The Ultimate Guide to Generating Massive Traffic

Traffic is one of the most important factors in online business.

Whether you’re into blogging, affiliate marketing, information marketing, or freelancing, your success will be largely determined by how much traffic you attract.

The above explains why generating traffic remains the biggest challenge for bloggers and other netpreneurs.

But the bitter truth is, there are no magic bullets when it comes to generating traffic. It requires hard work. In fact, most of the effort you’ll have to invest in your online business will go into traffic generation alone.

Now, if you do a simple web search, you’ll find tons of articles teaching traffic generation tips — both ethical and unethical ones.

But here, I want to teach you the various proven strategies for generating massive traffic to your blog, website, or any other online platform here in Nigeria. Whether you’re just starting out or have been struggling with online business for some time, you’ll learn a lot from this post.

This post is a fairly long one, so take your time to read it carefully.

Are you ready? Now, let’s start!

On the importance of value

For you to benefit from the traffic you work so hard to generate, you must provide value.

For example, if you’re trying to generate traffic to your blog, you must offer loads of quality content for free. That’s the only way to gain the trust of your visitors and compel them to take any action that will fetch you profits.

If your blog is just like any other blog out there, with no real value to make it stand it out, you won’t gain much from the traffic you generate.

Similarly, if you’re trying to sell an e-book or an affiliate product, you need to offer something of huge value, so your traffic doesn’t go to waste.

That said, let’s now discuss the various traffic generation strategies.

ultimate guide to traffic generation

A. Free traffic

Generating traffic doesn’t necessarily have to cost you money. There are many ways to generate traffic to your online business without spending a dime. But then, these require lots of time and effort.

Forum marketing

This involves participating actively in a high-traffic forum often visited by your target audience, with the aim of attracting attention to your online business.

Nairaland, the biggest online forum in Nigeria, attracts people with varying interests. And chances are high that you’ll find your target audience there.

Attracting traffic from Nairaland is simple. Start by crafting a catchy signature that links to your blog or value product (e-book, etc.). For best results, use bolded text and give people a strong reason to click your link by stating the benefits they’ll gain from doing that.

After creating your signature, your next step is to get it noticed by as many people as possible. How do you achieve this? By creating lots of helpful threads and giving beneficial replies on as many threads as possible.

Focus more on the section that is most closely related to your niche. For example, if you’re looking to drive traffic to a travel blog, focus on the travel section. Similarly, if you’re trying to sell your small business ideas e-book, focus on the business section.

Because the earliest replies on a post get read the most, always try to be among the earliest people to leave replies on threads.

One of the smartest ways to attract massive traffic from Nairaland is to create a really insightful or valuable thread. Chances are such a thread will hit the front page, where several thousands of people will get to read it — and possibly click your signature link.

Avoid posting brief excerpts of posts and asking readers to visit your blog to read the rest. Although this strategy works at times, it usually annoys and repels readers.

Social media

Social media remains one of the most widely used avenues for traffic generation.

Generating traffic through social media entails spreading word of your online business through your personal accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other platforms. It also entails creating dedicated accounts for your online business, such as a Facebook page, Twitter handle, and so on.

Social media generates even more traffic when you involve others. So, always ask your friends to share your updates with their friends and family. In addition, encourage your visitors or audience to share your free content or e-book by providing social media sharing buttons below your blog posts and in the pages of your free e-book.

Blog commenting

Leaving comments on high-traffic blogs is a smart way to “snatch” some traffic from such blogs.

Imagine leaving an interesting comment on a post on Linda Ikeji’s blog and getting 200 new visitors to your blog from that one comment.

How can you make that happen? Try to be among the first people to leave a comment, since the first few comments get read the most. Then make sure to leave a comment that is not just relevant to the post, but is also interesting or valuable. Right below your comment, add a free, attention-grabbing description of your blog or one of your posts — alongside a link to it.

