EXPOSED: 7 Tactics “Make Money Online” Scammers Use to Swindle Newbies

I have zero tolerance for snake-oil internet marketers. I mean, those guys out there who present themselves as experts at making money online, but are only out to milk unsuspecting newbies of their hard-earned cash.

In some of my previous posts on this blog, I’ve tried to expose these con artists and their various dubious tactics.

But some things I recently saw and heard have prompted me to write this post, in which I’ve gone into deeper details of how these desperadoes operate, with instances to prove my points.

I would have gone as far as mentioning names in this post, but I don’t want to defame anyone. So, I’d stay put with the methodology of “attacking the act, and not the actor”.

Some of these names have become so popular in Nigeria as online millionaires. And if I told you to start mentioning them, you’ll most likely mention some of those I intend to criticize with this post.

But, my friend, the truth is, most of these people aren’t what they claim to be. They’re only leveraging the power of the internet and capitalizing on people’s ignorance or craving for overnight riches.

And here are some of the tactics these snake oil marketers use to lure victims into their dens.

nigerian scammers tactics

1. Claims that are too-good-to-be-true

While browsing through a website owned by one notorious snake oil internet marketer whose credibility has been widely bashed online, my eyes caught the lines that read:

I’ll show you water tight proofs and also show you how to prevent falling for them starting from NOW. I won’t even stop at that, I’ll also show you the same business you can do online in Nigeria here to make a minimum of N150,000 monthly.

Yes, N150k, if you are too lazy…. but if you work a little bit harder, you can quadruple that amount.

Download this free report and see how a young Nigerian guy does it.

How ridiculous! To make as much as N150,000 from ANY online business, you must be really hard working and determined. See how this desperado guarantees without disclaimers that you’ll make a minimum of N150,000 monthly. And in his words, that’s even “if you’re too lazy”.

Well, my friend, don’t be deceived! Laziness will never fetch you a dime online. So, anyone promising to teach you how to make N150,000 out of sheer laziness is a pure scammer!

As if that wasn’t enough, I glanced through the website’s sidebar, and I saw another advert that reads:

Need A PayPal Account? Click HERE To Get A Verified One Plus How To Make $60 Daily Into It…

And I was like, what the heck! Another guarantee of $60 daily income? Coming from this same guy? This guy must be an unrepentant con artist!

Then I decided to do a Google search for the guy’s name. And I found a thread on Nairaland in which someone clearly called him a scam. This is what the poster wrote:

Nigerians, it’s time to shine your eyes oo, this so called internet marketers are reaping us of our hard earn money all in the name of seminars and ebooks,one of the acclaim importer is called “[Name withheld]” he is a scammer, the last seminar he organized in Lagos was total rubbish, it was a waste of time and money, and I heard he’s planning another one in Lagos, Abuja and Portharcourt

Now ask yourself, if truly he makes millions as he claims, why is he charging that high for seminars and ebooks?

I was personally at the last one he organized at Allen Avenue there in Ikeja, trust me, it was organize to make money from us, not even a soul benefited from it, this guys have long taken us for a fool, it’s time to say NO to them

[Name withheld]’s WORKSHOP IS A PURE SCAM……….. BEWARE

As you can see, the poster described a seminar organized by this guy as something arranged just to make money, with no benefits whatsoever coming from it.

Enough said about this guy. Let’s move on.

2. Unverifiable testimonials

There’s another woman who parades herself as Nigeria’s “queen of information marketing”. (I wonder who wore her the crown.)

If you download any of her so-called free reports, all you’d see are a bunch of unverifiable testimonials and bank reports. What value does that give? And how does that establish trust? All that won’t sway anyone but those who are looking for get-rich-quick schemes.

This woman has multiple websites, on which she claims to be different things. And she makes many bogus claims that cannot be verified (that’s my euphemistic way of calling those claims lies!).

I scoured Nairaland and found a thread, where someone at the brink of buying one of her shitty products was asking for advice from people who have dealt with her before. Of course, there were many responses.

Interestingly, two or three responders didn’t waste words before saying she’s credible or affirming they’ve bought her product or attended her seminar in the past. But none of them testified to making any money, even after someone clearly asked them about this.

