OK Pay Nigeria: How to Open, Fund, and Use an Account

What have you heard about OK pay account? Jump in here to get all the information you need on opening, funding, and using an OK pay account in Nigeria.

There are quite several reliable online payment service providers that internet users can use today.

While the options are numerous, people are beginning to be extra conscious in choosing what payment service provider they do business with.

They would want to consider the benefits, why the e-wallet is better than others, and how advantageous it will be for them in the long run.

With an OKPAY account, you as users or merchants can deposit and withdraw funds.

There is a wide range of available options for transactions which include bank transfers, transfers from other payment systems or money transfer services, OKPAY MasterСard, etc.

If you are interested in using OKAY account for your online and foreign transactions (which is a good choice and I will tell you why, shortly), then this post is for you.

What is an OKPAY account best used for in Nigeria?

Established in the early 2000s, OKPAY account is ideally safe for the transaction of digital currency and it currently has more than a million users all over the globe.

As an online business owner or freelancer in Nigeria, having an OKPAY account allows you to easier receive payments from your clients or pay your workers anywhere they are in this world and the payment system is fairly reliable.

While it is simple to use and functional, it is a better alternative to PayPal because it takes a minimum amount of time to transfer funds and offers good, quality service, and this is what people need.

One useful advantage of choosing OKPAY account in Nigeria is that you will be allowed to open your offshore account, you will also be able to obtain a plastic card and virtual cards that can be used to pay shops and to make Internet purchases.

OKPAY payment services are attractive to both businesses and individuals, especially as for the low fee for internal transfers – 0.5% of the payment amount.

I am quite sure that you are reading this because you have chosen to use the OKPAY account in Nigeria and we are about to dive into the process of creating, funding, and using the account successfully, and without mistakes in Nigeria.

The steps involved in creating OKPAY account in Nigeria

Just as with some of the other options for online payment service in Nigeria, the process of opening and using OKPAY account is very simple.

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Follow the steps below to get started on using okpay account.

Please note that the following are instructed from the windows view.

Step one: open your browser and go to the OKPAY home page www.okpay.com

Step two: Click on the start button you see on the home page that will lead your straight to the registration.

Step three: choose either corporate or personal. Your choice depends on the one that suits your case.

For instance, if you are registering on the website as a company or an enterprise, you should choose a corporate account.

While regular users should choose a personal account, it is also for basic operations like transfers /receive money, top-up accounts, and so on.

Step four: you will be asked to enter your contact information. The information you will be required to fill in includes the following:

Country of residence

Name and surname

Telephone number

Email address

To avoid difficulty when registering or verifying your account, make sure the information you enter here is accurate.

Step five: confirm your registration by checking your email for messages from OKPAY after submission. It is called email confirmation just as it is done when registering with other sites.

Those are the basic steps you need to follow to successfully open your OKPAY account in Nigeria and anywhere.

At this point, you should be concerned about the next thing that should be done which is more important – Verification of your OKPAY account.

Account verification of your OKPAY account in Nigeria

To begin with, most people say that account verification of your OKPAY account is not necessary.

I agree with this to an extent especially when the case is that using one to retain the ability to be an anonymous user.

By not verifying your account, it does not mean that you will not be able to make a payment or any other transaction.

The only disadvantage of ignoring the verification aspect is that you will be limited to making transactions of a maximum of 300 euros every 30 days.

If you are not comfortable with this, then you should verify your OKPAY account, and come to think of it, the steps involved in the verification process are very simple. So, why ignore?

You will be asked to upload a scanned copy of any document proving your identity, for example, your driver’s license. This copy will also be used to confirm your place of residence.

When verifying your account, you will need to confirm your telephone number, the number that needs to be valid, and the one you used in the registration process, specifically.

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The last stage is to obtain your verification code and enter it in the appropriate field.

The verification process will not take you much time and there will no longer be any limitations whatsoever when using a verified OKPAY account in Nigeria.

It is time to know more about using an OKPAY account in Nigeria, which is funding the account, using it for online payment, receiving payment, and then withdrawing funds from the account.

How to fund your OKPAY account in Nigeria

After creating and verifying your OKPAY account, you will want to fill your e-wallet and it is also easy to fund the account.

The good thing is that OKpay provides users with a wide range of deposit options, Just note that transfer credit cards Visa and MasterCard will cost you a 4% charge.

First, you will find on the right side of the screen, the “insеrt money to account” button. Click on it.

From there, you enter the necessary information required that is displayed on the screen and you will be able to fund your Okpay account.

As mentioned earlier, OKpay account can be used to make servel transactions, this takes us to how to make payment with OKPay account in Nigeria.

How to make payment with your OKPAY account in Nigeria

The first thing to do to send money from your OKPAY account to another OKPAY account user or others is to log in to your dashboard and then click on “OKPAY – Internal Transfer” section.

You will be asked to fill in the email address of the recipient, his or her phone number, and their OKPAY wallet ID.

When sending money to someone who is not an OKAY user, you don’t need to look for any OKAY wallet ID, simply enter his or her email or phone number.

How to receive funds to your OKPAY account in Nigeria

Another usefulness of using an OKPAY account in Nigeria as a freelancer or one who owns an e-commerce business is that you can easily get paid for your freelance work and also accept donations and money transfers from friends.

Funds are automatically transferred to your account balance. To receive funds to your OKPAY account, the sender of the funds will have to follow the steps on how to send money with OKPAY account to another user as shown in the previous segment.

When receiving funds in your OKPAY account, your personal or financial information will not be revealed.

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How to withdraw funds from your OKPAY account

Log in to your OKPAY account, scroll, and click on the “Withdraw” button that is next to the “add money to account” button on the home page.

With OKPAY account, you have the option of choosing either withdrawal to a Bank account or on your card.

If you select withdrawal to offshore card OKPay, you can be sure that your money will not go AWOL during the transaction process.

Mistakes to avoid when using OKPAY account in Nigeria

If there is anything good we can learn from people who do not like using OKPAY in Nigeria, it would be the lessons they learned as well as all the avoidable mistakes they might have made when using the account.

Most people admit that there is no reliable suggestion on the internet search that explains how ideal OKPAY account is for business purposes. (Well, I hope this guide proves the wrong).

Let me mention that verification of your OKPAY account after registration is as important as all the knowledge you need to know about avoiding costly mistakes.

Some OKPAY Nigerian users will not verify their account, but when their funds are held, they go to all the forums in the world and lay complaints aggressively. This is not good.

Above all, make sure you get completely ID verified, and start by transferring a small amount so that there are no holds and everything works smoothly.

Last words on opening and using OKPAY account in Nigeria

At this juncture, there are certain things I want you to begin to understand about using OKPAY, especially if you run an online business in Nigeria.

OKPAY payment service features some benefit that you may fall in love with, even when wrapped with all the frenzy promises of having the likes of PayPal all over the place.

As you have seen in this post, and maybe I will need to repeat them here, that there are some benefits you stand to get from using OKPAY account in Nigeria that you may not get using other online payment service systems that are currently available.

OKPAY solves the problem of flexibility in accepting different forms of payment that most business owners and freelancers yearn for when using online payment services.

This is a very big challenge that monetary transfers pose to clients all over the world but OKPAY seems to offer an easier alternative.

If you are interested in opening and using OKPAY account, then you have this post served chilled, whenever!