Trust me, many people are ready to click any link they see. So, your link will attract some decent traffic. The more of such comments you can leave on high-traffic blogs, the more traffic you’ll generate from the strategy.

Now, bear in mind that comments are strictly moderated on most blogs. And comments containing links are usually marked as spam. But from my experience, most Nigerian high-traffic sites allow all types of comments. And a good example is Linda Ikeji’s blog.

Guest posting

Though this strategy is one that most webmasters find hard to implement, it’s insanely effective for traffic generation if done right.

In case you’re a newbie, guest posting simply means having your posts published on other blogs for the purpose of channelling traffic to your blog.

For best results from guest posting, you need to target high-traffic blogs, preferably those within your niche. Better yet, any high-traffic blog that attracts thousands of your target readers would do. In addition, your post must be really valuable and authoritative. And a link to your blog must be prominently placed within the post.

If readers find the post interesting and helpful, they will follow your link down to your blog with the aim of getting more of the same top-quality stuff.

Most blogs will gladly publish your guest post provided it’s helpful, relevant to their niche, and written in line with their guidelines (if they have any).

So, look out for high-traffic blogs that you can have your guest posts published on, and contact their editors about your intent to send them a guest post.

Aside sending huge traffic to your blog over the short term, guest posting also has long-term benefits. First, it helps you to build links, which in turn helps to improve your blog’s ranking in Google. Second, it can continue to send you traffic for a very long term if it ranks high in search engine listings, which is likely if you publish it on a high authority blog.

A good example of Nigerian authority website where you can publish guest posts repeatedly is the Vanguard Online Community.

Question & Answer sites

Another smart way to generate traffic to your blog is to answer questions on question-and-answer websites like Yahoo! Answers and Quora.

The trick is to search these websites for questions that are related to the information offered in your blog or free e-book. Then provide the answer and refer readers to get more information from your blog or e-book.

In fact, you can purposely write and publish a new post on your blog, just to provide a detailed answer to a question you found on a Q&A site. That way, you will be able to attract readers from those sites.

Now, here’s a warning: only leave links to your blog if you have relevant, detailed answers. If it’s obvious that you’re only slapping up links to attract traffic, you’ll banned! I was once banned from Yahoo! Answers for that.

Interviews and honorary mentions

Publishing interviews with influential personalities is another smart way to get traffic to your blog. How? When you interview an individual who has achieved success in a field related to your blog topic and publish the interview on your blog, your guest will share the link to that interview on his or her social media accounts.

And the more followers your guest has on these accounts, the more traffic they’ll send down to that interview post. You get it now? I’ve published a number of interviews on this blog, and I’ve gotten decent traffic from that.

Honorary mentions work in the same way. For example, if you publish a post titled, “Top 10 Most Successful Young Entrepreneurs in Nigeria”. Each of the individuals mentioned in that post will be eager to share it with their social media followers. Of course, you’ll need to contact them individually to make them aware of the post, so they can “do the needful.”

Search engine optimization (SEO)

If you’re looking to generate traffic to your blog over the long term, then you need to learn about keyword research and search engine optimization. I won’t be going into details of both strategies here, as I’ve already written in-depth posts about each of them:

If you can invest your time in learning search engine optimization and implementing it correctly, you’ll be able to rank high in search engine result pages, which means you’ll generate huge traffic without effort for as long as your posts maintain their top positions.

My blog, NGFR (read about it here) now attracts about 6,000 daily visits and about 500,000 monthly page views — thanks search engine optimization.

B. Paid traffic

If you want quick results without much effort, then you can consider paying for traffic. This involves paying to have your ad banners or links displayed prominently on highly targeted platforms online.

Paid traffic brings the best results when the right platforms are used. Examples of these platforms include Facebook (Facebook ads), Google (Adwords), Nairaland (Nairaland ads — for Nigerian traffic), and high traffic blogs (direct ad slots).

