Making Money Online in Nigeria: A Guide for Beginners (2)

In the first post in this series, I told you to stop searching the web for information on how to make money online in Nigeria because most of the information you’ll get will not help you.

I told you to follow this series, instead.

Here, I want to explain how money is made online.

making money online in Nigeria 2

It’s very simple: the only way to make money online is to sell something.

It could be freelance writing services—as in my own case—or web design or other professional services.

It could be sales of advert space—as with Linda Ikeji.

It could be sales of physical products—as with Jumia and Konga.

It could be sales of your own information products (e-books, etc.).

It could be sales of other people’s products—affiliate marketing, I mean.

It could be sales of contextual ads (Google Adsense, etc.)

And the list is endless.

But the bottom line remains… You must sell something to make money online.

So, the question is, what should YOU sell?

And the answer is quite simple: Sell VALUE. Period.

You see, people buy things because the value delivered in their eyes is greater than the cost of those things.

For example, advertisers will buy advert space on your blog if they know that they will generate much more money in profits than the cost of running the advert.

Similarly, people will buy your e-book if they deem the information in it valuable enough to justify its cost.

Value comes in different forms. It could be quality information (e-books, blogs, etc.). It could be traffic (ads, affiliate marketing, etc.). And it could be products (e-commerce) or services (freelancing).

In short, value is anything that people will pay you to consume or utilize for their own advantage. The more of it you can offer, the more money you will make online.

The next question is, WHO should be your buyers?

Well let me start by telling you that there are two types of buyers—desperate buyers and hesitant buyers.

Desperate buyers are always ready to buy quickly because they badly need a solution right there and then.

Hesitant buyers, on the other hand, don’t need your offer urgently. They’re not even sure whether they need it or not, so they think twice before buying it.

Whether you’re selling information, or physical products or services, you should always aim for desperate buyers. That’s the only way to succeed as an online entrepreneur.

If you’re to sell e-books and other information products, target topics that people are desperate to know more about, such as how to lose weight, how to make money online, how to travel abroad, how to get a job, and so on.

If you’re to start a blog with the ultimate aim of generating income from ads, offer information that people are desperate to read. This will boost your traffic, which will then attract advertisers who are also desperate to make money from your readers.

If you’re to sell certain products as a mini importer, import products that people need badly, such as power banks and solar chargers.

I hope you catch my drift. So, it’s all about offering value to desperate buyers.

Now, to achieve that dream of making money online in Nigeria, you need to brainstorm for ideas on what type of value you can offer.

So, I’ll leave you now with the big question:

What type of value can you offer that people will be desperate to buy?

Make a list of as many options as possible, and narrow down your list to the best candidates.

I’ll stop here for now. In the next post, we’ll discuss what you need to create that value and how to go about creating it.

Your turn…

If you have any questions or comments, use the comments box below.

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I'm a seasoned freelance writer, internet marketing strategist, and online business coach. And I'm a university graduate, doctor-in-training, husband, and father.

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Updated: October 21, 2014 — 7:29 am


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  1. Hello Abass,

    Great post as usual. I can’t wait for the next series.


  2. mr Abass very straight to the point no beating about the bush and no elaborate explanation

  3. i am enjoying your series on to make money online in nigeria. please keep it up. my need now is on how to popularise my website, sell spiritual information that will favour many that are interested and how to facilitate payment on my website for ebooks and audio messages of spiritual value. thanks for your anticipated cooperation.

  4. Tell how to set it up.i want to know if it involves money,and how much.pls hit the point.tanks.ben.

  5. The post is straigth and clear, provide people with valueable infomation and reduce product cost and another very important point is for after sale service i.e following up the customer up not only selling a product to hime and varnish in the thick air. Thanks.

  6. pls kindly send the list of various website that i can buy products on

  7. I enjoyed your post,its really helping me on my online journey right now.

  8. That’s just it. Online business is the same as offline business; “Provide/Sell value in exchange for money”

    Also, Abass, don’t forget to talk about the time (and even money) wasters –ptc, ptr, etc, in the series.

    Thanks for the enlightenment.
    More power to your elbow.

  9. always and will ever be the best of idea from you keep on the great work.

  10. Great post always looking 4wad for d next post…tnks 4 d info

  11. good job worth reading because of its originality.

  12. Thanks alot. This is really beautiful.

  13. Blessed are the liberal,for they shall live by liberal things. I have my blessings for you by the authorirty of Sonship to GOD Almighty.
    Keep the liberal work on,and keep on enjoying supernatural blessing that is far beyond what any man would ever give as reward.

