequent basis in order to attract and retain a large audience.

6. Make money online

Well, that’s exactly what this very blog is all about. Many Nigerians — employed or not — want to increase their monthly income by venturing into online business. So, anyone who shares relevant and valuable information in this regard will attract a large audience within a very short time.

Share the various ways by which people can make money online, how they can start their online businesses, how they can monetize their websites and blogs, how they can make money even without owning a website or blog, and how they can make money online using only their smartphones, among many other topics.

7. Business and investment opportunities

Due to Nigeria’s unstable economy, Nigerians are always looking for ways to prepare for bad times. Today, many salary earners are on the lookout for promising investment opportunities that will boost their income. So, if you create a blog about business and investment opportunities, you’ll attract a huge audience — of people who really have money (if that would be anything to go by).

Break news about latest public share offers, property for sale at cheap prices, and other investment opportunities.

8. How to travel abroad

For obvious reasons (don’t ask me to explain), many Nigerians are desperately seeking to travel abroad for a better quality of living, among other motives. You’ll quickly attract hundreds to thousands of these “desperadoes” if you share on your blog information that will be of help to them.

Share tips on how to secure overseas scholarships, how to secure a visa, how to choose the right overseas destinations, and so on.

9. Admissions and scholarships

Presently, there are millions of Nigerian youths seeking admission into the nation’s tertiary institutions. These people are ready to implement any helpful tips they find on any blog. So, if you share information that will interest them, you’ll get a huge audience.

You’ll also attract undergraduates by sharing information about the latest scholarship schemes

Break the news about post UTME guidelines as published by various institutions, share tips on how to pass the UTME, share tips on how to pass the post UTME, break the news about scholarship schemes…

Monetization tip: package the post-UTME past questions and answers for various institutions into PDF format and sell them to your audience. You’ll make money!

10. Free software codes and cracks

Nigerians love getting things through the easiest means possible. You’ll quickly build a high traffic blog if you share software cracks and codes, free browsing APNs, links to free ebooks and software, tutorials and tricks, etc.

However, I’d advice you not to blog on this topic — for two reasons:

  • Google hates blogs and websites that disclose vital information illegally. So, your blog will most likely be denied approval for Adsense.
  • Advertisers don’t like to be associated with sites that ravish others’ privacies. So, you won’t make money from selling ad space, even if you have a massive audience.

Other promising niches

11. Jokes

12. Football gist

13. Blogging tips

14. Fashion

15. Health and beauty tips

So, pick your choice…

If you think you have keen interest and deep knowledge in any of these topics, then set up your blog and start sharing relevant and helpful content.

But if you’re not sure of your ability to produce good content on any of them, share your interests with me, and I’ll help you come up with valuable suggestions and tips.

Keep this in mind…

After choosing a suitable niche, there’s another step you MUST take if you really hope to build a high traffic blog. And that’s KEYWORD RESEARCH. It’s a vital part of any successful online business, and it could make or mar your blog.

To learn more about keyword research and other things you need to know about making money online (through any channel), register for my FREE 12-WEEK E-COURSE. The topics to be covered during the course are listed below:

  1. An introduction to online business
  2. How to know the best online business for you
  3. Key online business terms every newbie must know
  4. Why a blog is a stable platform for any online business
  5. How to set up your blog (step-by-step) guide
  6. Finding the best niche for your online business niche
  7. Keyword research: the ultimate guide to finding profitable keywords
  8. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): the complete guide
  9. Introduction to HTML
  10. How to quickly improve your English grammar and writing skills
  11. How to write high quality blog posts and optimize them for SEO
  12. How to attract traffic to your blog posts
  13. Ethical link building: all you need to know
  14. How to quickly increase the quality and profit potential of your blog
  15. How to turn your blog into a money spinner
  16. Deadly mistakes that you must avoid in online business

Click here to register now. If you still want to find out more about the free e-course, click here.

Any comments?

Do you have any questions? Contributions? Thoughts? Or objections? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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Updated: January 29, 2014 — 5:46 am


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  1. Thanks man for this great tips and ideas about blogging.Am just a newbie who is just trying to learn blogging and am using the simplesite.com of which the domain name is to be subcribed.pls i need more tips and skills about creating an attracting blog and trafficking. if there is still more ideas about online businesses,pls sont stop helping your man.thanks.

    1. Hello Idongetim,

      Thanks for your kind words. I hope that this website will help you establish your blog and succeed as a blogger within the shortest time possible.

      For more tips and tricks about how to build a high traffic blog and attract quality traffic, I’d advise you to register for my free 12-week e-course on how to start an online business. You can read more about the topics to be covered here: http://webincomeplus.com/free-e-course/

      Finally, I would advise that you stick with either Blogger or WordPress, as both platforms are the easiest-to-use and good for SEO purposes.

  2. This article was really helpful. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for reading, too. I’m glad you found it helpful.

  3. I’m a newbie and I’m very much interested in earning little or more income from the Internet. I really need your guide and advise. I’ve already registered for the 12-week e-course programme. Thanks for every step you’re taking to help peeps like me. It’s greatly appreciated. God bless you.

    My mobile number is 07066056522. I’m available am on Whatsapp. I want us to be friends and always reach out to one another. Thanks once again.

