Webmoney Nigeria: How to Open, Fund & Use Account

By opening and using a Webmoney account in Nigeria, you will be able to make real-time transactions in a completely secure way. This guide has been developed to hold your hands and walk you through the entire process of opening and using a WebMoney account in Nigeria.

We will also run through the process of how to fund the account, and also how to use it to make transactions. This guide will also show you how to make withdrawals with a WebMoney account in Nigeria.

Since the online payment solution allows users to keep their financial data private and experience swift internet banking, WebMoney has bagged a name for itself as one of the most reliable online payment solutions for Nigerian e-commerce stakeholders.

Webmoney online payment system allows you to perform transactions over the Internet using Webmoney units (WM-units). When creating and operating the Webmoney service, you do not need to link any of your bank account or credit or debit card.

Before you proceed to the steps involved in creating a Webmoney account in Nigeria, you should know that while all transactions are immediate using Webmoney, they are irreversible.

I am pretty sure you have heard and read up on some of the benefits attached when using WebMoney in Nigeria added to the ones I have mentioned.

To start enjoying the flawless online payment service of WebMoney in Nigeria, you will need to first create an account, accept the conditions and terms of use and obtain WMID, which is the identification number that corresponds to the account.

After creating an account with WebMoney Nigeria ( which I am going to show you shortly), you will be required to do identity verification so as to verify your personal data and will have access to all the benefits of the system.

Need I mention that with a Webmoney Verified account, you will be able to top up your wallet both in the national currency and in other countries.

Verified users will also be able to make use of the ATMs around the world to withdraw their money

That is another bridge to be crossed when we get there, for now, I will show what the payment gateway is best used for in Nigeria, and then the basic steps involved in opening a WebMoney account in Nigeria. After that, we move into verifying your account and using it to make transactions.

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how to create webmoney account

What is Webmoney best used for in Nigeria?

First and foremost, WebMoney is widely known to provide an easy transaction process for internet users all over the internet. One of its advantages is the availability of money online.

Most people say that it is among the complex payment gateways options for Nigerians, this will not be a problem of great concern when you consider how you can enjoy online payment operations online safely with the use of WebMoney.

The best part is that you can use your WebMoney e-wallet to make balance top-ups and payments which includes Electricity Bill in Nigeria, withdrawals, loans, and etcetera.

Deposit is made much faster in Webmoney, certainly, because it is an electronic system and it offers quick and easy access to your money.

Opening and using a WebMoney account in Nigeria gives you no reason to bother about finding a trading platform with options that allow you to make your payments and withdrawals with your WebMoney account because it is widely available for online brokers.

It is a safe platform where you can make, receive payments, manage budgets, and also organize the work of making safe transactions to anyone, anywhere, and anytime.

How to Create a Webmoney Account in Nigeria

The steps involved in creating a WebMoney account in Nigeria as details in the following steps below. Before you proceed, you want to make sure you are working with a steady internet connection and you have all the details you will be required to fill in during the registration.

Step one: the first thing is to open your google play store app. Search and download WebMoney Keeper. After downloading the app, install it on your device, and launch the app.

Step two: once the app launches on your screen, you will see the “Sign up!” at the bottom of the screen. Hit the sign up button because you have no created a Webmoney account to log on to yet.

Step three: You will be asked to select your country which is Nigeria, but it is likely that the app will do that automatically. You will also see where you will need to fill in your phone number (without the preceding zero). your phone number can be 09087***, but when you enter your phone number, you put 9087***

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Step four: After entering these details, you click the next page and fill in the anti-spam code that will be displayed on the screen, and then hit the next button.

Step five: make sure that the phone number you use in the registration is accessible. Do not use an old phone number that is not active. At this stage, you will be sent a confirmation code in your specified Phone Number. Once you get the code, enter it into the space bar and then click “next”.

Step six: Create your password and make sure it entails characters that you will always remember, confirm the password, and then click on the Next button.

Step seven: Step up your security by setting a 4-digit pin and click “next”. this is to add extra security to your e-wallet but it is not all that compulsory.

Step eight: This is about the last stage of creating a WebMoney account is where you will need to create your WebMoney Dollar Wallet. This is how you will be able to receive funds.

The app will prompt you to open your first wallet, which you should accept, and then select “WMZ – the equivalent of USD”.

Congratulations, you have successfully created a WebMoney account and your Webmoney dollar wallet.

You can see that the process involved is not all that complex as many people see it.

Your purse ID serves as your account number for clients to send money into your Web money account. To locate your purse ID, click on the WMZ Logo.

While you can start receiving your payments from International Companies into your newly created Webmoney account, the next thing you should think of is how to fund or deposit money into your WebMoney account so that you will be able to send money to others and make payments with your Webmoney wallet.

How to fund your Webmoney account in Nigeria

You can not make payment to anyone with your WebMoney account when there is no fund in your wallet. So after creating your account, you will need to make a deposit to your e-wallet.

The process of doing this is very simple. You will start by choosing the corresponding purse with the desired currency and then select the deposit method.

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The options for deposit will vary depending on your locale but the general steps involved to fund your web money account are:

Click the deposit page and select WebMoney from the list.

Select the preferred currency, one that matches your WebMoney wallet

Once you are redirected to your WebMoney log in page, enter your password details to complete the payment.

That’s it on funding your WebMoney account in Nigeria.

Once you have successfully opened your Webmoney account, you can start using it to receive payment from your foreign clients. All you need to do to receive payments with your Webmoney account is to send your Purse ID, which serves as your account number, to the sender of the funds.

You can also send money to your workers or anyone and anywhere with your WebMoney account by using the WebMoney send feature which is fast and secured.

How to Withdraw Funds from Your Webmoney Account

You can also withdraw funds from your Webmoney account. This is done by first going to the withdrawal page and then you select the WebMoney wallet in the currency of choice.

Enter your WebMoney purse number and type the number of funds you want to withdraw.

You have WebMoney account withdrawal options to be transferred to either your bank card, bank account, another e-wallet, or via other payment methods.

This will be selected when you hit the Transfer button.


By now, you should know that WebMoney is a widely known e-wallet and online payment solution that you can use for depositing, sending, and receiving money online.

Transactions on this platform are safe and fast and hardly will you see customers of this service come up with dissatisfaction.

It is also an ideal payment system that you can use for paying for goods online. I strongly believe that this article has been able to help you to register a WebMoney account step by step and has given you all the details you needed to know about using a Webmoney account in Nigeria.