Making Money Online in Nigeria: A Guide for Beginners (1)

Admit it. You became a reader of this blog because you’re interested in making money online in Nigeria.

And your aim is to either become a full-time online entrepreneur or just earn some side income from online business.

Whatever your goal is, you really can achieve it. Yes, you too can make a decent income from any online business model you plunge into — provided online business is for you (more on this later).

This is the first post in a series of few posts aimed at enlightening you more about online business and what making money online entails.

By the time you’re done reading the whole series (or even this post), I’m sure you would have been able to figure out whether online business is for you or not.

making money online in nigeria 1

Let’s face it. Online business isn’t for everyone. You might not have heard or read this before now, but it’s the plain truth.

Online business requires hard work and dedication. It takes time to succeed at. It usually requires good writing skills. And it might even require some minimal cash investment.

Most others won’t tell you this because all they want is your hard-earned cash. Many desperate “e-hustlers” are out there painting a rosy picture of the whole thing, claiming that ANYONE who buys their bullshit e-books or other information products WILL make money online.

They start by telling you a grass-to-grace story (usually a false or exaggerated one), detailing how they have now become millionaires after being damn broke and living as paupers for years.

Then you feel touched. And you want to know how they made it because you want to become a millionaire, too.

You read on and they suck you in with the fact that you don’t even have to work for more than 30 minutes per day. They tell you that all you need to do is to “set it up and forget it.” And that after a few days, your bank account will explode because it’s receiving more cash than it can handle.

They even tell you that you’ll make money continuously even in your sleep. Then you’re sold! Who doesn’t like to make money in his or her sleep?

To make you believe their story, they show you screenshots of their earnings. But since you didn’t know that most of these earnings reports are ‘photoshopped’, you believe them.

In addition, they add testimonials of people who are already making money after reading their e-book. But since you didn’t know that most of these testimonials are fake, you believe them, once again.

With the desire burning in you to start making money on autopilot, you scroll down further the long sales page because you’re curious to know what to do next.  Then you’ll find the price down there… N3,000 or N5,000 or thereabout.

And to make you believe you’re getting more value than you’re paying for, they entice you with bonuses — additional bullshit e-books you’ll gain nothing from.

They tell you the price you’re paying is actually a giveaway price because the product is usually worth ten times the selling price. And that you have a short period to pay that price, or the product will go back to its original price.

But in reality, that deadline will never come. They only use that tactic to prompt you to drop your cash quickly before you can realize they’re scammers.

To convince you further that you will start making money after reading the e-book, they add a money-back guarantee, promising to refund your money if you’re not satisfied with what you bought.

But after buying and reading the e-book, you’ll be asking yourself thousands of questions. And you’d be more confused than enlightened.

It’s either you find some rubbish about online surveys, or some unrealistic ways to make money on Facebook, or some old-school affiliate marketing strategies, or some other junk content.

And the next thing that comes to your mind is to contact the seller for some clarification or for a refund of your money. Send an email, and you’ll wait till eternity for a response. Call the culprit, and it he won’t answer your calls.

My friend, that’s scam for you. It comes in varying forms, but that’s the commonest strategy adopted by those self-proclaimed millionaires who in reality are more broke than you are.

What you didn’t know is that…those desperadoes are also trying to make money online — just like you. And they hardly know more than you do. But they succeed in making a few sales because their “customers” usually throw common sense to the dogs once they see enticing screenshots of income reports.

In reality most of the e-books sold by these crooks were acquired either free or for a very cheap price. And since the e-books come with private label rights, they can change the author’s name to theirs, so it appears as if they wrote the e-book.

Ask such sellers questions about the content of the e-books and they won’t respond. It’s because they don’t know the answer themselves.

Now, enough said about the scammers who have successfully painted online business in Nigeria in bad light.

Let’s face reality once again…

As I stated earlier, NO online business can fetch you money without you investing effort, time, and even money. And NO online business will start fetching you six figures within a few weeks.

Another harsh reality about online business is that what works for someone else might not work for you. So, if someone else succeeded as an affiliate marketer, you might be better off as an information marketer or freelancer. And that’s why there are many options for you to choose from.

So, if you’ve read lots of those sales pages that assure you of fetching millions overnight, clear that get-rich-quick mindset off your mind RIGHT NOW!

