Case Study: How a WIP Reader Took Action and Made Quick Money

Only one thing can stop you from making money online after you’ve understood what to do and where to start.

This one thing is what makes you no different from someone who knows nothing about online business.

It’s called inaction.

I mean, when you learn and take no action. When you know what to do and still decide not to implement that knowledge.

You see, my friend, if you’re waiting for the “perfect” time to start your online business, that time may never come. And that’s the plain truth.

If you’re balking because you don’t want to lose your money or your time and effort, then you’re not fit for any business — either online or offline. Because business is for risk-takers only.

And if yours is the fear of making mistakes, know now that every successful online entrepreneur has made several mistakes before getting it right. No matter how much you learn before taking a plunge, you’ll make mistakes — few at least.

Enough said.

Now, let me share with you the story of Mr Ife Oluwatuyi, one of the loyal readers of this blog. How he learned, sought advice, took action, and made money within a two-month period.

Ife Oluwatuyi

Ife Oluwatuyi

How Ife began

A couple of months back, I created a thread on the WIP forum (which was still functioning back then). I requested that WIP readers leave the links to their blogs so I can review and give recommendations for improvement. Ife was among those who left the links to their blogs.

On checking out Ife’s blog, I discovered he was trying to target the “make money online” niche. But, rather than encourage him to forge ahead, I discouraged him. I told him to ditch that niche. And I gave him reasons why I felt he should.

At that time, Ife didn’t have much of practical experience making money online. He plunged into that niche because he felt he was a fast learner who could scour the web for valuable information to share with his readers. But I knew that wouldn’t work for him in the make money online niche.

The niche abounds with self-proclaimed “online millionaires” who parade themselves as experts just to deceive newbies. In reality, most of these “experts” are newbies themselves who have never made a dime online.

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But people are now smarter than before. They want to see convincing proof that you’re really making money online before they listen to you. And there’s no way you can fake that without them finding out. That’s why I advised Ife to leave that niche and choose another.

Ife heeded my advice. After some brainstorming sessions, he decided to settle for the natural health niche. And without wasting time, he purchased a domain name (, installed WordPress, and started publishing valuable, detailed articles. And the articles are well-optimized for SEO keywords.

Ife didn’t stop there. Having learnt various traffic generation tips from this blog, he implemented those, too. He set up a social media page for the blog (the page now has about 1,200 likes). And he sends traffic to his blog posts using his Facebook page and social bookmarking sites.

As of June 2014, Ife’s blog attracts 200-300 visitors per day — from search engines and referrals from social media and other sites. Now, that’s awesome traffic for a 3-month old blog.

Screenshot: Ife's traffic stats

Screenshot: Ife’s traffic stats

How Ife made money

Ife registered with the Markethealth affiliate network. And in a subtle way, he promoted a breast enhancement product in a very detailed post on natural breast enhancement.

And just after two months, Ife made his first sale through that link, earning a commission of $90 (N14,400). Now, that’s cool cash from just one sale. Wondering how I knew? I actually helped Ife withdraw the funds to my own account because his Payoneer card was not ready at that time.

Actually, Ife went against my recommendation by monetizing his blog way too soon. But going against advice could bring great results at times. And that’s exactly what happened in Ife’s case. (The same might not work for you, though.)

In summary, here are the reasons behind Ife’s success:

  • He heeded my advice by ditching a niche where he’ll find it difficult to have an audience due to fierce competition and his lack of practical experience. Afterwards, he sat down to think of another niche to target — when he could easily have remained inactive for a long time.
  • He writes really long and detailed posts. His posts are well researched and they reflect the efforts of an expert. Check out his blog, and you’ll see for yourself.
  • He carefully optimizes his blog posts for SEO, which explains why a significant fraction of his traffic comes from search engines.
  • He blasts off his posts on social media and social bookmarking sites. And he gets decent traffic from those, too.
  • He started like a serious online entrepreneur. He didn’t try to “play safe” by choosing a mediocre blogging platform or free domain. He invested in a domain name and WordPress blog, and got the results he wanted.
  • He promoted a product on his blog as an affiliate, and he did that in a not-so-obvious manner. Not in a way that sends signals that he’s desperate to sell the product.
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So, all Ife has to do to make more money is to be more consistent and to rinse and repeat what is working for him.

Bottom line

Don’t waste all your time reading and reading. Take action. The sooner you implement what you’ve learned, the earlier you’ll make money.

Stop asking questions like, “Is online business real?” or “Can I really make money online?” If you’re not sure whether to join the train, simply back off and think about something else to do. And if you think you’re in, strategize and act!

If all you’ve been waiting for is a wand that will help you make huge profits without effort, you’d better look beyond online business.

I think this post should be enough as a pep talk; I expect it to kick your butt and encourage you to take action. So, dismiss your fears and do the needful. I hope to share your success story, too. Very soon 🙂

Your take?

What are your thoughts like after reading this post? If you have any questions or something to add, leave a comment. I’ll reply as usual.

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