Re: Abass Toriola is a Scammer! (A Rejoinder to One Unfortunate Coward)

It happened on June 23, 2015.

I was travelling down to Abeokuta from Lagos, when I got stuck in a serious traffic jam.

Out of boredom, I pulled out my phone and “Googled” my name (Abass Toriola). I do that on occasions just to see which websites are ranking in Google for my name. (Childish as it might seem, it’s fun to me.)

After glancing through the first results page, I kept clicking the “Next page” link below each page to see the following page.

I got the shocker of my life when I reached the third page (or probably the fourth).

My eyes caught a link that read: “Abass Toriola is a Nigerian Internet Scam – PROOFS here!”

One faceless, unfortunate fellow had created a Blogger blog solely for the purpose of labelling me a scammer! Me?

I couldn’t believe it. Several thoughts ran through my head as I curiously clicked the link.

And this is what I saw:

Toriola Abass is an Internet Scammer in Nigeria (1)

Immediately after reading the contents of the page, I tried all I could to figure out the author’s identity. But he’d cleverly hid everything that could be a giveaway. Coward!

Now, I want to address everything the author mentioned in the malicious post, and then point out one important lesson you should learn from this.

In case you couldn’t figure it out from the screenshot above, here’s what the anonymous author wrote:

Hello everyone,

Let’s face it. So many people are quick to call others scammers in Nigeria but this time, its a truth.

Abass Toriola is a Nigerian Internet Scam and Scammer!

He claims he is an affiliate marketer, a freelancer and makes a living using his laptop. Then like all the leeching Nigerian internet marketers he writes a miserly ebook on Konga claiming

How to Get Your Dream Job in Nigeria’ by Abass Toriola and priced it at N2,000

If this is not the biggest scam in Nigeria, then I don’t know what is.

He claims to teach you how to get a dream job in Nigeria but works his arse off as a freelancer earning peanuts and then goes about claiming he’s an affiliate marketer, information marketer and online strategist.

I laugh.

Abass Toriola is a BIG scam.

Be warned.

Peace out

The Internet Business Watch

The author started by coming out straight that I’m an Internet scam and scammer. Well, that would have been fine if he had solid reasons to buttress this point. (And, as you can see, he even went ahead to add my picture.)

Now, what was his reason for calling me a scammer? His stunted brain couldn’t comprehend the fact that an internet marketer could write an e-book that teaches job seekers how to boost their chances of getting their dream jobs. In his warped mindset, I’m not in a position to write such an e-book.

Well, his thoughts would have been valid if any of the following had happened:

  • I made outrageous claims that are too good to be true (such as saying the e-book will surely help anyone get a job).
  • He bought a copy of the e-book (or had seen it somehow) and found it to be a load of crap.
  • He or someone he knew ordered a copy of the e-book, but I didn’t deliver it as promised.
  • I’m widely known to be a scammer.

In this case, I’m sure the fool doesn’t even know what the pages of the e-book looked like, let alone going through it. Yet, he was quick to label me a scammer.

And I’m sure that NOTHING on the e-book sales page represents an implied guarantee that anyone who buys and reads the e-book will get a job, let alone being a frank guarantee to that same effect.

Furthermore, the faceless fool used the words, “…like all the leeching Nigerian internet marketers he writes a miserly ebook on Konga…”

Now, if I’m truly like other dubious Nigerian Internet marketers, how come he couldn’t pick out a single red flag on this blog (Web Income Plus) to attack me with? (After all, he must have known that I’m an affiliate marketer and freelance writer by visiting this blog, since I didn’t state that on where he saw the job search e-book).

Is this blog not about internet marketing? If I’m like “the others” he referred to, how come my blog isn’t indicating that?

So, all he could cite to label me as a scammer was an e-book I wrote on job search in Nigeria.

Is anything wrong with observing a need and filling it? I noticed that many job seekers in Nigeria are jobless not just because there are no jobs, but because they do a lot of things wrongly during the job search process. And I decided to write a detailed book on all of that.

