Let’s face it — you subscribed to this blog because you need in-depth information on how to make money online here in Nigeria. And you’ve gotten a lot of valuable stuff from my free e-book and the blog itself.

If you’re one of those who have tried out the strategies I’ve revealed for free and are already making money with them, I congratulate you for having done so well for yourself. But you can still make much more money through what I’m about to tell you now. (It doesn’t hurt to make more money, you know?)

And if, on the other hand, you’re still confused as to what to do or where to start, then I can set you on a path to that financial freedom you’ve always dreamed of — if you permit me. Just read on!

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to make money online in Nigeria, because you can get started for close to nothing, and you don’t need any technical knowledge.

More interestingly, it’s one of the very few online businesses that you can set up now and start earning a decent profit within less than 6 to 9 months.

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But the question is, if affiliate marketing is really that simple, why aren’t more people into it, and why are many failing at it?

Well, the truth is, most Nigerians really don’t know how to go about it the right way. So, they either stay away from it or do it wrongly and fail woefully!

Now, you can learn some little-known special approaches to affiliate marketing and start making some decent extra income every month

Does that sound too good to be true?

Well, it’s true! And it’s totally ethical and legal. And as I stated earlier, you don’t need any prior knowledge of coding, website design, or other intricate stuff to do it successfully.

(Actually, you can earn up to N100,000 or much more every month, but I won’t give a specific figure so I won’t disappoint anyone).

I know there are many other products out there promising to teach you various methods of making money online in Nigeria. Maybe you’ve even spent your hard-earned money on some of them.

But the bitter truth about most of those products is:

  • They teach illegal and unethical practices
  • They teach methods that don’t work for someone based in Nigeria
  • They teach outdated methods that no longer work at all
  • They encourage doing things that you have no iota of passion for
  • They don’t give enough practical details

If you want a practical, realistic, ethical, and foolproof way to make money online, then all you need to understand are the proven affiliate marketing blueprints that I’ve been making money from since the past two years or thereabout. [See proofs HERE and HERE.]

These affiliate marketing strategies can really make you some decent extra income every month — if you take the required action.

And if you’re smart, hardworking, proactive, you can actually turn this into a full-time business. Does that not make sense to you?

If you would like to gain access to all the information about this strategic affiliate marketing blueprints, then my new life-changing e-book is all you need.

Introducing… Affiliate Cash Blueprint

Affiliate Cash Blueprint is a premium e-book packaged for Nigerians who want to make real money online from the same affiliate marketing strategies that have been fetching me decent profits for some time now.

Every juicy bit of insider’s information is jam-packed into this easy-to-understand e-book. In this e-book, I’ve revealed all of my own experience with profitable affiliate marketing strategies as well as other secrets that only pro affiliate marketers know.

Rendered in simple language that anyone can understand, Affiliate Cash Blueprint will teach you all you need to know to start earning decent to super commissions as a Nigerian affiliate marketer. It covers all the bases and leaves no stone unturned.

So, whether this is your first attempt at making money online or you’re already a seasoned internet marketer looking for an exciting new opportunity to earn even more, you’re sure to find this e-book highly relevant and eye-opening.

Here are the things you’ll learn from Affiliate Cash Blueprint:

  • The Only ONE Thing You Must Do To Make Money Online and How to Do It Easily and Consistently
  • Overview of Affiliate Marketing… And Why It’s the Easiest Way to Make Money Online
  • The TWO major approaches to affiliate marketing
  • Common Terms in Affiliate Marketing That You Must Understand
  • Nigerian Audience vs. Foreign Audience vs. Global Audience: Which Is Best for Affiliate Marketing?
  • How to Choose the Right Affiliate Program or Network
  • A Review of the Most Popular and Reputable Affiliate Programs (Local and Foreign)
  • Why You MUST Set Up Your Own Blog or Website as an Affiliate Marketer
  • Sample Affiliate Marketing Ideas You Can Replicate (or Implement with Modifications)
  • Keyword Research: A Practical Guide
  • How to Set Up Your Affiliate Marketing Blog
  • How to Optimize Your Blog for Potential Traffic and Profit
  • Practical Blueprint 1: Jumia and Konga, and Other Nigerian Affiliate Programs
  • Practical Blueprint 2: Amazon Affiliate Program
  • How to Find Other Affiliate Programs and Niche Ideas
  • How to Attract Targeted Traffic (Potential Buyers) To Your Blog
  • Proven Strategies for Selling Affiliate Products to Anyone Easily (Without Selling Your Conscience)
  • Mistakes You Must Avoid As an Affiliate Marketer

You’ll also get these bonuses…

  • Bonus 1 (e-book): How to Set Up Your Mailing List for Free (Value = N1,500)
  • Bonus 2 (guide): 5 Little-known Smart Ways to Make Money Online in Nigeria
  • Free admission to my special Whatsapp group where I’ll be answering questions relating to the e-book’s contents.

If you would love to gain access to these valuable pieces of life-changing information…get your copy of Affiliate Cash Blueprint for a one-time, give-away fee of…

just N7,500

Yes, just N7,500. That’s quite cheap, considering the unlimited profits you stand to earn if you correctly implement the strategies you’ll learn in the e-book.

Once again, you don’t need any prior knowledge of blogging, coding, or other “techy” stuff to understand this e-book. The author assumes you’re a beginner and has presented everything in simple and clear language that anyone can understand and implement.

So how can you get your copy?

To get your copy of Affiliate Cash Blueprint, send your payment (N7,500 for now) through bank deposit or transfer to any of these account numbers:

  • GTB / 023 390 8088 / TORIOLA ABASS
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After making your payment, send an email containing the following details to basicfreelance@gmail.com:

  • Your full name
  • Amount paid
  • Bank
  • Date of payment
  • Telephone number

Once I confirm your payment, I’ll send you a copy of the e-book via email within 12 hours.

Now, this e-book isn’t for everyone!

If you’re too lazy to work hard and smart, and what you’re looking for is a “magic formula” that will start fetching you millions of Naira within a few days with little or no effort (so you can buy a brand new Lamborghini by month end), this e-book isn’t for you.

If you’re damn broke and are desperately looking for a way to make money for cover your bills, you’re unlikely to implement the content of the e-book diligently. And I’d advise you to look for another source of income.

If you’re financially buoyant and earning some extra bucks by the side doesn’t mean anything to you, then I’m afraid you won’t take this e-book seriously. And I think the e-book isn’t for someone like you.

If you don’t have good writing skills or you can’t afford to hire a good writer to craft quality posts for you, then this e-book isn’t for you. Quality content is a key to success in affiliate marketing.

But if you believe in hard work and are looking for a smart way to make a decent income online by offering value and selling lucrative affiliate products and services without making any mistakes in the process, then Affiliate Cash Blueprint is your best bet!

So, don’t let anything discourage you from getting your copy right away. Buy now, and you’d be forever glad you did!

If you have any questions concerning Affiliate Cash Blueprint, send an email to basicfreelance@gmail.com, and I’d be happy to respond. Better yet, call me on 08062357604.

P.S. This e-book teaches REAL affiliate marketing, which fetches you money for each sale you make — not some network marketing or multilevel bullshit that will only waste your time and money.

P.P.S. Virtually all the content of the e-book is written by me, so you can trust that all the information you’ll get can be well implemented here in Nigeria. It’s not a compilation of someone else’s work that offers little or no help to someone based in Nigeria.