Why I Stopped My Blog Challenge

If you’d been expecting my next update on the blog challenge I started about three months ago, I’m sorry, but I’ve just disappointed you.

Even though I never thought I would quit so early, I had to take that decision after considering some factors and reasons.

No, I didn’t quit out of fear that I may not achieve my set goals (after all, I was able to grow a blog from scratch to attracting 1000+ visitors/ day in 6 months). I did for the following three reasons, which I think are genuine enough:

1. I wasn’t driven by passion

I chose to blog on career tips and small business ideas (that’s the niche I chose) because I felt there is huge global demand for the information I had to offer, not because I had passion for the niche. And that choice was a big mistake on my part.

Though I’m a freelance writer, and I can easily write stunning posts on any topic, I don’t feel motivated to write content for the blog. And that’s because I’m not really passionate about the topic. Even the few posts on the blog were published simply because knew I would give updates soon.

2. Most readers aren’t taking action

One of my major aims of starting the challenge was to motivate WIP readers to ride with me. But from indications, no one seems to be taking action.

I was expecting questions, request for reviews, and so on. But I got very few of these — far less than I should get if most readers were actually following. And from my private communication with some of my readers, I discovered that only few are taking action, while most were waiting to see the results of the challenge before taking action from their ends — which really defeats the objective of the challenge.

3. Workload and divided attention

I’m always very busy — with client assignments and other commitments. And I’ve come realize that the challenge blog is just another addition to the workload I would always have to battle with. So, I deemed it needful to make things easy for myself by dropping the challenge.

In addition, it’s best to focus on only one blog until it becomes successful before starting to work on another. Yes, I have a blog that currently attracts 1000+ visitors per day, and this very blog now attracts a decent daily traffic, too. But I believe both blogs still have long ways to go, and I should be focused on making them grow bigger rather than creating another blog.

In essence, all the reasons I gave above can be summarized into these two sentences:

  • I violated the fundamental principles of blogging – something I strongly preach against on this blog
  • Most of my readers didn’t take action as I expected.

So, what happens to the blog?

Well, I will let it rest for now. But I’m not abandoning it, as I would still publish posts at intervals. And I may either sell it or concentrate more on it in the future (if I’m motivated to).

Now let me reveal the blog…

To clear doubts as to whether I really created the challenge blog in the first place, I would reveal the details of the blog. The address is careerandbusinessguide.com. You can check it out and learn from the little I’ve done so far.

PS. I may have stopped the challenge, but I will continue to churn out high quality posts that will help you achieve your dream of making money online. Expect more of those awesome posts that this blog is known for.

Your turn…

What do you think about my decision to stop the challenge? Was it right? Was it wrong? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment. I’ll reply promptly as usual.

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I'm a seasoned freelance writer, internet marketing strategist, and online business coach. And I'm a university graduate, doctor-in-training, husband, and father.

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Updated: April 11, 2014 — 11:41 am


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  1. Well, I trust your instincts, and I know what too much commitments could mean to one`s productivity. Well done for the good job.

    1. Biliamin,

      Thank you very much for reading the post.

  2. Well, this is very good on your part and one should learn from it… I think I already made this mistake too so I will try and correct it.

    So we shld blog solely on our passion…

    I downloaded the above ebook a while ago and am better for it, it has taught me a lot on particular aspects like Keyword research and SEO tachniques… I still look forward to learn mor from you…
    Right now am trying to combine Blogging and Affiliate Marketing.. Will submit my work for review anytime soonm..
    Keep up the good work… Cheers!

    1. Thanks for your comment. I’m glad you learned from the post and from my ebook.

      I’m ready to answer any questions you might have in your quest to set up your online business.

  3. Good work, infact i download your ebook and it has really help me a lot, infact am happy going through the content on this blog i really gained a lot just keep it up i would be setting up my blog any time from now thanks and keep it up

    1. Remi,

      Thanks for your comment. I’m glad you found my ebook and blog helpful.

  4. Pls how can I contact you one on one?is it possible?i am based in ph.

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