How to Make Blogging Work for You (An Interview with Muhammed Abdullahi Tosin)

Since I published my first interview on this blog, I’ve been trying to contact and interview other Nigerians who are making real money online, but most of those I contacted weren’t responsive.

However, last week, I was able to interview a friend of mine, Muhammed Abdullahi Tosin, a young man whom I admire for so many reasons (I’ll keep them to myself), and whose monthly income report makes me say “Wow!” with my eyes bulging. (Don’t blame me, you’ll do the same if you know how much this guy makes from his online business every month.)


Muhammed Abdullahi Tosin

Just like me, Abdullahi makes all of his monthly income online. So, if you’re dreaming to achieve the same, read this interview, and you’d learn a lot from this guy.

Enjoy the interview…

It is my pleasure to feature you on this blog, Web Income Plus.

Thanks, Abass. I’m truly honoured.

Kindly tell us your name and some brief information about your background.

I’m Muhammed Abdullahi Tosin, a writer, entrepreneur and difference maker. I make a living writing and blogging. I’m the author of Your Right To Write and Vertical Writing. I’ve failed at many essay contests and won just 11 😉

When did you start online business, and which online business(es) are you majorly into?

That was 2011. I’ve been into many of them: freelance writing, ebook selling, affiliate marketing, website design and coaching for writers. At the moment, I’m concentrating on affiliate marketing and coaching for writers. Those give me much freedom and maximum returns.

In brief, how can you define writing/blogging?

Hmmmmm. Well, I wouldn’t know why you’re interested in a definition. Writing … conveying your thoughts or a message with letters, figures and symbols. And blogging is the regular publishing of information of similar class or focus to an interested audience on a website or weblog.

Why did you choose these over other online businesses?

Writing is my calling. And blogging is the platform or channel through which I publicly practise, develop and sell my craft. And since blogging is very essential to my calling, it also becomes my calling.

If you’re wondering what I mean by calling, it’s a convergence of my passion, my competence and a supportive market. So I chose writing and blogging because I’m passionate about them, I’m proficient at doing them and they are profitable.

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About how many blogs do you have?

Just one! And I have a strong – almost fanatical – opinion that no one should have more than a blog, except where you’ve first built one into high heights and you outsource the works needed for its continuity.

Can you mention it?

Naija Writers’ Coach

Are you making enough money from this business as you always desired?

Yes. That doesn’t mean I’m making millions every month yet. It’s just that I always strive to be contented and thankful to God for what I have. And the money is not the only important thing.  Like I said earlier, I’m very passionate about what I do. That’s why I could continue blogging for over 3 years without making a penny.

How exactly are you making money from these businesses?

I sell my own products like my book, Vertical Writing and my online course, Pen Money Masterclass. I also sell affiliate products which pay me hefty commissions.

What has been your biggest challenge so far as far as writing and blogging are concerned?

That has to be the artificial inhibitions of e-commerce in Nigeria. Talk of the ineligibility for Paypal, Clickbank, AWeber affiliate programme, etc., and the gross inefficiency of online payment processors.

Aside these two businesses, in what other ways do you make money online?

None at the moment.

What are your plans for the future?

I assume you mean my plans for my business. I want to expand my platform, change millions of lives with language and make writing very lucrative like the initiatives of some visionary folks have made football and music lucrative.

Do you plan to leave writing and blogging for other businesses?

I do not.

Based on your experience, in brief sentences, kindly walk us through the whole process of becoming an avid writer and blogger like you. In other words, briefly explain the steps involved.

There are no silver bullets. Learn and practise simultaneously. Don’t wait till you’ve grasped everything or have certainty that you’ll succeed before you start, because you’ll have to wait forever if you do. Write, seek feedback on your writings and practise publicly. Open a blog, choose a niche and start cranking out quality contents. One action is better than one million intentions.

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Just make sure you keep learning as you go, because practice makes perfect only when you know what you’re doing. Otherwise, practice could make mediocrity. Read leading blogs in your niche and great books. Don’t just read your course textbooks and newspapers to pass examinations or stay current. Also appreciate the rules of and aesthetics in the language.

How do you maintain your business?

I’m literally obsessed with it, since it’s my passion. So the enjoyment I derive from it and the positive feedback I daily receive from readers and students keep me going.

What are those factors that increase one’s chances of succeeding as a writer and blogger?

Continuous learning and constant practice. No shortcuts.

Now, what are the challenges one would face as a writer and blogger?

Time constraint, fear, self doubts and limited resources, especially when you’re just starting. And more importantly, maintaining a balance between your work, family life and other commitments.

What are those things one must have known before venturing into these businesses?

None. I have a problem with people just ‘getting ready’ for many years without ever starting. Start where you are and learn as you go. And you should be fine.

Now, as you know, this blog is aimed at helping Nigerians discover how to make money online. Kindly give your pieces of advice and words of motivation to those who are aiming to start writing and blogging—professionally.

That would take a whole course. Or a book of many volumes. And I’ll sell it to you for a million dollars so you can give your readers. Just kidding. I’ll highlight everything right away for free.

Like I earlier mentioned, do simultaneous learning and practice. Open a blog, choose a niche and start producing quality contents. Then, use ethical means to generate traffic and convert the traffic into subscribers. Make sure you build your list. The fatter your list, the further your reach and fatter your income.

Also build trust by being helpful and down-to-earth. Produce quality tutorials, ebooks, videos and reports you could as well charge for and give them out for free. Show people you’re not just competent at what you do, but you’re also caring.

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Then start monetizing. Venture first into affiliate marketing. That would save you time, energy and money creating your own products would require. And if you promote a great product like I teach in my Pen Money  Masterclass, your purse can go obese literally overnight.

Finally, create your own products and advertise to expand your reach.

If there is any secret or golden advice you’d give a new writer or blogger, what would that advice be?

Don’t make money your only goal. You’d likely fail if you do.

Are there other valuable pieces of information you would like to share with us about writing and blogging?

Build a list. You always need a supportive community to read you, spread your message and buy your product.

After checking through the, what do you have to say? Do you have comments, suggestions, corrections, or something else for us?

Your writing and blog design seduce. I like them. I would only advise that you publish more regularly. Your frequency at the moment is far below what I would commend.

Thank you very much for your time, and for your willingness to help others succeed.

My pleasure, Abass.

Over to you…

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