20+ Best Blog Niches in Nigeria (2020 Profitable Topics)

Since I started this blog, I’ve received countless messages from beginners who want to know the best and most profitable blogging niches or topics for Nigerian bloggers to choose from.

So, I came upon the idea of publishing this mega-post, which reveals over 20 proven lucrative online business ideas that Nigerians can explore. My aim is to make this the go-to guide for any Nigerian looking to make the right choice as to which online business opportunity to tap into.

Most Profitable Blog Niches in Nigeria: Hot Ideas for Beginners

So, if your goal is to kick-start a profitable online business, this mega post will open your eyes to so many opportunities you never knew are existing.

Even if you’re already chasing shadows and wasting your precious time on entertainment/celebrity gist blogging and other online time-wasters, it’s never too late to retrace your steps.

Now, let’s dive right in!

best blog niche in nigeria

Idea #1: Small business blog

With the worsening state of Nigeria’s economy comes saddening developments such as mass retrenchment of workers, the dearth of jobs in the labor market, and lack of job security. This explains why millions of Nigerians are on the lookout for lucrative small business opportunities to explore — in a bid to achieve financial independence.

However, most people who want to start a business have one problem: they are confused as to which business to start. And this is because they have little or no knowledge of the various small business opportunities available in the country.

If you have a knack for research, you can quickly gather a loyal Nigerian audience by starting a small business blog that features quality and valuable information about each of the various small business ideas and opportunities available in Nigeria.

In addition, the blog can feature relevant tips on how to manage and grow a small business in Nigeria, lists of small businesses one can start with different ranges of startup capital.

You can monetize a small business blog with good traffic by selling e-books offering in-depth information on how to start various small businesses in Nigeria or on other topics that will be of interest to small business owners. Similarly, you can sell ad space, run contextual ads (Adsense, etc), and offer consulting services to small business owners.

Better yet, you can make things easier for yourself by focusing on just one small business opportunity, such as recharge card printing business, packaged water business, and so on. Just be sure to provide quality information that will help you build trust and get readers glued to your blog.

Idea #2: Agriculture blog

More and more Nigerians are turning towards starting their own businesses, and agriculture is one of the sectors most people are looking at because it involves relatively low capital, low risk, and no formal qualifications.

However, only few people have adequate information about the agricultural sectors as well as the business opportunities therein. So, starting an agriculture blog targeted at Nigerians is a smart way to reach those who want to start agriculture businesses but lack the required know-how.

On such a blog, you can publish step-by-step guides on how to start various agriculture-based businesses, such as poultry farming, snail farming, kolanut plantation, rubber plantation, and so on. You’ll be surprised at the number of Nigerians searching Google every day to find such information.

Once your audience grows to a decent size, you can monetize the blog by selling e-books that contain in-depth information on various agric-based businesses, selling ad space directly to advertisers, running Adsense ads, and rendering consulting services.

If you think agriculture is so wide that you cannot cover it on blog, consider narrowing your focus to just one or few profitable agriculture ventures that you have in-depth knowledge of. This is even preferred if you have a solid background or huge experience in one lucrative aspect of farming.

Idea #3: Fashion blog

Just as with every other people in the world, we Nigerians love fashion. And not only do we care so much about our appearance, we are also constantly searching the web for information on latest fashion trends and tips on how to look good. And to cap it, we spend heavily on wears and other fashion accessories.

The above drives home the point that anyone who starts a fashion blog at the moment would quickly build a huge Nigerian audience. So, if you’re a fashion freak or you wouldn’t just mind writing consistently on the topic, this is a good niche to explore, especially since there are only few Nigerian fashion blogs at the moment.

Because wears and fashion accessories are one of the products mostly ordered online in Nigeria, a fashion blog targeted at Nigerians has the potential to earn a huge monthly income through affiliate marketing. So, if you opt for this niche, you can promote products for Jumia and Konga in return for their attractive commissions. In addition, you can monetize the blog by selling advert space directly to fashion outfits and by running contextual ads.

Idea #4: Cooking blog

It might surprise you to know that many Nigerians cannot cook some of those meals you’re very good at cooking. Aside that, many Nigerians are just curious to know how to cook various local and foreign delicacies. And they go as far as searching the web for helpful information in that regard.