Of course, I’m not a job search expert. I know. And I don’t like to write on things I know little or nothing about. But I wanted to be of help (and at the same time profit from the job search market). So, I conducted thorough research and consulted seasoned Nigerian recruiters and other job search experts (I’m not allowed to mention their names here).

Even after writing the e-book, I had it further reviewed by other experts, including Mr Moruf Kolawole Nasir,  a seasoned HR manager for an oil and gas company; Mr Suraj Oyewale (CEO,, a seasoned career blogger who I respect so much for his vast experience and in-depth knowledge of the Nigerian job market; and two other HR managers in big firms here in Nigeria.

In his review of the e-book, this is what Mr Oyewale had to say:

As a respected Nigerian career blogger, I receive emails from time to time from people on job and career matters.  When I received an email from one Abass Toriola couple of months back, hinting me on a book he was writing on getting jobs in Nigeria, I must confess I dismissed it as just another book to be added to the thousands that existed on the subject. Not even his excellent use of English that immediately caught my attention in the long email made me give him benefit of doubt.

Fast-forward to two months later and Abass got back to me with a copy of the book. Flipping through the pages, I was dazed. It is an excellent work.  It was different from the run-of-the-mill materials that litter the blogosphere on the subject. My problem with many materials on jobs in Nigeria is inability of the authors to localize the content. Rather, what we have are outright regurgitation of foreign system. I set out to pick this hole in Abass’ work as a critic, but it was an exercise in futility. He did his homework well.

The book is rich in local examples. He buttresses his points with practical examples, a breakaway from theories that dominate many such efforts in the past. He fully demonstrated knowledge of Nigerian job markets, which he must have gotten through thorough research. He also spoke with top recruiters of labour. In fact, it was in the course of reaching out to top Nigerian career consultants that he got in touch with me. I never knew him before.

HOW TO GET YOUR DREAM JOB IN NIGERIA is indeed a material I will recommend to students, job seekers and even those with jobs already.

Suraj Oyewale (Jarus), ACA

Founder, – Nigeria’s most influential career portal

So, why should that faceless fool jump into conclusions? Why should he have problems with the fact that I put up the book for sale on Konga and priced it at N2,000? When did that become an unethical practice?

I was particularly amused at the part where he wrote, “He claims to teach you how to get a dream job in Nigeria but works his arse off as a freelancer earning peanuts and then goes about claiming he’s an affiliate marketer, information marketer and online strategist.”

Does this faceless fool know how much I earn monthly from freelance writing? While I hate to brag, I can state it confidently that my monthly income from writing alone would be enough to feed him and his immediate family every month.

So, if he or other people he knows have failed woefully at freelance writing or have only earned peanuts from it, he needs to get it into his shrunken brain that some people are earning huge figures from the same venture. And my own earnings are even meagre when compared with what the likes of Bamidele Onibalusi are earning.

I couldn’t but conclude that this guy is one unfortunate element who is just not happy with either my successes or my zero tolerance for snake oil internet marketers. And the fact that he included “webincomeplus” in the domain name is enough proof that he set out solely to attack my personality and cast aspersions on my reputation.

But he failed — woefully.

May God bless those loyal readers of this blog who had been calling me lately to inform me of the malicious blog. I told them I’d seen it myself and that I’ll publish a post addressing it very soon. The fact that people are calling my attention to the blog is enough proof that they didn’t believe the crap written by that fool and coward who calls himself “The Internet Business Watch”.

So, anyone who reads it with a plain mind will understand that it’s just cheap blackmail.

Here’s the big lesson for you

The more good things you do, the more enemies you will have. The more you try to change a flawed system for the better, the more attacks you’ll suffer from people who prefer the status quo. And the more you try to stand for the truth, the more enemies you will have among those who benefit from the previously existing falsehood.

Even the world’s most successful internet marketers have had similar experiences. So, as you gradually progress on your journey to the world of online business, expect attacks from disgruntled elements. In as much as you remain honest, none of their attacks will harm you.

Only very lately, my good friend Akaahan Terungwa suffered a similar experience. His own case was even more interesting; one fool copied his posts and still went ahead to call him a scammer! (Read more about it here.) Just imagine that.

