How to Make Money Online in Nigeria: a Proven Roadmap

If you’ve been yearning to learn how to make money online in Nigeria, you’re just on the right page.

Now, forget about what those lying, self-proclaimed online millionaires may have made you to believe, and read this post with a plain mind — as if you knew nothing before now about online business.

In this brief article, you’ll understand the basics of online business and the various tasks involved that are germane to your success.

While there are truly many ways to make money online, online business isn’t as easy as it may seem. But with the right information, dedication, and determination, you’ll start achieving your ultimate goal — to make money — as soon as possible.

how to make money online in Nigeria

At this point, you need to get some things very clearly…

Firstly, you need to understand that there are many bitter realities about online business. Keeping these facts in mind will help you stay focused and unperturbed when the results you expect don’t come at first.

Secondly, you need to understand that a real online business is one that you have control over and you can stick with for as long as you want without being at the mercy of anyone. To me, online betting, forex trading, online paid surveys, and referral programs aren’t online businesses — because you have no control over them.

Thirdly, you also need to know that blogging is the mother of all online businesses. Starting a blog is the best platform on which you can stand any business you’re looking at — be it information marketing, freelancing, affiliate marketing, and ad space selling. So, with a blog, you can be operating all these online businesses, which I regard as the “real online businesses.”

With the above said, let me now guide you briefly on how to start a profitable online business.

As I stated earlier, starting your blog should come first. Choose a niche that you know very much about and can write frequently and extensively about. Better yet, choose a niche that you’re very much interested in. If you choose a niche that you know nothing about or that you’re not interested in, you’ll get frustrated, and you’ll give up soon.

After choosing your niche, set up your blog on Blogger or WordPress, and add the necessary widgets and plugins. Then start creating quality content — content that solves problems and answers provocative questions.

Before writing each post, do some keyword research to find out exactly what your prospective readers are looking for. Then optimize your blog and posts for your target keywords (this is Search Engine Optimization). Once you publish an article on your blog, attract traffic to it.

While you’re publishing quality content consistently, build backlinks to your blog in order to increase its quality, visibility, search engine rankings, and profit potential. And network with other bloggers within your niche, as this will help grow your audience.

Once you start generating huge traffic consistently, you can monetize your blog. This is when you roll out any business model you’ve planned — info marketing, affiliate marketing, Adsense, or freelancing. And you can combine two or more of these.

All these are what a real online business basically entails.

PS. To get more information about each point colored orange, just click on it. But if you need a straightforward, more detailed guide on how to make money online in Nigeria, click here to download my FREE ebook, which is a complete guide to starting an online business in Nigeria.

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I'm a seasoned freelance writer, internet marketing strategist, and online business coach. And I'm a university graduate, doctor-in-training, husband, and father.

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Updated: January 29, 2014 — 5:42 am


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  1. hi, i subscribe your E-course, but i cant confirm the link that was sent to me through my email.

    1. Kass,

      I have added your email address to my list. So, you will receive emails from me henceforth.

  2. Me too…it always refers me to fiverr’s web page

  3. Wot an info. Following d tips here is just a great start for any one

  4. I subscribed to you free course but the link is not clickable pls how are we to get the course

    1. I just sent the ebook to all subscribers to this blog. You should have yours in your email now. If you can’t get it in your inbox, check your spam folder.

  5. Hello Mr. Abass,

    It’s inspiring reading from your blog.

    What srikes me quickly while at your blog is the fact that you’re burdened with great concern on how to help the Nigerian online newbies who are always exploited, robbed and misled by their fellow Nigerian so called gurus.

    For instance, your 12-week free online biz training for people like us. To the so called gurus, you’re leaving big money on the table, thereby playing the fool. But my brother, the seed you’re sowing will finally bring you greater harvest when you’ll least expect.

    In fact, I’m plunging headlong into your Training E-Course.

    Keep up the great work. God bless you forever!!!

    Look out for my mails soon.

    Israel Chidi Ugoji.

    1. Hello Israel,

      Thank you very much for your kind words, and I welcome you to Web Income Plus. I hope the blog will go a long way in helping you succeed as an online entrepreneur.

      I’ll be expecting your mails.

  6. Bro. Pls any write up about hw to make money through facebook, specificaly wat other stubborn gurus call fabebook autopilot cash

    1. Well, I don’t have any idea about that. What I think they simply do is build a huge Facebook followership and then slap up links to affiliate products or HYIP schemes.

  7. Thanks a lot for ur useful posts. Anyone with common sense can see the sincerity and selflessness in ur posts.
    It seems having a blog or website is the cornerstone of online biz and I’m ready to build mine. However u stated somewhere that owning a blog is better than a website. Are there advantages of having a blog over a website especially as regards online biz? I thought a website is more professional and gets more traffic. Or am I wrong on that? I’d like more enlightenment on this pls cos I’m not sure which to build. Would highly appreciate ur response. God bless

    1. Azuka,

      Thanks for the kind words you started with. They really motivated me.

      Yes, having a blog is the cornerstone of online business. And yes, a blog is better than a static website because it’s easier to update/manage and optimize for search engine traffic. That’s not to mention other advantages. Besides, if you want your blog to be presentable as a website, it’s possible with WordPress.

      In short, a blog is better than a static website.

  8. Godwin O. (Gentle)

    This is indeed a proven road map. Everyday I keep praying 4 God 2 continue giving U ideas 2 share with us.
    Anybody wit an interest in online biz dt hasn’t yet subscribed to ds blog is yet 2 decide if truly he/she is interestd in online biz.
    U ‘r d best…

  9. Hello,Mr.Abass.i have tried to reach you via your email but I have not got any response from you.pls I need your services and training to develop my website and blog and then to go ahead and monetize them.
    How can I reach you so we can talk biz?

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