If you pride yourself on having great culinary skills or you just have an unflinching passion for cooking, consider starting a blog that shares information on cooking tips, recipes, and other related stuff. Such a blog would attract a huge Nigerian audience within a short period provided you play your cards right.

And when the blog starts to generate a decent amount of daily hits, you can monetize by selling ad space directly to advertisers (think manufacturers of seasoning, processed foods, etc.), selling e-books that contain recipes and diet plans, and running Adsense ads.

Idea #5: Job search tips blog

According to a recent research finding, only four out of every ten Nigerian graduates are employed. From that, you can rightfully deduce that there are millions of unemployed graduates in this country.

While there should be no doubt that there are no jobs to go around, another major reason why most graduates are unemployed is that they are simply unemployable. (I know this because I’ve had the opportunity to read formal pieces and CVs written by Nigerian graduates and have, on several occasions, questioned how such graduates made it out of school in the first place.)

But you’ll do well by starting a blog that teaches job-seeking graduates proven tips on how to boost their chances of getting a job — from tips on how to craft a killer CV to tips on how to prepare for job aptitude tests. Only few blogs offer such information at the moment, yet there are millions of potential readers. So, if you are passionate about that topic, now is the best time to start a blog on it.

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There are many ways to monetize a job search tips blog. These include selling e-books on job search tips, packaging and selling CV templates and aptitude test questions and answers, selling ad space directly to advertisers, running Adsense ads, rendering CV and cover letter writing services, starting a recruitment agency, and so on.

Having vast knowledge of how things work in the Nigerian labor market will be an added advantage for anyone considering this option.

Idea #6: Oil and gas business blog

The oil and gas industry is undoubtedly the most lucrative business niche in Nigeria. Most Nigerian billionaires have investments in this money-spinning industry. And it’s the dream of majority of Nigerians to start an oil and gas business.

Although most opportunities in the Nigerians oil and gas sector are open only to big money investors, there are a handful of opportunities that can be explored by those who have smaller capital. Unfortunately, however, most people are unaware of these “inexpensive” opportunities.

If you’re highly knowledgeable of how things run in the oil and gas industry and are well aware of the various opportunities therein and how to explore them, starting a blog that focuses on that sector will be a smart move.

With several thousands of Nigerians willing to take their share of the oil and gas “pie”, you’ll build a large audience within a short period — provided you can really offer the information that most people will find valuable.

A blog that focuses on the oil and gas business can be monetized with Google Adsense ads, direct ads, e-books, and consulting services targeted at people looking to start an oil and gas business.

Note, however, that the only way to gather a loyal audience with such a blog is to have a solid background in the oil and gas industry. People can easily tell it when you’re trying to fake it.

Idea #7: Mini importation business blog

Before now, starting a business that involves importing goods from foreign countries and selling them required huge capital and other countless intricacies.

However, the story has now changed with the emergence of sites like Aliexpress and other online marketplaces that allow small- and medium-scale importers to connect directly with manufacturers in China and other countries. This innovation has made it possible for many Nigerians to venture into importation with as little as N10,000 — thus the name “mini importation”.

Even though the mini importation business has been around in Nigeria for some time now, there are still many people who want to take a plunge into the business, but are completely at sea as to what the business entails and how to get started.

If you deeply understand the success codes of the mini importation business, consider starting a blog that shares valuable and helpful information with people who are willing to get started.

For example, your blog could feature lists of hottest selling items in the local market that come from the manufacturer at cheap prices. Similarly, it can feature lists of reputable manufacturers and wholesalers that Nigerian importers can deal with. In essence, anything relevant to aspiring mini importers can go on the blog.

Once you’ve build a large followership, you can monetize with Google Adsense, ebooks, consulting services, and market research services.

Idea #8: Weight loss blog

Nigerians are becoming more and more aware of the multiple health risks of being overweight or obese. This explains why dieting, exercising, and other activities aimed at weight loss are becoming more popular in Nigeria.

Losing weight after gaining it is a challenge in itself, and most people find it so hard that they quit soon after starting their weight loss programs. But many people can easily achieve their weight loss goals with the help of a weight loss blog that features motivating weight loss stories of fellow Nigerians, dieting tips, daily routines for Nigerians looking to lose weight, recipes for weight loss meals, and so on.

If you have a good knowledge of proven fitness and dieting techniques, or you’ve gone through a weight loss program before, or you just have solid research skills, consider starting a weight loss blog. Aside that you’ll be helping many people shed those extra pounds that are making them sad, you’ll also get to make money in the long term.

