How to Make Money Scamming People Online (in Nigeria)

If you’re one of those searching for information on how to make money by scamming people online, this page is for you.

I actually wrote this article because I discovered that a lot of Nigerians are now searching the web for tips on how to scam others. Now, sit back and read this article to the end.

What does it mean to scam people?

In simple terms, scamming people simply means using clever means to swindle them out of their hard-earned cash. It’s somewhat easier to do online because scammers can hide their true identities and provide fake evidences whenever required.

how to make money scamming people online


Why do people go into scamming?

Well, I really don’t know your exact reason for thinking scamming is your best bet, but here are some common reasons why people go into it.

  • They’ve tried so hard to make money through legitimate means, but nothing seemed to work.
  • They feel there’s no point striving for years to make money legitimately when scams can make you a millionaire overnight.
  • They feel seriously “oppressed” by some “Yahoo guys” and “G-boys” who are making a killing from online scams and have big cars and lavish lifestyles to show for it.
  • They’ve fallen victims to scams in the past, and they think the best way to get solace is to take it out on innocent people.
  • They’ve always had this mindset that only fools work hard to get money (not knowing that even scamming people online requires hard work).

Whatever your reason is, your ultimate goal is to make money — quickly. And that’s the same for everyone who decides to be a scammer.

Now, let’s get more serious…

You see, my friend, I understand that you need money. I need it, too. But looking for crooked means to get it quickly is not the right thing to do.

You might have been scammed in the past. You might have tried hard to get a job or other means of making money legitimately. And you might have felt oppressed by those who are making money as online scammers. But all of that still don’t justify your decision to turn into a scammer.

Just so you know, being a scammer requires hard work. Lots of it. And it requires an out-of-this-world level of smartness. You have to keep multiple identities online without ever mixing things up. You have to be quick at coming up with world-class lies that are hard to bust. You have to be online for hours at stretch. And you have to clean your tracks all the time to avoid prying eyes. All these require some level of intelligence. And if you have that already, trust me, you’d be better off with legitimate businesses.

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Again, if you can channel all that smartness, time, and effort into legitimate online businesses, you’d be able to make money without losing sleep or taking furtive glances all the time. And you’ll feel free to tell the whole world what you’re doing to make money.

If the above doesn’t convince you to have a rethink, then consider the fact that whatever is acquired illegitimately doesn’t last. Where are the Yahoo boys who painted the towns and cities red few years back? They are now serving jail terms, dead, still on the run, living miserable lives or making money legitimately after “repenting”. Where are the cars and girls they flaunted all around? Where are the dollar notes they brandished all over the place?

Whether you’re the religious type or not, the truth is that karma is real. And you sure have witnessed a good number of real life stories that can best be described with the line, “You reap what you sow”.

So, if you think making other people sad by stealing their money would be the solution to your problems, expect a worse fate later on. By the time your victims have counted their losses and moved on with their lives, karma would be at your neck, forcing hot gulps of regret and melancholy down your throat.

And just so you know, not everyone who goes into online scamming makes money from it. That’s the truth. Only few scammers get to land “big catches”. And even then, it doesn’t happen all the time. So, what’s the point selling your soul to the devil in a deal you’re not assured of profit from?

So, please, if you’ve been nurturing plans to scam people online to make money, ditch them now. There are more than countable ways to make money online legitimately over a short or long term. If you do your findings well, you’ll find what is right for you. And if for any reason online business sounds like a no-no for you, then consider starting a business offline — or get a job.

Scamming people is a crime. And crime never pays!

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