Scrolling down the thread, I saw a post that confirms my suspicion. The post read:

She is a, a fat greedy leech.

Yes, those words were harsh, but the truth is, the poster wouldn’t have used those words for no reason.

So, no matter how popular an individual might be, don’t ever be deceived by what they call themselves, what they claim to have achieved, or what they promise to help you achieve.

If you don’t double check before taking a plunge, you’ll get burned! Serious and credible internet marketers don’t go about marketing big figures and testimonials. They prove their expertise by offering valuable stuff.

3. Fake proofs of earnings

In one post I read on, Muhammed Tosin Abdullahi, narrated how he once conversed with a self-proclaimed make money online guru who sells an e-book on “How to Make 150k Monthly”.

When Muhammed asked how much he makes monthly, he said he makes less than N5,000. Muhammed was surprised at his reply because the same guy has mouth-watering screenshots on his sales page — obviously meant to deceive readers into buying the useless e-book.

Because he couldn’t hide his surprise, Muhammed asked him how he got the screenshots he has on his sales page. Then he gave a shocking reply:

It’s Photoshop. That’s what everybody is doing now!

So, you can see how far these desperate people can go to deceive others. Imagine someone who in reality makes less than N5,000 monthly claiming to be earning N150,000 monthly — and even claiming you’ll earn the same figures once you start applying the tips in his e-book. Isn’t that crazy?

Here’s the lesson you should learn at this point: don’t ever be swayed by extensive display of proofs of earnings.

Now, I’m not saying all payment proofs you see online are fake. But it’s just difficult to tell the genuine ones from the fakes (I think the developers of Adobe Photoshop deserve some spanking for this). So, you need to look beyond payment proofs as your criterion for telling who is credible or not.

4. No value offered

One of the best ways to establish your expertise as someone who makes money online is to offer value. I mean, free stuff that people will find helpful. This way, people will come to trust you and even take any action you recommend that will put money into your pocket.

But most snake oil internet marketers don’t understand this. Even when they offer a free report, it’s either a volume of testimonials and proofs of earnings or a gateway to some shitty “internet cash system”. Alternatively, they deliver all that through a series of emails that ends with a sales pitch.

If there’s one thing common to successful internet marketers all over the world, it’s the fact that they’re widely trusted because they’ve demonstrated through the free information they give out that they really know their stuff. And that’s why they make a lot of money online.

Don’t get me wrong, genuine internet marketers sell products, too. But they do that only after they’ve offered value enough to be trusted as gurus in their respective fields.

So, trust only a genuine internet marketer who offers value consistently to be your mentor.

5. Misinformation

Another tactic Nigerian snake-oil internet marketers use to swindle unsuspecting newbies is to misrepresent facts, either deliberately or out ignorance.

Going through one of the free reports published by the self-proclaimed “Nigeria’s queen of information marketing”, I quickly discovered that what she calls information marketing is actually a joint venture scheme by one of her colleagues in business.

The screenshots I saw first raised my suspicion. Which reputable affiliate marketing program uses a email address? It was on further probing that I discovered that she gets a commission by selling certain information products by her colleague. And she wants to also teach other people how to make money by selling her colleague’s products. To her, that’s affiliate marketing.

Interestingly, she painted the outside picture as though she wanted to teach how to make money from reputable affiliate programs like Amazon and Markethealth. Is she unaware that those are more accessible than her colleague is?

Similarly, there are many others out there who claim to be making money from affiliate marketing, but when you take you closer look, you discover that they’re actually into network marketing — one of the useless, time wasting ventures I warned against in this article.

There are also the information marketers — those who will package products by other people and sell to you. I mean, a bunch of products that will leave you more confused than enlightened. And what they actually want to teach you is how to become experts at swindling other people by selling such useless products to them, plus the various tactics you can adopt to compel them to buy.

All I’ll say again is, beware!

6. Unethical practices

Another hallmark of snake oil internet marketers is that their “cash formula” involves some unethical stuff. You could have to change your IP address. You could have to change your name or country. You could have to use another person’s picture as yours. And all that nonsense!

Truth is, the fact that some people have made away with such unethical practices doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be as lucky. Besides, what’s the essence of doing things that could put all the money and time you’ve invested on the line?