Online business is just like offline business. It requires adequate planning and a gradual build-up to success. The only difference is that you can run an online business from the comfort of your home.

Once again, online business is not easy. It requires a lot of hard work. I’m repeating this point because I want you to have it ingrained on your  mind.

Linda Ikeji started making money from her blog after four years of consistent blogging. Darren Rowse started making money online after about 6 years of consistent blogging. I started earning a decent income from my freelance writing business after about one year of hard work and trail-and-error. So, don’t expect any quick money.

Though you don’t have to spend many years before achieving success in online business. You can start making it within a year or less IF you’re ready to work hard like crazy or invest heavily (cash, I mean). If you’re not ready, then don’t waste your time starting. Get a day job instead!

Now, I hope you’ve gotten the right mindset about online business. Right? OK, we can move on from there.

How can you make money online as a Nigerian? The first thing you should do is to stop searching Google for things like, “how to make money online in Nigeria” and “how can I make money online in Nigeria”. Why did I say that? Because you will land on those bullshit pages that were built to steal money from you and waste your time.

So, what should you do instead? Simply follow this new series of emails, and I’ll share with you all you need to know about making money online in Nigeria.

In the next post, I’ll be revealing more about the basics of online business. Stay glued to this blog (and your email), so you don’t miss it.

Your turn?

What do you think about this post? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment.

One more thing: share this post with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Be generous with information.

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Abass Toriola

I'm a seasoned freelance writer, internet marketing strategist, and online business coach. And I'm a university graduate, doctor-in-training, husband, and father.

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Updated: October 12, 2014 — 5:07 am


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  1. Hi Abass,

    Glad to read your post and remember your style once again. As a raving fan, I read your blog even when you’ve partly abandoned it.

    As for your post, I wonder when newbies and desperadoes themselves will learn. I know how to blog, freelance and even market on the internet.

    I must not lie that your blog is the first I stumbled upon that implanted all what you said above. The sad part is that: the desperadoes are newbie, the newbies are desperadoes. I’ll be forever grateful to you, and I promise that whenever I start blogging I’ll help your blog a lot. And I’ll make my launch day great as Akahaan Terungwa told me. I still haven’t gotten a PC yet, otherwise, I would have broken the internet through with my AK47-like words and mental hammer.

    Let me break off before it turns to another blog posts.


    1. Abraham,

      Thanks for taking your time to read the post — and for being a loyal reader.

      I particularly like and agree with this part of your comment: desperadoes are newbie, the newbies are desperadoes. But I’ll edit it slightly: “Most desperadoes are newbies, and most newbies are desperadoes.”

      As for your “AK47-like words and mental hammer”, I think I’m eager to read them.

    2. Hello Abraham,

      Like Abass, I equally await those wonderfully words that have the ferocity of gun fire! When you come on board, just shout loud enough so that I’ll hear your voice wherever I may be. If you have kept the faith – and are true to the game, my job will be to support you – as passionately as I can.

      Till then, be certain to make the day great!


      1. Thanks Terungwa. I’m yet to fight my way through – no PC. The minute I lay my hands on one, you shall surely hear me.

  2. What a rich mind blowing blog post! When I opened my email box this evening and saw your mail, I knew you are at it again. I appreciate the fact that you always make your points very pellucid, such that even a block-headed man will understand you.I think you are one of the best bloggers I have ever come across. You’ve got potentials to move mountains.

    Its not been quite long I subscribed to you blog posts, but I must confess, the little time I have been on this blog has really impacted a lot in me. I always smirk when I come across all those bullshit they post on Facebook, telling how you can earn $$$$$$ in 24hrs.

    But I do ask myself: If this hungry man claims he makes so much $$$$$$ online, how come he asks for 3k or less to show you the same secrets he uses to make those figures online. But the fact still remains the people who are ignorant of sourcing for the right information will always fall prey to these hungry lions.

    Keep up your good works, and God will always give you more ideas to transform people’s lives.

    They call you Abass, but I end my comment calling you “Abassynthase”, because you synthesize ideas in the middle on Strong negative modulators. Thumbs up bro!

    1. Tokas,

      Thank you very much for your kind words. I greatly appreciate having you as a loyal reader who trusts my opinions and believes in my goals.

