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  1. Nice one, Mr Abass.

    After going through every topic under the post section, i had come to the conclusion that every online entrepreneur must have a website regardless of what he has in mind to start with – freelance writers are expected to have a blog to showcase their works and style of writing in order to build trust with clients, affiliate marketers need websites to effectively market their products, and so on.Perhaps the steps one takes to start earning online all boils down to building and managing at least one website.

  2. I simply admire your courage bros. I submit myself to your mentorship.
    Hope I will learn fast to start making money online.
    Thanks and God bless

  3. hi,
    how much will it cost to have a blog?.

    1. Muyibat,

      It will cost about N7,500 if you use my recommended host. I can help you with the set up and installation. See the following link for details:

  4. Yea Abass,
    You are welcome.

    Keep up the good work.

  5. Hello Abass,

    Nice to have all your posts in one page!

    Nice work you did here, keep it up!

  6. You just turned a site map into a post. Nice job boss.

  7. hello Mr Abbass.
    its been a while and i’ve looking for ways with whichi can get your email and/or number.
    i knew i had once asked for your email but i couldn’t keep track of the topic under which i requested for your contact and i think this will the best time to ask for it.

    there is an idea that came to my mind some days ago and i’ve been putting it up on the website i submitted for this comment.
    i actually decided get myself up and try some of the make money online methods you’ve shared on this blog and i ended up choosing markethealth.
    i had ordered for a payoneer mastercard and it should be here by late next month.
    what actually happened is that, my brother is willing to finance everything i’ll need in terms of money. well, you guessed right, he’s not doing it just like that, if i end up failing him, this might mark my end on the internet until we are separated.
    he actually saw your post about markethealth and he said i should go for it, else, he’s gonna take it all as nonsense.

    all i need now is your help, i need you to guide me on every step i take, especially when it comes to choosing a product to promote.
    athough, i’m nt yet through with the website, i’ve already chosen two products to promote, but my heart skipped two beats when i saw the date they were added.
    this is exatcly where i need you most sir, cause i’m confused on choosing a product, maybe those dates doesn’t count, or maybe they do.
    looking forward to your reply sir, i’ll tel you my other plans while we talk on phone or in one of my mails.
    thank you.

    and that site is yet to be parked to .com

    1. Hello Mhizta Knicks,

      First, my phone number is 08062357604.

      You’ve really taken a good step by launching a blog. But I want to question your choice of Why not WordPress? That platform you chose isn’t good for SEO, which is one of the best traffic sources for an affiliate marketer. Well, it’s not too late to switch.

      Your brother’s keen eye for results is quite understandable. Nobody wants to see their money go into a drainpipe. Let’s chat on phone so we can iron out facts better.

      PS. Later this month, I’ll be announcing a new e-course that will kick off next month. The course will reveal one surefire strategy for making money online every month. Trust me — this strategy works! It’s working for me, and I’m sure it WILL work for you provided you follow my teachings in the course. And when I say it will help you make money, I mean GOOD MONEY! Just keep your fingers crossed! Since your brother (and you) wants something that WILL work for sure, I’d advise you to wait for that offer. You won’t be disappointed!

  8. Hello Abbass,
    can u recommend a tutorials on how to create sitemap?

    I will appreciate.

    1. Angela,

      Since you’re on WordPress, it’s easy. Just install the “Site tree” plugin and add the short code to the page you want to have your site map appear on.

  9. thanks so much. why do u close the forum. you thought us that new things takes time to thrive.

    i always go there to post things no wonder no body replied. you should have leave it to grow naturally.

    anyway i respect your decision,u have been there for quite a while and know more than i do.

    as for the email markerting tutorial where i can learn how to add an email list to my blog, u have not refered me to any.

    i will be glad if you do.wishn you success in your studies. i know that studing medcine in Nigeria is very challenging. God is your strenght.

    1. Angela,

      I closed the forum because members were having problems with posting topics and replies due to the Captcha code. Yet, having the Captcha on was the only way I could block the volumes of spam comments that find their way to the forum. Since the main blog can still serve the same purpose as the forum, I decided to bring down the forum and bring all discussions back to the blog.

      As for the tutorial, try doing a Google search on that. Let me know whatever you come up with.


  10. Hello Abass.

    I always enjoy your newsletters.

    I asked u for two favors, u havnt given me one.
    I know u are a busy person but i believe u can always sqeeze time.

    Pls i need ur review of my blog

    its a personal improvement blog

    secondly, can u refer me to any tutorial on how add email marketing to my blog.

    1. Angela,

      As for the review, give me up to a week for that. I will create a special post where people will present their blogs for review. I once did that on the forum, but I’ve brought down the forum because it wasn’t serving its purpose.

      When I publish the post, I promise to review you blog FIRST.

  11. hi abaas I will like to get ur criticism on my blog. nb its just for my personal mussings and should I improve on it or ditch it to begin and build a new blog on WordPress anew

  12. guy I love ur blog. in fact this is the first blog I have ever bookmarked. but y are ther no ads in ur blog? and where’s the contact us botton cos I want to contact u for sth.08125025032.

    1. Justice,

      Thanks for checking out my blog. I’m glad you liked it. You can contact me via email: basicfreelance(at)gmail(dot)com

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