I believe one of the ways to have rest of mind in online business (and in life in general) is to approach everything the ethical way. Any online business that involves some unethical fine-tuning is a no-no for me. And it should be a no-no for you, too. If you heed that, you’ll sleep better, and you won’t have unnecessary palpitations.

7. No disclaimers

I use every opportunity to state the fact that there’s no magic bullet in online business. What works for someone else might not work for you, even if you follow that person’s exact footsteps. Conversely, what failed for someone else might work wonderfully for you.

One problem I have with most Nigerian internet marketers is the blanket guarantee they slap on their information products. How can you assure everyone with certitude that your model will work for them, when the truth is that it won’t work for some, or most, or even any of them?

So, run away from any internet marketer who tries to be too confident of his or her offer. I mean, those who don’t state clearly that their products won’t work for everyone.

Never be deceived by those money-back guarantees. They are only there to deceive people; nobody ever gets their money back from those scumbags.

And that’s it!

Now you’ve just learned seven foolproof hallmarks of fake Nigerian internet marketers and their products. Now, I expect you to be more careful.

Whenever you stumble on any make-money-online product with any of these hallmarks, just pass. Don’t be deceived by those lengthy sales pages that throw big fonts and multiple colors in your face.

And… let me tell you something: I’ve never come across anyone in real life who has made money online by buying products from these people and adopting their tactics. The only proofs they have to this effect are the names and pictures in their bunch of testimonials (which are unverifiable).

And if you’ll ever find someone who’s making money online with their tactics, such a person won’t make anything near the figures they promise.

But on the other hand, I’ve seen many people who have bought their products and tried their strategies, and yet didn’t make a kobo.

Most of the victims of these scams are either innocent newbies who genuinely want to learn how to make money online or greedy ones who are desperately looking for ways to become a millionaire within four days. If you fall within the second category, then you’ll be scammed many times over if you don’t drop that mindset.

On a final note, I remind you that online business is will not make you rich overnight. It’s unpredictable. And it won’t work for everyone. Nobody can guarantee how much an online business model can fetch you. Nobody!

Please save some souls…

There are many people out there who don’t know all these you just learned. Save your friends and loved ones from being scammed by these desperadoes. How? By sharing the post on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks you use.

Your thoughts?

Do you have any questions, contributions, objections, or other thoughts? Then share them by leaving a comment. I’ll reply.

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Updated: April 23, 2015 — 10:47 am


  1. Great post in the very best of detailed exposition of the underbelly of fake Nigerian internet marketers. I had fallen victim of some of them in the past but have learnt a lot ever since. This is a timely post even as we move fully into the realm of e-commerce in Nigeria. They must not be allowed to take genuine Nigerian internet marketers back into the dark ages of online business by their greed and propensity to acquire riches overnight. Thanks once again for this timely warnings.


    1. Collins,

      It’s just sad that you’ve fallen victim to these scammers in the past. I’m glad you found this post valuable. Thanks for taking your time to read.

      I agree with you that these scammers should be attacked from all angles. They shouldn’t be allowed to take on more victims.

  2. Hi Abass,

    Thanks for the enlightenment.those are exactly the tips to recognise this scammers.In a related post in my blog webincomeflowswhat-know-tnline I asked how could someone that has set up a system that generates him $5000 dollars weekly be demanding for my $5 dollar to buy his product.They are all mischievous.

    1. Hello Francis,

      Well, I don’t have problems with people charging money to teach others how they are making money online. Of course, anyone is free to place any price tag on their product. There are many successful bloggers out there who sell information products for meager prices. But they make huge volumes of sales eventually. Imagine selling 3,000 copies of a $7 e-book. That’s a killing, you know?

      What is bad and will remain bad is the act of promising an income you don’t earn yourself in your bid to sell a shitty product.

      Thank you very much for taking your time to read the post and leave a comment.

  3. Hi Abass,

    Bless the day you were born!

    There are many scam artists online in Nigeria who promise a life they themselves do not live! They promise an existence far beyond what they can grasp themselves…as a matter of fact, these ‘snakes’ (notice: not ‘snake oil marketers’ but ‘snakes’) make a living by scamming newbies, claiming that they make money online; while in essence, the money they make is simply what the newbies pay them, nothing more!