      Your addition of “synthase” to my name reminds of my days in Biochemistry, when we used to cram the names of hundreds of enzymes. Good memories you brought back to my mind:)

      1. Lol,They say all Biochemists are enzymes.talking of craming,all biochemists are good at that.where some after writing in exams,will give Ref. to almighty lehninger.May God always lead you through in all your synthetic pathways,that at each end you shall make available enough ATP for our consumption.Still thumbs up Bro.

  3. Abass,this is really great. i am looking forward to reading more from you. Yeah,too have lost good cash online.Though i am willing to try again.Hope to read more from you.

    1. Steven,

      Thanks for reading the post. I’m glad you found it helpful. Sorry about the cash you lost online. The most important thing is to learn from the past and face the future. I applaud your resolve to try again. This time, with this blog as your guide, you’re unlikely to go wrong.

      You’re awesome!

  4. Thanks for this revealing info, but i really want to know how does Google AdSense and affiliate market works.

  5. Hello Abass,

    “Truth is single and universal – wherever an intelligent man hears it, he instantly knows that he’s encountered the real deal…’

    Those words, were the very words a raving fan of mine said to me when he insisted on meeting me in person and was asked (by me) what actually made him believe that I even had anything to offer. To clear the air, I always make sure that I’m working with persons who still have their heads on earth and not in some distant galaxy…when the question is answered constructively and to satisfaction, I know I’m dealing with the right person and not just wasting my precious time!

    It’s really sad that many scammers make money online in Nigeria just by convincing other people that they make money online! Even as a newbie, I was careful: when an info marketer sent me more than a mail per week and all of them saying ‘buy this’, or ‘this offer expires tonight’, I simply unsubscribed. My logic was simple: if their ideas were so great, they’ll be very busy making money online themselves that they’ll not have time to bombard my box with trashy stories that all end with: “the offer goes down tonight!’

    But, my dear Abass, some Nigerians actually beg to be scammed! I’ve received about 5 mails in the last two months asking how money can be made in Nigeria without investment. Those who sent such inquiries were also looking up to making at least, N30,000 – N100,000 weekly! When I told all five of them that they were preparing to build paradise in the sky, that was the very last time I ever heard from them. Isn’t that actually begging to be scammed?

    So much to say, so little time and space! See you in the next update.

    Be certain to enjoy your Sunday!


    1. Akaahan,

      I couldn’t but agree with you that some Nigerians beg to be scammed. I recently received a mail from a reader of this blog, in which he requested that I teach him how he can start making “at least $100 per day”. I cringed when I saw that line. And I didn’t even bother to reply him because I just couldn’t find the right words at that moment.

      Imagine that, Akaahan. Just imagine that!

      1. I can relate with that Abass – and then, only shake my head and ask: “how on earth can you move forward with such an ‘awesome’ mindset?”

        Enjoy the rest of the Sunday!


        1. Seriously, both of you, Akaahan and Abass, will make eloquent speakers.

          That’s BTW, as always I’ve saved this page and expecting subsequent ones.

          1. Farblos,

            It’s been quite a while, bro. Thanks for reading the post.

  6. My brother am very grateful 4 this post I have once fell victim for these fake online stuff u mention tanx a lot u are bless

    1. Wole,

      Sorry about that. With the information you just got from the post, I hope you don’t fall victim again. Thanks for taking your time to read the post.

  7. thank u for the eye opener ,as a beginer i really appreciate this,it helps me prepare my mind and i now know what to expect.

    1. Issah,

      You’re welcome. Glad to know you found the post helpful.

  8. Hello Abass
    I found your information very helpful am about to fall victim of those called scammer, i can not give account of their numbers of their message in my email, am even tired of them some invited me to a webiner where a white man would be delivering lecture on how things is done.I ll keep myself updated to your post thanks man

    1. Gideon,

      Thanks for taking your time to read the post. I’m glad you haven’t fallen victim to those scammers.

  9. Hey coach Abass…
    Sometimes your words often sound like thunder that pushes people to success

    I remember searching google for how to make money online in Nigeria and I saw several bullshit post like u’ve described above

    Probably I would have become one of these desperate newbies and start taking advantage of others and will still not be making money if you had not cautioned me.