A weight loss blog can be monetized with a weight loss related e-book, Google Adsense, direct advert sales, selling weight loss products (such as exercise kits), e-courses, and fitness coaching.

Idea #9: How to travel abroad blog

If you ask every Nigerian what they hope to achieve this year, a significant percentage would tell you that they hope to travel to one foreign country. Every year, Nigerians travel to other countries of the world for varying reasons.

Regardless of destination and intended period of stay, the process of traveling out of Nigeria is practically the same: Get a passport. Get more information on how to travel to your intended destination. Apply for a visa. Schedule your visa appointment. And book your flight.

However, the fine details of each step vary by country, and Nigerians are constantly in need of these relevant details. Examples include tips on how to answer visa interview questions and how to apply for specific country’s visa. A blog that shares these and other proven information on how to travel to various countries (from Nigeria) would attract a large followership within a short period.

If you have the required research skills or deep knowledge of foreign travel processes, then this blogging opportunity is for you. If you think targeting many countries might be too much for you, consider focusing on just one country that several thousands of Nigerians are dying to visit (think U.S., U.K., Canada, France, Dubai, etc.)

Once you’ve built a large followership on your foreign travel blog, you can monetize it by selling direct adverts to airline operators and travel agencies, running contextual ads (Adsense, etc), rendering consulting services, and selling e-books.

Idea #10: Sexual health/fertility blog

Thousands of Nigerians — male and female — are battling various sexual health and fertility issues, such as premature ejaculation, fibroids, menstrual problems, and so on. You might not know this because most people facing these problems are usually shy to discuss it with their friends and relatives. However, they spend hours every day secretly searching the web for proven solutions to their problems.

You can make a lot of money in the long term by starting a blog that discusses sexual health and fertility issues and how to solve them. Now, you don’t necessarily have to be a medical practitioner to start such a blog. If you’re really passionate about that niche, all you need is the ability to research thoroughly into the subject and provide others with information that they will find helpful.

You can monetize such a blog by selling advert space directly to companies manufacturing products targeted at your audience and selling e-books that teach how to solve various sexual health and fertility problems. If you have a degree in medicine, you can add online consulting services to that mix.

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However, there is a caveat: know your limits and don’t ever go beyond them! State clearly that the information on your blog is for informational purposes only and that it shouldn’t be taken as a substitute for professional medical advice.

In addition, don’t ever sell snake oil medications and other products, as this can ruin the reputation of your blog faster than anything else. This niche is lucrative, no doubt, but it’s also very sensitive.

Idea #11: Education blog

Millions of Nigerians students leave secondary schools every year and start seeking admission into the nation’s ivory towers. Similarly, those who have already secured admission are always on the lookout for scholarship opportunities, and graduates are looking for opportunities to study even further.

The above explains why the few blogs offering high quality information regarding UTME, post-UTME assessment examinations, tertiary institutions’ admission lists, scholarships, and so on generate tons of traffic every day. Nonetheless, the niche is still wide open to new players, provided they can offer value.

Another smart idea for standing out is to offer information about postgraduate studies, professional courses (ICAN, etc.), and opportunities to study abroad. You’ll be amazed at the number of Nigerians searching the web for such information every day.

There are many ways to monetize an education blog. You can run contextual ads (Adsense, Ad Dynamo, etc.), sell ad space directly to advertisers, sell post-UTME past questions and answers for different institutions (packaged into PDF format), and consulting/counseling services for people who seem to lost at certain points in their academic pursuits.

Idea #12: Stock market tips/reports blog

To many Nigerians, investing in stocks remains the best way to invest for the long term. Ironically, however, many of these stock investing enthusiasts know little or nothing about stock investment in Nigeria. So, they’ll greatly appreciate any blog that teaches beginners the basic of stock investing as it obtains in Nigeria.

In addition, most investors — beginners and experts — track the price fluctuations in the stock market on a daily basis. If you can provide live stock prices (or daily opening and closing prices, at least) on your blog, you’ll attract a large followership within a short period.

Once your stock market tips and report blog starts to generate decent traffic, you can monetize by rendering stock investment consulting services (this is perfect if you’re a stock broker). You can also write and sell e-books that teach either the basics of stock investing in Nigeria or consistent success tips for stock investors.