    1. Tuko,

      You’ve taken a great step by registering for the e-course. I promise, you’ll learn everything you need to know in order to set up a profitable online business.


  5. Wow! Abass has done it again. I’m so grateful for this vital information.
    Actually, i want to start a blog here in Nigeria but i don’t know the best niche to choose. With this information, i think i can now choose a very good niche. Once again thank you.

    1. Prince,

      I’m glad your found the post useful. I wish you all the best as you start your blog. Keep me updated as you progress.

  6. Hey Abass
    apart from making money online niche i dont have knowledge enough to try for a niche from ur list. But i tot i could differ nd stand a chance of doing well if i went into relationship tips. What do u think?

    1. Well, the making money online niche is already more than saturated. Relationship tips? Well, if you’re really passionate about it, follow it. But I doubt it if that will get you a decent amount of traffic from Nigeria.

  7. Well, the making money online niche may be saturated –even over-saturated, but trust me ever since i’ve been researching the net using google, (with different keywords, I have come across many of them but, they are not quality content filled, their websites do not look professional, I even realised that some of them dont even really know what they are writing about — they fill their blogs with stolen articles from other websites and in the end you gain N0THING. But trust me Abass, ‘You stand out of the crowd…you always know what you are talking about’.

    1. Farblos,

      Thanks for the kind words. I agree with you on the fact that most other blogs in this niche are filled with crappy information–even those owned by the so-called experts.

      As for standing out of the crowd, I think that’s the shortest path to success for any blogger right now. Frankly speaking, no matter how sparsely filled your niche is, you will always find some bloggers in there. And no matter how brilliant you are at coming up with article topics, you will always find several articles on those topics. So, the only way to convince your readers that you’re really worth following and that you know your stuff is to present things from a unique perspective, add a personal touch to your facts, and be practical.

  8. Unokanjo Jennifer

    what of relationship? Thanks!

    1. Yeah, I think marriage and relationship advice is also one of the niches Nigerians are interested in.

  9. Thanks Abass for this superb article. You have given a good method of starting, running and making money from a blog. Bravo!

  10. Thanks for this great tip. Although i read it late as i am already blogging on health and fitness.

  11. Sir,

    Please help me out. I want to get it right from the begining. If I have a single blog, and I want to talk about three different topics like Cars, Real Estate, How to Travel Abroad just for example; do I need blog for each? Thanks!

    1. Emmanuel,

      I’d strongly advise that you start with just one topic. Each topic is wide enough to stand on its own, and all three topics are greatly different from each other. So, create a blog for just one topic, grow the blog, and after achieving success with that, you can consider the next topic.

  12. Hello abass,

    Thanks for this helpful article. I think I’m going for blogging but my inner voice keeps telling me to race on the career niche.

    Well, I’ll blog on the two.


  13. How about RELATIONSHIPS? A lot of people have relationship problems to solve. What do you think? Will it fly?

    1. Well, people might have problems to solve. But the question to ask is, “How many people are willing to pay to get advice regarding their relationships”. You have to consider the money-making aspect of a niche before jumping into it. Not all niche are attractive when it comes to monetization options.

  14. Nice post Abass, Your list is good enough for beginers to make a lot from blogging. Thanks and God bless.

  15. I’m gunning for entertainment niche now sire Abass and its working for me as far as adsense is concerned.

    I used to work on a motivation + blogging blog, it did made an expert and I got a lot of response in form of comments but did I make money with the blog. NO!

    And this new blog less than 2months has already earned me money, something that can always be improved though.

    I’m glad I stumbled on this post too. Thanks!


  16. Hello sir, i really appreciate your effort to enlist this topics for bloggers but one thing i want to know is, if i should go into “How to make money online and how to set up business?” Will it make me something now?

    Already i am running an entertainment website and i’ve never made a dime from since a year now that i’ve started it.

    What do you suggest i do? Should suspend the entertainment niche blog entirely and move ahead completely to another one, should i wipe it and realign it to the want i want, should open another blog alingside it or do i keep on with it and head on with the entertainment blog till it starts yielding something for me? It’s 1 year old now.

  17. After going through your e-book I was at a cross road of the topic or Nitche to focus on until you sent this tips on MISTAKE TO AVOID WHEN STARTING ONLINE business…I have found some topic that are of interest to me but i have to write them out to see which one i have passion for.Thank you very much…secondly you said you can be of help to anyone that is short of ideas on how to develop his/her NITCHE, will they need to pay any fee for this services for you to help them kick start their topic of interest?Thank you very much.

  18. Hi Abbass,
    Great work u’re doing for some of us… KIU!
    Pls, I’d really need explanation on HOW to do these:
    1. Conversion and uploading of word files (e.g. UTME files) to PDF.
    2. How does one profit from their downloads(don’t laugh at me pls

    1. Legend,

      1. You can easily convert files from any format to PDF using Microsoft Word 2007 or 2010. Just save as PDF, and that’s all.

      2. I don’t understand your question. Please clarify.

  19. Lovely post! Now this is what I call an EVERGREEN post, just what I have been looking for. More grease to elbow. My question is can I blog from any of the two topics?

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