    I just wanna say I have started making money online today only because good people like you still exist.

    Do keep up d good work and save nigerians from these scammers @ Abass n Akaahan.

    Looking forward to the new series…

    1. Ife,

      Each time I remember that you’ve started making a decent income online just by reading and applying the tips I share on this blog, I feel fulfilled.

      If you had went ahead with the make money online blog of then, I’m more than sure you wouldn’t have made a dime by now.

  10. thanks for the post. I really found it enlightening

    1. You’re welcome. I’m glad you found the post helpful.

  11. Mr Abass, i am so glad that u came out with the exact fact about making money online and i want to applaud u for ur honesty

  12. Thanks on this great post. I have a mindset about quick money making online, attended few seminars practice what I taught, found out that their strategy might not work for me. Again fell victim of scammers. Thanks on this again.

  13. Glad To Have Found This Website.
    Hope To Learn a lot..

  14. I like it when you put hard work, Money, and Commitment as the key ingredient to make it online, this ingredient and factor must be present before you think about making money online. One good Observation about most of this get rich soon Guy in the internet is that, they don’t have enough info or a standard blog where they share most of their safe claim get rich quick schemes, I judge somebody by what you are willing to give out to the society. the commenter have all say well on this issue, our focuse remains on how we can add value to nigerian internet community, I am a blogger and a Web Developer and I understand the reason why Most internet Marketer will put up sale page using false claim to splash their sale page to get their victim attention, if u dig deep into the Bio of most of them, you will find out that they are all shallow in the internet community. Abass keep up the Good work.

  15. it is simple to understand and confirm its reality, i mean the post really exposing to those get reach mindset persons out there looking for were to waist their hard earn money, good job you done here. kudos

  16. Thanks for the post,Abass.It really helped me a lot.I will start my own online biz when i get a pc

  17. Goodday Mr Abass, thanks for the info. i am a newbie seeking for an income online. i will try to keep following your posts to help me achieve my goal online. this your info will really go a long way in helping me not to fall prey for those hungry desperate self acclaimed internet millionaires. i would love be receiving your post to my email. thanks once more. more grease to your elbow man.

    1. Emeka,

      I’m glad you found the post very helpful. Just subscribe to my newsletter by downloading my free ebook, and you’ll receive email notifications for new posts.

  18. Wow…you are the best…c’est vrai… vraiment..merci beaucoup

  19. Thanks for the information Abass. It is coming at a very good time for me.

  20. Thanks for d post Mr. Abass, they are very insightful. I m yet to create my own blog as a crucial necessity.

    I will come back here and share what I have when I create my own blog…comming soon.

  21. Good day Sir,i rarelly appreciate your posts so much,and may God give you more divine wisdom.Fortunately,i am a new comer in this website and this is my first comment so far,these are the questions i need to ask you that is boarding me alot which as follows;
    Firstly,i am a new blogger which i started on March,2015( ,ie my website) and since then i had been applying for Google Adsense they accepted once but dont place advent on my website,later they disappoved my Google adsense account,pls sir what do you think i can do because i am so confuse despite the time and energy i have wasted.
    Secondly,how many months can you work on your website before Google Adsense will accept you fully and what are things/rules you need to abide by on your website before Google Adsense will accept you.May God bless you more and more as you reply my Questions,thanks.

  22. Abass your type is rare

  23. Really love your stuff only that a search on google regarding “how to make money online in Nigeria” got me to this page so……Thanks for the TRUTH.

  24. Hello,
    I’m really thankful and greatful for this your quality information.
    Thanks and I’m looking forward to seeing more of your info

  25. I am reading your material with keen interest and i do hope that at the end, i will have a testimony to tell.

    1. Chidi,

      I’m hopeful, too, that you’ll have a testimony to share after reading the e-book — provided that you play your cards right.

  26. Thanks…am happy to read these and I believe you

  27. Mohammad Abdul Raheem

    Very honest revelations and thought provoking, I hope to see more of it.

  28. Been quite educating, hoping to learn more

  29. I enjoyed your post. It was revealing and at the same time confirmed some of my concern about these scammers. above all i really appreciate your sincerity, especially on the fact that online business is not a walk in the park. Thanks.