So, don’t be surprised if you discover that some people are out to attack you for doing things right. Prophet Muhammad had haters among his own people. Jesus Christ had haters among his own people. Same goes for Martin Luther King, Mother Theresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, and other influential people who tried to effect positive changes.

Now, say something!

What do you think about the whole issue? Have you had any similar experience? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment.

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Abass Toriola

I'm a seasoned freelance writer, internet marketing strategist, and online business coach. And I'm a university graduate, doctor-in-training, husband, and father.

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Updated: September 2, 2015 — 8:58 am


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  1. Hello mr Abass, i saw this post before i even paid for the ACA, but the trust i heard for you over powered his malicious post on his blog. Mr Abass, carry on for nothing do you.

    1. Trust,

      Thanks for not allowing that post to plunge you into doubt, and for taking your time to figure things out for yourself. Some other people would just have swallowed the information hook, line, and sinker.

  2. It is unfortunate Abass that the Idiot is trying to defame you because of envy or hatred but I can only assure you that he has succeeded in popularizing your name for good.He couldn’t nail a point and as a result his allegation is baseless. You can go to bed and watch your visitors soar because visiting your blog can convince any one that you are genuine.

    loose no sleep man!

    1. Thanks for the pep talk, Francis. I greatly appreciate it. You rock!

  3. Na wa o. Some people don’t know where to draw the lines. It’s good you have loyal fans but I still think you should take legal action. I’m sure the I.P of the computer he used can be gotten and he can be traced. Keep up the good work my brother.

    1. Ruth,

      Na so me sef see am o. If not for the fact that I’ve spent several months on building trust and establishing my expertise, that idiot would have succeeded in turning some people away from me. But I’m glad he failed, after all.

      Thanks for taking your time to read the post, and for leaving a comment.

  4. This is just silly. The lazy and jobless blogger nay malicious idiot is just throwing punches in the dark.
    Collins Odum

    1. Thanks for coming to my defense, Collins. I greatly appreciate it.

  5. Abass,
    That guy (he doesn’t even have a name, how sad!) is such a dumb fellow. It’s very obvious he’s envious of your success and clueless on how to tarnish your name.

    He couldn’t even afford a domain name for his stupid agenda which explains why he had to create a free blog on blogger.

    What a broke chap!

    He must be one of those scammers anticipating the end of their dubious business. If not, why didn’t he put up his name in his profile since he wanted to make a “statement.”

    That’s the hallmark of scammers: they always hide their identity.

    He is just wasting his time. That’s for sure. I remember stumbling on this blog from NigerianFinder when I was searching for paypal alternative.

    God bless that day. It’s all thanks to you, I’m making cool cash online.
    I won’t stop saying this: God bless you!

    And anyone that tries to label you a fraud will always fail.

    1. Emmanuel,

      I’m surprised myself that the idiot couldn’t afford a domain name for his malicious blog. And I’m still wondering why he hid his identity.

      Thanks for the trust you’ve always had in me, and for coming to my defense with this comment of yours.

      You rock, man!

  6. This Abass Toriola is not a scam. I can confidently say that I have had several online transactions with him and he has proven himself to be above board. Whoever wrote that crap about Abass is surely of a low mentality.

    1. Thanks for coming to my defense, Fisola. I appreciate.

  7. Hi Abass,

    I laugh in Tiv! You, a scammer? Ken Ezeani (of and has really bitten more than he can now chew. Clearly.

    Immediately, I saw this post, I remembered my own experience at the hands of this thief, slowpoke and great scammer called Ken Ezeani. It’s funny the way the idiot operates…I had imagined he was far more intelligent than this. However, with this display of great stupidly, I have come to the conclusion that I had overated the fool!

    Abass, Ken Ezeani knows that with the way you are dedicated to helping newbies online, the days of online scam are clearly over – the days he fed fat from. However, for the idiot to change tactics into legitimate business, he has instead taken to throwing stones at us (the legit guys) and hope we go down with him…

    It is good to see that he has failed. And will continue to fail – woefully. Why? We have the trust of many, something he never had and doesn’t bother to work on.