    For the records, I know the two examples you mentioned and each time I think deeply about the modes operandi of these folks, I instantly connect the dots and understand why Nigeria is so doomed! And imagine: these folks will end up blaming the government for being corrupt! What can one call their actions? Honesty??

    About the silly ‘free’ eBooks you mentioned they offer: TRASH. PLAIN TRASH. And I’m glad you mentioned that too. I was discussing with my wife the other day and asked her how some of these folks manage a good night’s sleep…Imagine, packing fake testimonials and claiming that it’s a free eBook…or worse, packaging a sales pitch in PDF and claiming it’s an eBook for your subscribers! SHIT! If that is all to free eBooks, them, I will gladly offer none!

    A last point (before my comment turns to a treatise), these folks are poor bloggers! Visit their so called blogs and see: they hardly have time to update the information there…their aim is simply to scam. And scam!

    Thank God I’m here. You are present and Tosin is also there. Together, I believe we can offer Nigerians what they need in an honest and sincere manner!

    Do make the day great!

    Akaahan Terungwa


    I sincerely owe you an apology. However, I intend to make it up to you in a very big way!

    1. Akaahan,

      Thank you very much for reiterating my points and adding even more noteworthy points. Many of your comments will suffice as posts in themselves, and they’re always laden with frank advice for the one who wants to heed.

      Once again, thank you very much for taking your time to read the post and for leaving an invaluable comment.

      You rock always!

  4. this revelation is an eye opener and i am kind of shocked, so all these screenshot are arrangeee

    1. Michael,

      Yes, most (but not all) of the screenshots are Photoshopped images meant to deceive unsuspecting newbies.

      Thanks for reading the post.

  5. Thanks for the education. it will be good if you mention names. Onome Maureen is an outright scam. She swindled my hard earned 20k all in a pretence that she will design a website where I will be her affiliate and a certain percentage of sales proceed will be my profit. go to : and see the rubbish she called website. God will reward her.

    1. Well, since you mentioned her name, I have no choice but to confirm that she’s the one. Secondly, since you once fell victim to her, you’re free to mention her name.

      Sincerely, I’m shocked to the marrow at your revelation, considering that she swindled you of a whooping N20,000! I quickly checked the “website” she built for you, and all I saw are the same lies she’s been telling all over the place. It’s just pitiable that many have fallen victim to her scams, and many will still fall victim.

      I really feel very sorry for you. But there’s this thing they call karma. She won’t go scot-free!

      I advice you to retrace your footsteps. But to start with, what online business models do you really prefer?

  6. Hey Coach…
    Thanks for the eye opening post..

    Claims that are too good to be true is one thing people should run from.

    I think why people fall victim of these internet fraudsters is because everybody wanna be like Seun Osewa and Linda Ikeji but can you attain that in a month? NOPE… It takes patience, hardwork and determination.

    Your website made me laugh @Charles Uzibor take off that bullshit and let Abass install wordpress for you and mentor you so that can start a business u can be proud of.

    @Akaahan n Abass keep up the good work. Please increase your volume so that your voice will be heard above these frauders. Nigeria is better with you.


    Coach, Lemme know when next you wanna make paypal withdrawals so that I can add my own small change 🙂

    1. Ife,

      I agree with you that most people want to become like Linda Ikeji and Seun Osewa within a week, whereas Linda Ikeji blogged consistently for four years without getting paid a kobo on her blog, and Seun Osewa has been working his tail off on Nairaland since 2005.

      No problem, I’ll let you know when I’m ready to withdraw.

      Thanks for your comment. I greatly appreciate.

  7. Nice post Abass, I accept that we need to get rid of these scammers who claim to be living in heaven while on earth but I think you were not fair to the first guy who you said promised an income of 150,000 to those who will try out his products because I checked on Nairaland where you got testimonials that he is a scammer and I discovered that there were positive testimonials to his name. Picking out only the negatives and not speaking of the positive remarks accorded him by those who commented is just unfair. I haven’t used any of his products though.

    1. Hello Pijengha,

      Thanks for taking your time to read the post and to leave a comment.