  30. This post is revealing and i enjoyed it all the way, especially the part that talks about the work needed in online business. Looking forward to other post on the series. Thanks

    1. Emeka,

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Thanks for the comment.

  31. Abass I’m so grateful for your favour to me. I have struggled over the internet for more than ten years without any success. So your guidance is appreciated and very valuable. I have shared your post on Facebook, and by your permission, I’ll let every of my friends have your posts. Thank you once again.

    1. Chris,

      Thanks for your kind words. I’m glad you found the post very helpful. Again, thanks for the sharing. I appreciate.

  32. Am eager to learn more.

  33. Hello Mr. Abass

    Before uttering anything, I would like to say, thank you for your sincerity and magnanimity in sharing this information with us. To me, I would say your magnanimity is prodigious and unparallel in the history of online business workers as you would be the first person I have ever met online that will share his ebook for free without demanding any dime from the reader or those with the interest to work online. I have encountered lots of things that baffles me concerning online business, about people saying “Make up to $100000 a month” I always ponder about it by asking that how is that possible? I suspect them to be scammers. But after reading your blog, it became clearer to me that they are only looking for those that will fall into their gaping maw.

    I am new to this, even though I have been surfing through the internet for a long time concerning a legal online business that will earn me extra pay no matter how little it is because I’m having a hard time as a student because of the background I came from. Before reading your blog, I had a wordpress account but I don’t know how to operate it, hence, making me to abandon it. I opened it because I feel like writing articles or updating some things concerning my research on some things.

    The problem I’m having presently is like that of Mr. Abraham. I don’t have a laptop presently but I’m planning on getting one before the end of the year. I really appreciate you as words alone cannot convey how grateful I am. And I also look forward in giving a good testimony on the online business.

    Permit me to drop my pen while I take my leave while I will still keep on saying “THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU”

    Akinbode Oluwaseun

  34. Impressive, I know in life nothing good comes as easy! Even when someone decides to start paying you to sleep, sleeping will automatically become difficult to achieve just because what ever involves money or success come with great challenges!
    In summary when you endure and pass through great challenges you earn a substantial power inform of experience to succeed!

    Success is not an even it’s a process!

    Keep it coming Coach Abass

  35. Wow! yesterday ,i was searching internet for information on how to verify paypal account in Nigeria,all of a sudden,i came across this blog though i’ve just read only the comment,i’ve impression that what i’ve been looking for is here.Please keep feeding me!

  36. very wonderful and convincing still waiting to hear from u

  37. i count my self luck being a reader of your blog, though this is my first time making comment on any of your post.
    blogging has been dear passion. i started my blog with very scanty information about the side of reslity that has to do with running a blog to success, only for me to get hit along the way. though i almost quite because i started off with the poor notion of the get riche quick mantra polluting the internet world today.
    nut thanks for people like. you have really shown part of my mistake and i am already implementing it.
    thanks once again!
    josh Doye

  38. Hello Abass,

    Thanks for this platform. Let me say I am a newbie to blogging and I am about starting my blog. I have always been interested in online business as far back as the year 2007 , but I was frauded and duped, and for this reason I got angry with it, but something in me still believes there are still genuine stuffs and people online. So I am about giving it a trial again in 2015 wit my blog which am about to set up. I have read your book and still reading it to guide and aid me. I am not in a hurry.

    I just want to applaud you for the simplicity of words you used in your book. Also, I would like to be communicating with you on phone, if its possible.

  39. Hi Abass.
    If I have not learnt anything else from your writings, I have learnt
    (1) Your SEO techniques that puts your blog on the much desired page ONE of Google. This is great, and is so because you practice what you preach.
    (2) At least for once somebody is beginning to tell Nigerians the truth.
    Of a truth the Nigeria government is not bothered about the unemployment situation in Nigeria. Even the state governments don’t care what happens to this fast exploding army of unemployed youths be falling this nation. I would advise every unemployed graduate to take his destiny into his hands and see how he can start something online. TRY IT TODAY AND YOU WILL NEVER REGRET IT.

