Introducing…My FREE WordPress Installation Service

The fact that over 60% of all the blogs on the web use WordPress speaks volume of the quality of WordPress.

And if you’re not yet running your blog on the self-hosted WordPress platform, you’re missing out on many benefits such as the following:

  • Full control over your blog and your content
  • Absolute freedom to monetize your blog in any way you want
  • Ability to add hundreds of functionalities to your blog with the help of plugins
  • Unlimited design options with the aid of thousands of free themes
  • A professional look that sends signals that you’re a serious blogger
  • And most importantly, ability to boost your blog’s traffic and engagement with the following plugins:
  • Onepress social locker (for compelling readers to share your content on social media before gaining access to it)
  • Next page shortcode (for increasing page views by breaking down your posts into pages)
  • All-in-One SEO pack (for optimizing your posts for search engine traffic)
  • RSS posts importer (for automatically extracting posts from other blogs)
  • And lots more…

Now, I want to help you install your WordPress blog for free!!

Yes, you read that right! And that’s true. I want to help you install your new WordPress blog so you can start blogging on a new level. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an individual or a business.

Not only will I install the blog on WordPress, but I will also help you install a cool theme, install the necessary plugins, and help you design a simple logo for the blog.

In short, I will help you prepare the blog for blogging, so you can start publishing your posts right away!

In addition, I can help you come up with 20 interesting post topic ideas based on extensive keyword research. These are post topic ideas that will generate traffic to your blog provided you write good content around them. (I’m a guru at keyword research.)

So, how can you qualify for the offer?

I guess you already knew that you need to purchase a domain name and hosting plan to be able to set up a WordPress blog.

So, the only thing you need to enjoy my FREE blog installation service is to get your web hosting plan from any of these two companies, depending on what you prefer:

Option 1: Midphase

They offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth, one free domain name, and quality customer support. They charge $35.64 (N6,500) for 12-month hosting.

>>> Click here for steps on how to purchase the $35.64 Midphase offer

Due to some authentication issues Nigerians are presently having with Midphase, I’d advise you to choose ASO (see below).

Option 2: ASO

They offer 5GB disk space and 50GB bandwidth (both enough for a blog), unlimited add-on websites, free domain name, and quality customer support. They charge $42.50 (N7,600) for 12-month hosting (plus 2 months free = 14 months).

>>> Click here for steps on how to purchase the $42.50 ASO offer.

What are the differences?




Presently costs $35.64 (N6,500) Presently costs N42.50 (N7,600)
You get 12 months hosting You get  12 months + 2 months free
Offers unlimited disk space and bandwidth Offers 5GB disk space and 50GB bandwidth
You pay $59.40 (N10,500) after first year You pay $50 (N9,000) after first year
You can host only one website/blog You can host multiple websites/blogs

So, the choice is yours! Both companies offer high quality hosting services. And they both accept Nigerian-issued Mastercard or Visa branded as means of payment. They both also accept PayPal.

NOTE: For you to enjoy the discounted prices listed above, you need to click through the links above to gain access to the hosting packages.

After purchasing your hosting plan from any of the two websites, send me your registration details. Once I can confirm your purchase, I’ll start the installation process immediately.

In essence, I don’t charge a kobo to install your blog and get it ready for blogging, but you must purchase your hosting plan through any of the links above.

If you have any question about this offer, you can ask below, or send me an email (basicfreelance||at||gmail||dot||com), or call me on 08062357604.


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  1. Mr Abass, thanks for ur prompt response. I also have articles on mushroom cultivation(an agric venture that is lucrative but not common) and I really want to have my own blog like u adviced. I really like ur offer and I’ll go for it. Thanks once again.

  2. I have interest in that offer but I want to ask whether your last over still available i.e. “Be My Guineapig”. I interested because of unlimited hosting and those free services you said you want to render. If that oppotunity still available let me know.

    1. Sorry, the “Guinea-pig” offer is closed. What you get with this FREE setup is free WordPress installation plus free installation of themes and plugins.

  3. Please i need it but i don’t know how i can earn money through it. do my readers pay to my account?

  4. till when will the offer get close Mr. Abass?till when will the offer get close Mr. Abass?

    1. Blessing,

      The offer is still very much available for now. Just proceed whenever you’re ready.