    Do you know that instead of driving away people away from me, he only succeeded in sending me a ton of customers and friends? The same will also be your case…a stupid fool working for you without any pay!

    Can you imagine?


    I have taken a look at the sily page he put up and have also compared it to similar ones he did on me. Other factors include writing style, vague nature/baselessness of the ‘accusations’ and another very important blunder he keeps making that keeps exposing his identity (I’ll keep this secret for now in case he comes to any other mischief or starts another site with some fake name again).

    Kindly compare these sites and let me know what you think: and After you’re done, compare the two with this:

    A. Do you see how the first two blogspot blogs share the same basic template?
    B, Do you see the unsophisticated writing that can barely pass for primary 6 running through all 3 entries with the plethora of punctuation mistakes?
    C. Do you see the emphasis on certain evil keywords he wish to make manifest in a negative search of our names running through all three articles? I leave the rest to you.

    Also, do you know that Ken Ezeani is also the same person as James Osita, Reggy Obiora, Dee Obinna, Dr. Azolibe and of late, Ikemba Eze…(the last 3 names being no tortious for email SPAM relating to pen*s enlargement stupid procedures/methods? This guy is really a serial thief and scammer and the earlier he is put behind bars, the better for all of us. Concerning his identity as Dee Obinna, Ikemba Eze etc, I have concluded all my findings and will publish after I resume from my short break on the 7th of September.

    So much for this crook, coward and scammer called Ken Ezeani (AKA Dee Obinna, Dr. Azolibe, Osita James, Cyprain Ogbegbu, Ikemba Eze etc.)

    Do enjoy your day – and never lose sleep. Ken Ezeani is going to lose this battle – and he will lose it with his nose to the ground!

    As Always,
    Akaahan Terungwa


    1. A visit to Ken Ezeani’s primary scamming site, shows that after I burst him and the world bursted him with me, he quickly removed his hitherto full name from his site completely. Presently, he only calls himself ‘Ken’ without the ‘Ezeani’ like the true bastard he is. He has also removed his name from all the ‘products’ he used to scam newbies with…

    Now, why did he do that if he knew his hands were clean?

    2. Ken Ezeani is a coward – the biggest one of the 21st century…or why publish a blog anonymously when you have such a sensitive issue as a scam to report? When I talk of online scam, I mention him and tell the world who I am – right on my site. Same here with you – and a few other genuine folks out there. Why must Ken seek anonymity besides the bogus claims without basis?

    3. When I come back online, together, we shall sanitize the system…and woe unto anyone who is caught outside the perimeter fence!

    1. Hello Akaahan,

      I recently decided to Google the words “Akaahan Terungwa is a scam”, and I couldn’t believe how far that brainless chimp has gone in his attempt to destroy your reputation by putting up lots of malicious articles against you.

      Right now, I’m just wondering why Ken made me the object of his attacks, since we’ve never had any encounter in the past and I never mentioned his name even in posts where I tried to expose some unrepentant Nigerian scammers.

      But, like you said, his days are over. And his problems started when he started losing his top rankings for all major keyword phrases that Nigerians use to search Google for information on how to make money online. In fact, none of his sites now remains on the front page for any of those keywords. So, he has gone down, but he wants to pull some people down with him!

      I’m glad that the fool only ended up being your own “affiliate marketer” — an unpaid one!

      I never knew he’s the one behind the spammy messages on p*nis enlargement from one Dr. Azolibe. May God punish him for bombarding my email with spam all the time. Although all his messages go straight to my spam folder, I do see them when checking for non-spammy messages that might bhave been mistakenly filtered as spam.

      I agree with you that Ken is going to lose this battle. In fact he has lost it! The curses of the several Nigerians he had scammed in the past have finally caught up with him, and his actions are now backfiring on him. I don’t pity heartless fools.

      My brother, don’t you think we should just leave this fool alone, so he doesn’t distract us? Very soon, he’ll get tired, and he’ll fizzle out of relevance as he’s doing already.