Idea #13: Healthy eating blog

The healthy eating niche is one of the most lucrative niches that will never pale into insignificance. Internet users are constantly looking for tips on how to live healthy and prevent conditions like cancer and cardiovascular disease by making necessary changes to their diet. They need information on what foods and drinks can help their health or worsen it.

If you have a knack for research and a passion for giving people helpful advice on how to eat healthily, then you can make a lot of money in the long term by starting a healthy eating blog, especially one that is targeted at a global audience rather than a Nigerian audience.

No doubt, there are already a number of strong players in this niche. But a smart way to stand out and gain traction is to streamline your focus. For example, you can restrict your blog to one that features tips on what to eat and what to avoid eating during pregnancy, healthy eating tips for kids, healthy eating tips for seniors, special diets and recipes, and so on.

A healthy eating blog can be monetized through selling e-books on related topics to a global audience (information marketing), running e-courses, running contextual ads (Adsense, Media.net, etc alone can fetch you enough monthly income to sack your boss), affiliate marketing, and offering consulting services.

Idea #14: Natural remedies blog

The natural remedies niche is another health niche that offers irresistible profit opportunities. More and more people all over the world are becoming aware of the side effects of some hospital-provided medications. This, coupled with the fact that most prescription drugs and other hospital-provided treatment procedures are expensive, explains why people are now turning towards natural remedies.

Millions of people search the web everyday for natural remedies for various conditions, ranging from mild ones like common cold to serious ones like diabetes and cancer. So, a blog that offers quality information on natural remedies has the potential to start generating huge traffic and revenue within a matter of months.

If you can research extensively on natural remedies, then you can start blogging on this niche. You can start small by focusing on a smaller fraction of that niche, and then expand your focus with time.

A successful natural remedies blog can fetch huge profits from contextual ads by Adsense and Media.net. Such a blog can also be monetized through affiliate marketing, direct sales of ad space, e-courses, and e-books.

Idea #15: Tech tutorials blog

As with most other countries in the world, Nigeria abounds with tech-based products and services that we all enjoy every day. Although most of these products and services are easy to handle (to some extent), most Nigerians cannot handle it when things get beyond certain points. This is why many Nigerians search the web for tips on how to use the WiFi hotspot feature on their smartphones, tips on how to recharge their satellite TV credits, tips on how to use online payment services, and so on.

If you enjoy helping other people solve their problems and have a knack for anything tech, then you can start a tech tutorials blog targeted at Nigerians. Many people will appreciate your blog for helping them quickly solve common problems they might have with their tech products and services.

Once a tech tutorials blog starts to generate decent traffic, you can monetize it by selling e-books, running contextual ads, rendering freelance or consulting services, and selling ads space directly to advertisers.

Bear in mind that you need a fine dose of creativity to succeed in this niche, or you’ll end up writing on topics that have been beaten to death on other blogs.

Idea #16: Nigerian superlatives blog

From my experience I’ve figured that Nigerians are always eager to read posts with topics like, “Top 10 most beautiful cities in Nigeria”, “Top 10 best universities in Nigeria”, “10 richest actors in  Nigeria”, and so on.

I’m sure you’ve been compelled to read such posts in the past. Well, you’re not alone; several other Nigerians are attracted to such topic, too. And not only do people read such posts, they also share them on social media.

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So, any blog set up for the purpose of publishing interesting posts on Nigerian superlatives will grow rapidly because such topics tend to go viral. However, to start such a blog, you must have solid research skills, as you will need to go extra miles to ensure that the information you provide is authentic and citable.

A blog about Nigerian superlatives can be monetized through sales of advert space (advertisers love blogs like this) and display of contextual ads (Adsense, Addynamo, etc.)

Bear in mind that this idea will most likely result in a multi-niche blog. So you need to be versatile writer.

Idea #17: Make money online blog

With more and more Nigerians becoming aware of the countless money making opportunities available on the Internet, the make money online niche has become more lucrative than ever. Who doesn’t want to make money from the comfort of their homes? Who doesn’t want to live the “dot com” lifestyle?

So, starting a blog that shares information on various ways to make money online is a great idea. But it’s only for those who have succeeded at making money online in one way, at least. Trying to teach people how to make money online when you’re not making money online yourself will only result in wasted time and energy. People are smarter, and they can quickly detect it if you’re fake.