      I won’t agree with you that I’m not fair to the guy. Hiding his name, to me, is the peak of fairness, considering that his actions demand that his name be made known.

      Secondly, my opinion about him being a scammer isn’t really based on what people have said online about him. It’s based on the ridiculous claims he’s making. How can he promise to teach how lazy person can make a guaranteed N150,000 monthly? That’s just unrealistic and impossible! And how can he promise to show a way to earn $60 into PayPal account daily, when Nigerian PayPal accounts cannot even receive of withdraw funds?

      Yes, some people said positive things about him. You mean things like, “He’s not a scammer”, “I once benefited from him” and so on. Get it clearly that most Nigerians tend to take people for what they call themselves. Not up to three of those defending him stated that they really dealt with him. And the guy who claimed to have benefited from him didn’t state what benefit it was. It could be anything! But I’m sure it’s not that the guy’s tactics are working for him.

      So, he remains a scammer until we see convincing proof that at least one person is earning at least N150,000 by adopting strategies learned from his product. That is when I’ll hold him true to his words.

  8. thanks for your good work.please sir can you just mention some latest genuine Nigerian internet marketers to buy their product. GOD BLESS YOU SIR.

  9. I think Good Nigerian entrepreneur has begining to reason togather with my vision of bringing cleamency to online Business in Nigeria. As I always tell people, if you say you will sell an Ebook that teachies one how to Build an Ecommerce website, show example of your work, or ebook that will build a membeship site show us one. You cannot just write a one scrapy salepage and display countless claim of what you are not doing in the name of saling your product. I was Mentor and Taught by Forign Guy about online biz, but when I start my online Business here in Nigeria, I begine to see a lot of scammers who parade themselve as a guru. How can you help me set up an autoPilot Blog Biz that will generate 25k per week without updating your blog for two years, any person who preach to you that online biz is what you start today and you start earning tomorror is an outright scammed.
    I am using this opportunity to plead with Abass and other willing Nigerians for us to joined hand togather to create either a Forum or Blog or community website where we shall dedicate it in advocating this injust act that is trying to kill the image of online business in Nigeria. This platform if approve will be featuring all good bloggers and internet Marketer here in Nigeria, we shall work togather as a team to take down this people who is infitrating Online Business in Nigeria. Starting this forum won,t be a problem, I am good in Graphic Designing and site layouting, and I know quite well that Abass and Akaahan are the primary advocate of this Mission in their respective Niche, all we need set this platform up is for us to source for more good Nigerian online entrepreneur who will work togather in this Proposition. Hosting and Registering the site Domain can be handle between us. I am just saying my mind and I know many people may be thinking the same thing. If we don,t stop this people now, and if this crime continue, a time shall come when even the Government of this Country may start monitoring online Activities in the country. Please I beg of you Abass to move this motion foward. Take a look at Nigeria Blog Award as an insigth to what I am driving at. We all are well established in our various online Biz, but we need to control this outbreak before it control us. Please Abas, if you accept my Proposal, you can come up with a post in webincomeplus and state the proposal to all fans of Webincome plus to vote for the project, out of the number that support the motion will determin how far we can go from there. I rest my pen here.

  10. A wonderful article. It’s been long I read something like this. Before reading this post, i just stumbled on about 2 garbage sales page. As long as hell – it could take you a day to read it all.

    These acclaimed internet-marketers only make their money from the newbies who are naive enough to fall for their trap. It’s a pity really. Almost everyone is now building a squeeze-page with copied-pastied content and unlimited bonuses. It’s just pathetic.

    The part that grips me is actually the money-back guarantee. These guys are a sure way to burn your cash

    1. Hi Shawn,

      Your comment caught my attention…

      Sometimes back, a reader wanted to purchase my best selling eBook, ‘The Mini Importation Millionaire’ and asked me if I offer any ‘Money Back Guarantee’. My answer was a big NO! ‘My only guarantee’, I told him – ‘is that I will ensure the monetary value paid is well surpassed in benefits derivable…additionally, I make all future editions free for buyers…’

      He left…

      The gist is this: when you are unsatisfied with a product, you return it to the seller before he/she issues a refund. Now, how do you return an eBook you have read and benefited from? Or even one you’ve not opened (without the fear of duplication and derivation of secret benefits?) For the sake of all we hold dear, an eBook isn’t a pysical thing that can be returned and refunds claimed!