    1. Thanks for your kind words. I’m glad you found the post helpful.

  40. Thank you very much Malam Abbas. I started blogging in Hausa two years ago. Now I sale my Hausa novels in OkadaBooks. I use the blog to promote my books. I’m making money from it. But like you said I’m not making more than N1000 a day. Though sometimes I make more than N2000 a day. Sometimes a week or two will pass without me making even 1k. And I have to write a 1k+ words article everyday to keep my readers

    So I believe online business requires more hardwork and commitment than offline business

    1. Musa,

      Thanks for sharing your story. It helped to drive home all the points that I tried made with the post.

  41. Dear Abass,
    I appreciate your sincerity. As an on line business fellow chances are you will know a certain Pat Ogidi flaunting his get-rich-quick Mini Importation Business e-book. What do you make of it.

    1. I wouldn’t advise you to buy books from any Nigerian information marketer who hops around different niches and topics. Today, Pat can teach you how to make at least $60 daily from PayPal account, tomorrow he can teach you how to make money from mini importation, and next tomorrow he’ll promise to teach you how to make money from affiliate marketing.

      Truth is, these people aren’t masters at any of the businesses they write e-books on. They only try to capitalize on the demand for those pieces of information. When you’re making enquiries on how to buy their products, they’ll be your friend. But after the purchase, when you try to ask questions on things that are not clear, they become your enemy!

  42. I like your write-up. It’s educative, and a true guide on how to start and sustain online business. I thank you for this work, and I really appreciate your free e-book.

    1. Ini,

      You’re welcome. I’m glad you found the e-book helpful.

  43. Thank you for this life changing information. Sir, is it possible to attract both local and foreign traffic, and earn a good income online as a newbie?

  44. thanks broo i have lan aloght as lernman

  45. Tanx for dis information, am very grateful…i will send u a mail

  46. Big tutor!Thanks for this nice blog of yours for indeed it is fact-packed.The like of me will continue to cling to this site as long as we want our dream of becoming successful bloggers like remains alive.Please keep updating us on what we long to know.

    1. Rasheed,

      Thanks for your kind words. I’m glad you’ve found the blog helpful. I won’t stop teaching you what you need to succeed.

  47. Thanks, I am glad to be part of this.

  48. Thank you very much sir for this honest information on how to make money online in Nigeria. my inbox is filled with emails from gurus who want to sell one eBook or the other, about one secret site or profitable online business that will fill my bank account with millions! I fell for some sha, but thank God I m here now. Please how can I contact you, I have a feeling that you are different from the others. thanks for the free eBook too.

    1. Hey Daniel,

      Sorry about all you’ve gone through. It’s better late than never. I’m glad you found this blog helpful. You can CALL me on 08062357604.

  49. Am glad to be here and big thanks to you Abbas for you long and truthful pieace. Have falling mugu for most of these guys even recently. Shall update the house on some that scammed me with proofs. I have a nich site but yet to make any money. Feeling there is something am not doing properly and that is why am here. Ready to be mentored by you.

  50. thanks for your informations . is rilly touching

  51. thank you for ur help, me I have a PC but am still a novice .but I know that u will help to be come a professional

  52. Mr Toriola may the Lord bless you abundantly… Infact, its as if you knew what i am passing through, if not for your timely post, by tomorrow i will be falling a victim of those called the bullshit. Arrangement on how the money will paid into their account had been finallized… You must be an angel. Once more may your never be down-casted in JESUS name
    Sir, i cannot just wait to seeing and following more of your post. Thanks…
    You are too much.

  53. I am truly grateful to you Sir. More grace to your wisdom. You may not know how many lives you are saving out there including mine.
    God bless you some more.
    Thank you Sir!!!

  54. Kudos sir, am a newbie but and have decided to go into online biz. Right about now, have read some ebooks, attended seminars and purchase some ebooks. I was directed to ur blog at the point of purchasing Mrs Aderonke’s ebook. To be frank, you are been factual with your words but the truth is the desperadoes as you said selling ebooks online were been trained by some of the gurus because a layman that does not know anything abt online biz will get an ebook with a PLR. Anyway, thats just by the way.i need to know how an autoresponder can be used. Are we installing on the webpage or creating it and standing on its own. I have sign up for one for my affiliate market but i dont know how its been used. I will so much appt if you can put me through sir. Thank you nd God bless

    1. Sulaimon,

      An autoresponder is a standalone automated service that helps you send programmed messages to your mailing list subscribers. I have an ebook on how to create a mailing list, but I’m not sure if the content will suffice for your needs. So, if I may ask, how exactly do you intend to use the autoresponder? My advise will be based on your answer.

