How a WIP Reader Just Became a Millionaire within One Week

If you think online business is a scam or doesn’t work, then you’re wrong.

Proving that making money online is absolutely real and possible was the main objective I had in mind while creating this blog. And that’s why I grab every opportunity to convince “doubting Thomases” and enlighten newbies that there’s no limit to how much they can earn online — provided they play their cards right.

In the past, I’ve published posts detailing my own success stories as well as those of people who have succeeded by following my recommendations.  I once published a post (read it here) on how Ife Oluwatuyi was able to start making money as an affiliate marketer and another one (read it here) on how he made over $3000 by flipping his niche health blog,

With all excitement, I’m happy to tell another story.


If you read the post on money-spinning blogs inspired by Web Income Plus, you’d remember that I listed, the health blog Ife created after selling the previous one on Flippa for $3,300.

The good news now is that Ife just sold the site for a whopping $4750! That’s millions of Naira coming to him exactly one year after selling his first site. As at the time of its sale last week, the blog ( had 15 long, detailed and well-optimized posts and was attracting about 3,500 visits daily. In terms of earnings, the blog was earning between $300 and $350 monthly.

Now, I’ll let you in on some interesting gist.

I could vividly remember that earlier in the year, Ife stated emphatically that he won’t sell the blog. So, I was surprised when he told me last week that he’d flipped it. I asked why he changed his mind, and his reason was understandable…

He couldn’t resist the offer — no thanks to the present exchange rate of N460 to $1.

As a smart online entrepreneur, Ife has already started working on a new health blog ( right away. And although he’s told me that he has no intentions of selling it in the future, I’d take that with a pinch of salt because another “irresistible offer” might make him change his mind. Only time will tell, though. I can only wish him all the best.

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What you need to know

Here are some interesting and valuable things you need to know about Ife’s recent success.

  • He worked on the blog tirelessly for about one year. The number of posts notwithstanding, each post required lots of time and effort. Short posts of 500 words or less rarely work these days.
  • He targeted an international audience. That’s why it was easy finding a buyer for the blog.
  • He monetized the site with Adsense and affiliate marketing. Of course, those are the two easiest ways to earn passive income online.
  • He replicated the same strategy that worked for him the first time — search engine optimization. So, if you think SEO doesn’t work, it’s either you’ve been misinformed or you just suck at it! Ife has mastered it, and he knows how to get results with it. Spend some time to achieve the same.
  • He didn’t sell the site until it started earning. These days, nobody wants to buy a site based on mere promises or “potential”. But if your site earns even $10 per month consistently, you’ll find a buyer out there — so far it’s passive income and there’s enough room for growth.
  • He didn’t aim for overnight success. Forget what the topic of this post might suggest. The “one week” implied the period it took Ife to sell the site after making the decision to sell it. So, don’t start thinking you can set up a new site and sell it for thousands of dollars within a week!

Now, take some inspiration from this, and start something for yourself. There are lots of opportunities in online business, and by gathering pieces of correct information and implementing them, you too can start a successful online business empire.

Your turn

What do you think about Ife’s success? Do you feel inspired? Do you have any questions? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment.

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