PayPal Nigeria Limitations & How to Bypass Them

Do you use PayPal for your business in Nigeria? Have you been looking for a guide that will show you the limitations of PayPal and how to Bypass them?

Well, you are lucky to be on this page and I will be addressing all you need to know about PayPal Nigeria limitation and how to bypass them

To begin with, the first thing you should know about the Abiy account limitation on PayPal is that certain actions on your PayPal account will be prevented.


I encourage you to continue reading to the end to grasp all the information you need on learning what PayPal Nigeria account limitations are, and how you can bypass them.


I am going to be doing most of this from my personal experience and point of view, as well as the contact I made with PayPal and lessons learned.


I am a business owner in Nigeria, I make use of PayPal to pay business partners and receive money from my clients.


If you are like me, and you use PayPal, then you should be concerned about every word written in this post.


You must be able to process payments, pay vendors, and access your money for other business needs continually as a PayPal account holder.


In connection to this, it is equally important that you are aware of what PayPal account limitations are, reasons why they are placed on accounts, and how you can avoid them.


If the case is rather down to the south, this post will also show you how to go about removing such limitations from your account.


Since you will not be able to address, eliminate, and avoid these limitations if you do not understand them, then the first point of call should be explaining more about what PayPal Nigeria account limitations are.


What are PayPal Nigeria account limitations?


When account limitations are placed on a specific PayPal account, this means that such an account will temporarily not be able to make transactions like withdrawal, sending or funds, or even receiving money.


You don’t have to do something wrong before you have your PayPal account placed on limitation.

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 On the second thought, account limitations can be used to effectively protect both the buyer and the seller.


This will birth the question of why. That is if you truly do not have to do something wrong before your account is placed with limitations, why then are limitations placed on a PayPal account?

Why are limitations placed on an account?


So I will make this as simple as possible so you can grasp it even if you are new to the use of PayPal and you are faced with all this.


Have it in your back if your mind that there are several reasons why your account could have been placed on a limitation.


For example, when the assumption is That an unauthorized person may be using your account without your knowledge, the account could be limited to protect you from fraudulent charges.


While your account is being invested, suspicious transactions will be traced and this will influence how long you will be able to get the whole of your PayPal account back.


So you can see that, it can also be a good course to have limitations placed on your account.


But you and I both know how undeserving this can be. It can ruin our payment plans and real-life estimations simply because we will not be able to make further transactions with our PayPal.


That is why you should also look for how to avoid these limitations even when you know what they stand for and what they are.


In simple language, once your PayPal account is out of compliance with regulatory requirements, the chances of having limitations on your account are super high.


On the other hand of consequence, your PayPal account can be placed on limitation especially when your account has a high number of claims and chargebacks.


In most cases, accounts are placed on limitation because they need to line up for review by the PayPal company so to be sure that it doesn’t go away from their ethics.


And to be honest, it is quite difficult to cope with a PayPal account that has been placed on a limitation, so the best thing is to look for ways to avoid it, and here is our pro advice.

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How do I avoid account limitations – PayPal Nigeria


For example, some people who are traveling outside of the country should understand that this could trigger a warning with your account and, most likely will lead to limitations.


I will show you how you can skip the hassle of removing limitations on your PayPal account and it is done by simply preventing it. Bypassing it.


For some years that I have used PayPal and made extensive and exhaustive research on the use of PayPal and other payment gateways, I can tell you that most of these Account limitations revolved around those who embark on travel outside the country.


So if you are in this category, a smart way to go about this situation is to set up a Travel Profile in your account.


This can be easily done.


All you need to do is the first login to your PayPal account using your home computer.


Click on profile and setting


Input the details of the trip, this includes the location of your travel and the date.


You will be asked to enter a phone number and email address.


You have to be careful with this because these are the only medium the payment company will be able to contact you.


Have it in the back of your mind that this new travel profile you created will be indicated in your PayPal account and will help greatly in preventing situations that suck such as account limitations.


Does PayPal notify users of an account limitation?


I have not had a one on one conversation with someone who had limitations placed on his PayPal account.


But you will certainly get a notification on the email address registered with your PayPal account warning you that your account will be placed in limitation.


The best reaction you can take when you get messages like these from PayPal is not to go to forums online and rant or post all over your wall.


You should quickly log in to your PayPal account and take necessary actions that will help you avoid account limitations.

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If your PayPal business account has been placed on limitation already, the best thing is to visit the Resolution Center where details will be reviewed on why your account has been temporarily limited.


How long does it take for PayPal to remove account limitations?


This is depending on the situation and reasons that surround why the limitation was placed on your account.


I usually recommend that you make follow up quickly by following the resolution center help as soon as you can so that you can get your full account as quickly as possible.


In an exceptional case where it is quite impossible to constant the resolution center, it is advised to directly constant the customer service for help.


The sooner the better, for those that have limitations on their account already.


Conclusion on how to bypass PayPal Nigeria Limitations


I hope I have been able to hit the nail on the head by telling you exactly what you should do to prevent and bypass those account limitations on PayPal accounts.


Well, if sadly, your account has been limited already, I wish I came up with it earlier.


Nonetheless, those who got their account limited on PayPal usually get an email from the company stating why the limitation was placed.


Also in the mail, steps will be added to the list on how you can remove the limitation in the Resolution Center under Steps to Remove Limitation.


And this is very important! – be very careful of the email you get from Paypal. Most internet fraudsters know of this, so they send fake messages, saying it’s from PayPal and that your account has been placed on limitation.


One way to know how true it is is that messages like these that do not contain any limitation in the Resolution Center should be easily deemed fake.