I won’t go into details of how to go about adopting paid traffic in this post, as that’s a whole new topic on its own. But I may come up with a post on that later.

For now, that’s all on the various strategies that you can adopt to generate traffic to your online business, irrespective of the model you favor.

Now, there’s one more very important thing!

Except for SEO and few others, the strategies explained in this post will fetch you only one-time traffic. That is, after implementing them, you’ll see your traffic go up sharply, and then it comes down again within a few days.

That’s sad, but it’s the truth. And I have to tell you.

However, there’s a trick you can adopt to ensure that the traffic you generate from these techniques keeps coming back to your blog each time you publish a new post. That sounds cool right? I adopt the trick on this blog, and it works like magic.

What trick am I talking about? I’ll be leaking it in the next post (click here to read it now).

Now, your turn

Do you have any comments, questions, or objections? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment. As usual, I’ll reply.

And…don’t forget to share this with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and what have you (you can use the share buttons below).

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  1. Quite an exhaustive post Abbass, and well written (love the way you weave in an element of suspense at the end; very effective).
    Of all the strategies, I find guest blogging the most appealing, even though it’s the toughest.
    I’m presently mapping out my guest blogging strategy as I’m about to launch my blog. I’ll try the other strategies too, thanks to you.

    1. Jamila,

      I wish you the best results from your guest blogging campaign. Thanks for taking your time to read the post. I’m really glad you found it helpful.

  2. hi abass I was very busy when u ran ur affiliate academy program pls update me on ur latest in that regard thanks edafe.

    1. Edafe,

      The first episode of the course is still on-going, but it will end within the next two weeks. The next episode will open shortly after that. I’ll keep you updated.

  3. Hello Abass,

    Another killer post! Nice to hear from you after some time.

    The whole list of points are wonderful. I’ll make out time to implement them.but what happens when people invade your site with meaningless comments repeatedly in all your posts? Is it in a bid to get links or what and what is the consequences of this comment invasion. As I’m talking to you right now I have close to 2000 comments on my blog that I’ve refused to approve. check some of the comments here.

    1. Francis,

      Sorry about the spam comment invasion. That’s one of the downsides of WordPress. But you can easily stop that by installing Akismet and Growmap anti-spam plugin. That combination will help you combat spam effectively.

  4. This is Ultimate Guide indeed and its works. Confession: The first day I came to your blog, you commented on my post on Nairaland and I followed your signature to your blog and I subscribed to get your free e-book. And I keep coming back every time you have a new post. And my spirit is telling me that this will be the next topic. Okay, let keep our finger crossed. Nice !

    Ever since then, I have adopted your strategy – I have the same type of your signature on Nairaland. I monitor my traffic sources and it works – anytime.

    Just like you said, the traffic graph goes up sharply and come down same, it does not last. The solution is sending those traffic to landing page with VALUABLE GIFT to capture the email address of the prospect and thereby keep him/her coming back for more each time you have new post.

    I laid emphasis on VALUABLE GIFT because if you are not offering a valuable gift on your LANDING PAGE, it will not convert.

    That is the next step am working on right now. Recently, my Alexa traffic came below 100,000 thousand – I have done a lot of work to achieve this and couple with Google PR3, some foreign currency is flowing into my pocket.

    Thanks Abass for sharing and I look forward for the upcoming post. Thanks

    1. Stan,

      Your determination and strategy are both very encouraging. And I’ll be featuring you on an interview on this blog soon (expect an official email on that).

      Thanks for reading the post — and for trying to leak some of the secrets I intended to share in the next post.

  5. Thank you Mr Abass for another insightful post, keep up the good work you are doing. I just came across your blog recently and I have read carefully most of your articles, God bless you.

    1. Lukman,

      Thanks for taking your time to read the post. I greatly appreciate it.