  14. ibe carole ozioma

    I lovthe way u just put it out there, I have so much I want pple to listen. To. I know I can do this, been researching for two weeks now. And am getting my laptop on monday by God’s grace. Thing is am confused, I know I want to be a freelance writer, also wat to start a blog buh. On what? I would appreciate if u could coach me. Pls reach out to me through my email, b4 confusion kills me :). Thanks alot

  15. Ojukwu Kenechukwu

    Thanks for your wonderful posts,pls sir,how long will you work on your website before google adsense will accept you and also what are the things or rules to do or keep before they accept you,pls sir i nid your reply i am a new comer here,may God shower more wisdom in you in Jesus Name,Amen.

    1. Kenechukwu,

      Just keep publishing valuable and unique posts. I recommend having at least 50. As for the rules, I’d advise you to check that on Google. You’ll get more than enough resources on that online.

  16. Pavilion Omerhiowan

    You are a blessing. I want to do mini importation. But I don’t know how to go about it. People who are in it term to keep it secret. Those that want to reveal place a price tag that is too high. How to sell in Jumia, Kongan and the rest of them, where to import from, I have been a burden on my husband since we got married. I want to do something to help. But I am limited by all the prices they call. Please, can you show this woman who is a burden the way? God bless you.

    1. Pavilion,

      I’d like to refer you to Akaahan Terungwa. He’s a good friend of mine, whom I trust so much. He’s a specialist in mini importation, and he’ll be willing to teach you everything you need to know about the business. Tell him Abass Toriola referred you to him, and I’m sure he’d give you all the help you need.

      However, note that he might charge you for his ebook on mini importation. But the cost would be very affordable, and well worth the price. I’m sure you’ll thank me later. His blog address is

  17. This is a good one, it has sure shape most people thoughts that want to start online business; I once bought a book online and to me it did not contain simple key points as you have stated here and yet I was charged 7k for it… and I spent more to get it hence he prefer delivering it to me in CD!

    God bless you

  18. Mr Abass,first and foremost I need to thank you for this great opportunity you are granting to us,many of us has surfed the internet for a long time and has not been able to get reasonable results although many are still searching,I pray we all make it in Jesus name (Amen)… Sir I’m actually a newbie in this online business but my main aim is selling e-books and writing blogs and I really don’t know how to set-up a valuable and convincing website for it pls I’ll need your help on that,although there are other things but I’ll let you know afterwards. Thank you for your assistance.

  19. Mr Abbas I happened on your site about two weeks ago when I was checking something on PayPal in Google. Since then I have literally stayed glued on your site. Insha Allah I am going to purchase your Affiliate marketing E course next week
    Keep it up.

  20. nice piece..thanks mister, I think i can go with affiliate marketing


  22. Ayodeji Cletus Ologbese

    You have really with your post. Just that I am new in this thing. Don’t even know what question to ask for now

  23. I am very please to have stumbled on your is very interesting and captivating.I like the way you put the word exactly has it is.Thank you.

    1. You’re welcome, Joyce. I’m glad you found the blog helpful.

  24. Thank you for this hornesty, keep it up.

  25. Good day Mr Abass,
    I am of your student in this online teachings, Pls with the downloaded note, I was able to set up a blog and even posted some articles.
    Kindly scrutinized my blog for necessary corrections and amendment.
    Thank you
    N. B
    Pls I needed a blog without having ” blogspot. Com

  26. I am so glad i found my way here. your blog is very educative for beginners in the blogosphere. Please can you help review my blogs at and

    secondly, what did you use in creating your ebooks cover?

    thanks a million

    1. Hey John,

      I’m sorry, I’m too busy to review blogs at the moment. As for my ebooks cover, they were designed with Adobe Photoshop. If you want something of similar quality, I can do it for you at a token.

  27. Thanks for the enlightenment. Pls how do you think one can overcome issues of high dollar rate in importation to make gain. Thanks

  28. Hello Mr Abass. I really thank God for stumbling on your site purely by accident while browsing the web. Your articles has rekindled my interest and zeal in starting up my freelancing career in ernest. But I want to know what you think about virtual assistants and customer care agents? Is it a viable online career for someone in Nigeria to embark on?

  29. Mr Abass, you blow my mind.We can do business together.Iam a writer and a self-publisher but have not ventured into e book publishing which I intend to do with your guidance.Let me know how to sep up an appointment with you.Thanks. Henry.

  30. Bros pls how can I contact u on WhatsApp? I have many questions. Cos u are d best I have seen amongst them all

  31. Thank you Abass for your enlightening posts. As I have made up my mind to do online business I am looking ahead to read more of your posts. Thank you very much.

  32. I love your write ups am enjoying it.I had liked to meet you in person

  33. You are really doing a great job. May God strengthen you to do more. Your posts have been an eye opener when it comes to how to make money online in Nigeria. I strongly believe that, with your aid, I will succeed.
    Thanks a lot.

  34. I appreciate this post, its rich and mind blowing.
    keep on keeping on.

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