  5. sir, i really want you to pimp my blog for me and as well i want you to help me get more traffic as in i want you to help me out on how my blog can fgetch me money but i have two major problems:
    1. wordpress said i should get a domain for $18 name so a to enable get ads and earn, while trying to pay with my card, i got a response that i should change the card and that led me to the discovery of this your post. which bank master card sure pass or should i get a paypal account?
    2. the midphase you are talking about now, is it the same as the same money wordpress want me to pay to get my domain? please try and enlighten me on this. please i will appreciate you mail your response to me via olu********, bless you bro.

    1. Olusola,

      I’ve sent you an email.

      1. Dear Mr abass,
        I am also interested in dis particular question by olusola. Can u also send me a response via myemail?

  6. Good offer. I may host my blog nigerianbusinessreviews through this service.Thanks

  7. I’m at a little cross-road about what to start Mr Abass: either a blog or a website……..What will your advice be sir?

    1. Hello Michael,

      It depends on what you want to achieve with it. If you’re building a number of static pages that you don;t plan to change for a long time, then you’d be fine with a website.

      But if you’ll be publishing fresh content every now and then, then a blog is ideal. Plus, a blog can even serve as a website. So, I recommend you go for a blog.

  8. Good job Mr Abass,I always follow your post and have them saved on my phone.Very soon I will be having my own website on wordpress on fashion blog.After some brainstorming I chose to use the word since everything now is doro.Mr Abass the only problem I will be having now is which company do I partner with.I love to monetize my blog with google adsense but I discovered over times that am having problem on how to setup the ads.Please release a post of how to setup an ADS.Looking forward to your reply.My greetings to the Abass family

    1. Abiodun,

      Your choice of the fashion blog is a smart one, no doubt. But I would advise you to choose another domain name. The word “doro” is a slang that is fading away, and with time, it would no longer make sense to anyone. So, choose something else.

      The most important thing you should focus on once you start your blog is how to generate traffic and make your blog relevant. When the traffic is decent enough, then multiple monetization opportunities will surface, trust me.

      When you have the massive traffic, setting up ads would be no big deal. For now, focus on starting and growing your blog.

      I wish you all the best.

  9. Abiodun, I heard you said that you love to monetize your blog with google adsense but you discovered over times that you are having problem on how to setup the ads. So you want Abass to release a post on how to setup an ads. If Abass can permit me, I would have refer you to a post on by blog which ranged from how to get approval to how to set it up on your blog.
    Mutairu Ajibade.

  10. p/s mr abass i want to create a website . What should i do

    1. Eze,

      You can grab my free installation and setup offer. Read the page above for more details.

  11. Thank you so much sir, I just came across this now and I can’t wait to call you in the morning. I have been working on opening a blog for the past one month. Been reading a lot about it and finally God brought me to your blog. I’m really gonna be your best friend from now. Thank you once again. Call you in the morning

  12. sir, i saw your invitation, but i can’t be at the training because of distance, Sir Ive been searching on how to run an affiliate marketing or how to develop my site so that it can get to what it should be to be lunched and for people to admire also how to run this wordpress, how do i design it to look attractive. finally I will be please to hear your plan to come Onitsha for training

    1. Chukwuma,

      The course is an e-course, so you don’t have to travel anywhere. The lessons will be delivered to your email so you can read and implement them at your own convenience. Click the “Affiliate Cash Academy” link at the top of this page to get more details.

  13. Please how reliable are these web hosts? And since the domains are free, won’t it pose a problem in future if one wants to transfer to another host?

    1. Chide,

      There are thousands of web hosting services online. But I recommended these ones because I’ve found them to be reputable. As for transferring your domain to another host, I don’t think you should have problems with that. But if you’re skeptical, you can churn out extra $10 to secure your domain elsewhere.


  15. How do i get my web hosting plan from midphase?

  16. have been following your blog for a while, even subscribed for your newsletter. . . Making money online is not really my problem cos i make a few with affliatee marketing. I dont know if we can get to converse one – one via mail. I even dropped a msg for u on your fb page. I really do need a gud support from you. Thanks in anticipation

    1. Prince,

      You can reach me on basicfreelance||@||gmail||dot||com.

  17. Please will I buy a domain from that link and also host it from there?

  18. Sir please I want you to recommend to me a free referral job that can pay me in Nigeria either through check or cash

    1. Christian,

      Referral jobs are a waste of time and effort.

  19. Good day Mr abass, just stumbled on ur post, I will like to open a blog through u, is the free installation offer still available?

    1. I now offer my blog setup service for just N12,000. This covers domain registration, hosting, WordPress installation, and customization.

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