      It’s enough torture for him that several thousands of Nigerians now know he’s a scammer. And that’s obviously why he wasn’t happy with the fact that some trusted guys have come to replace him on the scene.

      Having him out of the scam business would be good news for us ethical internet marketers.

      Enjoy the rest of your break, Akaahan. You always rock!

  8. It’s quite obvious that some Nigerian scammers like the one who wrote that malicious post about you, are not happy the way you have helped many people to earn a living online with the valuable and inexpensive information you have provided to many online business seekers in Nigeria. These set of scammers will not succeed in their efforts to bring down your reputation. Keep your good work going, we will continue to follow your lead to excel in this business.

    1. David,

      I greatly appreciate your words of encouragement, and your trust in me.

  9. adebowale damilola

    Actually, i saw this post a day before i went to pay for aca,but the mr abass i knew will never involve in such an act, thank God you ve cleared the air concerning the issue.thumbs up bro

    1. Adebowale,

      Thanks for not allowing that post to cast doubts into your mind. I greatly appreciate the trust you have in me.

  10. Abass, your way of life is an encouragement to those of us who associate with you. I personally cherish your boldness, forthrightness and doggedness. May God take you to the highest which your heart desires.

    Obviously, the Coward who wrote that malicious post is suffering from braindead and need machine to stay alive. It’s unfortunate for the NFA that the post not only popularize your good name but also reaffirm the trust we have in you with web income plus in action.

    The coward can only brainwash mentally retarded like itself. Whosoever stumble upon your blog will know the reality of your kindness. The coward just want to tarnish your image and hijack your followers therefore, he who surrounded by enimies should learn to sleep with one eye open.

    The coward alleged you of charging #2000 for an ebook but don’t understand that “Nothing of value is free”. If the NFA really want to be a good samaritan it should provide alternative which better than yours for free of charge. The coward is shedding the crocodile tears without nothing. If isn’t a coward why hidden the identity. A person who hidden his identity is definately loose his personality.

    NFA remember, “No evil deed can go unpunish, any evil done to man by man will be redressed, if not then certainly later, if not by may then the almighty God, for the victory of evil over good can only be temporary”.

    With all these propositions, I can safely concluded that, “If having a soul means being able to feel love, loyalty and gratitude then animals are better off than a lot of humans”. Abass continue your good work, let them say!

    1. Mutairu,

      Thanks for your detailed comment, which was really insightful. And I greatly appreciate your efforts to clear my name. You rock, man!

  11. This is Suraj Oyewale, popularly known as Jarus in Nigeria’s internet space. I’m the founder and CEO of JarusHub careers.

    Interestingly, I came across this post while googling my name too (which I do everyday, narrowing down to “past 24 hours”).

    Since I wrote that endorsement more than 2 years ago, I have gotten to know Abass more. I have spoken to him on phone, we exchange emails every now and then. He does some writing for me. In fact, last year, I tried to poach him to become my partner on JarusHub (which is now a registered company with a standard offline office!), but he didn’t take the offer as he appears to be enjoying his freelancing and doesn’t want full time commitment. But he remains a consultant to me on some writing services.

    It is highly mischievous for anyone to refer to this guy as a scammer. He is an hardworking young man that should actually be the reference point in internet marketing in Nigeria.

    I have worked with him and he still consults for us at JarusHub and he’s a guy I can vouch for.

    Suraj “Jarus” Oyewale, ACA
    Founder & CEO, JarusHub

    1. Hello Sir,

      Thank you very much for coming over. I greatly appreciate your name-clearing and eye-opening comment.

  12. Hi Abass, I am quite sure he is one of the “snake oil marketers” you exposed in your blog, and is not happy that you have been one honest Nigerian online that has made people who have been deceived by him and his cohorts to still have the courage to go ahead with online business.
    Like I told you before now, that I have been writing articles on hubpages since 2011 but could not go further because of so much exaggeration by most Nigerian bloggers. Whenever I google “how to make money online in Nigeria” the scams were so obvious that I got discouraged, but God bless the day I stumbled on this blog January this year because my understanding of online business changed and I’m proud to say that you are my mentor, yes! you gave me the courage to create my own self hosted blog and be in charge of my business without any intimidation. Today I do things I never knew I could do on the internet. Thanks to your honesty and the ACA that has helped me. Happy to also inform you that my ASO application has been approved and I’m working on it. God BLESS you and DISAPPOINT your enemies.