      Accordingly, I regard anyone promising refunds on eBooks as A CHEAP SCAMMER! And they prove me right, always…None bothers to honor his/her words when a client demands a full refund…


      Akaahan Terungwa

  11. This is indeed an eye opener to many.
    The point i love most is the sixth point, i just love to be ethical in all i do.
    I ‘m beginning to have a rethink regarding a long awaiting deal with an internet marketer who promises to set up an information marketing system /website for clients that can generate more than 200k monthly( starting from the 2nd month). The IM in question charges about 25k for each setup. I kept asking myself if this doesn’t sound too good to be true?

    If you are desperately in need of money,
    online business may not be the best option for you.
    Thanks Abass for this lovely post. I so much “gbadun” your approach to making money online.
    May God continue to increase you in knowledge.

  12. I like to buttress your points. Anyone interested in online business must keep this golden sentence forever afresh in his/her mind: “If it sounds too good to be true, then it is too good to be true”. Always apply this maxim no matter how great the temptation might be to go against it. I also like to add this caution: Even when the e-product is not a scam, consider its suitability to your particular circumstance before you part with your money. Scammers are not only in Nigeria; they are on the internet from all over the world. .

    1. Fisola,

      Thank your very much for reading the post and leaving the comment. I quite agree with every point you made.

  13. I recall asking Onome Maureen how I could create a 3d e-book cover. She said she has a tutorial on it but it will cost me N10,000.

    N10,000? I was shocked! (Though, I didn’t know much then).

    I further asked if she had a free version of the tutorial but her reply was very humane.

    So what did I do?
    I called Abass and in no time my eBook cover had a 3d look, thanks to which Abass recommended.

    I was just a step to being spammed by this ‘female swindler’ that is a guru when it comes to crafting fake screenshots of how much she earns.

    Abass is truly a good Nigerian at heart. I feel these scammers’ days are numbered and very soon they will all run out market.

    If you really appreciate Toriola’s work, a good way to show that is by sharing this post to your friends.

    Trust me.
    Here is why:
    When you type the keyword: “How to make money online in Nigeria” in Google, you will definitely come across numerous sleazy sales pages (that is as long as River Nile) claiming secrets techniques that will make ridiculous and unrealistic sums overnight.

    Who doesn’t want to be a millionaire overnight? Everyone does. But the truth is: making money online takes a lot of hard work and commitment.
    I never knew this until I started my weight loss blog but I ‘m very committed to attaining success and I know I will.

    So you see, sharing the words of this post will save many newbies who don’t know what real online business entails.

    Abass, you are truly one of the honest Nigerian bloggers I’ve ever come across. Keep up the good work and surely these snake oil marketers will definitely look for something better to do with their time.

    1. Emmanuel,

      Thank you very much for your valuable comment. I feel humbled.

  14. I so glad to note that so many Nigerians share my thoughts about how these con artists parading themselves as gurus are swindling unsuspecting Nigerians. they are frustrating the genuine efforts of honest people seeking to earn a living online in Nigeria and also tarnishing the image of the country. Cant we team up and set up a forum called “nigerianinternetpolice” or something? With this we can track them and expose them. Facts are sacred and when we put the heat on them, they will run. I have been swindled several times by a couple of them and will gladly supply info.

    On the corporate level, I am developing an “authority site” that will review Nigerian businesses. Let us join hands together to fight these online fraudsters.

    1. Davie,

      Thanks for reading the post. I wish you the best with your “authority site” project.

  15. it good to know that we still have trust worthy and helpful nigerians, please im a baby over here and i just stumble on a particular site please i need verification on how truthful it is….08105870*** Thanks

  16. Great post. But I just googled about Onome Maureen on the same nairaland and I saw quite a few posts that shes genuine by other real people why go about castigating her? I have dealth with her and infact I have made some good money as a result of connecting with her. When I say good money I mean even a 7 figure income. So while you call others scam with NO veritable proofs, others can do the same to you.

