Because of the insanely alarming rate at which Nigerian webmasters are extorting newbies in return for crappy ebooks or other resources that will help them make “lots of money” online, I’ve decided to package a FREE e-book on online business (you’ll find the download link below).

new ecover

The e-book is aimed at helping Nigerians make money online through realistic and ethical means. So, if you’ve wanted to venture into online business but don’t know how, this free ebook will guide you through.

My name is Abass Toriola, an Internet marketer, writer, and serial blogger. I recently shared my online business success story in a bid to motivate others and convince them that online business truly pays off.

(Read the whole story here: How I Make Money Online (In Nigeria): My Story, My Goal, and My Advice to You)

Now, let’s get back to the topic…

After reading the e-book, I hope you would have gotten all (or at least, much of) the information they need to know to establish a profitable online business for either active or passive income.

Please keep in mind that the e-book is not a “get rich quick” guide, and it would not make you one kobo if you’re not ready to implement all that you’ll learn.

Here’s a list of topics covered in the e-book.

  1. An introduction to online business
  2. 6 Proven, Risk-free Ways to Make Money Online in Nigeria
  3. How to know the best online business for you
  4. Key online business terms every newbie must know
  5. Why you should have a blog (for any online business you choose)
  6. Finding the best niche for your online business/blog
  7. How to set up your blog (step-by-step guide)
  8. Keyword research: the ultimate guide to finding profitable keywords
  9. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): the complete guide
  10. How to optimize your blog posts for SEO
  11. How to attract traffic to your blog posts (8 surefire tips)
  12. Ethical link building: all you need to know
  13. How to quickly increase the quality and profit potential of your blog
  14. How to turn your blog into a money spinner
  15. The Roadmap for Making Money Online


Click here to download your copy now.

In subsequent posts on the blog, I’ll be practically guiding you step-by-step on how to build your own blog/online business and start making money from it. But it’s only for those who download the free e-book using the link above.