My Blog Challenge Update #1: I’ve Been Lazy, But I Crawled

In a post I published in October (click here to read it), I disclosed my intent to run a blogging challenge with the aim of motivating my readers and showing them how to build a profitable blog from scratch.

Though I promised to publish monthly updates, I’ve been unable to post any before now due to my preoccupation with too many assignments and online business tasks.

Well, fast forward to over 2 months later, nothing has really changed. And as expected, I’ve not started getting any results yet. (Yes, I never expected to get any results this soon.)

Over the last two months, I’ve added just 4 new posts to the blog. That’s rather too poor. I know. And that clearly goes against the consistency and seriousness rules I preach on this blog. But it wasn’t due to laziness. It was due to… well, let me save my excuses.

Aside adding four new posts (keyword-optimized) to make 10 posts in all, I changed the theme of the blog to another flexible and beautiful, yet simple theme I recently stumbled upon. I loved the new theme particularly because it’s a responsive theme that displays beautifully on mobile devices. Since we’re now in the mobile world, every blogger should expect more visits from mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) than from PCs. If your theme looks horrible on these devices, you’ll repel your visitors.

Another thing I added to the blog is a privacy policy page, which I generated from a site I found through Google. I added this to make the blog look more professional. (Some say it helps you get approved for Adsense, but that’s not in my plans for now.)

As for the traffic, the blog attracted very few visits–most of which I’m sure came from my end. My Google Analytics report also showed some visits from search engines.

When I checked the blog’s ranking in Google for the keywords I targeted, it wasn’t ranking in the first five pages for any of them. Well, I wasn’t surprised; for a new blog, it could take up to 3-4 months for SEO tactics to start delivering decent results.

My plans for January 2014

I know I didn’t do well within the last 2 months. But I’ve made a firm resolution to take it more serious in 2014 (I hope I won’t falter again).

So, for January 2014, here are my plans for the new blog:

  • Publish at least 10 posts on the blog
  • Build backlinks through article marketing (that is, publish articles on major article directories–10, at least)
  • Build 10-20 backlinks through blog commenting (that is, leave relevant comments on other blogs)
  • Create a Facebook page for the blog
  • Change the blog’s target from an American to a global audience (though I’m still contemplating whether to take this step or not).

Let me stop with these for now. I don’t want to set more goals than I can achieve. At the end of January, I will let you know how far I’ve been able to go with these goals.

So, this is my blog’s story after 2 months. Though, I’ve not led by example, I’m still optimistic about achieving my ultimate goal (to turn the new blog into a money-spinner) within 6-9 months.

Over to you

Did the introduction of this challenge motivate you to start your blog? If yes, how far have you gone, and what results have you gotten so far?

Do you have any questions or comments about the challenge or other issues? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment. I’ll reply–as I always do.

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  1. please wHY is it that bloggers dont cite resourses or is it just allowed? because i saw a post in copyblogger part of which is copied and pasted directly from another blog. though he was just making an example from it and he indicated it by giving it a different color.

  2. Please I am very interested in small business coaching and also freelancing but I do not know how to go about it. I have set up a free website with word press,, to try and to learn how to blog but I am currently not progressing as expected. Can you please help me in this regard. Thanks.


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