    1. Timothy,

      Most of — in fact almost all those — who claim she’s genuine never gave any proof to that effect. But many who claim she’s fake provide proofs (see Charles Uzibor’s comment above). I get my facts right before writing here. And I did state in the past that if anyone can show us convincing proof that she’s what she claims to be, then I’ll also publish that.

      I don’t mind if you can share with us proofs of the 7-figure income you made. Besides, there’s a difference between making money by implementing her teachings directly and making money ” as a result of connecting with her”. What I need is evidence that you really made money by implementing exactly what she teaches/ taught.

      I ‘m confident that no one can ever call me a scam, unless he/she only wants to deliberately lie against me. And here are my reasons:

      1. I only teach things that I myself have tried and confirmed to be working.
      2. I don’t ever make promises I’m not sure I can deliver on.
      3. I don’t charge out-of-the-world prices for my products/ services. I always ensure my readers/clients get more value than the money they paid.

  17. First of all, by connected with Mrs Onome Maureen, i mean i HAVE attended her seminar and made a 7 figure income from the business she taught me.

    How do I send this proof? Since i cannot attach it on this blog?

    So you mean someone is a scam because a private hospital charged N50,000 for a one night treatment while a government hospital charged N7,500
    Thats a poor analysis bro.

    I repeat again, stop castigating people you have not had dealings with all because you don’t agree with their methods.

    How do I send the proofs? I attended her seminar where she taught me the current business i am doing now and according to you that is “implementing her teaching”.

    How many people have you taught who made money and those who did not?
    Think about the answer

    1. Your statement, “I repeat again, stop…” sounded like an order. Was it supposed to be one?

      Anyway, I think you’re getting things twisted. I didn’t castigate anyone for charging any amount to teach others what they don’t know.

      Bear in mind that there are countless other internet marketers in Nigeria, who also charge to teach people and render other services. But the question is, how come there are mixed reviews about Onome Maureen?

      As far I know, you’ll be the first and only person to offer to provide proof that she’s legitimate (I’m coming back to that).

      My problem with those I criticized on this post is not that they charge to render services. Rather, it is that they sugar-coat their services with promises that they cannot guarantee. This woman states frank figures that anyone will make if they purchase some of her products–without stating any caveats!

      Truth is, internet business cannot work for everyone, but she doesn’t state that. She sounds as though everyone WILL get the results she promises. And that’s the shady thing about her. Of course, if she charges N100,000 to teach a business that will fetch N1,000 per day, I don’t have any problem with that PROVIDED everyone will get the results she promised. And if everyone won’t get it for some reasons, she should state it. Those I cited in the post didn’t do that.

      As for the proof, you can send it to my email (see contact page). But don’t forget to send along with it screenshots to prove your purchase/payment for the seminar or any relevant evidence to that effect.

      Finally, as for your last question, I think it’s not the apt thing to ask. What you should ask is How many people have I given fake promises of huge figures?

      But then, I can’t go about bragging here. Many of my readers are making money and doing fine. Frankly, many others are not achieving the same, and that’s in line with my earlier statement that online business won’t work for everyone. I’ve revealed that reality in many posts on this blog, so nobody is disappointed.

  18. lasly I just checked the Charles Isibor comment, he claimed she set up a website for him right? I just checked the website is online and working. How is that a scam?

    Assuming he paid her money for a website and there was no website done LIKE IS done by several others, what then will you call that?

    1. There’s much more to that website than what he revealed in his comment. Why would anyone express dissatisfaction with that beautiful website? Is the price not reasonable enough? To me it is.

      But she didn’t just promise to build a website, she promised to build a done-for-you website that will automatically start raking in money without any further input from the guy’s end. Who makes such a promise?

      That’s what she did wrong, not building the website or charging for it. You get?

  19. O sorry about my “stop castigating”…of course its not an order. It was borne out of my anger at you tarnishing people’s names.

    Anyway, as far as I know she offers money back guarantee on all her products. I don’t know what Isibor had with her but he should ask for a refund is hes not satisfied and met the terms. Of course internet business will NOT work for everyone, so many factors. If u yourself teach how to make money to someone and the person does not follow what happens? ZERO income.

    So ask Isibor or those claiming foul for proofs JUST like you are asking me for proofs now….the irony. You ask me for proofs but you don’t ask isibor.

