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One of the keys to success in online business is to keep learning and never stop.

No matter how much you think you already know, you’ll always find new things to learn — unless you don’t search well enough — and you’ll always find people who know more than you do and are more experienced than you are.

So, if you’re into online business and are yet to form the habit of learning new things every day, you’re only shutting yourself away from a whole lot of valuable information that could speed-up your success.

I started online business in 2011, and since then I’ve been able to set up multiple online income streams — freelancing, affiliate marketing, information marketing, and so on. Yet, I don’t call myself an expert — even though I’ve learned and known enough about online business and marketing to set me far, far ahead of a newbie.

And despite having achieved decent results from various online marketing experiments, I still try to learn new things every day, because that’s the only way to keep abreast of what’s currently working in the internet business world and what’s not.

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Now, I want to share with you some blogs that I follow religiously. I’ve learned a whole lot from these blogs, and I’m still learning from them. These blogs are owned by experts who make their living online, and I’m sure you’ll learn a lot from them, too.

Boost Blog Traffic

This blog is owned by Jon Morrow, a man who didn’t allow his disability (he’s paralyzed from the neck downwards) to stop him from making a living online. Jon writes in a frank manner that strikes the reader’s heart directly.

If you want no-bullshit advice on how to generate traffic on your blog, subscribe to Jon’s blog, and read his posts regularly. By subscribing to his blog, you’ll get a free copy of Headline Hacks, an ebook containing 52 formulas for writing blog post headlines that stand out and attract attention.


This is where Neil Patel, a seasoned online marketing expert, shares proven tips on SEO, traffic generation, boosting online sales, and other topics related to online marketing.

One thing I love about Neil Patel’s posts is that they are always well researched and practical. Not some rehashed crap that needs to be proven.

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Having helped many of the web’s biggest blogs (including boost their traffic and earnings, Neil Patel really knows his stuff. And if you’re not reading his blog, you’re missing a lot.

Leaving Work Behind

The design and content of this blog are darn awesome. Ever since I stumbled upon the blog, not only did I learn proven tips on how to make money online from freelance writing, affiliate marketing, and other online marketing streams, but I also learned how to write in simple and clear language (I’m not yet perfect at that, though.)

Reading each of Tom Ewer’s posts leaves me completely impressed. I love the way he logically presents his points. I love his style of writing (and, in fact, I try to emulate him in that). I love his sincerity, which is always obvious in his writing. And I love the fact that he’s never ashamed to share his failures whenever he records any.


If you’re a blogger and haven’t been reading this blog, then you’re missing out big time! Aside posts by its owner, Darren Rowse, the blog also features hundreds of valuable posts by other bloggers and internet marketing experts.

From starting your blog to building your mailing list, and to making money from your blog, each post you read on Problogger will teach you something new.

Smart Passive Income

The goal of every online entrepreneur is to set up a passive income stream — an online asset that will consistently generate profits with minimal input from the owner. If you really have this as your ultimate goal, too, then Pat Flynn’s blog is way to go.

Pat Flynn makes money from affiliate marketing, Google Adsense, and by selling ad space on his blogs. And he openly shares practical tips on how he achieved success with each of these business models.

The most fascinating thing about Pat Flynn is that he gives well-documented accounts of tactics he has used, how he used them, and the results he got. He sure is one of my mentors.

Income Diary

This blog is owned by Michael Dunlop, a twenty-something year-old guy from the UK. Though young, he has set up multiple online income streams and has built a good number of money-spinning websites. His blog features posts that teach practical tips on how to make money online.

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By subscribing to Income Diary, you’ll gain access to a 7-day email course on how to start a profitable blog from scratch. You’ll surely learn a lot from this free course.


Featuring posts by Sonia Simone, Brian Clark, and Jon Morrow, this blog teaches you the art and magic of content writing.

How well content is written is one of the factors that set good blogs apart from crappy ones. And Copyblogger will teach you how to write content that will get you any results you want — traffic, sales, search engine ranking, and so on.

To get started with Copyblogger, subscribe to the blog, and you’ll get access to a 20-day email course on content writing.

Fred Gleeck’s Blog

If you’re an information marketer or are planning to go into information marketing, you’ve got a lot to learn from Fred Gleeck, who calls himself the king of information marketing — and I agree.

On his blog, Fred shares proven tips on how to create your own information product (be it an ebook, a podcast, or a video), market it, and ultimately earn profits from it.

In fact, Fred Gleeck inspired the creation of my ebook on how to get a good job in Nigeria. And by implementing his tips to the letter, I’ve made decent returns from the ebook, and there’s still much more to earn.

Now, this is what you should do…

Visit these blogs and subscribe to them, so you’ll receive instant email notifications when new posts are published. Read these blogs regularly.

A lot of valuable information have been shared on these blogs in the past, so take your time to read as many as possible previously published posts.

Reading the posts alone won’t change anything or fetch you any results. So, don’t just read. Implement whatever you learn to see if it will work for you. That’s the essence of learning. Not implementing what they teach makes you no different from someone who didn’t read them. And it makes you a time-waster.

I’ve been able to learn all I know right now about online business and internet marketing because I learn new things almost every day — from these blogs — and I implement them. I test for what works and what doesn’t. And I implement so as to get results and teach others, too.

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So, start reading. And starting taking action.

Your thoughts?

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