2Checkout Nigeria: How to Open, Fund, and Use an Account

Do you have an already set up blog or website? And are you thinking of being able to accept payments from international customers with the use of credit cards or PayPal as their payment options? Then think of using a 2Checkout account.

Once your business has been verified to be legit, you can easily integrate your 2Checkout account into your website or blog to maintain the whole global process.

2Checkout, in simple terms, is a premier global payment platform that offers companies and individuals (merchants) the tools to receive mobile and online payments anywhere around the world.

We are talking about an American based online payment system that accepts PayPal payments as well as major credit cards.

With a 2Checkout account, international merchants including Nigerians can receive payments from customers using their Visa, MasterCard, PIN debit cards, PayPal, etc.

Opening and activating a 2Checkout in Nigeria is a very simple process but involves a careful procedure which will be broken down for you in this post.

You are not going to be asked to pay any fee for signing up for a 2Checkout account and it is among the common payment gateways in Nigeria that are widely used and trusted.

Who should be interested in opening and using a 2Checkout account?

As an online merchant who sells either physical or digital goods and services on or recurring basis or even on-time, you can make use of 2Checkout to accept mobile and online payment from your buyers where ever they may be in the world. This is what the 2Checkout account is best used for.

All you have to do is create an account with 2Checkout and then integrate it with your website or blog.

From a personal survey, I can tell that the main reason why people choose to use a 2checkout account is the multiple payment methods offer and how well-secured the transaction is.

Another benefit of using a 2checkout account is that you are offered customized checkout options and great integration. 2checkout is designed with localized payment options.

It also offered payment services that offer loads of benefits both on the merchant and customers’ side.

There are currently over 50,000 merchants across the globe that rely on 2checkout for payment, and this is to show how reliable the account is.

Steps involved in creating and activating your 2Checkout account in Nigeria for business

The steps involved in creating an account with 2checkout are not all that simple and I will tell you why.

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After creating an account, you will need to provide information that will help the payment processing platform verify the business and identity of the individuals involved in your business.

This is the act of requesting the activation of your live account by completing a form. This is a compulsory step to undergo if you are going to start selling and receiving payments from customers with your 2checkout account.

The process involved in activating the 2check account for your business as detailed down in the steps below includes, first completing the application form, settling the merchant information, product information, and account details.

Then working on the payout Details and then, Uploading your business documents

After all, these are done, you will undergo what is called the application review process, where afterward, your business will be approved and then you sign the contract and go live

So to begin with, activating your 2checkout account for business in Nigeria.

Step one: Activate your 2Checkout account

Activation of your 2checkout account begins by going to the home page and clicking on the Request activation button.

Your account remains “under evaluation” until your application is approved. All the steps involved in the application process are important and should not be ignored.

Prepare yourself as you can do all these without hassle in 5–10 minutes.

I usually recommend that you should gather are the information and document you need for the application before commencing.

To activate your 2checkout account for business in Nigeria, you will need the following documents before starting the application process

A valid passport or official identity card of the person signing the contract 

In any case, the MRZ code should be visible.
A company registration document 

Activating 2checkout account: Information of the merchant and product

On application, this is the point where you will need to explain your business and the annual volumes of transacting you expect. Startups usually go with $10,000 – $30,000 or less and this is recommended.

The merchant information will also deal with entering the information about the product you plan to sell because whatever business you are doing and requesting payment with 2checkout account, it must operate within the permitted use of 2Checkout services and policy.

This takes us to the information in the product section.

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2check will be able to understand what your customers are going to receive and will help then verify your account when you tell about the service or product.

You will be asked to provide a URL link where your product can be downloaded and its review can be read – The product or service you intend to sell

Activating 2checkout account: Entering your account details


Select the type of your business, whether it is Individual or Sole proprietorship, Partnership, Private corporation, Public Corporation, or Nonprofit Corporation

Enter the date of the establishment of your business or company as well as the company address.

You will be asked to provide your tax registration number which is usually issued by the Tax Office at the moment of registration of the business. 

Afterward, you will see where you will be asked to enter the legal name of the business, that is, the name the company is registered with.

The tax ID must be a match with your business legal name because these are the areas the 2check underwriting team will look into before approving your account.

You will also need to enter the business owner’s phone number, an alternative is an email.

Activating 2checkout account: Entering your ownership details

In observance of the financial regulations and anti-money-laundering laws, you will be asked, as the personality controlling the business, to enter your identity while activating your 2Checkout account.

Fill in your first and last names, date of birth, and current address in full.

You will be asked to Enter your social security number (SSN) ( National identification number)

Afterward, you upload a scanned copy of either electricity bill, telephone bill to prove your address documents to prove your identity:

If you are not the sole owner of the business you are making an application for, you will be asked to enter your ownership share. 

Activating 2checkout account: Entering your Payout details 

Your payout details can either be Wire Transfer which will require you to enter your bank information such as bank name, city, currency and bank account number, PayPal, or Payoneer.

And yes, you can apply for a 2Checkout MasterCard powered by Payoneer right from your merchant Control Panel.

To know more about creating and using a Payoneer account for 2checkout account, then I recommend you read this guide HERE where I explain all in full details.

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Activating 2checkout account: Uploading your business documents

You can only upload your busiiness document in docx, .jpg, .png, .pdf, and .gif (<10MB) formats when applying for activating 2check account.

Business documents you will be required to upload include Tax identification documents, Government-issued passport or national identity card, Valid Address Proof, and any other valid and relevant documents that can prove your identity.

The documents should be able to offer proof of you as the owner of the business.

Activating 2checkout account: Submission and Application review

Make sure that there are no empty fields in the application else it will return as an error when you hit the submit button.

After completing and entering all the necessary details, you will submit and wait for the 2Checkout’s underwriting team to review your application.

Submitting your application for review also states that you agree to the T&Cs agreement of 2chechout binding your contract with them.

You will be contacted, usually via email, if there are any other details needed and also on your approval.

Activating 2checkout account: Application approval

Once your application is approved, you can now start making real transactions. Customers can now click on the buying links of your product and make payment. 

However, it is strongly recommended that you test your integration one last time before you publish your buying links.

At this point, your account is live and you can start processing live payments with your 2checkout account.

Frequently Asked questions

Is 2checkout good for Shopify?

Yes. 2chechout integrates well with other tools including Bigcommerce, Shopify, and many others. It is a wonderful option. 

Is 2checkout ideal for dropshipping?

Yes. But the thing is that while the 2check account does not disallow you to run a dropshipping business with it, the payment option does not work well for the dropshipping business.

2checkout takes how long to approve?

After successfully submitting a business document, expect to get approval in 7 days. The approval usually takes 7 days. After completing the whole process, you should hear from them in a week.

Is 2checkout reliable?

People have a different opinion on how reliable 2chechout is, but it can be said that it is a better payment option.

While 2Checkout has a consumer rating of 1.26 stars from 86 reviews, it is uncertain that customers can particularly say that they are dissatisfied with 2checkout payment services.