    1. Mildred,

      Thanks for coming to my defense and for leaving some really kind words and prayers. I greatly appreciate them.

  13. Well I’m not surprised that Ken Ezeani is behind the attack. He is the scammer who cannot fathom how honest and ethical people keep money online while his dubious and mischievous tricks seize to work.
    Mr Abbass, a building with a solid fondation need not worry about winds and storm.
    Just Keep up the good work, you have our support and trust.

  14. Interesting! it’s very obvious the guy is just ranting…no single proof to show…that’s one feature of a frustrated broke ass blogger. Abeg, ignore him jare, you’re already bigger than him.

  15. I may hve been the first to comment in all of ur post.but due to our today life,i am late.indeed great mentor,u have spoke the truth nt only online busines anywhere once u are on ur pace to succes,then the enemy are there i hve met such bitter exprience.ur conclude lesson to lern,are the only solution thank u

  16. I have never commented on a blog before. Not even on that I follow closely.

    It hurts for you to be called a scam, considering the fact that I am building my Internet empire as an hybrid of you and Mr. Akaahan of

    You are not a scam, just leave him alone. He is trying to rank in Google through blackhat methods.

    You are doing a good job sir, continue.

    PS:I started my blog too at after reading so much here and

    You can check it out sir, and tell me what you think.

    I also, want to use this opportunity to seek your permission to send you a detailed guest post.


    CC: Mr. Akaahan Terungwa

  17. Let me add this too.

    I subscribed to your newsletter but I did not get the free offer.

    “how to make money online in Nigeria” and the other information you promised.


    Can you send it to my mail please.


    Thanks alot.

  18. Abass,my Bishop, David Oyedepo said, “Only fools doubt proofs”. Old boy carry on with your good works. Remain blessed.

  19. Hmm…. I see, why do people like to drag order people’s name in the mud, bt am glad bro, he never succeeded in defaming ur good name #God_win. Pls how can I get ur post about Google analytical engine set up? Also am a newbie, can u go through, my site and give me some advice on the template design. The url is Thank u

  20. Godwin Oriaku. (Gentle)

    Greetings 2 my Boss, nd 2 my fellow readers of ds Wonderful blog.
    Pls, permit my typo nd phone abbreviational style (am comenting frm a phone).
    ‘Empty Barrels’ dey say… ‘makes d loudest of noise’. 4 dose who hvn’t really bin able 2 comprehend dt proverb, Ken Ezeani (as identified by Akaahan) is a typical example. Anoda igbo adage says; “Ike oru gwu nwata, ike ogu a ka ya nma” meaning, ‘wen a child is tired of working, he prefers 2 use his strength 2 fight’. (ds explains all I hv got 2 say here, am sure d wise ones amongst us wil undastnd me).
    Oga Abbas, CARRY GO… We dey ur bck! (if 2 say na election b ds, na U Win).

    1. Godwin,

      Thanks for your kind words. No coward can intimidate me!

  21. Ken is a thief! His “income for Nigerians” is serious “poverty for Nigerians”. I fell for his claims & I paid 7,500 for his stupid package. How on earth will anyone make millions from blogging with an ebook of 20 pages without mentioning important things. In his stupid package, he provided screenshots of how to make payment on “clicksure” but he could not provide a screen shot of his earnings. He is a big fool. Before I bought the crap, I noticed there was no name on the website. Guess what he said? The unfortunate human being said more than one person was involved in putting the package together and he wouldn’t like to fill the page up with names. Bastard!!!!. Please keep the good work going and leave the mad man

    1. Just imagine! Thanks for the details exposition, Moyo. This will go a long way in saving people from falling victim to his scam.

  22. Abass kudos for educatively venting your anger, i believe the fool will bury his head shamefully, tell him if Abass is a scammer, we are glad to be his victim, he is just jealous.

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