Most Nigerians who have tried their luck with making money online have been left disappointed. Some have been scammed by snake oil marketers who are hustlers themselves, but pretend to me making six-figures online by flaunting photoshopped screenshots of mouth-watering earnings reports. Others have been frustrated because they didn’t learn the ropes before taking a plunge. The result of all these is that Nigerians have become smarter are now skeptical about jumping at “make money online” opportunities.

Although many Nigerians are still willing to give online business a shot, they will no longer fall for any gimmicks or fake tactics. So, if you don’t have any practical tips to share — with proof that those tips are really working — I’d advise you to steer clear of this niche.

A make money online blog can be monetized in any way you can think of — direct ad sales, contextual ads, e-books, e-courses, affiliate marketing, consulting, freelancing, and so on.

Idea #18: Relationship and marriage advice blog

Nigerians are constantly seeking for advice on how to keep their relationships and marriages going smoothly. In addition, most Nigerians are eager to read stories about other people’s relationships and marriages — their challenges, their success stories, etc. So, a blog in this niche would attract a large audience quickly, no doubt.

If you have a passion for helping other people mend faults in their relationships and marriages, this idea might just be the best option for you. But you must be able to prove your experience for people to take you seriously. If you’re not married, no married person will ever seek or heed your advice (you know the reasons).

There are limited options when it comes to monetizing a relationship and marriage tips advice blog. But you can still make a decent income through contextual ads and affiliate marketing.

Idea #19: Football blog

Nigerians, especially males, are crazy about soccer. Millions of Nigerian football enthusiasts follow the English Premier League and other foreign football leagues religiously. And now, most discussions among Nigerian men are deemed incomplete without arguments and debates about European football.

Well, it might interest you to know that those debates and arguments hold online, too. This explains why a blog that features news and gist about European football will quickly attract a large audience. So, if you’re a soccer aficionado yourself, starting a football blog is a great idea.

Bear in mind that you must be able to keep abreast of latest happenings in the soccer world, and you must always be ready to post them on your blog. If that means no big deal to you, then you’re good to go.

You can monetize a high-traffic football blog through contextual ads, direct sales of ad space, affiliate marketing (promoting sporting kits, etc.), and selling your own products (such as original jerseys).

Idea #20. Hot discounts and promo offers blog

Everyone loves to buy things for cheap — and we Nigerians aren’t an exception. You’ll attract a huge audience if you start a blog that breaks news about discount offers, promos, and price comparisons. Although you’ll spend lots of time on research, you’ll be amazed at how people will engage with your blog and at how advertisers will be queuing to buy ad space on your blog.

And there you have it!

Now, you’ve discovered many hot business ideas that can work for anyone here in Nigeria. If you’ve been looking to start blogging or any other online venture but have no idea which option to go for, I’m sure this report will help you make a well-informed decision.

But… what about entertainment and celebrity gist blogging?

You might be wondering why I have left the idea of starting an entertainment and celebrity gist blog. Make no mistake, the likes of Linda Ikeji and Bella Naija are making money big time in the entertainment niche.

But the truth is, that niche has been beaten to death. Everyone and their dog now want to become an entertainment and celebrity gist blogger because Linda Ikeji is doing the same. And they end up copying and pasting the same posts and gist that people have read on other blogs. How can you succeed with such a model?

If it took Linda Ikeji 4 years to start making money from blogging at a time when only a few people had blogs, you can imagine how long it will take you to start making money from a blog in the same niche now that there are hundreds of thousands of blogs owned by Nigerians. The competition is stiff, and chances are you’ll get lost in the crowd. So, its better you don’t go in there at all.

OK, you’ve chosen an idea, so what next?

After choosing the idea that seems fine with you from the list, your next step is to set up your blog, which is the platform you’ll use to establish credibility and demonstrate your knowledge or expertise.

Now, I strongly recommend that you get started with a self-hosted WordPress blog (WordPress.org). Blogger has so many limitations, aside the fact that you can lose your blog anytime.

To understand those reasons why you should opt for a self-hosted WordPress blog, and to learn how to set it up yourself within 30 minutes or less, follow the steps in this post: How to Set Up a WordPress Blog in 30 Minutes or Less.

Your turn

If you have any questions or comments on this post or otherwise, share your thoughts by using the comments box. I’ll reply ASAP!

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