3 Solid Reasons Why You Should Have a Blog

I’ve read more than enough stories by people who have made and are still making lots of cash online without having personal blogs. And many of these stories are true.

So, having a blog is not a criterion for succeeding in online business. But I will always insist that a blog will amplify your success because a blog is like a pedestal for any internet-based business.

I’ve never heard anyone claim that setting up a blog reduced his or her online income. Rather, a blog makes you even more money (this may be after some time, though). And that’s why you should set up a blog from the outset.

Aside the fact that sharing your knowledge and expertise with others — through a blog — would make you feel fulfilled in a way, there are other reasons why you should have a blog. And these further explain why blogs could be real money spinners.

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Here are 3 reasons why you should have a blog — regardless of the online business you’re into:

1. A blog attracts repeat customers/traffic

Your blog is your online business empire — your showroom where others can see and buy what you offer and check back whenever they need it.

If you’re a freelancer, your blog is your portfolio. If you’re an affiliate marketer or information marketer, your blog is your catalog. Even if you’re just sharing your knowledge, expertise, or some gist, your blog is your megaphone. So, a blog is a powerful tool for promoting any online (or offline) business.

An online entrepreneur without a blog is a like a salesperson who has no showroom; he has to proactively find customers all the time. But if you have a blog, you’ll attract more visitors and customers — passively. And they’ll take whatever action you expect from them, even without you telling them. (And remember, the more traffic you attract, the more money you’ll make.)

2. A blog builds credibility

As you may already know, I’m a freelance writer. And I stated in my story that I started making more money when I created a blog for my writing business than I did before doing that. The reason isn’t cryptography; I made more money simply because the blog boosted my credibility, made clients trust me and my skills the more, and portrayed me as an expert writer.

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If you’re an affiliate marketer, featuring quality content will compel visitors to buy the products you’re promoting. As an information marketer, you’ll make more money by creating a blog that features loads of information on how visitors can benefit from your product — rather than create a static page website and slap up a sales copy that may not convert.

So, having a blog will make you even more money than you will make (or may already be making) from freelancing, information marketing, affiliate marketing, or whatever online business you’re into.

3. You can earn profit through various channels

Regardless of what online business you’re trying to promote with your blog, you can make more money from the same blog by featuring sponsored product reviews, displaying ads on your blog pages, selling affiliate products, and so on.

Because you can monetize a single blog in many ways, you’ll continue to make money from it through other channels if your primary income channel crumbles unexpectedly.

(However, keep in mind that it would take time for your blog to start making money from multiple channels as described.)

Bottom line

So, if you’re of the mindset that you can make money online — or you’re making the money already — without your own website or blog, that’s cool. Very cool. But I would recommend that you create your own blog  — to boost your income and hasten your journey towards the success you’ve always dreamed of.

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