  6. HI !!! ABASS l love the way you letout some important issues which many others asks for money . Your topics always interest me . l am interested in blogging for money but l dont know how and where to start especially in area of site constuction and how to make or receive payments . l will highly appreciate any help rendered towards achieving this goal . please keepon and God bless U

    1. Sunday,

      Thanks for your kind words. As for setting up a blog, there’s really no “construction” involved, as it’s all a very easy process. Similarly, receiving payments is no big deal. But more importantly, you need to start on a bright note. Since you don’t know how and where to start yet, I’d recommend you read this post to learn great ideas you can choose from:

  7. You have said it all, Getting traffic to your blog is very easy and as point of reference, I would say here that you need to have quality content to offer your visitor on your blog before you can have a steady traffic on your website.

  8. Hello Mr. Abass, it’s been a pretty long time since I’ve come back here and to see a new post that talks extensively about what I found most frustrating and of course that I need – traffic is a good reason to come back here on this great blog.

    You shared a very long but thought provoking and value-filled one for that matter and its most appreciating.

    Back in 2013 when I started my first hosted blog, I did almost all the free traffic generation strategies you so well highlighted here and I did got my fair share of traffic but it is safe to say that most of traffic are only one time based. My traffic would skyrocket high after every post and influencer interview and even my guest posts too but after some time evething just started to dwindle….really frustrating I must confess!

    Paid traffic seems to be the order of the day and most of my online folks are getting results from it and getting huge commissions from adsense and the likes. I should be trying it too as soon as I reach the hundred dollars adsense cashout.

    Btw, there are several comments here and I like them all but Jamila’s own seems to catch my interest the most as I too love the way you missed some elemenf suspense to this piece. Fantastic and well written post I must say!

    Will make sure I stick around to read the next post, it might be just what I needed to move my blog a step further.

    Sorry sir but I just changed the template on my blog to a new one and I’d love for you to check it out and tell me what I should improve to make it more catchy and simple to attract the attention of viewers. Would you take out time to do that for a brother, sir Toriola?

    Thanks and I appreciate you for sharing this valuable and much needed article. You’re kind! 🙂


    1. Sam,

      I understand your frustration. Even paid traffic is usually one-time, so it’s not really a solution to the problem. The ultimate solution lies in the strategy I’ll be revealing in the next post.

      As for your new blog’s template, it looks really cool on PC (didn’t check it on phone). To make readers engage more with your blog, add a related posts plugin.

      Finally, thanks for time spent on reading the post and crafting this really lengthy comment. You’re just awesome!

      1. You’re very correct…..I remember that I once worked for an online guru who has some money to splash around doing paid adverts and I did got huge money from my adsense account in just January until he couldn’t do ads again and all the site’s traffic went down. So sad for him and me!

        You mean it sir? Wow! I’m happy to read your short review on the template. Thanks! And I’d do well to add the Yet Another Related Post Plugin…thanks. 🙂

        I love your blog and not to stay around here would be a sin and unwise for any sane blogger aiming to succeed in this side of the world – Nigeria.


  9. Hello Abass, thank you so very very very much for your selfless posts. You’re obviously genuinely interested in helping the average newbie succeed online. And you offer high quality content unlike many of us Nigerian bloggers out there.
    I recently started a blog and wouldn’t mind some honest criticism whenever you have the time to visit it. Thank you again. I really appreciate your work, Abass

  10. Just finish reading ur post, Abass. It’s really helpfull.
    Its painful what many newbies go thro just to get short term traffic.

    1. Josh,

      Glad you found the post helpful.

  11. Hi Abass,
    Really awesome guide to generate massive traffic. Yes traffic is most important in our online business. We can increase our blog traffic in many ways like you listed some great ways. We know that content is always king. And we should always mind not to spam here and there in online.
    How ever, i think this post will surely help every bloggers to generate traffic to their blog.
    Thanks foe sharing your guide with us. Eager to know more from you. Bookmarked!

  12. I found it helpful, thank you God bless you abundantly.

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