    I will send the proofs for all to see when I have the time this week.

    Ahhhhh. A done for you website will will AUTOMATICALLY what?? thats a BIG lie. Even a secondary school person knows such a thing does not exist.

    A done for you website WITHOUT YOUR input? A big lie.

    And Isibor did not say “automatically”…where did you get that?

    And why did you say fake proofs or promises? You don’t have proofs right? Thats why everybody’s own is a fake?

    Before I ever went for Onome Maureen’s product, I researched about her and even the BIG guns REAL internet marketers (not fake, wannabes..just rising fake internet marketers) like Toyin Omotoso, Mr. Gbeminiyi of Fastecash, Mr Joe Okoro, you name it…Olaide Alim, ALL the big and GENUINE guys recommended her …plus ooo her students.

    I will send you all the proofs and post right here. I found a way to do that. And who are your “many” readers making money? Its time you show your proofs also sir. and no photoshopping…lmao

    And it is only on this website there are mixed reviews…google and check others…

    I will be back

    1. I really appreciate your energy. I’ve gotten your points. But I’m beginning to see this discussion as a distraction, I got so many commitments, man.

      As for my readers who are doing fine, I wrote about one of them here in this post:

      Presently, I have some other affiliate success stories to be published on the blog soon (I’ve collected details but have been too busy to write and publish). That’s not to mention the freelance writers I can’t count.

      As for your proofs, send them to my email, and I won’t hesitate to duly add them to the post as an update.


  20. Provided EVERYONE gets the results? LOoooooooooooooooooooooL. Everyone and their dog knows NOT everyone will get the same income results even if they all live in the same city and are given the same material.

    When I buy stuff online, I look out for three things:

    1. Credibility
    2. Support
    3. And proofs you actually DO what you are selling

    1. Let me even get where you’re coming from. Are you having problems with the whole post or just the inclusion of Onome Maureen’s name? (Mind you, I didn’t even mention her name in the post).

  21. Hi Mr. Abass,
    Am a newbie to online marketing.
    Would actually like to get in contact with you for advice.

    1. You can reach me on 08062357604

  22. O! Its good we are awake at this time so I’ll reply.

    I am having problems with several things:
    ALL based on you insinuiating and mentioning Onome Maureen’s name in your scam-article educational and in your comments section.

    Here are the things:

    1. You referred to a post on nairaland about her where several people (real people) said good things about her but YOU chose screen grabbed the only “one” comment in your article. Why didnt you screen grab the good ones as well…prejudice?

    2. You said her products were shitty?…in your article.
    Have you used any before for you to have such an experience to make such comment?

    3. You said her testimonials and figures were unverifiable?
    How did you know? You work at the bank? or helped with photoshopping?
    Check comment January 20 2015 at 7:05am, #Check# made by you

    4. You mentioned her name in your comments section on the pretense that Isibor mentioned her name first and you called her a scam

    Check comment January 20 2015 at 7:10am, #Check# made by you

    5. You said “I have no choice but to confirm she’s the one” She is the ONE?
    Eyes wide in shock. You need better facts before saying such things
    Check comment January 20 2015 at 7:06am, #Check# made by you

    6. You said “lies she’s been telling all over the place?”
    You have your proofs? Cos if not, you have NO rights to say that
    Check comment

    Reading my comments, you may think I have a thing for her but I know shes married and I have only seen her TWICE in my entire life so its not it.

    But I hate, dislike when people write stuffs they feel all because of prejudice, no proofs and claim to be an authority.

    I have many more things to write about your comments but i leave it for now. you asked for proofs? i will show you

    Now, where are the people making money from your teachings?

    Dear Abass Toriola, do you now understand where I am coming from?

    1. Mr Tim,

      OK, I got your points. But I’m sorry, your points aren’t convincing enough to debunk the fact that she makes Internet business appear as something anyone and everyone can succeed at.

      Secondly, I just stumbled on this post on Linda Ikeji’s blog:

      The post actually made me see why you’ve been trying so hard to defend her here. But just as I said, I’m beginning to see your comments as a distraction, and I’m not replying any after this! Best of luck with your “seven figures”.


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