  55. Abass,this is really great. I appreciate the fact that you always make your points very straight, such that even a man who is slow in comprehension will understand you. I think you are one of the best bloggers I have ever come across o. You’ve got potentials to move mountains.

    However, It’s really sad to know that many scammers make money online in Nigeria just by convincing other people that they make millions of money online! Sometime early this year I got series of mail from a man who said he’s base in abuja, that he’s an online entrepreneur who helps people make N100 and more within a week. After registering with the sum of N30 paid into his companies account. At a point I became careful, because I almost fall in for it, after I had begged a cousin who work in the same bank he had an account with. Thus, it was discovered same figure mentioned above was paid into the account on a regular basis within that period he always sent me mail but the owner of the account withdraws immediately via ATM.

    Later it beats my imagination as i asked myself: If this man claims he makes so much money online within a week, how come he’s asking for 30k to help generate 100k for me online? But the fact still remains the people who are ignorant of getting the right information will always end up to these hungry lions.

    Thank you so much coach Abbas

  56. Hello sir Abaz. I want to know whether your ebook “how to make money online in nigeria” Has a master resale right”

    1. No, it does not have master resale rights.

  57. ogunrinde olufemi

    Hi, how are your days? Thanks you so far. i have finally got my payoneer card. pls, can l get IP changer to US IP address. Because some survey site does not accept NIgeria. Thanks

  58. Hi Mr Toriola. It’s unfortunate that most newbies are falling victim of these scammers…you’re just one in a thousand when it comes to honesty, when I had a telephone discussion with you this afternoon I was able to tell that you’re one of the few faithful guys out there, who are honestly set out to help others come up and in return make a decent money while doing just that. I can only pray for you that the LORD will continue to bless you as you help people find solution to their problems/challenges.

  59. Hi Abass,frankly speaking am jst short of words cos I never dt someone could be this sincere in this kind of thing.i read ur free ebook yesterday and was so happy dt I got all my questions answered free of charge.welcome,come what may I still believe dt all Nigerians are not corrupt n u re one of them.i wnt to go into d business without knowing how.but ur ebook has really exposed all the truths/challenges I need to kn abt it.i kn nothing good comes easy but wit the information I hv gotten 4m u there is no going bck 4 me.pls am taking u now as my honest,sincere n open person coach.i beg u to do be there 4 me at any time i ll need you.thnk u so indeed impress wit ur good work n sincerity.God ll certainly see u through in all ur endavour.Remain blessed

    1. Hey Uche,

      Thanks for your kind words. I’m glad you found the blog helpful. And yes, I’ll be available to help out whenever you need my support.

  60. Abass
    Am blessed for what I have read from your blog. I see it has a previledge to be instructed by you sir. I refuse to be a desperate newbie😀

    1. Kenola,

      Thanks for your kind words. I’m glad you found this blog helpful.

  61. your eBook was just like the bible sent from God, I found answer to the questions baffles me. hope I can reach you anytime I need your help right?

  62. I know nothing good comes easy, that y u re telling us the blatant truth, so my mind is no longer skewed to get rich quick syndrome doing online business.
    I must appreciate Ur sincerity in Ur post and also appreciate Ur FREE E-book u gave out to us. This is the first time am really seeing a free e-book on online biz. I was like seriously? Wow, May God bless immensely Sir. Hope to learn more from cos am novice and newbie in this field. Am grateful to God I stumbled on Ur site. Thanks

  63. I like your style

  64. Thanks a lot Mr. Abass. This blog is very enriching. I am looking forward to receiving the next mail.

  65. Thank you so much Abass.As a beginner,i hv known what to expect&gradually i will definitely get to the top. I love freelance aspect very well&no doubt,i will hv active participation in that sector.Kudos!

  66. i just started reading your posts and newsletters and one unique thing about it is that it is very sincere and blunt. I really appreciate the fact that you took your time to point out that it takes a lot of effort and patience to be successful in it.

  67. God bless u for your sincerity and truthfulness about online business

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